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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,678
I have seen the derivation of the centripetal acceleration formula a=v^2/r by saying r= rcosθi+isinθj=rcosωti+rsinωtj...
Feb1-14 01:26 PM
3 250
I'm learning about Hooke's law and modulus of elasticity (also known as youngs modulus) but it seems I am being taught...
Feb1-14 09:30 AM
3 248
Greetings, I am trying to to show that the force in this form: ...
Feb1-14 07:04 AM
Meir Achuz
2 224
Hello i wasn't sure if to ask this in here or in homework! I stumbled upon an assignment to build the model of photon...
Feb1-14 02:31 AM
Simon Bridge
1 185
Imagine an infinitely stretchable elastic band where one end is attached to a vertical wall and the other on a horse,...
Feb1-14 12:35 AM
3 180
How much does gravitational pull on an object decrease if the distance is increased 10 fold for example? If planet...
Jan31-14 09:43 PM
1 210
How is the back induced current in the secondary coil transferred to the primary ? I know how mutual induction occurs...
Jan31-14 05:14 PM
6 359
What is left if all matter and energy is removed from a particular region in space? For example, say I completely...
Jan31-14 03:16 PM
6 210
source: I understand the source means to say Mujtarbay Otelbayev has found...
Jan31-14 02:16 AM
2 467
Jan30-14 01:32 PM
16 593
Hi all, I was wondering if I am having a definition problem on mechanical work. Since dW = -PdV (as I was told in...
Jan30-14 09:47 AM
Philip Wood
5 331
Hello, I am having a conceptual difficulty understanding the following scenario Suppose you has a tank with a...
Jan29-14 10:58 PM
1 223
Why is the position of an image the intersection of 2+ rays?
Jan29-14 04:37 PM
4 209
Hi all! Imagine you have an ideal sphere (made of steel or plastics). Then fill it completely with some fluid, e.g....
Jan29-14 02:12 PM
1 191
Hello everyone, Today, in class, I learned about the equipartition, and the degrees of freedom a thing can possess....
Jan29-14 11:17 AM
5 240
Hello Everyone, I understand that sometimes in physics we make a model of some physical system purely for...
Jan29-14 06:09 AM
3 187
hey pf! in reading a book on viscous stresses i found the following:...
Jan29-14 12:02 AM
9 228
Hi guys, To celebrate my 29th post (I know!) I wanted to ask an extra-good question, something I've been meaning to...
Jan28-14 11:59 PM
4 395
I am studying surface tension and I am summing up what I have learnt through books till now: → On a molecular...
Jan28-14 07:31 PM
Simon Bridge
3 249
Diffraction on 1D grating is covered in many physics books. Usually they cover simple case when incident light is...
Jan28-14 11:57 AM
1 184
Consider the system shown in the picture. What are its degrees of...
Jan28-14 09:55 AM
2 223
An array of N magnets which can turn freely about their centers in any direction in 3d space is distributed uniformly...
Jan28-14 06:12 AM
4 294
Today in an engineering thermodynamics lecture, the professor gave an example of a gas doing work. We had a cylinder...
Jan27-14 11:40 PM
6 295
Hi guys, The other day I found myself asking the question below and couldn't quite manage to re-align my own...
Jan27-14 08:39 PM
12 283
Are there any realistic scenarios for which center of mass is not almost exactly equivalent to the c.o.g., i.e. they...
Jan27-14 12:07 PM
8 353
The attached drawing represents 4 wires. The top and down are still. The right and left move with the same velocity v...
Jan27-14 06:16 AM
Philip Wood
3 220
For example, I would like to visualize the transformation u=cot-1(1/α y/x) v=αx2+y2/α
Jan27-14 02:12 AM
3 204
Consider a monatomic gas of hydrogen (just to make the example as simple as possible) at a temperature T. If I use...
Jan27-14 12:34 AM
9 254
hello guys could anybody tell me the method of finding the range of a rocket launched from height h, the rocket of...
Jan26-14 07:16 PM
2 254
Hello. When you flip a switch and pass a current through a solenoid, the changing magnetic field creates an electric...
Jan26-14 04:54 PM
0 150
Hi, I'm curious, how would I create an electric field to a noble gas in a sealed vacuum and how much energy is needed...
Jan26-14 01:26 PM
4 253
This post specifically queries the absorption, by matter, of (thermal) radiation which has been emitted from a source...
Jan26-14 01:19 PM
Arfur Bryant
39 703
I'm hoping to make (or model) these little cells on my own, but I'm not entirely sure how it can be done with...
Jan26-14 08:18 AM
3 178
My physics textbook is talking about blackbodies and has a graph showing Power radiated as a function or wavelength on...
Jan26-14 08:02 AM
5 246
An electrocardigram measures the electrical current in the heart by using several "leads". These leads have +ve and...
Jan26-14 04:16 AM
0 180
I've been trying to solve the following problem involving Angular Acceleration and the inertial tensor for about 2...
Jan25-14 07:11 PM
0 242
Hi, I found out this paper with...
Jan25-14 05:47 PM
13 290
Hello, I am trying to understand a short literature article (doi: 10.1021/ja01635a030). I am not sure how much...
Jan25-14 02:25 PM
4 230
Hi, I'm now endeavoring to calculate laser fluence using some laser parameters. The required parameters to...
Jan25-14 09:56 AM
5 404
I'm trying to generate a magnetic field that's strong enough to be detectable (i.e., still stronger from the earth's...
Jan25-14 09:40 AM
4 181

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