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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,684
I have a question that I want to verify , so that i know is my understanding about how the LHC works. So basically...
Sep17-12 04:00 AM
1 1,129
Ion Thrusters which are used for space vessels, such as sending sattelites into space, how much do they cost?
Sep17-12 02:44 AM
9 2,187
Since algae can produce oxygen in closed containers, which you can inhale as a byproduct, when provided CO2 from your...
Sep17-12 02:40 AM
6 1,215
Hi there, I have never worked with Hypocycloids before so I'm unsure which equations I should be using; but I'll...
Sep17-12 02:29 AM
Liam Semeniuk
0 574
I want to find the potential of a conducting disk in space whithout laplace equation.(i know how to do that).I want to...
Sep17-12 12:58 AM
5 705
I'm trying to consolidate my understanding of gas thermodynamics. If anywhere my reasoning is wrong, please correct...
Sep16-12 09:24 PM
Andrew Mason
6 1,570
Situation: A uniform cylinder (Mass M, Radius R) is rotating down a slope of incline θ and distance s, there are...
Sep16-12 08:44 PM
Simon Bridge
2 826
I'm going through the problems at the back of a chapter in my physics book where all the challenging questions are. ...
Sep16-12 03:21 PM
Simon Bridge
1 741
Hello, I just started basic mechanics and what seems to mess with me is this: take a 1kg cube in a string, with how...
Sep16-12 03:15 PM
3 542
Hello, I am studying wave mechanics and I managed to derive the linear wave equation with a string. Now I don't...
Sep16-12 02:07 PM
2 533
The Swedish SMART-1 used a Hall effect thruster which used Xenon gas. Xenon costs 1200 USD per Kg. Why didn't they...
Sep16-12 12:35 PM
1 819
I'm looking for a physical proof, something I can understand easily, though a mathematical proof might help too. ...
Sep16-12 10:51 AM
17 1,647
Unfortunately I still have not completely grasped the idea of negative work. I appreciate all the help in...
Sep16-12 10:05 AM
4 643
hello.. One of my friend asked me this question, and i had no answer to it. moreover the professors response to it...
Sep16-12 08:30 AM
A Dhingra
10 1,400
I was reading about diffraction on this page Now...
Sep16-12 07:09 AM
Doc Al
1 490
Suppose a circuit with resistor R and inductor L with no source. I am trying to find kirchoffs equation for this...
Sep16-12 07:03 AM
4 1,113
I have seen the retarded potentials and what not, but what has always bothered me is why these field solutions reflect...
Sep16-12 07:02 AM
6 1,110
I want to calculate the force generated (as a result of expanding air) from pressure created by heating air up to a...
Sep16-12 06:38 AM
2 1,578
In the light that QED suggests the speed of interaction is infinite, are there any experiments which makes it clear...
Sep16-12 05:52 AM
13 1,223
Now that I am making progress, I am ready to ask more complex questions :approve: Please correct me where my...
Sep16-12 01:39 AM
5 1,053
Hello, I was reading my textbook and watching MIT Opencourseware and noticed a discrepancy between the two. ...
Sep16-12 01:37 AM
0 506
A tennis player slices the ball to spin and deviate from its normal parabolic path. What is an explanation for this...
Sep15-12 05:52 PM
5 661
Hi I am a little confused regarding circular polarization. I have attached a figure in order to explain the...
Sep15-12 12:43 PM
0 511
I believe I might have a fundamental misconception about work. Please correct me where my reasoning is wrong so I can...
Sep15-12 07:13 AM
Andrew Mason
2 829
Hi! I am trying to design a water cooling system that could cool down my computer from 100C to about 40C, with 600W...
Sep15-12 06:25 AM
6 1,367
I would like to talk to someone here who has either theoretical or practical experience with not-too-thin transmission...
Sep15-12 05:32 AM
0 632
So basically, on an x-y coordinate system, the acceleration vector is in between 0 degrees and 90 degrees pointing...
Sep15-12 03:20 AM
Simon Bridge
9 1,174
Do we rotate along with it because of it's gravitational pull? Or is it friction?
Sep14-12 10:27 PM
9 841
I am having some trouble understanding the significance of negative work. If the work that I do on object X is W,...
Sep14-12 10:10 PM
3 774
I have for a while been trying to understand the setup of this equation in calculating the collision flux of a gas...
Sep14-12 06:21 PM
0 1,259
Suppose I have a large particle of mass M that is randomly emitting small particles. The magnitude of the momenta of...
Sep14-12 02:22 PM
4 941
Hi Guys, I have been asked to find out at what point a measurement device go out of calibration when dropped and...
Sep14-12 01:48 PM
2 1,570
After discussing this with my friend using our O level knowledge, we came to a conclusion. But we have some queries. ...
Sep14-12 09:31 AM
0 517
I was having a discussion with my friend the other day. He had just attended a lecture about Paul traps. He told me...
Sep14-12 07:31 AM
5 843
I have seen a lot of different formulas about the forces acting on a wheel. So now I don't know what to use. So, I...
Sep14-12 06:15 AM
2 886
Hi eveyone, I am new to this forum and I hope that I can gain lots from this forum. Recently, one question comes...
Sep13-12 09:53 PM
1 570
Consider two cylindrical containers of the same diameter. Fill them with a liquid to different levels. We all know...
Sep13-12 07:00 PM
34 3,385
I have seen the lagrange equations derived from newtons laws in the special case, where forces were derivable from a...
Sep13-12 09:41 AM
4 944
Hey guys I'm a new member and I will be mostly asking questions :P Anyways ... Physics subjects in my school are...
Sep13-12 08:35 AM
3 794
You now how when you feel a light breeze it feels kind of cool? Why? Atoms are moving faster and they hit your skin...
Sep13-12 08:34 AM
10 1,376

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