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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,737
Why cant two field lines intersect? The answer that i have often heard is that if they were to intersect, then there...
Oct10-12 07:12 AM
13 1,940
I bought a compass today. I tested it at the store, multiple times, spinning all which ways. It would always...
Oct10-12 06:55 AM
7 1,013
Hi, I would like to calculate the sum of momentum in the blue volume. See drawing. The blue volume is full of...
Oct10-12 03:50 AM
17 1,206
Hi all, I've been trying to understand the vibration of a cantilever beam subjected to a forcing function using...
Oct9-12 11:54 PM
0 354
in a battery, when all the electrons have transferred to the positive terminal ( i mean both terminals have same no....
Oct9-12 05:14 PM
3 736
Hello! I've been doing some excercises in mechanics and stopped for a moment over the thing that sometimes bothers...
Oct9-12 05:08 PM
1 477
I am studying the resistivity of various materials in my physics class and I have a query regarding conductive fluids....
Oct9-12 05:07 PM
2 451
I have a question to depth understanding electricity what's the thing that make electrical power appear??? I...
Oct9-12 04:19 PM
5 491
Hi, I'm trying to clear up a confusing point in the book by José and Saletan, concerning equivalent Lagrangians (in...
Oct9-12 12:49 PM
4 801
My book has introduced the idea of gauge invariance in terms of classical electrodynamics (attached file). However, I...
Oct9-12 12:38 PM
6 1,059
When we are sitting in our cars, and the car begins accelerating we are "pushed back" due to acceleration. Or if you...
Oct9-12 03:00 AM
11 1,085
Consider the integral form of gauss's law \oint \vec{E}.\vec{d \sigma}=\frac{q}{\epsilon_0} Then lets write q in...
Oct9-12 02:15 AM
2 769
Does anyone know what the equations governing the effects of whistling in a convoluted tube as air passes trough it...
Oct8-12 10:58 PM
2 543
Hi everyone! This is my first post here at PF after years of on & off lurking! So, I'll get straight to it. At...
Oct8-12 11:52 AM
0 362
A boat is 4 m long and there is a person standing on one end of it. He walks across to the other end of the boat. The...
Oct8-12 08:44 AM
2 831
I recently learned that ohms law is not always obeyed. I found this surprising because I thought ohms were defined in...
Oct8-12 08:28 AM
3 1,148
Everyone knows about the law of the lever, in order for a see-saw to balance the torques must cancel each other. ...
Oct8-12 06:46 AM
Vanadium 50
7 1,007
This may or may not be a crazy question but do centrifuges weigh more when they're spinning? Perhaps I'm...
Oct8-12 05:25 AM
2 583
In a mass-spring system that is driven by an external force, its displacement-time graph consists of several...
Oct8-12 02:26 AM
2 502
Hello everyone, Does everything in the universe have potential energy? I know there are two main form's of energy...
Oct8-12 01:12 AM
3 806
Just curious, does anyone know what are the equations for the displacement-time graph of a Keplerian orbit? The...
Oct7-12 08:11 PM
2 594
physcially, how electrons choose the path with min resistance if 2 paths of 2 differnet resistances electrons...
Oct7-12 04:01 PM
9 1,278
Basically I have a question regarding the heat capacity of a gas and the ideal gas law. The heat capacity equation...
Oct7-12 02:34 PM
15 3,259
Can anyone give me a simple proof of planck's radiation distribution law ?
Oct7-12 11:27 AM
Shan K
3 696
Hi everybody, Can somebody help me with the following proof. Show that for the Poincaré group P=T\odot L ...
Oct7-12 11:26 AM
0 655
This has been bothering me for a while. Consider a varying magnetic flux through a closed loop. Faraday’s law says the...
Oct7-12 10:24 AM
5 1,269
I have a question: when the poynting vector and energy propagation in electromagnetic waves are in the same direction...
Oct7-12 07:22 AM
1 653
Hello, I have temperature and emissivity data values for different land types (i.e. rock, vegetation etc.) of an...
Oct7-12 07:16 AM
0 538
Hey all, I have a question that arose out of some thermodynamics review I'm going over for an upcoming course. It...
Oct7-12 06:56 AM
1 560
In McCauley's book Classical Mchanics: Transformations, Flows, Integrable and Chaotic Dynamics we are analyzing a...
Oct7-12 02:34 AM
4 623
Cohesive forces holds stuff together, these forces being strongest in solids. However, why don't things (say, a stone)...
Oct6-12 09:39 PM
1 723
Hey, guys, my first time posting here but I need some educated individuals to definitively solve a problem from...
Oct6-12 05:27 PM
9 1,381
I've got a flywheel spinning at 850RPM. It weighs 112,34g and has a radius of 38mm. I want to calculate the Kinetic...
Oct6-12 03:41 PM
8 1,105
See attachment the green spot shows the initial position of a particle the blue spot shows the position at which...
Oct6-12 11:34 AM
4 485
In Goldstein, the action is defined by I=\int L dt. However, when dealing with constraints that haven't been...
Oct6-12 02:54 AM
3 752
Hello, I have the third edition of Goldstein which I have been using to learn mechanics. I believe I have found an...
Oct6-12 02:52 AM
3 663
First post here in PF, so forgive me if this question is in the wrong place. I'm a student in computational plasma...
Oct5-12 09:41 PM
1 556
After studying some of the proofs of equations, worries arises about their uniqueness. 1.Removal of integral ∫∇.Edτ...
Oct5-12 08:22 AM
1 483
Does the line of a force applied need to go through the centre of mass to cause translational acceleration? I have...
Oct5-12 07:45 AM
7 732
1-What's the difference in Magenetic between B,H or in electric between D,E? 2-what's permanent magnet and how it...
Oct5-12 07:01 AM
5 779

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