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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,258
Hello All, I am interpreting a diagram from the following question. (I didnt have a chance to take thermo and I...
Oct3-12 03:14 PM
Philip Wood
4 1,205
Would the 2 items displayed in the image below act as I expect in a zero G environment? Assuming that item A had a...
Oct3-12 10:34 AM
10 1,786
Hello, I've long thought that the coriolis effect was something quite logical (i.e., things luck funny when in a...
Oct3-12 08:15 AM
6 1,568
My professor explained it and class and I've tried reading the book but I just cannot wrap my mind around what Gauss's...
Oct3-12 07:38 AM
4 868
Can someone explain to me how a gyroscope works non-mathematically?
Oct3-12 07:27 AM
3 1,343
As far as I understand, the wires in classical newtonian mechanics are inextensible, unbreakable and so forth. The...
Oct3-12 03:41 AM
7 839
Why does the magnitude of angular momentum remain constant in gyroscopes?
Oct3-12 02:34 AM
1 411
hi, It is a bit confusing, because when I say "wave equation" the connotation it invokes in my mind is if I apply...
Oct2-12 10:49 PM
Simon Bridge
14 1,808
Hi All and sorry if this is too easy a question but here goes.... Sines, Cosines and the rest of the trig functions...
Oct2-12 06:51 PM
3 612
Imagine you are spinning a weight at the end of a string horizontally. As one increases the speed with which the...
Oct2-12 05:20 PM
1 1,092
this model is interesting in that it is frustrated any good reviews? is there any phase transition?
Oct2-12 04:38 PM
0 645
I have a quick question regarding the interrelationship between heat transfer and thermodynamics. Basically, since...
Oct2-12 12:10 PM
Andrew Mason
11 1,699
In a liquid, when we use P=hρg, how do we take the h? I always thought that we take it from the bottom of the liquid...
Oct2-12 09:52 AM
11 985
How can a conducting sphere have no voltage at the surface, and yet have a surface charge when there's a charge...
Oct2-12 03:01 AM
1 484
Good Afternoon, How is it that we are able to get the value of momentum from multiplying mass times the...
Oct2-12 02:32 AM
11 2,535
Coulomb's Law states F = q**2/ r**2 q= statCoulombs In SI units, F = Ke (q**2/r**2) q= Coulombs I read...
Oct2-12 02:26 AM
3 1,414
Hello, I am having issues understanding all the waves, there are a lot of equations involving sine and cosine..and...
Oct1-12 11:17 PM
Simon Bridge
27 1,395
Hi, I was unsure how to describe what I wanted using words alone so I created a GIF to help. ...
Oct1-12 11:10 PM
1 559
PLEASE!!!!!! I need to find a pressure-temperature phase diagram por PURE methanol!!! it's driving me mad...
Oct1-12 04:05 PM
3 1,371
any suggestions?
Oct1-12 10:21 AM
1 676
Hi Say I have a magnetic field point in some well-known direction, and I have linearly polarized light incident in...
Oct1-12 09:45 AM
3 656
I was just curious, sorry if it is already asked, I was going through a book on photonics and came across the...
Oct1-12 09:07 AM
Andy Resnick
2 991
In a lab we conducted in class we graphed angular acceleration vs torque, and found a positive linear correlation-easy...
Oct1-12 03:44 AM
1 1,575
Hi, I have a specific question about the derivation of the relative velocity between two molecules A and B from the...
Sep30-12 09:11 PM
2 1,902
Heat is defined as "the transfer of energy owing to a temperature difference between two bodies". Consider a gas...
Sep30-12 07:44 PM
Simon Bridge
12 2,093
Hi all, As many of you have seen, I am thinking about spaceship trajectories. This next question falls under the...
Sep30-12 06:57 PM
2 818
I came across the following example. I have a mass m' that is suspended from a massless rope which is wound around a...
Sep30-12 01:53 PM
3 758
This is a question for a rather odd purpose. I came across a working LEGO model of a Russian tank and I'm trying to...
Sep30-12 01:37 PM
0 839
On the atomic level, what is entropy? how can I visualise it? Thanks
Sep30-12 01:17 PM
10 2,306
Hi I built with Python a simulation of an ideal gas in 2D, treating the molecules as hard spheres with elastic...
Sep30-12 01:04 PM
4 1,156
I'm trying to explain to someone why I think the net acceleration of the earth (due to the sun) is non-zero. My...
Sep30-12 10:58 AM
18 1,803
Just refreshing on Gauss's Law. For a line of charge, we choose a cylindrical Gaussian surface. But if the E field...
Sep30-12 09:50 AM
6 1,119
Say, we have a solution of pure form of R-alanine. Say, the molecule has it's COOH group directed along positive...
Sep30-12 03:09 AM
2 764
So there's this situation going on: Going from the definition...
Sep29-12 05:01 PM
3 1,639
To increase a DC generator's turning effect, we increase the number of turns of the coil. How does this increase the...
Sep29-12 04:51 PM
Philip Wood
1 1,362
Hi, So I recently worked out a problem in my mechanics class about two people jumping off a frictionless railroad...
Sep29-12 04:20 PM
6 1,673
Hi guys, I have a question when solving 3D Helmholtz equation derived from Maxwell equations. Normally I will get a...
Sep29-12 04:19 PM
6 1,008
I know that simple harmonic motion is a type of periodic motion where the restorative force is directly proportional...
Sep29-12 03:02 PM
1 439
Coulomb's law says that the electrostatic force between two electric charges is given by the formula: Ke*q1*q2/r^2...
Sep29-12 12:31 PM
13 2,497
Hello everyone :) , and sorry for my bad english i need your help about something , i study electrical engineering...
Sep29-12 08:03 AM
0 691

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