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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,749
Can someone give me the equation to calculate the change of Cv (specific heat at constant volume with change in...
Apr6-07 05:51 PM
Gordon Arnaut
6 12,574
Hi, Could some one give me the specific heat capacity of CrO2. Is there a good resource for this type of info on...
Mar2-07 12:16 AM
0 914
Hi boys and girls. I am looking for Specific heat capacity of Argon dependence on temperature but i cant seem to...
Feb20-13 07:11 AM
1 1,266
Can we define specific heat capacity for an adiabatic process ?? Would it always be zero since dQ is 0 for an...
Nov1-12 12:49 AM
Andrew Mason
2 2,090
is there another way of considering the specific heat capaciaty of a material (many gas) other than with respect to...
Aug18-08 03:56 AM
4 1,415
Can the specific heat capacity be negative? Is there any substance for which i have to add heat to decrease its...
Dec19-11 07:19 AM
1 1,004
Now consider two objects,A and B. A has a higher specific heat capacity that B. When both object is subjected to same...
Apr20-13 10:50 AM
Yh Hoo
2 442
C_{V} = \frac{∂U}{∂T} This is the specific heat at constant volume so I assume it can only be used at constant...
Sep19-12 08:09 PM
5 1,375
So I don't get the concept of specific heat. I'm doing an ODE problem and I've never even looked at science, not even...
Jan21-11 05:11 PM
2 1,651
I'm having some difficulty understanding exactly what the difference between the definitions of these values are. As I...
May22-13 05:25 AM
0 439
Ordinarily, a system of N particles in d dimensions has 2Nd constants of motion, but there are certain invariants,...
Oct30-09 04:45 AM
9 965
Hello All, I have had some interest in the effects of rotating magnetic fields and was doing some research on the...
Mar19-08 06:05 PM
0 1,280
I didn't want to overload the last topic, "The Meaning of Curl in Electrodynamics", but I have a question so I'll do...
Mar6-06 01:29 PM
2 1,293
I have been trying to figure out if, and if so, just how is the shape of the molecules in a gas is taken into account...
Nov18-12 10:29 AM
Jano L.
7 806
Hi I am reading about spatial hole burning in the litterature, and I have come across two different explanations. I...
Feb16-12 08:32 PM
1 2,277
This question is about converting from spatial to frequency domains when performing an FFT on 2D image data. I...
Mar24-13 02:57 PM
13 2,120
. Hi all. Some time ago I read that old competitions car drivers realized that by inserting a gap in the HV...
Apr24-10 02:21 PM
10 1,101
currently i'm studying the topic entropy. According to my text, entropy will increase when the accessible energy...
Aug4-11 03:30 PM
5 4,269
(I'm not sure if this would be a 'school-type' question... it's definitively not for any kind of homework, so I'm...
Feb29-12 07:36 AM
0 746
I recently read about the communication blackout during a spacecraft re-entry.. The reason given was the high density...
Oct31-12 10:02 AM
AJ Bentley
1 702
There is a circular gate rotating at a constant angular speed of ω. The circular gate has a tunnel across its...
Apr4-13 06:03 PM
0 409
If we launch a satellite to a circular orbit around the Earth at height 357.1 km, to find the velocity needed at...
Jul13-09 07:48 PM
Bob S
5 1,155
When deriving the conserved quantity in the case of space-time symmetry, a line in my notes goes from: ...
Dec22-09 05:35 PM
2 899
The concept of invariance of an object, property, etc... should always expresses with respect to something else: ...
Sep27-08 11:14 PM
2 844
Ok, I am writing a comic book that takes place on a city sized space station. I have planned for somewhere between...
Apr15-10 04:21 PM
Bob S
11 1,377
I've got a great good head for intuiting physics but no post-2ndary math. How fast must a cylindrical space station...
Mar16-08 09:02 PM
61 7,852
There is a space station of the length L and uniformly distributed mass M on the low Earth orbit. One side of it...
Oct16-09 10:37 PM
1 553
Hello all. I am doing some research on the space shuttle for a class project, and I am having some problems with my...
Jul16-04 11:47 AM
9 9,239
From what I gathered in Heat transfer, an object in space, ie space shuttle, can only lose cabin heat through the...
Aug7-07 07:32 PM
2 2,016
This is another theoretical question post of mine. I read somewhere that there is a huge temperature polar...
Dec14-12 07:29 PM
5 763
If in space when a man is weightless if he pushes himself will he move?
Dec28-11 11:05 AM
1 740
I think there has been floated the idea that the space elevator tether may be a ribbon. I think it will fail if it...
Oct5-08 02:11 PM
2 1,424
Hey, I've come across a part in my notes which I can't figure out. Essentially it says: ...
Apr16-10 08:16 PM
1 1,390
Not sure I am posting this in the right subforum, if this is not the case, please feel free to move it. Anyway, the...
Jun15-12 03:58 PM
3 1,115
positive charges are sources of electric field and -ve charges are sink. what are sources and sink of gravitational...
Feb29-04 09:59 AM
10 3,080
For diffraction you can assume slits in screens contain sources for the diffracted waves. But for a slit of finite...
Feb13-11 11:17 PM
3 779
Hi All, Thanks again to all the great mentors and contributors to this forum. I wanted to ask a question about...
Sep12-13 03:56 AM
2 368
Hello everyone, my question is regarding the source term in ODE and PDE. If the region where the phenomenon (wave...
Feb11-07 11:12 AM
1 997
I have been thinking a bit about gravity in the classical newtonian sense. So we know that the gravitational potential...
Dec28-10 04:19 PM
4 2,527
It is cold outside, inside too but thats of no importance to the matter. I have seen the formula of velocity of sound...
Jan11-09 05:14 PM
11 1,628

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