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Automotive Engineering

- Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
references _ Paved Track Stock Car Technology by Steve Smith Tune to Win by Carroll Smith Software - Suspension...
Aug31-14 06:38 AM
751 309,345
Hello all, I am looking to do some analysis on a couple of airfoils for race car applications. I am interested in a...
Feb17-12 06:30 PM
0 3,197
Howdy folks Pardon any implicit or explicit stupidity in advance. I'm an EE major taking a class in Autodesk...
Feb18-12 10:20 AM
14 3,361
I am trying to do a suspension position analysis on a floating solid axle four bar rear suspension for a dirt late...
Feb20-12 05:38 AM
Ranger Mike
1 3,623
ok racers, here is a subject I have been debating. our formula car uses two aluminum radiators, one on each side. I...
Feb23-12 12:26 PM
Ranger Mike
51 11,046
Most of us are familiar with the continuously variable transmission. Disregarding reality for a minute, I think one...
Feb27-12 03:48 AM
Ranger Mike
6 3,811
I am mechanical engineer and working on a project of electric car havin a wind mill on the top. i am using 7 lead...
Feb27-12 01:05 PM
2 2,601
Hi, I would like to know how electron flow is in a car system? I ask this because when looking at a car amp install...
Feb29-12 09:25 AM
jim hardy
7 3,093
I am on a Formula Student team and we have decided to design our own brushless AC motor. Our main issue is how we will...
Feb29-12 07:39 PM
jim hardy
8 5,152
Hello all I am trying to derive a quarter car model that i can use Simulink to analyse. The model is 2 DOF and...
Mar1-12 03:54 AM
3 3,539
Just a introduction to my project, I have designed and building a 69 Volkwagen Bug with a Version 8 subaru Sti Engine,...
Mar1-12 10:53 AM
jacko jeebus
7 4,795
Hey Guys, I'm fairly new to this forum. I would just like to know is their a way to allow for a four cylinder...
Mar3-12 12:11 PM
5 14,746
I am doing a bit of a research project, mathematically modelling a production road car braking system. So far my model...
Mar6-12 07:30 PM
0 1,666
Hello all, I am currently doing some for-fun reading on tank engines, and I've been told that a hyperbar engine...
Mar16-12 01:40 PM
C. Cadaver
6 3,302
Id like responses from people with personal experience with Automotive and specifically, Engine design engineering. I...
Mar16-12 08:30 PM
Fahlin Racing
3 2,565 In this series hybrid, engine and generator charge the battery and...
Mar17-12 04:14 PM
3 2,623
I want to plot a cylinder pressure vs crankangle diagram for a 4 cylinder naturally aspirated diesle engine ,do I...
Mar30-12 09:43 AM
5 5,942
one racer wanted to know how to compare 2 barrel to 4 barrel here is table from Holley Carb and manifold book
Apr3-12 07:21 PM
Fahlin Racing
1 2,289
How often do you change the oil in your personal car, truck, or other transportation device? Why did you decide on...
Apr5-12 06:20 AM
27 7,947
Does anyone know a researc/paper that has formulas that predicts belt wear and life analysis?
Apr6-12 06:24 PM
0 1,624
hii guyz.... this is the first time i am posting on this forum and hope i ll get help.... I was going through...
Apr10-12 04:01 PM
0 2,292
i am working on a project - superchargers in twowheelers. please help me with the desinging and modelling
Apr13-12 08:10 AM
2 2,635
I m doing ABS simulation, now I just wonder that how much break torque that brake pressure can produce,,, in my...
Apr13-12 08:22 AM
2 2,516
I've been seeing more and more of this style of dumptruck on the freeways in NorCal, and kept wondering what the extra...
Apr13-12 08:27 AM
12 3,037
If anyone have detail inertial forces analysis of V6 90 engine with unequal firing order-without 30 throw crank pins...
Apr13-12 01:35 PM
0 1,662
I want to use 2 radiators instead of a single radiator for cooling a maruti suzuki 800cc engine. The reason??? we are...
Apr22-12 01:16 PM
1 3,404
Hi all, The question i have may not be best suited for this forum but i always seem to get sensible answers here!...
Apr23-12 03:51 AM
7 3,949
Somewhere in a dark corner of the "internet" lies a video of somebody that somehow crossed the leads from the header...
Apr25-12 11:36 PM
48 10,045
Is there any data for experimenta values for fatigue strength (σf)and fatigue index for metric belt 8PK? These are...
Apr28-12 07:36 PM
0 1,829
how to calculate the forces acting on the upright of a car??? basically the forces acting on upper and lower ball...
May5-12 11:11 AM
0 1,961
I'm doing a report on ways to use a biomass system we're working on. My professor wanted me to look into using the...
May6-12 12:19 AM
1 2,191
hi all, I'm designing a hybrid motorcycle and want to select a battery for that. Can anyone tell me what will be the...
May8-12 10:50 AM
21 5,034
Carrol Shelby, Brilliant Engineer, world class driver and one hell of a racer
May12-12 05:33 AM
1 1,532
Have a 88 monte carlo racecar, reciently installed a 9in ford with disc brakes using metric calipers, cant use...
May14-12 03:19 AM
Ranger Mike
7 2,723
How would you go about designing a turbocharger for a small 62 cc two stroke engine. I have heard of two stroke...
May14-12 08:57 PM
52 47,770
It is my belief that as a country we shall all be driving LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), DI (direct injected),...
May16-12 10:44 PM
0 1,643
My new Civic recommends 0w 20, however it is a bit more expensive, especially if done at a dealership. Is there much...
May16-12 11:08 PM
2 5,029
Hi, I came across an engine performance graph as attached. I have basically two questions looking at that: 1.To...
May16-12 11:39 PM
6 4,323
hi no idea if ive posted this in the right section, but i apologise now if it is, ive decided to do some tinkering...
May17-12 09:03 AM
5 3,614
I'm calculating the rolling resistance and air drag for a 60,000 lb truck. I used a Cd=0.7 for drag coefficient; 6 m2...
May17-12 03:11 PM
5 3,132
Before I Start here is a disclaimer - I am not a professional CAD or Mechanical Engineer to know much about this....
May20-12 05:14 PM
jack action
3 12,240

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