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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,215
A little tough to call the correct forum for this
Sep18-03 09:30 PM
5 3,918
Let's say I wanted to measure the average eletronic charge of an undefined, nano-sized particle. I recently conceived...
Sep21-03 03:53 PM
0 4,401
How does one analyse nonuniform circular motion of an unbalanced wheel where the instantaneous acceleration of the...
Sep27-03 03:48 AM
3 5,059
Are the equations of relativity "closed" i mean if we can add an extra term of 0 covariant derivative to them without...
Sep27-03 04:37 PM
2 3,389
Difficult to put the topics on the right place... Is there any spring (or any physical method) that could have...
Oct2-03 03:53 PM
3 10,464
Dear reader, can any on explain me what is a electromagnetic wave????? -benzun please go easy with me
Oct6-03 02:01 PM
11 4,856
i got into a disagreement with someone about how much damage a car would do if it collided with a tree. the other...
Oct7-03 09:44 PM
10 5,559
When I was much younger, my teacher told me that electricity could be defined as "a flow of electrons". So when I turn...
Oct10-03 08:57 AM
5 3,594
If you had an infinitely rigid object and threw it against an infinitely rigid wall, where would the energy go?
Oct12-03 06:29 PM
8 4,217
When you push on an object and accelerate it to some relativistically (so we can really, really ignore lorentz...
Oct13-03 09:28 PM
6 3,926
Hi,everyone Everyone of you must have done the following experiment while you prepare your breakfast. Put an...
Oct15-03 07:15 AM
6 6,470
dear reader, What are electrical waves? What are magnetic waves? What are electromagnetic waves? what is...
Oct16-03 11:33 AM
jimmy p
10 3,302
What happened to the 1/2 in the transformation of classical potential energy equation to Einstein's potential energy...
Oct16-03 12:00 PM
5 3,394
Newbie here, so go easy. The electron contains a negative charge, the proton has a positive charge, so why is there no...
Oct17-03 05:29 AM
16 4,815
Here is a true story for your consideration. I once worked with a guy who some years previously had taken a direct hit...
Oct17-03 05:40 AM
24 4,752
A question, I have a plastic disc with a coil wound around is axis of rotation. The coil carries current I. Now the...
Oct17-03 09:43 PM
Chi Meson
1 3,098
i dont understand this..the way the forces go:frown: if someone could show me how to do it and the steps..that would...
Oct19-03 11:40 AM
2 2,526
If anyone can help this physics novice out, I have been working on these problems for about a week. I just started...
Oct19-03 04:14 PM
5 4,681
A 5 kg block and block X are attached to a rope which passes over a pulley. A 30 N force is applied horizontally to...
Oct19-03 11:49 PM
1 10,216
Hi guys, Attached is a diagram design in principle i drew some time ago It's pretty self explanitory I was...
Oct22-03 01:29 PM
6 2,743
My questions is reasonably simple and requires no difficult equations, just a lot of puzzling over (for me at least)....
Oct22-03 02:51 PM
12 3,902
The problem is this: a rigid object is in free-fall, and a force is applied so that it would be a torque if the...
Oct24-03 02:35 AM
5 3,725
Hi ! I've been working on the following problem for quite some time now and I just can't figure out how to do it: ...
Oct25-03 10:20 AM
2 2,911
The Benouilli effect, used by aeroplanes, race cars and of course blowing pieces of paper. OK, In the case of an...
Oct27-03 12:25 AM
40 8,213
See for tyres, there arent many factors that are applied with "physics". But i was wondering, why is formula one...
Oct28-03 08:51 AM
Chi Meson
2 2,865
i have a cylindrical pipe with a fixed internal diameter and a variable length. how would i calculate the resonant...
Oct30-03 06:27 PM
7 3,065
If you are seeking help with a school homework related issue please post your problem in our Homework Help Forum. ...
Oct31-03 05:27 PM
0 4,465
I have this sort of research project about symmetries under the central potential and I'm stuck on this Runge-Lenz...
Nov3-03 01:36 PM
4 4,132
probably a stupid question, but that's what I'm there for... if light travels slower through glass than through air...
Nov4-03 02:24 PM
1 1,999
if i used existing laser focusing tube, with lens and everything, and i drill two holes inside a tube, parallel to...
Nov5-03 05:52 PM
9 3,551
It seems many posters on these forums as well as others make a distinction between “light” and a “photon” when...
Nov5-03 08:15 PM
28 3,590
How much mass does the sun add to the earth each day?
Nov6-03 11:06 PM
8 4,582
Just had a couple of discussions with a pal of mine lately about g forces. i notived me laking there knowledge about...
Nov7-03 12:58 PM
Adrian Baker
5 2,421
Hallo! At the beginning of my first thread I'd like to introduce myself I'm Alexander and I live in Bavaria...
Nov8-03 03:32 AM
5 2,470
Can someone one help me with this problem: A 1.05 m-long rod of negligible weight is supported at its ends by wires...
Nov8-03 05:34 AM
0 1,684
There had been announcements over the past few years about the 'discovery' of water on planets or moons which were...
Nov8-03 06:38 PM
12 2,166
if i use corona based discharge emmiters in order to ionize air, can i accelerate that air in electric field, having...
Nov9-03 05:59 PM
2 1,990
If I run steady, same direction, currents through two close, slack parallel wires, I will see the two wires attract...
Nov10-03 12:57 PM
31 3,486
I have a question about this classical mechanics application. Given is a point with mass m and speed v0. It gets...
Nov13-03 09:46 AM
2 2,096
What is the total mechanical energy of a mass of 2 kg oscillating on a spring given that the maximum velocity of the...
Nov14-03 12:01 AM
1 1,790

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