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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,843
Suppose we consider a car moving on rough road in forward direction, wheels rotating clockwise. Since wheels rotate...
Nov1-12 06:38 PM
5 1,227
Hi I am doing a project on folded waveguides and I am reading some IEEE papers for literature review. I always...
Nov1-12 12:12 PM
2 606
I am trying to self learn kinematics , but i don't understand a certain concept :- If a string hold a mass...
Nov1-12 10:12 AM
1 977
Can we define specific heat capacity for an adiabatic process ?? Would it always be zero since dQ is 0 for an...
Nov1-12 12:49 AM
Andrew Mason
2 2,459
Hi, I am having some difficulty doing the integral ∫d^{3}v1d^{3}v2 | \overline{v1}-\overline{v2}|, where...
Oct31-12 11:11 PM
4 664
So I have derived a formula for the range of projectile in a vacuum fired from an arbitrary height h from above the...
Oct31-12 08:29 PM
3 751
I have an incline A that is very steep reaching a vertical height of h and another one B which is less steep with the...
Oct31-12 07:32 PM
5 1,365
I would like to calculate the energy need for move in the black volume in gas (move in from r2 to r1), when gas is...
Oct31-12 05:34 PM
15 2,754
I recently read about the communication blackout during a spacecraft re-entry.. The reason given was the high density...
Oct31-12 10:02 AM
AJ Bentley
1 801
Hi everyone. I am a programmer and I think some basic physics will help me to achieve something I wanted to do. ...
Oct31-12 07:50 AM
5 1,083
If we try to treat a non-relativistic point charge, what force do we need to accelerate it uniformly, when we take the...
Oct31-12 07:09 AM
5 1,160
If 3 spheres have equal masses and the stationary object is in a collision with a sphere with linear momentum . p=...
Oct31-12 06:15 AM
6 995
I don't really understand how electromagnetic waves in wires are created. Sure you can see from the Maxwell equations...
Oct31-12 03:08 AM
43 3,226
It is written that: Another useful form of the equation of state of a real gas is: Pv= A + B/v + C/v^{2} + ... ...
Oct30-12 04:25 PM
M. next
3 779 I know it's used to simplify the 2 partial differential...
Oct30-12 03:57 PM
7 2,398
Hi there, I would like to know that if we have an leaning object supported by another object, both are supported by...
Oct30-12 03:24 PM
1 1,470
Classically a single particle will have 3 position coordinates and 3 momentum coordinates, and so it "exists" in a...
Oct30-12 12:07 PM
2 741
When a plane wave for example is travelling from air-->dielectric and we know the power flow of the incident and...
Oct30-12 10:39 AM
0 460
From what I have read so far, the vapor pressure of a liquid is temperature dependent while it is independent of the...
Oct30-12 08:24 AM
1 961
In case of a circularly polarized wave, is the poynting vector also circularly polarized? If not what happens in...
Oct30-12 08:17 AM
2 807
As a way to express the complex poynting is F = P + j2ω(Wm − We), whats the magnitude and the phase of it based on the...
Oct29-12 08:27 PM
0 440
NVM, Wrong section.
Oct29-12 11:49 AM
0 481
Please see the attached photo. I am not sure how to proceed. I do not know Mi or M2, nor do I have enough...
Oct29-12 09:09 AM
3 1,189
I love physics, but I find that I am ignorant about some of the more basic concepts, so forgive me if this question...
Oct29-12 08:53 AM
4 968
Hello, I am having difficulty understanding the paragraph in my textbook explaining why no other engine can be more...
Oct29-12 08:36 AM
2 988
hi .. ... i am entering a sumobot competition..weight limitation 1kg..dimensions 150mm*150mm...what is more important...
Oct29-12 04:00 AM
4 683
Not sure if I am doing this correct and do not have answer available... A heat pump takes on 30,000BTU/hr of heat and...
Oct28-12 11:41 PM
Andrew Mason
1 1,003
I having a bit of trouble understanding Joos's treatment of virtual displacements. I am referring to pages 114 and...
Oct28-12 05:01 PM
4 725
Alright so I have a question on the work done with constant acceleration up a hill. I was working an example problem...
Oct28-12 04:16 PM
2 873
Here's the textbook way of calculating the work done by an ideal gas in an isothermal case. PV=nRT P.dV=(nRT/V).dV...
Oct28-12 12:03 PM
3 1,175
So, I know that it has been sort of asked in other forms before, but they mostly deal with human beings and so I've...
Oct28-12 11:38 AM
10 1,601
I am confused why the heat capacity at constant pressure can be different from the heat capacity at constant volume. ...
Oct28-12 11:28 AM
2 919
Hi, It seems that there is no much examples of this particular case. OK, we all know how to write the general...
Oct28-12 11:06 AM
2 1,135
If we consider the kinetic energy of say a car like Nissan Leaf moving at its top speed we have : K.E. = 0.5 x M x...
Oct28-12 10:45 AM
13 1,923
Hello Please, if you UNDERSTAND WHAT IS MOMENTUM, tell me. I want to know, why do I need momentum, why was this...
Oct28-12 09:11 AM
5 676
I understand that if two points are inside a conductor they're at the same potential. I also understand that if two...
Oct28-12 08:16 AM
2 508
When we consider a magnet, usually we perceive the field lines to come out of the north pole. But since the poles of a...
Oct27-12 06:39 PM
4 977
A little while ago I asked: why does wind feel cold. The molecules are moving faster so it should feel hot. The...
Oct27-12 06:19 PM
5 954
Earlier I asked for help about a high voltage power supply, and I was told not to worry too much about 20k volts...
Oct27-12 06:02 PM
21 1,806
When we strike a match which is made of sulfur against a hard surface (I don't know what the surface is made of) a...
Oct27-12 04:51 PM
5 1,211

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