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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,997
Hi When talking about atoms absorbing a photon, a classical picture is utilized. The intuitive picture often...
Sep4-12 11:07 AM
7 1,085
Why did Newton define force as F=ma instead of stuff like F=m*(a^2) or F=(m^2)*a?
Sep4-12 01:03 AM
32 4,478
most(or all) proofs i have seen of gauss's law is based on coulumb's law. however coulumb's law is based off of...
Sep3-12 05:01 PM
3 850
If we imagine a capacitor as two conductors held a distance d apart from each other, we can find easily that the total...
Sep3-12 03:09 PM
4 726
I was wondering what will happen to a hovercraft which is designed for a given air film thickness, is. slightly lifted...
Sep3-12 01:54 PM
hover guy
4 715
So, I'm trying to understand how tension works between a cable. No, not homework. A book example. I have the answers....
Sep3-12 01:01 PM
Doc Al
9 1,336
Two 140-kg satellites collide at an altitude where g=8.7m/s2 and the collision imparts an impulse of 1.8x105N.s to...
Sep3-12 10:54 AM
Doc Al
1 1,228
The D'Alembert's Principle states that: \sum_s \cdot \underline{δr_s} = 0 s - labels particles That is when ...
Sep3-12 09:48 AM
3 1,128
In this document, how do I get 3.2 on page 12? I assume it is the Euler-Lagrange equation given in 3.1 just rewritten....
Sep3-12 08:41 AM
2 814
I had quite a few posts about this some weeks ago, but I am still not sure about it. My question is about why you can...
Sep3-12 06:46 AM
7 1,134
Is it possible for a surface that reflects all visible light, and absorbs absolutely none to exist, Or would that...
Sep3-12 05:02 AM
Simon Bridge
11 933
Dear friends, In small oscillation problem of classical mechanics, the generalized force is zero (Eq. (6-1)) of the...
Sep3-12 03:55 AM
0 652
The flux rule for motional emf can be stated as: d\phi/dt = -\epsilon I have some questions regarding this. 1)...
Sep3-12 03:51 AM
3 906
Consider a freely rotating body. Let the axis of rotation be the z-axis. For simplicity assume all the mass of the...
Sep2-12 02:57 PM
1 1,524
Says Wikipedia: "The moment of inertia is a measure of an object's resistance to any change in its state of rotation"....
Sep2-12 09:46 AM
Simon Bridge
3 665
This page talks about how the battery does...
Sep2-12 08:33 AM
13 1,281
Forums like these give me faith in humanity. I am busy with little project and I've just come out of angular...
Sep2-12 07:19 AM
The Sparrow
6 932
In the question I am not able to understand what the scenario is. Is it that we are removing the P force after...
Sep1-12 05:03 PM
7 1,053
I have only recently found out about this idea (many thanks m.e.t.a.) and I am curious about it. Could it be used to...
Sep1-12 03:38 PM
5 1,837
I'm a little confused about what exactly work/energy is. I understand that if I exert 10 N o a box over a distance of...
Sep1-12 12:31 PM
3 817
Hi all, I've been looking at some buoyancy problems and one continues to vex me, how to calculate the new fluid...
Sep1-12 02:06 AM
1 1,058
Was not sure where to post this specifically, but I am looking to calculate the possible distance traveled by by a...
Aug31-12 08:12 AM
6 962
I'm just confused... I know that magnetic fields can do work only on pure magnetic dipoles like a bar magnet. Based...
Aug31-12 07:17 AM
407 36,975
Hello everyone. I am fairly familiar with physics. However I have a question regarding the math behind a lever...
Aug31-12 06:20 AM
4 777
Given the following instantaneous parameters and constants... Known: d = air density = 1.24 Cr = rolling...
Aug30-12 11:07 PM
6 1,343
If I am trying to minimize triboelectric charging. What two substances when rubbed together would produce minimal...
Aug30-12 05:37 PM
2 976
I had a thermal conductance homework problem where heat flowed through gold, and then silver. Both materials were of...
Aug30-12 04:31 PM
4 656
Consider the Hamiltonian of Kepler problem H(\boldsymbol{r},\boldsymbol{p})= \frac{|\boldsymbol{p}^2|}{2\mu}...
Aug30-12 03:32 PM
0 437
Consider a current loop with a switch and an AC source in space, there is a point charge(electron) inside this loop,...
Aug30-12 02:14 PM
34 3,608
Assume we have an ideal gas of N particles inside a thermally isolated cylinder of volume V, and that the cylinder is...
Aug30-12 01:46 PM
6 1,902
Hi, Im getting started on analytical mechanics but need some help understanding some of the things that is said in my...
Aug30-12 01:10 PM
19 1,188
I need a review of solenoid equations, such as equations for bar solenoids, toroidal solenoids, and toroidal solenoids...
Aug30-12 11:09 AM
Prince Rilian
2 954
hi ... These days i am trying to make sense of the various processes of thermodynamics and so far i have tried the...
Aug30-12 09:03 AM
3 844
I have an image taken with a camera. I know the f/#, focal length, CCD characteristics, and an approximate distance to...
Aug30-12 08:54 AM
Andy Resnick
10 1,331
Here is a simple example about my issue with this. 1g ball (ball A) moving west at 10m/s hits another 1g ball (ball...
Aug30-12 07:49 AM
6 3,269
Here is a quote from one of the MIT notes on magnetism : "Note that F(magnetic force) is perpendicular to v and B ,...
Aug29-12 05:57 PM
9 1,078
I have a question. All things being equal as far as flow and pressure goes...where would the gas preferentially flow...
Aug29-12 04:08 PM
14 921
Hey I just wanted to check with y'all, but I feel I'm fairly well acquainted with momentum and the rules surrounding...
Aug29-12 02:53 PM
1 1,021
Hi everyone I have a quick question regarding heat transfer. I have yet to study heat transfer yet but I have a basic...
Aug29-12 01:56 PM
1 599
I need to calculate the torque needed to move an object in horizontal direction. The object is subjected to a force P...
Aug29-12 07:34 AM
1 867

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