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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,224
Hi, I have a question about working out the power to maintain equilibrium with a spring: I attach a rocket to a...
Nov14-12 07:45 AM
13 1,353
Why do we say that classical physics is a lot different from quantum physics? The laws that determine the...
Nov14-12 02:31 AM
Simon Bridge
1 651
I only know that a pure gas at same reduced temperature and reduced pressure will have same compressibility factor....
Nov13-12 11:23 PM
0 977
I am unsure how bathroom scales work. Does your weight compress or depress the spring? Do scales measure the upward...
Nov13-12 08:56 PM
8 1,203
Hello everyone. I'm looking through an old book on optics and something there has me really confused. I attached the...
Nov13-12 03:32 PM
4 1,022
I have a permanent magnetization \vec{M}=(ks)\hat{z}, k is just a const, s is the cylindrical coor. Then it turns out...
Nov13-12 02:02 PM
Jano L.
1 906
Hello to the Forum. I just started doing some very light weight lifting and decided to do a rough calculation of...
Nov13-12 01:58 PM
8 2,179
I got these for a couple dollars at an electronics flea market. They look like maybe some kind of dichroic lens, but I...
Nov13-12 12:37 PM
Andy Resnick
4 665
Hello, I'm currently reading material on micromagnetics. In these papers, authors define a quantity called the...
Nov13-12 12:14 PM
0 787
If light is a particle then it should definitely make sonic booms.but i did not find them even by keeping my er on...
Nov13-12 10:00 AM
5 1,132
β = 1/T from the equation, T increase ,β should decrease. But refer to graph,...
Nov13-12 09:50 AM
1 630
refer to ...
Nov13-12 04:06 AM
3 779
Hi, I am sort of new to Physics forum but I am urgently in need of help. It would be very much appreciated if you...
Nov12-12 08:51 PM
Simon Bridge
11 2,339
Hello, I am hoping for some input concerning shall we say the philosophy of mechanics, particularly with relation...
Nov12-12 04:01 PM
41 2,739
Hello everyone, I was wondering how could you determine the period of the motion of two or more coupled oscillators....
Nov12-12 02:09 PM
8 1,475
Say we have laser light propagating in the +z direction and polarized in the x direction that then enters a fiber...
Nov12-12 02:00 PM
4 618
what does it means exactly? take the d-dimensional ising model as an example suppose d>d_c does it mean that...
Nov12-12 10:26 AM
0 645
Hi All, I am currently investigating a method of absorbing heat from radiation. This is being done to harness heat...
Nov12-12 09:02 AM
D. Allen
10 981
Feynman_Lectures_on_Physics_Volume_1_Chapter_11 In paragraph 11-6 he says that the tangent acceleration is the...
Nov12-12 08:25 AM
1 671
I'm trying to explain Gauss' Law to a bunch of high school kids. They wanna know why the total electric flux...
Nov12-12 08:19 AM
2 741
Hi guys , Suppose there is a circular accelerator has the same inner structure of a linear accelerator in terms of...
Nov12-12 07:30 AM
12 1,573
So I derived this equation for the net force/acceleration of a motorcycle on a flat surface. I beleive this equation...
Nov11-12 10:01 PM
Simon Bridge
3 951
I am having a little trouble understanding the force of friction. It is given by the formula Ff = \muFN Now taking...
Nov11-12 07:20 PM
11 1,219
I was wondering that if a compass was left on a horizontal angle for billions of years, would the north and South Pole...
Nov11-12 02:51 PM
Vanadium 50
2 637
Hi All, Consider a situation in which a coaxial cable have electric current i(t) = Imax * cos(w*t) flowing through...
Nov11-12 11:24 AM
1 814
Hi all, I have a question for all of you. I've been wanting to make a 3D vector field that would represent a...
Nov10-12 08:55 PM
1 868
1. Pls tell me the direction of friction on the rear wheel of a cycle moving down on an incline plane in both the...
Nov10-12 02:17 PM
10 1,465
Hey, I have got some guestions, when I philosophized with me friends... We have classic gravitational constant, say...
Nov10-12 11:29 AM
Abhinav R
2 1,000
Also, if a particle is travelling through a uniform electric field, does anything change as it leaves the field if the...
Nov10-12 10:36 AM
Abhinav R
4 820
Suppose I have a picture of a flame, or some other blackish-body like emitter, and I can see that the RGB value of a...
Nov10-12 10:11 AM
10 1,308
Recently, I've been studying AC circuits and have developed a couple questions. I think I worked out an answer to the...
Nov10-12 10:03 AM
6 916
Is it even possible to do so? I used a thick paper sheet with 1x5 mm slits 5mm apart with a normal flashlight (just to...
Nov10-12 03:56 AM
Abhinav R
20 20,759
Hi I am trying to simulate N particles evaporating from an oven, after which they propagate and eventually hit a...
Nov10-12 03:55 AM
4 776
If 12007 kJ of heat is lost to the surroundings with an ambient temperature of 25 degrees centigrade during a cooling...
Nov9-12 07:44 PM
1 759
Hi, on page 63 of David J. Griffiths' "Introduction to Electrodynamics" he calculates the electric field at a point...
Nov9-12 03:00 PM
dipole knight
4 1,560
An inventor proposes to make a heat engine using water/ice as the working substance inside a cylindrical piston and...
Nov9-12 08:00 AM
1 1,213
Both arrows have the same angles How can I find the net force...
Nov8-12 07:27 PM
3 883
First off,I would like to apologise for not introducing myself. I have yet to find that certain part of the forum,but...
Nov8-12 05:15 PM
2 833
Hello Forum, If a bike is negotiation a curve, the static friction force will supply the centripetal force F_c. If...
Nov8-12 04:14 PM
12 2,371
Imagine you have a cylindrical dielectric charged with 100KV on one end and -100KV on the other end. Now take an...
Nov8-12 08:23 AM
1 627

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