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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,866
I have had similar questions posted, but I am not quite sure on this one and it seems that my textbooks have trouble...
Sep22-12 10:22 PM
Simon Bridge
1 611
This is not a homework problem, but an example that was demonstrated that I am confused about. Sorry if it should've...
Sep22-12 06:22 PM
9 2,450
Hello, I am designing a wireless energy transfer system and would like a formula to calculate the distributed...
Sep22-12 03:24 PM
1 653
This is a conceptual problem which I am facing for many days. If we convert a scenario in an inertial frame into a...
Sep22-12 01:21 PM
12 1,095
I am trying to self-study some physics, and have gotten a little stuck in one of Goldstein's derivations. The...
Sep22-12 01:20 PM
3 1,357
Hi. I have one general question and one specific question (which is related by example.) Specific: If I am...
Sep22-12 01:32 AM
21 1,842
I'm reading this pdf: (specifically equations 7.2 and 7.3 in...
Sep21-12 09:45 PM
0 1,162
So if we can one large not moving magnet and a small magnet that is attracted to the large magnet we know that (...
Sep21-12 04:47 PM
11 1,216
hi every one :) i need a small help please ... we have tow frames and tow observers , let suppose there is a...
Sep21-12 01:56 PM
4 1,005
A “blackbody heat shield” is used to reduce radiant heat loss in situations where standard low conductivity insulation...
Sep21-12 09:46 AM
3 1,829
How to derive the Rotational Inertia for a flat plate. I do not see any symmetry about the axis of rotation as in a...
Sep21-12 09:45 AM
4 713
I saw a baseball pitching machine that throws baseballs at 40-70mph with one wheel... All that wheel does is rotate...
Sep21-12 09:39 AM
2 828
dear all, as a newbie in solid mechanics modelling, i always come across these few terms, Cauchy-Green strain...
Sep21-12 08:11 AM
13 6,083
How does the first law of thermodynamics apply to the Compression And expansion of a gas at constant temperature ? ...
Sep21-12 02:35 AM
4 928
hi all, im new at electromagnetics and vector calculus, so facing these trivial problems. The differential form of...
Sep21-12 02:35 AM
16 1,915
the calculation of many quantities involve cross and dot products in their formulae. For cross products, i only...
Sep21-12 12:12 AM
3 924
Hi fellow members! I have a serious confusion for light being an electromagnetic wave? since the we know that...
Sep20-12 06:35 PM
5 1,112
Hi Not a homework question, just a fool tinkering... I have been messing around with the concepts of a stirling...
Sep20-12 01:45 PM
Andrew Mason
3 1,489
I was reading through Lewis Epstein's book "Thinking Physics" the other day, and I came across the problem called...
Sep20-12 09:53 AM
Philip Wood
4 1,299 A box rests on top of a flat...
Sep20-12 08:15 AM
1 4,321
Can someone please explain in a detailed manner about skin effect in electromagnetism, particularly wanted to know why...
Sep20-12 03:10 AM
2 757
C_{V} = \frac{∂U}{∂T} This is the specific heat at constant volume so I assume it can only be used at constant...
Sep19-12 08:09 PM
5 1,484
Reading about solar panels i came across a peculiar description - "When the panel is short circuited, there is current...
Sep19-12 06:08 PM
2 2,010
Hi. Practical situation. If I have 0.25W of constant Joule loss around a small piece of copper electric...
Sep19-12 02:18 PM
3 673
Clever guy that I am, I am writing a small paper on Celestial Mechanics...simplified...really really simplified....
Sep19-12 01:31 PM
12 946
Suppose in a piston in which there is a gas, the gas exerts pressure P on surroundings, whereas the surrounding exerts...
Sep19-12 08:26 AM
24 7,357
Temperature conversion: 273 + degree Celsius = Kelvin Actually why is that 273? How does one come up with this?...
Sep19-12 08:10 AM
Ken G
2 763
I understand the ideal gas law equation and the use of the gamma and it's relationships. But what happens when a...
Sep19-12 08:01 AM
2 738
hello guys, i need your help to clear my concept on total internal reflection ....when incident ray angle is...
Sep19-12 06:37 AM
2 1,034
Hi! I'm trying to calculated the magnetic susceptibility of a solution. I am using this table to know what the...
Sep19-12 05:13 AM
4 1,103
Maxwell equations are 8. we need them to determine electric and magnetic field. the component of magnetic and...
Sep18-12 11:19 PM
23 6,322
Why is the Laplancian's Equation \nabla^2\phi=0 right for the axisymmetric, imcompressible and inviscid flow? I...
Sep18-12 10:14 PM
0 707
In several recent threads the Poynting's theorem was brought up, and the discussion there became a distraction from...
Sep18-12 05:49 PM
59 7,300
Hey guys. I'm trying to gather some tips that people have acquired that helps them write the Lagrangian for a system....
Sep18-12 11:36 AM
4 670
Hi everybody... I've been working a bit with models of chemical oscillators and I've run into something that isn't...
Sep18-12 10:52 AM
1 560
Maybe someone here will have an idea where I can get some information. I am planning on making liquid nitrogen from...
Sep18-12 09:48 AM
4 1,463
According to the eq. U=mgh the gravitational potential energy should keep increasing with height. But it actually...
Sep18-12 07:55 AM
18 2,244
when we tie a stone to a string and spin it,it does not seem to fall.why does it happen?i mean to say that,no matter...
Sep18-12 07:09 AM
5 1,069
I am doing a Laplace's equation in spherical coordinates and have come to a part of the problem that has the...
Sep18-12 06:58 AM
3 880
Edit: I think I figured it out actually. Left must be negative by the way I introduced the x-axis meaning the force...
Sep18-12 04:03 AM
1 617

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