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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,684
I've been thinking again. The formula for the Maxwell Speed Distribution for a non-ideal gas is \displaystyle f(v) =...
Dec24-12 07:24 PM
5 1,101
The standard (retarded) Liénard-Wiechert potentials and the expressions for the electric and magnetic fields derived...
Dec24-12 03:40 PM
0 884
I have been thinking about Ohm's Law in one particular situation. say I have a trace on top of a ground plane on a...
Dec24-12 02:17 PM
7 1,483
Assuming $$\vec{r_{a}}$$ and $$\vec{r_{b}}$$ is calculated from an inertial frame of reference. then for any two...
Dec24-12 01:11 PM
Doc Al
10 1,100
We have a Newtons cradle , when you let go of one ball at one end you know what happens. Rlease one ball and the other...
Dec24-12 06:33 AM
10 1,762
When you open a door you apply force in any particular direction and as a result you get rotational motion of the...
Dec24-12 05:04 AM
7 1,404
I'm curious about how precession works. From what I thought I understood about angular momentum and torque vectors,...
Dec23-12 09:59 PM
Andrew Mason
1 774
This question is from my textbook: Thermodynamics an Engineering Approach 7ed SI Units, cengel. It is problem 10-129...
Dec23-12 04:35 PM
1 1,234
I hope I can make this understandable. I'm working on a design to utilize combustion of propane to cycle a piston....
Dec22-12 11:19 AM
1 849
I am familiar with standard distance-time models for paths of projectiles in perfect conditions, ie, where the...
Dec22-12 04:48 AM
3 989
Hello everyone. I am working on a VTOL RC craft that I hope will work. I was planning on using a centrifugal fan...
Dec21-12 01:30 PM
2 1,013
From theory, we know that Boltzmann entropy for a given distribution, defined through a set of occupancy numbers {ni},...
Dec21-12 09:08 AM
1 812
In physics class today, our teacher wanted to demonstrate that mass doesn't have an effect on fall speed. (The class...
Dec21-12 07:06 AM
8 1,353
Dear forum I have s issue concerning rectification of a sinusoidal voltage with a diode. It is a experiment i am...
Dec21-12 06:58 AM
19 1,797
Assume you have a weightless constant volume container "filled with" vacuum. If you let it float in the atmosphere,...
Dec21-12 06:32 AM
1 630
So, Poisson's theorem states that if 2 variables, u and v, are constants of the motion, then one can find a third...
Dec20-12 09:01 PM
5 2,937
I would like to calculate the power of a beam of light once I know the electric field amplitude. For example if I know...
Dec20-12 05:45 PM
3 771
Elementary particles spin. So does the Earth. Spin does work. The spin of electrons and other elementary partlces...
Dec20-12 05:02 PM
4 787
I'm currently wanting to model an RLC circuit that is driven by a toroid transformer with a driving current, I(t). ...
Dec20-12 03:18 PM
0 656
Greetings, I have been having some fun in the last couple of days by looking at the details of historically...
Dec20-12 03:17 PM
16 1,355
Hello guys, I'm studying Thermodynamics and I don't totally see how you introduce the potencials using Legendre...
Dec20-12 12:48 PM
Philip Wood
4 949
Hey guys, can the work done on a body be described as the function of time during which a force acts upon it?
Dec20-12 11:36 AM
7 767
Can electric field be induced at a point near a time varying uniform magnetic field? "Near" means not the in the place...
Dec20-12 09:35 AM
14 1,763
Hi, how to calculate the force on a charged conductive body (ball), when that body is between two parallel plates...
Dec20-12 04:18 AM
20 1,773
Hi How much volume would be in the following round pipes 1. 1000mm x 50mm 2. 1000mm x 76mm 3. 1000mm x 101mm ...
Dec20-12 04:15 AM
9 701
I have studied a few online sources about static equilibrium in a mechanical system. My overall understanding is that...
Dec20-12 12:12 AM
7 1,572
Hi everyone, I am no expert in any means, so if what I am asking is silly, just tell me. This is an example. ...
Dec19-12 11:57 PM
16 13,270
I just want to make sure my thinking and free body is correct before I go further in a project I am working on; for...
Dec19-12 10:54 PM
4 701
Hi, I undersand that tension is the force exerted on an object by a string or rope when pulled. Where I get...
Dec19-12 10:53 PM
11 1,593
Hello! I' currently reading EM and am in need of a verification that I understood it correctly before proceeding....
Dec19-12 05:10 PM
1 543
I was reading a paper about channeling radiation and it had a graph of radiation with photon energy on the x- axis and...
Dec19-12 04:06 PM
0 493
Relative motion between a permanent magnet and a conductor wire produces electric current in the wire. Would induced...
Dec19-12 03:29 PM
Andrew Mason
30 4,872
I'm finding it difficult to understand how momentum is conserved in an inelastic collision, but kinetic energy isn't....
Dec19-12 02:21 PM
4 1,243
a car of mass 750 kg moving vith velocity 15 km/hr on inclined paddle (θ=7.13 degrees).at distance of 36" the paddle...
Dec19-12 02:17 PM
1 882
Dear Physics Forums, Pressure is force / area, and force is mass * acceleration. When you have a gas in a...
Dec19-12 12:00 PM
3 1,023
I think that I may be confused about what free energy is. I want to find the maximum PE of a system. So this is...
Dec19-12 10:45 AM
0 719
Sorry, I got my answer already.
Dec19-12 01:17 AM
0 414
When 2 ideal gas mix, there will be no temperature change. Is that because there will not be any chemical reaction...
Dec18-12 11:34 PM
2 718
Hey folks. I was reading this odd explanation for why the bottom of a hanging Slinky appears to defy gravity when the...
Dec18-12 08:15 PM
Karl Coryat
4 588
Hello, I am currently studying the 3-body problem and I am struggling to find some examples of exercises or resolved...
Dec18-12 07:52 PM
7 1,312

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