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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,834
When people talk about sunspots and the solar cycle and stuff like that, they often mention magnetic field lines...
Oct12-12 05:16 AM
3 966
I was wondering, after discovering that in particular scenarios atoms can release photons, how they do it? Is some of...
Oct12-12 04:26 AM
6 1,210
I am very confused with a particular aspect of part of my physics curriculum. Let's say there is an object swinging...
Oct12-12 02:46 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,263
I was wondering that since most forms of energy can either be in wave or particle form, (example; photons and...
Oct12-12 12:26 AM
5 1,041
entropy = jouls/kelvin supose 1 liter of ideal gas is allowed to freely expand into a 2 liter volume in an isolated...
Oct12-12 12:11 AM
Andrew Mason
1 907
Will any one help me to understand the concept of reduced mass , where does it come from and its physical significance
Oct11-12 08:42 PM
Simon Bridge
4 860
I was reading a book on wave and found that when they derive the equation of shm from the equation force varies with...
Oct11-12 08:10 PM
Shan K
7 970
If an isolated body starts to accelerate, why would saying the system isn't properly isolated render Newton's second...
Oct11-12 07:55 PM
2 618
I am a bit confused about gravitational potential energy near the earth, namely the formula given by mgh. I know...
Oct11-12 06:52 PM
Simon Bridge
17 1,373
I was wondering if my measurements book that states there are 9,460,000 km in a lightyear is correct. I raise this...
Oct11-12 06:46 PM
7 773 I am...
Oct11-12 03:23 PM
23 2,742
In Jackson Classical Electrodynamics (P. 498) Eqs 10.130 and 10.132, which describes waves from a conducting sphere...
Oct11-12 01:47 PM
0 535
Walter Lewin at MIT says that at a point of stable potential energy(like the troughs of a wavy surface), d^2u/dx^2...
Oct11-12 12:53 PM
0 370
Hey guys, I am trying to conceptualize as to why shear stress in a vessel is highest at the wall of the vessel and...
Oct11-12 12:47 PM
7 1,061
If the wheels and tires of a car are rolling without slipping or sliding when turning, the bottom of the tire is rest...
Oct11-12 11:21 AM
7 1,428
this is written in wiki: "There are different explanations for the effect and there is debate on which explanation is...
Oct11-12 10:20 AM
0 451
What would be the pattern of electric field lines 'inside' a solid charged sphere..?
Oct11-12 10:15 AM
2 499
I was wondering what the difference in the magnetic poles north and south is and what makes them unique.
Oct11-12 08:45 AM
3 516
Hello.. The query is regarding thermal conduction of heat from a solid body: Suppose we have a long metallic rod...
Oct11-12 06:51 AM
6 901
Can someone prove that the change in potential energy is negative work. I have a very basic understanding of the...
Oct11-12 06:11 AM
6 751
How to find the work done by a force in (two dimension) When F = ax^2 i + b x^3 j If a subject move from...
Oct10-12 11:40 PM
4 1,616
I recently had a problem set with two questions that seemed to give very similar answers. I'm not asking how to do...
Oct10-12 08:56 PM
1 558
Will any one give me the derivations for continuty equation of fluid and euler's equation of fluid motion .
Oct10-12 05:45 PM
6 799
Hi, I searched the forum and the web and can't seem to find my answer, nevertheless I will continue looking. ...
Oct10-12 04:08 PM
7 1,553
If you push an air filled ball down to the bottom of a bucket of water an acceleration is caused by the buoyant force...
Oct10-12 02:42 PM
26 2,411
Using taylor series expansion to prove gravitational potential energy equation, GMm/r=mgh at distances close to the...
Oct10-12 01:16 PM
8 3,193
are derived in my book from the assumption that a wire can be cut into a lot of infinitesimal wires with a capacitance...
Oct10-12 12:57 PM
2 765
My first post so please forgive me if I am already breaking some rules ;) This may apply to positive or negative...
Oct10-12 12:20 PM
9 1,168
Can anyone tell me how to measure the viscous constant (C1) and the pressure constant (C2) for different substances in...
Oct10-12 12:00 PM
0 681
I asked a question on this forum a few days ago about the entropy change of the surroundings, and am grateful for the...
Oct10-12 10:13 AM
Andrew Mason
49 3,343
Why cant two field lines intersect? The answer that i have often heard is that if they were to intersect, then there...
Oct10-12 07:12 AM
13 2,177
I bought a compass today. I tested it at the store, multiple times, spinning all which ways. It would always...
Oct10-12 06:55 AM
7 1,158
Hi, I would like to calculate the sum of momentum in the blue volume. See drawing. The blue volume is full of...
Oct10-12 03:50 AM
17 1,292
Hi all, I've been trying to understand the vibration of a cantilever beam subjected to a forcing function using...
Oct9-12 11:54 PM
0 379
in a battery, when all the electrons have transferred to the positive terminal ( i mean both terminals have same no....
Oct9-12 05:14 PM
3 795
Hello! I've been doing some excercises in mechanics and stopped for a moment over the thing that sometimes bothers...
Oct9-12 05:08 PM
1 498
I am studying the resistivity of various materials in my physics class and I have a query regarding conductive fluids....
Oct9-12 05:07 PM
2 482
I have a question to depth understanding electricity what's the thing that make electrical power appear??? I...
Oct9-12 04:19 PM
5 542
Hi, I'm trying to clear up a confusing point in the book by José and Saletan, concerning equivalent Lagrangians (in...
Oct9-12 12:49 PM
4 887
My book has introduced the idea of gauge invariance in terms of classical electrodynamics (attached file). However, I...
Oct9-12 12:38 PM
6 1,222

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