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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,708
so imagine a hyper-classical scenario. A single point elecrron is orbiting a point nucleus. No other charged...
Jun29-12 02:07 AM
23 2,769
Hi all, So I do feel a bit silly with this question, but I've just begun to realize the relation ship between...
Jun28-12 08:02 PM
3 486
Hi Im a bit confused about where to go with this problem - could anyone possibly help please ? I have to...
Jun28-12 06:37 PM
6 1,375
There is a point between earth and moon where the gravitational field strength is zero. What about the same thing...
Jun28-12 04:39 PM
7 3,973
Speed of sound at a specific temperature is independent of Pressure as Pressure varies directly with density. So...
Jun28-12 04:27 PM
Philip Wood
8 4,190
I am trying to calculate coulombic potentials. The equation given in wikipedia is F=k_e\frac{q_{1}q_{2}}{r^2} ...
Jun28-12 03:19 PM
4 919
Dear Forum members I have a question regarding the stratton-chu integral to calculate the farfield radiation...
Jun28-12 11:59 AM
0 450
Hi, I have the following problem, I have an electric field (which no charge) which satisfies the usual Laplace...
Jun28-12 09:14 AM
5 825
how can we prove this relation F= -dv/dx could some one explain what we mean by the force equal to the change it ...
Jun28-12 06:14 AM
3 1,600
Hello, next semester I'm taking first year physics. The course covers: Mechanics and waves, dynamics, momentum,...
Jun28-12 12:13 AM
2 522
Hi, I am currently working on a project for university, The initial idea I had was to use piezoelectric...
Jun28-12 12:11 AM
Andrew Mason
1 825
I understand that if we apply a force on the axis of rotation of a spinning disc, the torque is in a different...
Jun27-12 09:17 PM
7 1,309
I have two somewhat related questions. First, why would we care about the Lagrangian L = T - V (or K - U)? I...
Jun27-12 07:26 PM
15 2,987
Hello, Imagine I have 2 magnets and they are repelling each other. Then I add a piece of iron in between them....
Jun27-12 05:52 PM
1 433
Hi all. I would like to do a finite element simulation of a coil in a time-varying magnetic field, to see how much...
Jun27-12 03:54 PM
3 1,004
Hi I wanted to get Pascal's law \Delta p= \rho g ( \Delta h) out of the context of statistical physics by the use...
Jun27-12 12:15 PM
1 646
We are all familiar with the description of a wave as being the ripples on a pond with water being the displacement...
Jun27-12 10:51 AM
77 9,311
Two questions. I have read that wind chill is a measurement (or calculation, more accurately) that describes how cold...
Jun27-12 01:39 AM
1 501
Let's say I have a sheet of charge that is composed of a certain amount of charged atoms summing up to Q and a certain...
Jun26-12 11:46 PM
1 488
Every book I ever read describes a electromagnetic wave as a phenomena generated by charged particles accelerating....
Jun26-12 08:36 PM
Caio Ferrari
2 806
Dear all, I have a question about the variable substitution in Langevin equation and Fokker-Planck equation and this...
Jun26-12 05:34 PM
Tianwu Zang
1 791
Is there a way to calculate the impulse force F if the time of collision is unknown? The only formula I know to...
Jun26-12 03:39 PM
2 646
Hello all, I need to make a magnetic surface using neodymium disc magnets... the purpose for the surface is to hold...
Jun26-12 12:23 PM
1 831
According to various EM texts (Feynman, Griffiths, ...) Gauss’ law holds only in electrostatic situations. But using...
Jun26-12 12:01 PM
36 3,701
Hi, How do I calculate the amount of energy needed to warm air from 20 °C to 100 °C in a constant volume (1680...
Jun26-12 11:57 AM
2 904
When considering the case of two or more point masses colliding in a 2 dimensional plane, is there any way to...
Jun26-12 09:40 AM
9 1,168
I can find the conversion easy enough, but I want to understand the fundamentals behind it. How do we KNOW that 4.184...
Jun26-12 09:01 AM
Andrew Mason
2 547
This comes from Robert Zurin's the Case for Mars What is a Terrawatt year? Is that 1 terrawatt produced in one...
Jun26-12 03:16 AM
7 781
I'm having trouble understanding where the charging time in a capacitor actually comes from. Is it possible to derive...
Jun25-12 10:55 PM
3 681
A particle hits a rod at one of its end in space. Now will the rod rotate or translate or do both.....What part of...
Jun25-12 09:27 PM
4 685
I apologize that this is rather specific, but hopefully enough people have used Goldstein. I have a basic grasp of...
Jun25-12 09:11 PM
0 602
Hi, I'm going through Goldstein, and I'm a little confused on the distinction between time dependent and time...
Jun25-12 08:40 PM
0 711
hi everyone, in thermodynamics, when we calculate the heat capacity in constant volume, we assume Cv=dQ/dT.. ...
Jun25-12 01:54 PM
5 798
Is it possible to turn 180 degree for a person who is standing on a absolutely frictionless surface? Air friction is...
Jun25-12 09:12 AM
14 1,106
hello guys if the water surface is at same temp as air above, and humidity is 100%, do any wataer molecules leave...
Jun25-12 02:13 AM
1 1,765
So the attachment has my FBD of a bike. What I'm trying to understand is how exactly a bike does a wheelie while...
Jun25-12 02:06 AM
1 742
I am wondering, how does lagrangian of such system look like? Will it be: ...
Jun25-12 02:06 AM
3 829
Say two girls spin a jump rope, of length ∏ meters, so that the only nodes are where the girls hold the rope, ψ=...
Jun25-12 02:00 AM
2 645
I have a pet idiot, you know the type. "Perpetual motion is the future, we dont understand everything!" Well we've...
Jun24-12 09:11 PM
29 2,941
Do electric fields attenuate in space? If so what causes the attenuation?
Jun24-12 07:28 PM
5 1,083

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