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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,904
This will probably end up being a stupid question with a simple answer, but if you don't ask and just accept things...
T 06:17 PM
Andy Resnick
6 143
What does p = mv really mean? For example, why is there a physical law based upon the product of mass and velocity?...
T 05:59 PM
69 1,862
- - -
Is there a mathematical relation for the temperature change when a fluid flows through a pipe from one end to another?...
T 11:57 AM
143 10,120
Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a project to construct the Bessel function of a vibrating surface of water in a...
T 10:18 AM
Andy Resnick
1 167
Is it possible to generate energy from the earth's rotation? Imagine a Foucault Pendulum attached to a dynamo shaft? ...
T 07:13 AM
7 204
So, I'm attempting to programm orbit in Unity game engine. So I need equation that shows r and phi depending on time. ...
Y 03:15 PM
9 183
A free rigid body (no forces/torques acting on it) has a constant angular momentum. And yet, I am puzzled because...
Y 02:42 PM
9 387
One particular experiment that I remember from a visit to a Science Center is the one involving a revolving platform...
Y 02:02 PM
43 731
I want to derive some equations for a 2-D airplane's motion, specifically when it lifts off and lands. Can someone...
Y 01:59 PM
2 133
Hello everyone, Assume that you have a flat plate, that is moving up and down in a sinusoidal motion with the...
Y 01:30 PM
0 97
If we had a van de graaff generator, near the sphere there is a metal plate ( not touching) and it's wired to the...
Y 11:10 AM
7 148
Hello, I have a conducting copper ring of inner radius a and outer radius b. point charges Q pass through the centre...
Y 10:19 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 149
My textbook says that the value of the coefficient of friction lies between 0.1 and 1.5. But I see no reason why it...
Y 09:51 AM
Murtuza Tipu
7 220
I am trying to make a fiber laser's dispersive beam into a collimated beam by using a convex lens (BBAR, f = 30 mm),...
Y 07:30 AM
0 96
A wooden box on a weighing scale weighs 1 kg. Inside the box is a gyroscope which is set spinning, and the box is now...
Y 06:35 AM
5 169
A disk of mass M and radius R is held up by a massless string. (The two ends of the string are connected to a ceiling...
Y 12:38 AM
Simon Bridge
3 138
I was wondering if we can somehow use the formula Potential Energy = 1/2K(x(x=Amplitude))^2 for a pendulum if we are...
Aug31-14 06:53 PM
4 117
I have been noticing a few examples of systems that can extract energy or do useful work from seemingly random...
Aug31-14 11:20 AM
0 114
Two electrons, they have their electric fields and magnetic dipole moments. Their electric field is proportional to...
Aug31-14 08:02 AM
Simon Bridge
14 281
I have learnt in 1st year that the under-damped simple harmonic motion can be described by the differential equation ...
Aug31-14 07:55 AM
Philip Wood
3 148
There is a conducting circular loop with resistance R falling in the magnetic field ...
Aug31-14 04:56 AM
0 123 The dipoles that produce the transmitted (refracted) light...
Aug31-14 03:55 AM
7 207
From what I know, the pressure of a gas is due to the collisions of its molecules against a surface. So I don't...
Aug30-14 12:05 PM
Simon Bridge
6 178
My friend and I had this question and after physics-fighting each other we came to a conclusion that the feather...
Aug30-14 08:08 AM
7 234
I am learning about transformers and from everything I've read I can see how its possible to create a 180 degree phase...
Aug30-14 07:11 AM
2 124
One way to solve the simple LC circuit with 1 inductor and 1 capacitor is to use the Lagrangian formulation of...
Aug30-14 07:04 AM
3 193
Hey guys can someone please give me a good explanation on why in an RC circuit the resistor voltage is leading the...
Aug30-14 06:51 AM
5 140
Wikipedia claims that the Chandler wobble (a deviation of the angular velocity vector of the Earth with respect to the...
Aug30-14 04:32 AM
2 205
Dear Experts, When we launch a satellite, we launch it from earth which is spinning, so the tangential velocity...
Aug30-14 03:35 AM
10 201
Could anyone please explain or advice me where to read about principles of Schlieren image formation NOT in terms of...
Aug29-14 09:19 PM
Steve Drake
1 137
Hello Forum, The numerical aperture NA of a lens is usually a parameter (adimensional) that indicates the lens...
Aug29-14 06:20 PM
1 114
So I'm looking at the hessian of the Newtonian potential: \partial^2\phi / \partial x_i \partial x_j Using the...
Aug29-14 05:15 PM
2 129
I guess we all know laser beams. I wonder if we can make beams in the microwave frequency range and how the beam width...
Aug29-14 05:05 AM
3 150
Let's say there is two tubes(cylinders with no tops or bottoms) with charges ##q_1## and ##q_2##, radii ##b_1## and...
Aug29-14 04:52 AM
3 191
Ok small bit of a problem which I have been experiencing. I am using an industrial size plasma oven by advance...
Aug28-14 10:04 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 250
Is a standing wave actually a traveling wave appearing to be still do to interference of two different waves? If...
Aug28-14 03:23 PM
15 357
I attached a picture with 3 questions? My first question is, I know that for a convex or concave mirror, If I...
Aug28-14 03:03 PM
9 212
I need to work out the liters per hour from the diagram I have attached. There are no motors/pumps involved just...
Aug28-14 10:59 AM
7 154
How can life be compatible with the second law of thermodynamics? Here is how. Life is a self-organized system. A...
Aug28-14 10:57 AM
1 149

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