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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,712
Suppose you have a symmetric top precessing and nutating under the torque due to gravity. My question is this: does...
Nov18-09 12:58 PM
2 1,811
Do you get sweets called Skittles in America, or the rest of the world? ...
Dec4-05 08:01 AM
5 6,820
Sir, Why does a spinning top precess only when its axis is inclined to the vertical direction of the...
Feb12-06 08:35 AM
Doc Al
1 1,158
ok so i've got the three components of the inertia tensor (A,A,C) and ive derived expression for, using matrices, the...
Jun13-08 12:29 PM
2 2,129
If a dancer who balances on one leg starts spinning, is having the center of mass above the point of contact enough,...
Aug13-10 12:19 PM
Dr Lots-o'watts
6 1,165
Everyone has seen a spinning top in action, and maybe some of you have also seen how they're able to stabilize...
Jan18-12 04:52 AM
3 819
What effect does rotation have on a sphere moving through a fluid (liguid or gas) when travelling along the axis of...
Feb16-11 01:54 AM
4 1,471
Hello everybody. I have to admit that I feel quite troubled since long time, actually since I read the solution of...
Aug8-12 09:42 AM
8 1,006
The other day, my professor mentioned projectiles have a force on them due to their spin. The example he gave is how a...
Sep2-08 12:53 PM
4 3,903
I'm trying to understand the spinning egg phenomenon. That is, why does a hardboiled egg (or any solid ellipsoid)...
Mar14-13 11:50 AM
0 695
Trying to analyze all the dynamics of gyroscopic type motion. Assume the Z axis is vertical (which the wheel...
Dec13-10 11:18 AM
2 2,170
Consider the following object: The exact dimensions...
Jun24-09 04:39 AM
8 2,831
can someone explain to me how can it be proof that the spinning-room-artificial-gravity, actually works? i mean,...
Nov11-09 09:32 AM
5 936
Hey all, I'm doing research on scoliosis and one thing that gets me is understanding the physics behind a bow and...
Sep5-07 08:54 AM
6 2,189
Hi. Can anyone explain to me what spin-up effects are? The context is a waterwheel that consists of an ordinary...
Apr15-06 07:24 AM
3 1,720
Hi! I'm from sweden so my english isnt very good, well over to the physic questions: I'm qurrently making a...
Apr8-07 02:23 PM
3 1,741
why would a hard boiled egg spin and raw egg wont if made to spin on a flat surface?
Dec7-11 06:18 AM
4 1,261
do the electrons have spin angular dipole momentum? (In classical mechanics, the spin angular momentum of a body is...
Sep16-07 03:39 AM
4 1,568
My Experiment consists of two balls of different masses falling together in the y axis from the same fixed height.Im...
Oct23-06 09:42 AM
6 2,344
So energy can only be converted... So when you squeeze the bulb on a blood pressure cuff, you are applying kinetic...
May18-13 09:18 AM
2 413
what do we mean when we sy the speed of spherical waves is v
Oct29-07 06:43 PM
10 2,068
Is it true that we can consider a spherical wave in the far field (i.e. away from antenna, at a large distance) as a...
Jun10-08 11:21 AM
1 3,925
Dear topic mates! I'm an electric engineer and physicist student from Hungary. I looking for description of the...
Mar25-09 02:48 AM
5 3,326
Hello there. I'm currently dead beat on this problem, maybe because I'm not sure I quite understand what it's asking...
May8-04 01:49 AM
2 3,013
Hi. I'm trying to make a small simulation of several simple physical systems (C++). I have the differential equation...
Jul17-12 06:42 AM
1 1,088
I thought of this question the other day, and I was unable to solve it. A Google search has not helped, so I thought...
Jan3-13 06:11 PM
3 780
Hello, everyone! I'm working on parametrizing a magnetic field using spherical harmonics. The equations Yc n,m...
Jul16-09 11:20 AM
2 2,055
Hi, I need expand a spherical function(real function not a complex function) in terms of spherical harmonics....
Feb15-11 07:34 AM
1 1,838
imagine there is a spherical glass object with index of refraction N is that possible that for some N and angle of...
Nov15-05 11:09 AM
2 1,298
My understanding is that the EM field at r.t generated by a radiating source can be described as the amplitude of...
Apr28-11 09:36 PM
13 1,418
On May 25, 2011, the journal Nature published an article stating that the electron was experimentally found to be...
Jun1-11 05:58 PM
2 1,106
I'm trying to find the line element in spherical coordinates as well as a velocity element. I know that they are...
Sep3-04 10:45 AM
2 2,213
There is a spherical capacitor with inner and outer radii of a and b respectively,has a dielectric material of small...
Feb7-14 09:31 AM
0 274
Show that the energy associated with a conducting sphere of radius R and charge Q surrounded by a vacuum is U =...
Jul20-04 03:49 PM
2 4,843
Hi, I'm trying to find the formula for the moment of inertia of a spherical cap relative to the axis perpendicular to...
Jun15-05 01:08 PM
André Verhecken
6 4,613
I want to find ##\Phi## and ##\vec{E}## for the general case of a Spherical Ball with uniform Charge Density centered...
Nov12-13 08:40 PM
3 475
hi everybody, i would appreciate it if someone could clarify the concept of spherical aberrations in the context of...
May28-11 12:03 PM
Andy Resnick
3 2,075
Consider a sphere and a semicircle with radii r and R respectively.(R>>r) The sphere has mass m.Imagine we place it...
Jul6-12 01:06 PM
2 728
I've seen a number of posts on the following question, but don't believe any contain a solution to the following very...
Apr10-10 01:52 PM
1 2,192
Greetings, i have the following question: a sphere with the polarization density of P vector (constant) and...
Nov3-08 03:16 PM
0 943

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