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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,947
I need convincing that evaporative cooling is refrigeration in the sense of a heat engine run backwards. It has the...
T 05:54 PM
0 2 disk and magnet spin together...
T 05:33 PM
12 246
I'm having some difficulty setting up a problem. I'm trying to model the temperature of a thermistor connected to a...
T 04:49 PM
25 192
- - -
Whay is it that when we release air from our mouth when it is little open then the cold air is released but when we...
T 02:56 PM
2 64
Hello Forum, The 1D harmonic oscillator is an important model of a system that oscillates periodically and...
T 02:17 PM
9 113
Hello, I am new here. I was reading Wangsness electromagnetic fields and he delves into a short discussion about...
T 01:59 PM
0 52
If you apply 100 volts to a 10:1 transformer you will end up with 10 volts out. If you put a 10 ohm resistor on the...
T 01:46 PM
Philip Wood
37 1,624
I've read a similar thread, but I believe I have something extra to ask, so please bear with me. I've been thinking...
T 01:19 PM
Wes Tausend
1 79
In a martial arts breaking demo (boards, concrete blocks, or whatever) the amount of pain one's hand or other body...
T 12:35 PM
2 78
I have some questions about electrons flow. 1)Lets say we have a simple circuit with a metal wire and a battery...
T 08:21 AM
Andrew Mason
1 110
Why doesn't the higher mass cart stop after hitting the lower mass object? Is this due to an imperfection in setting...
T 07:45 AM
5 136
Hi, I would like to know what is the surface temperature of a material when it is radiated from another material at a...
T 04:59 AM
5 132
Is there a mathematical relation for the temperature change when a fluid flows through a pipe from one end to another?...
Y 10:02 PM
43 7,152
hi pf! i had an easy question on how to calculate the reynolds stress from the RANS equations. Reynold's Stress is...
Y 01:40 PM
3 111
Consider a light, an L.E.D for example, turning on and off once per second. For humans, we will look at it and think...
Y 01:36 PM
11 676
Why is it that in bulk matter , though molecules are closely packed electrons are no longer attached to individual...
Y 12:12 PM
1 77
Good Morning, First, let me preface my question by stating that I do not have a background in physics so my...
Y 10:06 AM
3 117
I was trying to solve this problem yesterday and I was not able to. I looked it up its solution but my mind is not...
Y 08:14 AM
7 797
There is a homopolar generator on a train moving at 215 km/h. The magnet of the generator is attached to the disk so...
Y 05:56 AM
52 965
Hi guys, I'm studying a classical ideal gas trapped in a one-dimensional harmonic potential and I first want to...
Y 01:35 AM
Jano L.
4 167
Hi, I was hoping to get some pointers from you guys for references/ where to look to get help for the following: I...
Jul29-14 06:37 PM
2 115
What is voltage and how to look at it intellectually?
Jul29-14 02:04 PM
32 3,229
Hello. If you give a styrofoam cup to pressure cooker, it expand first, but than it extremly reduce. It reduce...
Jul29-14 05:03 AM
8 238
After studying the methods of Lagrange and Hamilton for a bit I still find myself uneasy about the action. I don't...
Jul28-14 06:24 PM
Delta Kilo
16 639
How earth is considered to inertial frame of reference?
Jul28-14 04:20 PM
3 201
Hello, In an electric circuit, let's say we have a resistor and a generator(Voltage source). The electric field...
Jul28-14 05:59 AM
22 668
The following is my take on friction. I wish to verify if my hypothesis is correct. When trying to visualize...
Jul27-14 11:24 PM
7 484
Are there any experiments or theories about the relation between magnetic dipole moment orientation and velocity...
Jul27-14 08:02 PM
4 290
Hello, everyone. I saw this experiment: A man is doing experiment with...
Jul27-14 04:32 PM
1 199
Just a quick question. Let A and B be two points. Electrical work is defined as the amount of energy it takes to move...
Jul27-14 01:10 PM
17 553
Two questions: 1.) Consider a hollow conductive sphere that's initially charged. These charges will distribute...
Jul27-14 12:13 AM
0 192
Two part inquiry PART I Situation: I have a B-field and i'm pulling a straight piece of wire through that...
Jul26-14 07:38 PM
2 267
Does all the light entering our eyes converge to a single point on the retina (assuming minimal aberration)? If this...
Jul26-14 10:14 AM
27 1,757
How does a water pump in a water cooler work?what are its parts .the picture of the water cooler is given in...
Jul26-14 04:42 AM
0 244
Hello everyone, I was wondering how one would calculate the three-dimensional charge density (per volume) in a...
Jul25-14 09:32 PM
3 363
What does p = mv really mean? For example, why is there a physical law based upon the product of mass and velocity?...
Jul25-14 05:07 PM
6 543
Let's suppose i want to send a message over really big (interplanetary, maybe out of the solar system) distances. I...
Jul25-14 01:08 PM
26 1,480
Hello. I'm having trouble with determining the dynamics of a rod, when one of the ends has a torque applied to it....
Jul25-14 09:31 AM
13 439
Today I was taking the train to a nearby city, where we passed through some rainy region. As the raindrops fell on...
Jul25-14 08:55 AM
Andy Resnick
3 707

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