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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,904
I have a conceptual doubt concerning capacitors. Suppose that I connect the terminals of a resistor to a charged...
Jan2-13 01:41 PM
5 856
I've seen the standard derivation of the expression for liquid pressure P = dgh where, d = density of the liquid;...
Jan2-13 12:15 PM
13 2,033
On an undergrad engineering level of talk, is there any difference between conduction and diffusion ways of heat...
Jan2-13 10:30 AM
3 2,106
Convection heat transfer rate decided by Newton's cooling law doesn't have a relative velocity between the fluid and...
Jan2-13 10:29 AM
6 1,105
Why is the energy stored in a spring 1/2 * distance * force? Isn't work just force * distance?
Jan2-13 05:53 AM
2 604
Ok, so the other day I was chatting with a friend of mine, and this doubt came up... It is my understanding that hot...
Jan2-13 12:16 AM
5 852
I am trying to understand the derivation of Snell's law using Maxwell's equation and got stuck. My text book says...
Jan1-13 08:33 PM
Simon Bridge
6 1,198
My brother and I were discussing fuel consumption which lead to this thought experiment. Let's say you have two...
Jan1-13 03:07 PM
9 1,279
to see anything will occur spontaneously or not. A system is isolated, we will look at the entropy. A system at...
Jan1-13 04:09 AM
0 573
Attached are the drawings. Does the polarity Eof depend on \Gamma =\frac {\eta_2-\eta_1}{\eta_2+\eta_1} So if...
Dec31-12 03:23 PM
0 728
Buoyancy is an artifact of gravity that moves mass up away from the center of the earth in a fluid whenever the...
Dec31-12 01:26 PM
16 2,490
The field outside a body with spherical mass distribution is well known but for a non simmetrical body (or a almost...
Dec31-12 10:22 AM
6 1,640
Hi I just wanted to run this hypothetical power plant idea past you physics guys to see what kind of feedback I...
Dec31-12 10:18 AM
42 11,757
Hi, I'm studying Small Oscillations and I'm having a problem with normal modes. In some texts, there is written...
Dec31-12 07:46 AM
Jano L.
3 915
In rolling without slipping, why does the point of contact have zero velocity relative to the ground? If so, how can...
Dec31-12 07:33 AM
5 1,737
Hey forum. So I was posed the question whether the forces on two ropes will vary or not depending on if the ceiling...
Dec30-12 11:34 PM
10 1,276
Is it correct to assume that two objects, with different masses, dropped from the same height at the same time will...
Dec30-12 06:25 PM
8 1,176
I took a piece of carton and cut out to strands in it. When I shine the line through it, it only projects the two...
Dec30-12 03:34 PM
2 1,053
Hello, why if a ray pass though different materials its direction changes ? couldn't its propagation speed just...
Dec30-12 08:55 AM
1 523
we know that in rolling motion the top of drum has linear velocity 2v if the centre of mass has linear velocity v....
Dec30-12 06:46 AM
4 805
I want to find Poisson brackets. $$=\sum_l (\frac{\partial M_i}{\partial q_l}\frac{\partial M_j}{\partial...
Dec30-12 02:44 AM
2 1,086
Is that possible to calculate entropy when dq=+100J , temperature change from 271K to 273K ? Ice melt until 273K ,...
Dec30-12 01:54 AM
6 1,305
So I was reading my textbook and it says that we are given a situation where two particles of the same charge are...
Dec30-12 01:18 AM
2 939
Hi! :) I'm trying to calculate the appropriate lenses to use for a project. I need to magnify a 50mm by 50mm...
Dec29-12 11:43 PM
1 964
Alright, here's the context of my question: I have a pistol for home defense, and I keep a magazine loaded with...
Dec29-12 07:46 PM
6 2,541
In his Nobel lecture Feynman describes an electrodynamic action between a set of particles (equation 1, one third way...
Dec29-12 06:13 PM
Jano L.
1 685
For ideal gas , can I assume Cv dT = nkT (3/2) , thank you
Dec29-12 03:41 AM
2 1,233
Hi, Referring to Jackson's Electrodynamics 3ed, page 197, line 5. He assumes that the magnetization can be...
Dec28-12 08:09 PM
9 1,189
So I watched a video recently on YouTube about how one well placed EMP above the United States would wipe out all...
Dec28-12 06:59 PM
2 793
Hello, when a coil rotates in a magnetic field an AC is produced at the ends of the coil but do that electrons come...
Dec28-12 10:12 AM
1 722
Here is a quote from Vanhees 71 in another thread on Lagrangians. I reposted here as a new thread because I fear...
Dec28-12 03:12 AM
6 1,443
Hi all, I've been having a look at Thidé's treatment of magnetostatics in the free ebook...
Dec27-12 08:41 PM
8 894
So I've been curious about electrochromic materials lately. In particular, the amount of time it takes for it to...
Dec27-12 06:28 PM
0 568
Hello, I am tasked with plotting the polarization state of a laser (basically I've made a polarimeter), but I really...
Dec27-12 10:10 AM
4 1,004
why p type semiconductor is electrically neutral and what is the concept of drift current?
Dec27-12 03:24 AM
11 3,218
Hi I have a question on the transmission coefficient in classical optics. When we say that a medium has a...
Dec27-12 03:12 AM
2 899
Hello, guys! Yesterday I saw my reflection in a mirror and noticed that my teeth had two images on the mirror, and...
Dec26-12 09:43 PM
2 1,176
What is the angular momentum of a rod rotating about one end (mass M and angular velocity ш),about its center of mass?
Dec26-12 06:02 PM
16 2,795
My question is about the strength of magnets and how the strength is affected when you spin a magnet. When I use my...
Dec26-12 11:58 AM
3 745
I a question regarding an object, that is originally in geosynchronous orbit, but then thrusted straight down. Will...
Dec26-12 08:41 AM
5 1,136

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