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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,957
Dear topic mates! I'm an electric engineer and physicist student from Hungary. I looking for description of the...
Mar25-09 02:48 AM
5 3,309
Hello there. I'm currently dead beat on this problem, maybe because I'm not sure I quite understand what it's asking...
May8-04 01:49 AM
2 2,992
Hi. I'm trying to make a small simulation of several simple physical systems (C++). I have the differential equation...
Jul17-12 06:42 AM
1 1,067
I thought of this question the other day, and I was unable to solve it. A Google search has not helped, so I thought...
Jan3-13 06:11 PM
3 769
Hello, everyone! I'm working on parametrizing a magnetic field using spherical harmonics. The equations Yc n,m...
Jul16-09 11:20 AM
2 2,038
Hi, I need expand a spherical function(real function not a complex function) in terms of spherical harmonics....
Feb15-11 07:34 AM
1 1,823
imagine there is a spherical glass object with index of refraction N is that possible that for some N and angle of...
Nov15-05 11:09 AM
2 1,289
My understanding is that the EM field at r.t generated by a radiating source can be described as the amplitude of...
Apr28-11 09:36 PM
13 1,403
On May 25, 2011, the journal Nature published an article stating that the electron was experimentally found to be...
Jun1-11 05:58 PM
2 1,097
I'm trying to find the line element in spherical coordinates as well as a velocity element. I know that they are...
Sep3-04 10:45 AM
2 2,196
There is a spherical capacitor with inner and outer radii of a and b respectively,has a dielectric material of small...
Feb7-14 09:31 AM
0 264
Show that the energy associated with a conducting sphere of radius R and charge Q surrounded by a vacuum is U =...
Jul20-04 03:49 PM
2 4,826
Hi, I'm trying to find the formula for the moment of inertia of a spherical cap relative to the axis perpendicular to...
Jun15-05 01:08 PM
André Verhecken
6 4,587
I want to find ##\Phi## and ##\vec{E}## for the general case of a Spherical Ball with uniform Charge Density centered...
Nov12-13 08:40 PM
3 464
hi everybody, i would appreciate it if someone could clarify the concept of spherical aberrations in the context of...
May28-11 12:03 PM
Andy Resnick
3 2,051
Consider a sphere and a semicircle with radii r and R respectively.(R>>r) The sphere has mass m.Imagine we place it...
Jul6-12 01:06 PM
2 709
I've seen a number of posts on the following question, but don't believe any contain a solution to the following very...
Apr10-10 01:52 PM
1 2,164
Greetings, i have the following question: a sphere with the polarization density of P vector (constant) and...
Nov3-08 03:16 PM
0 936
Imagine you put a sphere on a track which is part of a vertical circle.You expect the sphere to roll in a path like a...
Oct29-11 01:52 AM
8 1,167
Is there any way to prove that speeding up before a hill in a car will save you gas compared to maintaining your speed...
Nov16-08 07:32 PM
14 1,868
Hi all. I've been thinking of how one can measure the speed (& indirectly velocity, since we know it's direction of...
Jul8-12 03:00 AM
Simon Bridge
7 1,134
Using a Newton equation for position and substituting (v-v0)/a for t you can get the following formula: v^2=...
Apr26-05 01:39 PM
Doc Al
3 5,240
I understand the basics of speed and velocity, but I got a rather backhanded question on a recent test that I believe...
Oct11-11 11:13 PM
3 2,736
Can an object be increasing in speed as its acceleration decreases? if so, give an example; if not explain why.
Mar20-11 03:07 AM
3 779
I'm trying to tackle the work-energy theorum. It has occured to me that the distance in work: Force x distance ...
Oct2-04 06:43 PM
3 4,719
Hi, So v=ω*r Where v = velocity in m/s ω = angular velocity in rad/s r = radius in m But I am...
Sep21-13 10:02 AM
3 632
Hello, I'm sorry if this question seems a bit ignorant, but I don't yet have an extensive knowledge of physics. My...
Oct29-10 03:21 AM
4 944
hi!... Does anyone know the relationship (i mean formulas) relating to the incoming air velocity to the rpm of a wind...
Jan30-11 07:30 PM
3 1,028
Hey Guys, I was wondering which types of waves travel faster in optically dense materials and which waves travel...
Dec17-10 03:34 AM
2 5,733
How we can face the speed of the molecules on the gas kinetics theory and the speed barrier of light ? because ...
Jan25-06 12:17 AM
1 2,968
This may be fairly straightforward but it is a concept that I am really having problems understanding. A sound wave...
Dec22-13 01:13 PM
26 1,486
I've preformed an experiment about the speed of sound waves in water and I found that sound travelled faster in hot...
Apr14-12 04:14 AM
1 5,229
The question in the title. Speed of sound in a medium obviously must be less than the speed of light. Speed of sound...
May13-11 08:49 AM
2 1,587
When an object is thrown out from the front of a vehicle, its initial velocity relative to the ground is the velocity...
Jul15-12 02:50 PM
7 1,543
Speed of sound at a specific temperature is independent of Pressure as Pressure varies directly with density. So...
Jun28-12 04:27 PM
Philip Wood
8 5,106
If I have a glass of water and tap it with a spoon there will be a sound. If I change the speed of sounf by adding...
Apr2-05 05:14 AM
9 1,711
how does the speed of sound vary with temperature in an ideal gas? how do we derive this relation?
Sep14-05 09:29 AM
4 1,015
I was just doing a thought experiment.. So when you are sitting in a car that is moving, your speed relative to...
Nov16-12 12:30 AM
Simon Bridge
2 740
If a person has reached terminal velocity (say 50m/s), and he opens his parachute, and I want to find his speed 2...
Mar19-11 10:35 AM
0 1,001
My friend and I wondered this in junior high school: since a record (as in the kind played on a record player) or an...
Sep2-08 07:01 AM
13 7,113

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