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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,744
I was thinking of this following example: Consider you charge a capacitor to its max with a battery, now replace...
Mar11-12 11:48 AM
7 1,321
A pendulum of length, b, and bob with mass, m, is attached to a massless support moving vertically upward with...
Mar11-12 12:10 PM
3 982
Hello everyone, I saw this video in youtube: And I have some questions,...
Mar11-12 05:08 PM
1 924
Stumbled across an old journal a few weeks ago that suggested the equation of state for a solid could be written: V...
Mar11-12 07:05 PM
2 704
What exactly does it mean when the determinant of a Jacobian matrix vanishes? Does that imply that the coordinate...
Mar11-12 08:07 PM
2 1,095 So, I've modeled the interaction between two...
Mar11-12 11:17 PM
0 681
There is a saying that two kind of waves are generated when an explosion happens. one moves slow which can carry the...
Mar12-12 02:11 AM
1 1,042
Why do we always talk about the Carnot cycle as being the most efficient, ideal engine? Doesn't the same equation hold...
Mar12-12 05:58 AM
0 611
I just read that Centrifugal Force is a false force. It does not exist. Inertia (which is not a force) is mistakenly...
Mar12-12 05:59 AM
2 787
Where did the concept and equation of work come from? It was introduced in Physics 1 with absolutely no background or...
Mar12-12 06:04 AM
17 1,893
If i have a shaft & i'm applying a driving torque D at one end & at other end there is resisting torque R due to...
Mar12-12 07:54 AM
5 1,408
hello! we got this experiment, R1= 46.8 R2= 46.8 R3= 148.9 R4= 147.7 R5= 217 RT= 71.1 as we can see, r1...
Mar12-12 10:16 AM
2 645
Disclosure: I am studying biochemistry so my thermodynamics education is lacking and I'm likely misinterpreting some...
Mar12-12 12:42 PM
Andrew Mason
5 1,680
Hello! My book here states that for a medium where the index of refraction n increases with increasing frequency (or...
Mar12-12 01:11 PM
5 1,742
This is a thought experiment I, erm, thought of. Imagine a cylindrical (upright) office building with a central...
Mar12-12 03:19 PM
3 996
I get the proof with the velocity as a function of time graphic. I don't get why that is... E.G. Why does...
Mar12-12 03:25 PM
Ken G
3 1,061
I often hear about collisions in terms of impact force. For instance, "the boxer delivered a punch with 100 lbs of...
Mar12-12 03:30 PM
1 1,117
I guess my tittle is self explanatory, but I see energy's concept of relativity not of "ability to do anything". if...
Mar12-12 04:35 PM
3 1,737
What exactly is the radius of curvature of an object? And how would this be applied to a question such as the...
Mar12-12 04:49 PM
1 675
I'm having some trouble understanding this concept. Why is it that you sometimes can get heat for free from the...
Mar12-12 05:31 PM
0 645
I am trying to find a servo or stepper motor that is powerful enough to rotate a Tippmann A5 paintball when it is...
Mar12-12 06:44 PM
0 726
Hi everyone, From what I understand if you had a time varying magnetic field inside a dielectric it will induce a...
Mar13-12 07:18 AM
1 987
i m little confusd in (finding the shortest distance b/w two points is a straight line in three dimensions)i have...
Mar13-12 08:52 AM
10 1,158
Hello, Thanks in advance for helping me with my question! I'm so excited to find this physics forum of such...
Mar13-12 11:39 AM
jim hardy
7 3,112
I have a friend who insists in an idea and I want to prove to him that it cannot work because it would violate basic...
Mar13-12 12:35 PM
2 1,043
Two waves are perfectly superposed (traveling same direction), but are 90 degrees out of phase. Does this result in...
Mar13-12 12:58 PM
6 4,445
Geostationary satellites need to be in equatorial plane. Now my first doubt is what exactly is the equatorial...
Mar13-12 05:43 PM
11 2,920
Hey guys. If a body is spinning around the z - axis and an element of that body detaches on its own and flies off...
Mar13-12 09:51 PM
2 1,141
Hi guys, What im trying to do is to create a mathematical model for the attraction forces between two or more...
Mar14-12 03:20 AM
0 871
Hello, I'am new here and having some troubles with understanding the difference between 2 related subjects. I...
Mar14-12 06:01 AM
7 2,255
Hi guys! Was wondering if anyone was confident with Fresnel equations for a refractive index interface. From what I...
Mar14-12 07:03 AM
1 1,042
Why is the boltzmann distribution for a collection of atoms independent of their total energy? (it only depends on...
Mar14-12 11:48 AM
2 967
I'm trying to understand what happens with beating light when the componenets have differing polarisation. I know...
Mar14-12 01:53 PM
2 1,323
Hi again! So, this time I have a ball with a mass m that I throw down from some point with a height h. I want...
Mar14-12 03:05 PM
3 1,146
I still dont understand why these types of motors tend to spin in one direction or another. In theory the direction of...
Mar14-12 03:49 PM
2 1,394
I am confused about the some of the concepts behind fluid statics. Here is an example to illustrate this, using...
Mar14-12 04:02 PM
2 1,579
So far my friends and I figured out that we will take a solution of chlorophyll, carotene and something else, then...
Mar14-12 05:33 PM
2 824
Is there a formula for finding out how fast, let's say, a less dense oil will travel to the surface of water, or...
Mar14-12 06:09 PM
0 796
If a car is going around a 360 degree circle at 1 g (its maximum centripetal acceleration, and its maximum total...
Mar14-12 07:45 PM
18 1,641
Hello, I was wondering if someone knew if it was physically possible to have a 2x1 optical wave guide combiner...
Mar14-12 08:49 PM
8 1,347

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