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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,713
From my limited understanding of Thomson scattering, it only works for wavelengths comparable to the size of the...
Dec8-12 03:21 AM
3 865
we know, magnetic field is a consequence of velocity attained by a charge..In case of magnet(naturally formed) how do...
Dec8-12 03:10 AM
3 715
Imagine i have a particle in the xy plane rotating in a circle around the z-axis at a constant angular velocity. The...
Dec7-12 10:58 PM
8 1,030
Suppose there was a mass, m1, traveling rightwards at v0. There is a second mass, m2, above the line of motion of m1,...
Dec7-12 05:17 PM
2 846
Please read it , and tell whether it is correct. No explanation also okay. Thanks Surface tension of water....
Dec7-12 11:24 AM
1 701
Hello, How do I convert phonon density of states into thermodynamic properties? Specifically, I want specific...
Dec7-12 09:24 AM
0 666
U = energy In the book: \frac{dU}{dt} = \frac{d}{dt} (\frac{1}{2} mv^2 + \frac{1}{2} kx^2) then we have m...
Dec7-12 07:50 AM
4 896
Im thinking of designing a tipping trailer for a car. I need a force of 40KN exerted to tip but would this be too...
Dec7-12 03:54 AM
3 771
I was thinking about using a power drill to spin up a gyro. Let's say this gyro has two segments, a wide center and...
Dec7-12 03:36 AM
8 1,315
Hi. Consider the basic eq for a falling body with air resistance dv/dt=g-kv/m I dont understand air resistance...
Dec6-12 06:35 PM
7 1,138
I have to thinking about how the skin effect come into play in transmission lines with two conductors and dielectric...
Dec6-12 05:35 PM
3 1,823
This question might seem strange or dumb.. At least it does in my mind, however I phrase it.. Anyway, I'm wondering...
Dec6-12 01:16 PM
11 864
Hi, If I have two sinusoidal waves with the same frequency, wavelength and amplitude, travelling along the same...
Dec6-12 10:35 AM
1 831
We know that 1)a change in current and voltage in a coil may result in induction in other stationary coil..this...
Dec6-12 07:08 AM
9 868
Early next year I will be beginning an Electromagnetism unit. However, I think I should refresh my maths over the...
Dec6-12 04:54 AM
2 638
Gauss's law can be proved qualitatively by proving that the field inside a charged closed surface is zero. However...
Dec6-12 04:51 AM
7 1,519
Hi, my friends. Today, I come up with a question suddenly. It is about Sound diffraction. why can we hear someone's...
Dec5-12 02:36 PM
7 912
Hello, I've just got a quick question about charging an object by conduction. I've been studying for my final and I...
Dec5-12 12:44 PM
2 810
Hi, Ive been doing some reading into 1 dimensional plasma numerical simulations and they keep referring to solving...
Dec5-12 01:22 AM
Simon Bridge
1 918
As the title suggests, how are very high frequency AC produced? A AC generator must have a limit to the rotation...
Dec4-12 08:55 PM
5 1,095
Hello to everyone! This is my first post. I have some basic knowledge in physics back from high-school, but since I...
Dec4-12 06:59 PM
10 2,228
I recently purchased two strings of RGB LED lights, the kind you can set to all sorts of colors by combining red,...
Dec4-12 06:11 PM
16 1,798
Hey, I'm sure you are all familiar with the experiment where you take a glass of water , put a some seal on it and...
Dec4-12 04:43 PM
1 573
I'm working through my professor's solution for this problem, and I don't understand how he comes up with the reaction...
Dec4-12 01:55 PM
5 2,976
A metal box will block most EM waves. Is this because the oscillating E field will be canceled when in contact with...
Dec4-12 11:30 AM
3 745
My question is kinda simple but it has been causing me some trouble for a while. In the problem of the pendulum...
Dec4-12 11:17 AM
1 698
Earth shouldn't alone make the value of g=9.81m/sec^2. There is the moon, all the planets and our sun (ignoring the...
Dec4-12 10:48 AM
24 2,283
I have read about effect of refraction due to slowing of light rays reaching the denser medium first and so light...
Dec4-12 05:39 AM
11 1,478
I am going to build a drum out of a propane tank. I think it will be handy to find the resonant frequency of the tank...
Dec4-12 05:30 AM
3 1,047
Hi, could you please introduce me anythings thats related to optics items function in life? books,magazins,movies...
Dec4-12 02:15 AM
10 1,174
We know that a Magnetic field does no work. Then how does an inductor store energy (1/2 LI2)? When that stored energy...
Dec3-12 09:22 PM
3 1,556
Hello everybody, First of all I want to thank you all for this great forum. My question is if a superconductor...
Dec3-12 07:04 PM
4 831
Hi, I'm interested in how a dielectric sphere effects a (spatially) uniform time varying field. I'm sure I'm...
Dec3-12 10:59 AM
4 847
Hello All. In Acoustics, impedance boundary conditions are defined as Robin conditions (sum of normal derivative of...
Dec3-12 03:06 AM
0 726
Abstract In this experiment, a beam of light from a laser was reflected off of a rotating mirror to a fixed mirror,...
Dec3-12 02:53 AM
3 1,231
Hi, I have to write a report on measuring g using a simple pendulum and I wanted to get a bit of the background. I...
Dec2-12 02:49 PM
4 766
Hi, quick question I've just started to learn circular motion and i tried a basic force problem. Imagine there is...
Dec2-12 02:40 PM
3 808
The total kinetic energy (as viewed from one inertial frame) of a free, rigid body is the sum of all the infinitesimal...
Dec2-12 08:25 AM
2 636
Hi, I'm very new here, 10min old, but the problem with my knowledge, or better, lack there of, at this time is very...
Dec2-12 04:27 AM
0 934
Ok, so I am currently building a cloud chamber for a major presentation in the area of Thermodynamics (or Energy and...
Dec1-12 04:55 PM
9 1,202

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