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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,211
Hi, I would like to ask you If you could help me with a (I guess quite simple) problem I have to solve. To put it...
T 05:29 PM
11 208
From what I have learned so far a wave propogates on a string by having the point on the string (that is closest to...
T 04:59 PM
Philip Wood
4 130
Hi, I have a conceptual question regarding Lagrangian dynamics. It has to do with the potential energy...
T 04:34 PM
1 39
In the physics section there is doubt, that a mathematician would object to deriving something by dividing an equation...
T 02:57 PM
72 1,260
- - -
The derivation of the maxwell boltzmann distribution involves maximizing the number of ways to obtain a particular...
T 01:22 PM
center o bass
2 99
- - -
Why can we say that a Carnot's machine efficiency does not depend on the fluid that you are heating? Is it because...
T 10:49 AM
10 144
If a metallic ball is place inside a giant hollow top, and the top starts to rotate. Along with the top, the metallic...
T 09:57 AM
1 78
How do I know which one of these two spheres have more specific heat capacity?
T 08:41 AM
4 206
This is what we have in text-books and in Wikipedia: ρ=ρb+ρf and from there we get ∇.D=ρf. But I am unable...
T 02:47 AM
0 94
- - -
I have a conceptual question that I am trying to clear up. A reversible process means that the net change in...
Y 08:11 PM
2 129
Is thermodynamics states like temperature, pressure and material properties like specific heat, thermal conductivity...
Y 05:48 PM
2 106
I have a simple question let's say object hits the wall at angle and reflect. Will reaction force from that impact...
Y 03:14 PM
6 213
Is there a mathematical relation for the temperature change when a fluid flows through a pipe from one end to another?...
Y 02:58 PM
166 10,969
Suppose I have a vertical spring and an object. If I slowly put the object on the spring until it reaches the new...
Y 02:06 PM
7 132
Hi, I invented a new type of arrow stabilizer. It is an aerodynamic turbine that makes the arrow to be stabilized...
Y 01:29 PM
18 371
Hi guys something basic that I cant understand: if I have a wind turbine , rotating due to some wind with no...
Y 12:21 PM
5 220
Having recently completed a session on the simple pendulum in physics, I was curious as to what the solution to...
Y 05:41 AM
6 192
I attached an image of two expansion cases I am analyzing. Both cases involve an insulated cylinder that is divided by...
Y 12:44 AM
35 373
I'm currently going over some mechanics notes and am confused about the following situation: In the book I'm...
Sep14-14 06:06 PM
10 159
Hey all, I just started a fluid mechanics class and I'm having trouble interpreting the physical meaning behind...
Sep14-14 04:30 PM
4 127
If a metallic ball is place under a giant hollow top, and the top starts to rotate. Along with the top, the metallic...
Sep14-14 02:00 PM
1 100
There's this graphic of space (s) versus time (t) of a particle. How would I know if the trajectory is always...
Sep14-14 11:50 AM
3 91
A lot of textbooks and exam boards claim that light incident at exactly the critical angle is transmitted along the...
Sep14-14 10:31 AM
Murtuza Tipu
2 128
Basically the symbols like force f and d/dt (mv) for these subjects. Physics Geometry Calculus Astronomy...
Sep14-14 09:05 AM
6 206
Quantity of heat (Q) is directly proportional to specific heat (C)? I thought that they would be inversely...
Sep14-14 07:22 AM
2 133
Why volume charge density arises because of only a non-uniform polarization inside a dielectric?
Sep14-14 06:57 AM
Maharshi Roy
0 106
I was wondering how speed, velocity, acceleration and anything with a \Delta t in the denominator are defined at...
Sep13-14 11:50 PM
2 159
Hello, I stumbled upon this question and I don't know how to answer it... I know that Cv is defined as Cv =...
Sep13-14 10:16 PM
Andrew Mason
6 152
Do you guys know of any physics experiment that I can do in my house? Please reply soon thanks.
Sep13-14 06:00 PM
Simon = Mc2
2 148 300 km/s respect to...
Sep13-14 03:29 PM
1 127
Hey, I'm doing a research on artificial satellites, and I'm really confused about the escape velocity required for an...
Sep13-14 12:04 AM
Murtuza Tipu
12 343 I have been using this skill for a few months now and I feel like it is...
Sep12-14 08:59 PM
10 428
So I understand that a black body is a diffuse emitter, and that it radiates energy at a rate of σT^4. I also...
Sep12-14 07:44 PM
1 207
Hi PF community! I'm currently doing a research paper on artificial satellites, and I've made a list of things that...
Sep12-14 06:48 PM
6 204
During summer my swimming pool is 23 C and my loft air is 53 C. (73 F / 127 F) The sun shines on the metal...
Sep12-14 06:02 PM
Sten Larsen
24 649
Case 1. You have a sphere with Radius R and middle point X with the charge Q. The charge is equally distributed over...
Sep12-14 09:48 AM
1 150
I'm taking E & M II... Would anyone agree that the following statements are true? An electric field changing in...
Sep12-14 06:47 AM
5 201

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