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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,839
Three weeks ago I have constructed this apparent paradox inside the Newtonian world. ...
Mar2-07 12:31 PM
514 40,353
I'm just confused... I know that magnetic fields can do work only on pure magnetic dipoles like a bar magnet. Based...
Aug31-12 07:17 AM
407 31,187
I came across this Wikipedia article about Reactive Centrifugal Force. It seems to be saying that this is not the...
Sep28-11 12:35 PM
403 32,766
So I just watched Walter Lewin's lecture titled "complete breakdown of intuition". If you google it you can find it...
Apr8-11 11:20 AM
347 35,656
Hallo everyone, Can a magnet do work on another magnet? (I believe it can. Just wanted to make sure.) What...
Sep8-12 12:39 AM
269 19,913
Title says it all.
Dec26-13 05:48 PM
163 14,014
It is known that a voltage must be applied around a closed circuit to make current pass through it. So thats why a...
May2-11 10:59 AM
161 10,226
Hi, I would like to calculate the torque on a color square screw full with water like the drawing show. All grey...
Mar20-12 02:25 PM
161 5,675
The version of Faraday's Law which purports to include both motional EMF and transformer EMF for circuits is false. ...
Mar10-10 01:31 PM
Per Oni
155 22,353
This is a simple question, and I'm sure it has a trivial answer, but this thought occured to me just now. How is...
May12-12 12:31 PM
148 16,988
Mod note: This thread on the reactive centrifugal force was split from this thread on the (fictitious) centrifugal...
Feb12-13 01:13 PM
146 6,528
I had an interesting challenge earlier this year in physics class, and I got a good grade on my answer, but I'd like...
Dec21-11 11:35 AM
140 14,909
Hypothesis A contained body of gas that is within a field of gravity will have differing temperature in differing...
Jan30-12 02:36 AM
137 13,620
I've been having a huge debate about this, some people are saying "air resistance" and that just makes zero sense to...
Jun22-11 08:08 AM
Doc Al
134 15,175
If they're orbiting Earth, then they're in uniform circular motion. And if they're in uniform circular motion, then...
Apr22-13 05:48 PM
131 6,536
Hello physics forum crew, I would like some help coming up with one of those "is this possible" type questions. ...
Jul19-12 09:54 AM
129 8,759
I think that there is no such thing as centrifugal force . Am I right ? is this force fictitious ?
Feb2-13 07:29 PM
128 6,928
I am re-posting this question here in a new thread as Humber mistakenly posted it in a two year old thread.
Jan4-12 08:43 AM
124 7,402
If I were to attempt to prove that the dot product of an electric and magnetic field is invariant under the conditions...
Dec13-03 05:20 AM
120 8,127
Ok, I have a general question about centrifugal force. Lets say I have an object who moves in a circular path, we...
Jul7-08 12:05 PM
117 14,161
Hello, For a reversible heat engine between temperatures T_1 and T_2, the ratio of heat going in and out the engine...
Sep23-10 06:48 AM
116 9,635
I've just got some small problems this time. The first being,do the particles at the axis of a rotating body really...
Aug13-09 03:00 AM
115 8,327
Thread split from this thread. Not true. The spray can is generating a constant force, not a constant power....
Sep3-10 08:42 AM
114 10,657
I am new here and have always loved the history of science as much as the science itself. I have been intrigued by...
May6-10 09:11 AM
James A. Putnam
113 9,530
We have some unbelievable discussions regarding the acceleration of race cars. At first glance, many just look at...
Apr6-09 10:24 PM
108 15,415
I never really thought about this until the other day when someone asked me why something accelerating towards a...
May11-05 05:40 PM
107 5,964
I know very little about physics, so I hope this is a pretty easy question. Action is always acting and reaction is...
Oct7-08 06:26 PM
Andrew Mason
107 10,304
hi, I'm having trouble understanding what the difference is between the B and H fields. What my understanding is, if...
Sep13-13 11:21 AM
rebel rider
107 27,900
The following discussion emerged under the topic "at rest" in Einsteinian relativity, and while out of place there it...
Apr30-12 04:28 AM
Ken G
107 6,686
Why does the air flow faster over the wing? In my fluid mechanics course we used streamlines and a half body to show...
Feb12-12 10:16 PM
Stan Butchart
105 17,276
Today we did an experiment with a solenoid through which we varied the current. Around this solenoid, was a different...
Sep24-12 05:44 AM
103 6,374
Then what makes an airplane fly?
Apr5-05 08:39 AM
Doc Al
97 14,032
I'm confused about Maxwell's Equations. 1) does an electrical charge (say, an electron) traveling with a constant...
Apr12-10 03:29 AM
95 7,667
Trying this again from a different angle... Let's say we have a 120 Volt AC source. We'll call it a generator. ...
Mar1-11 09:39 AM
95 8,074
I'm afraid I need some help on this one. We are studying rotational dynamics and I read in my textbook, the...
Feb10-12 11:08 AM
Philip Wood
92 21,674
I would like to start a discussion involving how sound works. I've read plenty of websites but none can satisfy the...
Feb25-11 07:34 AM
92 5,986
I have a classical mechanics problem related to the constrained motion of a mass: as per the attached graphics,...
Jan23-14 08:56 PM
89 2,346
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. What is energy?. ability to do work. what is work ? work = force x...
Jul11-07 08:45 AM
Doc Al
88 9,547
I have trouble understanding and visualizing this concept because I want to think of something tangible. I am not sure...
Apr22-04 10:59 PM
Math Is Hard
87 4,727
I understand that objects of different masses will accelerate equally in a vacuum. This is because the force of...
May14-09 05:33 PM
87 7,845

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