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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,736
I am undergoing a product development as part of my full time business. I have forgotten a lot of the Physics I learnt...
Dec4-05 07:35 PM
12 16,582
Hi there! What is the equation of the temperature increase when the ideal gas swept by a planar shock wave (Mach...
Jan26-12 11:46 AM
10 1,239
I've been trying to figure this out for long now but unfortunally, I'm not able to prove that ∇E = 0 in an Ohmic, 2d...
Apr30-13 06:46 AM
0 433
The equation for the change in momentum for total absorption of electromagnetic radiation is ΔU/c and that for total...
Apr21-13 01:07 AM
2 395
Hi all, I stumbled on a derivation of the Larmor's equation for the power radiated by an accelerating charge...
Jun30-11 12:52 PM
6 4,073
Hi, I am reading a fluid dynamics paper about dissipation due to turbulence in the fluid causing "Bernoulli loss"....
Jan16-12 06:35 PM
1 856
These bullets supposedly will penetrate body armor, but not drywall, and are alleged to pretty well explode when going...
Aug19-10 06:30 PM
8 4,247
Say you have a cylinder of radius r with πr2h liters of water in it. If you put it on some sort of turntable and spin...
Oct2-05 08:37 PM
9 3,582
Here is a problem I have been trying in Maple, but to no avail. I am trying to calculate the theta that will result...
Oct6-04 01:09 AM
16 2,284
We are taught the notion of heat capacity in undergraduate physics and how different materials can hold a different...
Dec22-13 09:52 AM
12 472
If someone is running and jumps onto a merry-go-round, momentum is still conserved, correct? (ignoring friction). So,...
Jul7-11 10:00 PM
1 2,762
Hello everyone, I am reading Daniel Schroeder's Thermal Physics book. One phrase he uses that I find particular...
Mar9-14 07:29 PM
Andrew Mason
1 185
The wikipedia article I quote below is confusing me. I followed the links to Frank Lambert's website, where he claims...
Jul1-13 02:26 PM
39 6,920
I found a case like this: A box is moving upward (to the right) in a 30 degree angle from the ground. Inside the box...
Mar20-12 09:57 AM
0 726
This bothers me a bit: Gases? You include in the chapter of "fluid mechanics" gases? These are two different...
Jul15-11 05:15 PM
I like Serena
31 3,168
L = \frac{\partial \Phi}{\partial \left(cos \Theta \right) \ \partial \Omega} What is this quantity? I mean, I...
Sep5-08 12:25 PM
3 1,575
So I'm pretty sure the following paragraph is all true. Do the citizens of PhysicsForums agree? Please confirm and/or...
Sep12-12 03:40 AM
2 1,403
In my classical mechanics class, my professor derived an equation for the total kinetic energy of a rotating rigid...
Dec8-08 08:13 PM
0 878
Ooh yes, I do have two question. So enjoy the meal all physics lovers! :smile: 1. If the field is increased...
Nov6-10 02:26 AM
14 7,915
Hi. My English is not perfect but I'll try my best. This is not a homework. It's a programming question for my...
Jan26-10 10:04 AM
7 1,646
I've ran into a "paradox" concerning deriving the energy of a dipole's orientation in an external field. For example,...
Mar18-09 09:18 AM
Hans de Vries
80 10,904
Greetings, physicists and others, who just happen to understand physics. Something is bothering my mind again and I am...
Aug24-13 01:04 PM
6 481
Hello, I was reading A. O. Barut's Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles and was interested by...
Dec9-06 02:38 AM
3 2,534
I'm trying to model the electro-magnetic vector potential, does the following come close for 1 + 1 dimension...
Feb2-13 06:49 PM
0 456
Under "Dynamics", an Inertial frame of Reference can be defined absolutely as one that does not use "pseudo" or...
Dec14-04 07:15 AM
7 1,735
Can "smoke" ring be blown with only air (withouth smoke) in cold?
Feb12-11 11:08 AM
1 960
Is it correct to say that a field (i.e. electric) travels at the speed of light? We've been taught that only...
Mar20-07 10:54 PM
2 1,221
A block has an initial velocity of V and is connected to a damper and a spring like this: ...
Dec18-12 10:59 AM
0 572
Hello there, looks like a fantastic forum here. I got a problem popped up during my work, hope you can help me out. ...
May25-11 12:34 PM
3 1,103
helo, I have a couple of forces described in f''(t), and the f'(t) yields a momentum vector plane like pic: ...
Aug16-13 11:20 PM
2 306
Last winter, I had a store-bought bottle of water I took snow camping. The closed bottle of water sat in the snow...
Dec9-09 01:52 AM
4 2,441
I don't understand this concept very well. Is it like taking the energy each possible configuration and adding them...
Nov24-13 12:43 AM
6 475
I have been recently calculating tensors of inertia of sphere and seimisphere. Although I expected that tensor of...
Apr5-04 08:15 AM
0 1,343
I got my information on speeds of sound through various materials from this page:...
Aug7-07 02:29 PM
1 2,087
Difficult to put the topics on the right place... Is there any spring (or any physical method) that could have...
Oct2-03 03:53 PM
3 10,096
First off, let me apologize if this thread is in the wrong location. Secondly, let me also say that I did search this...
Sep19-10 02:30 PM
0 2,032
Hello there, I was not sure if this belonged in the Classical Physics forum or the General Physics forum, so my...
Apr15-12 11:11 AM
Ken G
2 973
Hello PF. I thought this would be a good place to ask around for information pertaining to "where we are at" in...
May26-12 03:05 PM
2 961
I want to build a metal wood stove that has much higher thermal conductivity than steel. I want to find a metal/alloy...
Jan11-09 11:06 PM
0 1,236
Does anyone know how either Lienard or Wiechert justified the (1-v/c) factor that appears in their potential formula...
Sep16-09 03:05 PM
3 934

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