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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,256
Hi everyone! I have to do an experiment in the lab related with interference in sound waves with same frecuency. Im...
Feb13-13 11:55 AM
2 557
Hi everyone... While going through some texts.. At one place i found that in faraday's law of magnetic induction,...
Feb18-11 11:23 PM
23 3,100
I am doing a project on strain gauges. I have the thing set up in a half-wheatstone bridge. Using a pair of strain...
Jan4-04 02:11 AM
1 1,871
Hi all, I have a (hopefully) quick conceptual question that I'd like to clear up with your help. Is the...
Aug18-14 04:48 PM
"Don't panic!"
16 489
So I have read that Hilbert and his student, Hermann Weyl both attempted to "axiomatize" physics. What exactly does...
Dec6-11 11:20 AM
6 2,325
Hi guys, I'm studying a classical ideal gas trapped in a one-dimensional harmonic potential and I first want to...
Jul30-14 01:35 AM
Jano L.
4 249
Can anyone think of a way where friction increases the speed of a moving body, instead of decreasing it? Or prove that...
Feb22-06 08:15 PM
11 1,825
helo, I have a couple of forces described in f''(t), and the f'(t) yields a momentum vector plane like pic: ...
Aug16-13 11:20 PM
2 359
Hi, I've been doing rotational mechanics at school and at the end of the chapter,the parallel and perpendicular axis...
Jun26-09 11:16 AM
Bob S
6 1,254
Does anyone know why quarter wave plates and half wave plates have to be multiple order plates (pretty thick plates)...
Apr17-11 05:38 AM
0 755
Why is it that a dielectric sphere containing free charges, uniformly distributed throughout, has a net electric...
Aug20-11 07:50 AM
2 1,428
Is it valid to say that an inductor stores power? I know an inductor stores energy in its magnetic field. Power =...
Mar15-12 03:54 PM
jim hardy
19 3,152
I've just worked out using the method of images that the total induced charge on a grounded hollow conducting sphere...
Mar24-13 09:31 AM
2 863
Hi, I've seen a couple of posts in the Homework section of Physics Forums about the fields of solenoids, but...
Jul4-13 10:29 AM
10 2,087
It is said that toroidal inductors/coils (see that are...
Aug15-12 11:40 AM
1 1,434
I've heard that using Lagrangians to solve mechanics problems is much more efficient and easier than using Newton's...
Feb2-12 08:47 PM
5 1,558
This was shown in a text book about the two body problem, and they compared it to the energy potential of two atoms,...
Jul3-10 12:39 PM
AJ Bentley
7 1,734
Hello and thanks to all who read this. Recently I've just been messing around with air drag equations, trying to...
Nov28-08 01:52 PM
5 2,023
A relatively simple question: Suppose we have a dark non-reflective body at rest in space and hit it with fair amounts...
Dec4-05 05:35 PM
10 1,661
I was wondering what are the physical properties of water that make it so different from other liquids? I stand to...
Oct17-07 04:11 PM
9 2,299
Hello, I was reading articles about EMR and health and I realized I never got how "output power" is related to...
Aug27-13 02:12 PM
1 590
i've just started studying these but unfortunatley i've been unable to get my hands on the textbook, and my lecturer...
Mar2-05 08:02 AM
Andrew Mason
2 6,396
If tempertaure means the movement of particles, Can tempertaure be below 0 Kelvin? I mean no movement, vacumm
Jun16-10 05:31 PM
23 7,129
Could you make a fluorescent lamp with krypton instead of neon or mercury? The wavelength doesnt really matter its...
Apr8-12 07:15 PM
Andy Resnick
6 996
Can somebody help me out here. The gravity of a black hole is so strong that nothing can escape it, not even light....
Aug10-12 08:40 PM
1 495
Hi, I'm new to this forum. So I do not understand how, in an inelastic system, momentum is conserved. Consider...
Nov4-12 01:45 PM
18 2,487
Torque is the rotational force. If there is more force, how can the motor be slow? I'm building a DC motor and...
Jan10-13 05:23 AM
3 733
I have a question for which I am intensely confused. Lets say a car was pushing a big truck from behind. And the...
Sep11-13 06:22 PM
14 1,110
Hello, I have a question. Is the moment calculated: Force times the distance or Force's perpendicular...
Oct9-13 09:13 PM
3 979
I am looking for the simplest possible derivation of the diode equation. I need it to reference to it in my advanced...
Apr22-09 06:17 PM
5 19,881
Why it need to be symetric From the book Physics - Serway Thanks Edit: I'm bringing just the statment from...
Oct11-13 09:11 AM
3 656
In DC circuit currents can be added if they meet at some point, but in AC current in resistor, inductor and capacitor...
May9-13 03:07 PM
1 415 First, I’d...
Aug8-12 08:36 AM
9 2,339
Some basic curve integration leads me to the believe, that if you stack two coils into one another with opposite...
May19-09 04:43 PM
2 613
I am looking for the B-field of a real coil. So a straight piece of pipe with some current density. Is it correct that...
Jun19-09 04:32 PM
Bob S
2 792
Newtons third law states that there is a counter force to every force. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for...
Feb4-13 10:08 AM
20 2,110
Hello all... I have been working on this problem that I just am not being able to solve. I've been spending my...
Aug21-11 02:14 AM
6 1,592
Does entropy decrease when stars are created from a dust? Does etropy decrease when water freezes?
Aug19-12 01:00 PM
2 626
Hi all, I have a question on the movement of a point on a sphere. Consider a point P(\theta,\phi) (\theta ...
Mar17-04 06:46 PM
4 3,573
I'm writing a game that involves collisions with spheres. Anyway each sphere has both angular and linear velocity....
Jun19-10 08:49 PM
5 1,111

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