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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,244
A parallel-plate vacuum capacitor has 8.28 J of energy stored in it. The separation between the plates is 2.30 mm. ...
Oct3-08 10:02 AM
5 8,710
Hi, When exactly does the phase change of \pi occur when a EM wave reflects from a surface? I notice that it...
Oct3-08 01:05 PM
Doc Al
1 2,710
Does anyone knows why it is impossible to obtain an odd order equation of motion from a Lagrangian? I recently heard...
Oct3-08 02:16 PM
0 1,174
hi. i was wondering on how to do this integral. W= - integral Pdv. what is the integral of dv ?
Oct3-08 02:38 PM
2 1,203
p=momentum=(mass*volume) delta px = pf - pi mvf - mvi mvx - (-mvx) <<<<---- where does this second negative come...
Oct3-08 08:01 PM
3 1,472
If we have a system for which the Liouville's tm holds, can we automaticly say the Poincare's recurrence tm also...
Oct4-08 11:52 AM
Andrew Mason
1 1,261
Hello, I need a calculation that can tell me how many Volts and Amperes a magnet passing through a coil will...
Oct4-08 01:36 PM
1 941
this really is a physics question! (I think) so, when you measure blood pressure, you wrap a cuff around the...
Oct4-08 06:08 PM
3 954
Hey, I just wanted to clear up some confusion I've been having regarded which is which of these. If I have the...
Oct4-08 06:54 PM
Antenna Guy
8 17,125
Hi all, my question is very basic and i am unable to digest it. Actually while explainiing the mechanism of joule...
Oct5-08 08:17 AM
0 1,427
Is the lagrangian always K.E-PE????? I dont think so??? so WHAT REALLY is the physical significance of the...
Oct5-08 08:58 AM
0 960
I think there has been floated the idea that the space elevator tether may be a ribbon. I think it will fail if it...
Oct5-08 02:11 PM
2 1,483
Hello everyone, if an electric field in a medium with permittivity eps_1 moves at an angle into a material with...
Oct5-08 02:58 PM
0 1,397
Hello everyone, a wave propagates at a speed (group of phase speed), less than the speed of light, no matter what...
Oct5-08 05:06 PM
1 2,398
Hi, I'm in first year engineering and I have trouble understanding where this formula comes from in determining the...
Oct5-08 05:41 PM
10 845
I know that Moseley's experience with X-Ray showed up the relationship between Z (atomic number) and the frequency...
Oct5-08 08:25 PM
0 1,029
Hi together I want to calculate an electrical field between a sphere and a plate, where the sphere has a certain...
Oct5-08 09:27 PM
Ben Niehoff
17 1,929
I am currently working on a bimetallic thermometer using alumium and brass. The coefficient of linear and...
Oct5-08 10:16 PM
8 7,326
What is meant by a ray of light?
Oct6-08 07:59 AM
Andy Resnick
14 4,601
A simple question How can one talk of a Plane Electromagnetic wave, when it moves within 3 dimensions, i.e. E and B?
Oct6-08 08:02 AM
Andy Resnick
1 2,895
I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to find length and area elements for Gauss's, Ampere's, and Biot-Savart...
Oct6-08 03:37 PM
2 894
can somebody tell me all the easiest ways to generate heat, it doesnt have to be a lot but some. thanks in advance.
Oct6-08 04:06 PM
19 2,006
I know the formulas for efficiencies e of heat pump (it is e<=Tmax/(Tmax-Tmin)) and refrigerator...
Oct6-08 05:07 PM
2 2,103
what would the magnetic field of an infinite plane of current look like. its either zero or 1/d. I cant tell which. ...
Oct7-08 10:02 AM
6 4,353
I know very little about physics, so I hope this is a pretty easy question. Action is always acting and reaction is...
Oct7-08 06:26 PM
Andrew Mason
107 10,930
Note: This is not a homework question. I have constructed this question to help me understand a concept. If I have...
Oct7-08 07:39 PM
Doc Al
3 2,189
Hello everyone. If a static charge is placed inside a metallic box, there is going to be an E field inside the...
Oct7-08 10:52 PM
19 1,763
Hey, everyone. Just a quick question here. If I have the following circuit, with it's switch initially opened, what...
Oct8-08 06:28 AM
3 8,938
Hello everyone, I would just like to know these few things, since I'm trying to build my own little variation of a...
Oct8-08 08:52 AM
15 2,461
hi..i know the faraday's electromagnetic induction e=-dФ/dt...supposing there is an coil of wire and i am accelerating...
Oct8-08 09:21 AM
Count Iblis
20 3,143 Could someone please explain to me why these...
Oct8-08 05:47 PM
4 1,780
given a current loop, centered at the origin, and tilted 90 degrees so that it enters at x=1 and exits at x=-1,...
Oct8-08 07:33 PM
Ben Niehoff
9 2,954
what is generator? does it have an definition? what is it used to do? thanks
Oct8-08 08:21 PM
10 1,219
hello, just a simple question about power dissipation in the form of heat. If a conductor has infinite...
Oct9-08 07:18 AM
5 15,963
In fox mcdonald - 6th edition page 83...i read that the free surface profile is independent of any property of liquid....
Oct9-08 06:30 PM
Andy Resnick
1 1,086
I already took 3 quarters of EM and I'm ashamed to say I didn't learn anything the final quarter, where we covered the...
Oct9-08 08:31 PM
Antenna Guy
5 2,703
I have seen maximum work is achievable when the process is carried out reversibly. Is it correct? For example, if...
Oct9-08 09:43 PM
4 2,276
1.what are the the constants of motion of a free fall body(treat this as a one-dimension motion,so there are two ...
Oct10-08 04:09 AM
1 3,760
Faraday's law is ∫ E dl = - ∂Ф/∂t if we take sqaure root on both sides, √∫ E dl = √- ∂Ф/∂t √∫ E dl = i √ ∂Ф/∂t ...
Oct10-08 02:57 PM
14 1,654
Can you measure a force?
Oct10-08 04:32 PM
6 1,381

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