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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,791
Does a body rotating about an axis also rotate about any other axis? Eg. Cars on a racetrack may be rotating about a...
Feb10-14 12:31 PM
8 287
Edit: Figured it out! ∑ A_lR^lP_l(cos\theta) = -E_0Rcos\theta + ∑ \frac{B_l}{R^{l+1}}P_l(cos\theta) Goes...
Feb10-14 10:14 AM
0 186
This is NOT a HW question. I'd appreciate an explanation of the following: I would like to determine the forces...
Feb10-14 09:22 AM
7 214
I have been looking at the problem of 2 point masses connected by a spring in polar coordinates. The problem is solved...
Feb10-14 05:13 AM
9 265
Hi All, I'm designing a heater for some cylindrical tubes. In my original design, I simply had a flat plate...
Feb10-14 02:26 AM
1 165
Hello Physics enthusiasts Imagine an infinitesimal small current loop where the current can run clockwise or...
Feb10-14 12:58 AM
Meir Achuz
10 272
My question is about the centripetal acceleration formula |a| = ω^2*r. If we keep the angular speed constant then why...
Feb9-14 09:22 PM
2 252
Hello all, I have a question regarding the deformation of an object. Imagine that I have a cylinder which I apply a...
Feb9-14 08:25 PM
0 170
When you shine light on a mirror perpendicularly. Does the reflected beam then not interfere with the incoming one?...
Feb9-14 04:39 PM
2 152
Hi all, After reading Feynman's Lectures I see that his way to understand energy is as a conserved quantity. On the...
Feb9-14 04:33 PM
12 341
Hello everyone, Consider a weight tied to a string spinning in a horizontal circle. According to Newton's third...
Feb9-14 04:26 PM
3 201
If I have a hot wire, the distribution of its temperature with respect to radius (from the center of the wire) and...
Feb9-14 02:08 PM
1 173
I have been wondering about this for a while! What exactly is GRAVITY? How does it work?? How are things pulled...
Feb9-14 10:56 AM
11 432
Hi all, I have a question about the "missing cone" problem in wide-field microscopy. The Fourier equivalent of the...
Feb9-14 02:51 AM
6 228
Hi, I,ve been looking through some notes on Lagrangian mechanics but they have got me confused so i'll start from...
Feb8-14 08:24 PM
5 241
Can we focus parallel sound waves using convex and concave lenses since they essentially follow the same laws of...
Feb8-14 05:35 PM
11 272
I searched for the images of refraction on google images and i saw an image where a laser light was incident on a...
Feb8-14 09:31 AM
6 261
I was given the (general) following form for the Hamilton and Heisenberg Equations of motion \dot{A} = (A, H)_{},...
Feb8-14 12:03 AM
Ang Han Wei
0 192
If g (acceleration due to gravity) was double on Earth, how tall would our atmosphere be?
Feb7-14 09:43 PM
3 220
Hi everyone! I've been thinking about a certain problem for a while now. And that is a Lagrangian formulation of...
Feb7-14 07:59 PM
10 422
Hi all, Well, I'll try to explain my doubt with an example. The idea of force formalizes what we intuitively think...
Feb7-14 04:43 PM
10 375
I appologize for any spelling or grammar errors. Please take into account that English isn't my first language and...
Feb7-14 12:50 PM
4 242
There is a spherical capacitor with inner and outer radii of a and b respectively,has a dielectric material of small...
Feb7-14 09:31 AM
0 197
For a thermodynamic system there exists a function called entropy S(U,N,V) etc. We then define for instance...
Feb7-14 03:55 AM
Useful nucleus
2 235
I know there are other things that fail about the rutherford atom but as the electron is accelerating and radiating...
Feb6-14 11:47 PM
3 239
I have an object at rest which accelerates at a variable rate before coming to rest again. At any given point I can...
Feb6-14 09:50 PM
21 460
Please could somebody explain how the coefficient of static friction can be quoted as a constant in tables etc? ...
Feb6-14 09:02 AM
1 175
Hi all, If I place an object far away from a converging mirror or lens and start to move it closer, I note that I get...
Feb6-14 01:55 AM
1 230
Hi, I am currently in High School physics and we are going over Energy and Momentum. I have some questions about how...
Feb5-14 09:27 PM
2 277
B = μ0nI Usually, the value of B is quite small... I'd like to boost the magnetic field B to a much larger and...
Feb5-14 09:02 PM
3 211
First Post! So I was curious about how I could relate my new found knowledge of electromagnetic inductance on...
Feb5-14 05:02 PM
Philip Wood
6 1,458
There is several things I am confused about with gravitational potential energy. So, first of all, shouldn't U=mgh...
Feb5-14 04:05 PM
5 258
I'm not asking about the specific questions contained in the attached document - I know all the answers. I'm wondering...
Feb5-14 12:10 PM
1 252
Hi, I'm trying to figure out what phase differences take place with an ideal transformer. This is what I have figured...
Feb5-14 11:56 AM
Philip Wood
2 255
Apologies if this has been discussed in other threads already. I did a quick search on 'chain fountain' and got no...
Feb5-14 11:08 AM
49 1,189
I have a disagreement with a Quantum mechanical scientist about a double slit experiment with polarizers, which gives...
Feb5-14 08:21 AM
8 245
Consider a conducting loop with resistance R and area A suspended by a non-conducting wire in a magnetic field ...
Feb5-14 05:08 AM
8 249
Isothermal Titration Calorimetry measures the enthalpy of (e.g.) protein binding by measuring the amount of heat that...
Feb4-14 11:28 PM
Andrew Mason
1 215
Hi, For finding absorption crosssection, why is it necessary that that the quantum yield of the fluorescence be...
Feb4-14 06:28 PM
0 152
Hi all I am looking for the intensity of the fringes on the screen behind two slits with a given width. I thought...
Feb4-14 04:40 PM
3 176

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