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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,848
F=ma eg, a static bag of a 1kg weight has a force on the table of .98N. if it were to fall, would its force hitting...
May1-12 01:11 PM
14 2,397
Good Morning I am new user on Forum and I'm sorry for all mistake. I am living in Poland and My English is on the...
May1-12 12:46 PM
8 751
Hello all, i have a copper bowl and a motor is fixed in it. the motor has a nickle ball fixed on the tip of arm....
May1-12 11:37 AM
0 582
Can the group refractive index ng be 1>ng>0 ?
May1-12 11:03 AM
3 999
Considering very thin capillaries, such as found in wood to transport water (~100Micron), I understand that the two...
May1-12 10:53 AM
5 1,103
I try to compare relative pressure and global pressure. The pressure of water on the cone give the weight of the...
May1-12 10:13 AM
0 609
A square loop carrying a current I creates its own magnetic field. Describe the forces on each side of the square loop...
May1-12 09:00 AM
1 980
Hi guys, I have a few doubts on Rotational Motion and hope someone can help me out. This 3 formula is for finding...
May1-12 05:49 AM
6 1,038
What is needed to calculate expected ripple frequency for crank rotation of 2 rev/s, What formula is needed?
May1-12 05:12 AM
0 825
Hi guys, I have a question regarding heat transfer. When I have a piece of heated metal which is left to cool down in...
May1-12 04:46 AM
1 1,375
How is electric potential manipulated in batteries? Why do some batteries have a rating of 1.5v and others have...
May1-12 04:32 AM
3 1,520
This is probably really sad that I am posting about this. I am doing my Modern Lab on Spectroscopy of Hydrogen and...
May1-12 03:00 AM
5 695
I'm looking over my notes here, we have a rolling disk down an incline plane and my goal is to find its acceleration...
May1-12 02:28 AM
3 1,244
I've gotten the impression that the most general case for monochromatic light is elliptically polarized light. But...
May1-12 12:57 AM
5 1,760
Hi, I'd like to use a millivoltmeter to research voltages induced from a basic ceramic magnet brushing by a conductor....
Apr30-12 09:01 PM
Bob S
5 1,093
Can a tunable dye laser be used as a pump for an ND-YAG laser? If so, which is most efficient - in terms of secondary...
Apr30-12 07:21 PM
0 717
If a straight length of wire moves in a suitable direction through the magnetic field of a magnet, there will be a...
Apr30-12 04:48 PM
MS La Moreaux
7 1,163
Hi All, I've done a quick google, and I can't find anything obvious (first 3 pages) about the formation of magnetic...
Apr30-12 02:33 PM
1 633
Can anybody please tell me how pulleys and levers multiply forces without using ideas such as input power(or work)=...
Apr30-12 02:25 PM
16 4,040
How do we measure the amout of charge body has. Can you tell me some instruments and how do they work. Well i know...
Apr30-12 01:53 PM
4 1,898
Why the speed of water in the middle of the smooth flowing stream is high than its speed on the sides? Is it due...
Apr30-12 10:59 AM
4 795
The no-slip boundary value constraint for Navier-Stokes solutions was explained in my fluid dynamics class as a...
Apr30-12 09:33 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,044
Hi all. I am learning physics and I have the following problem. Suppose there is a ball of mass m traveling with...
Apr30-12 05:49 AM
20 2,468
The following discussion emerged under the topic "at rest" in Einsteinian relativity, and while out of place there it...
Apr30-12 04:28 AM
Ken G
107 7,812
If you are holding an object off the ground and let it go, we say that it's potential energy is transformed into...
Apr30-12 03:05 AM
2 876
Hi all, I went to an engineering school 40 years ago but never finished, so I kind of know that this is easily...
Apr30-12 12:24 AM
4 725
Hello. I need help with some thermo basics. I can't understand the concept of constant volume...
Apr29-12 11:44 PM
Andrew Mason
8 1,540
hey guys i have a question. i solved the problem but i dont understand how to do it. Two perpendicular straight...
Apr29-12 02:56 PM
1 1,212
Molecules in an ideal gas contained in a vessel are striking the vessels wall. I am trying to find the total kinetic...
Apr29-12 11:24 AM
1 1,373
Compound pulley: angular velocity is the same, linear velocity is different. Pulleys in contact: angular velocity...
Apr29-12 09:40 AM
0 683
How does circular motion in a cone without gravity work? If I have an object and I let it circle through the inside...
Apr29-12 09:29 AM
2 1,405
I do not know the exact electrochemical reactions which make a battery work, but I understand that the essential...
Apr29-12 08:30 AM
16 3,282
I've read that permittivity is resistance offered to flow of field lines,But vacuum does not have anything in it to...
Apr29-12 08:27 AM
22 3,213
Ok , so I was wondering if you could legally build a cyclotron accelerator , I am fourteen years old , so if there...
Apr29-12 06:53 AM
Vanadium 50
6 1,102
I would like to know if pressure is different in water due to the difference of gravity (like 1/dČ) ? If yes, why a...
Apr29-12 06:32 AM
16 1,328
Hallo everyone. I had a equation about energy in a form of "rotational kinetic energy". Imagine this situation...
Apr29-12 06:27 AM
15 1,525
right now, I'm following the MIT thermodynamics video lecture. I've gone thru dU = dw + dq (d for "is path...
Apr29-12 03:52 AM
1 4,140
So given any vector field V(x, y, z) in three dimensional space, is it possible to create an electric field that is...
Apr29-12 03:05 AM
1 822
By definition total energy of a system= (internal energy U) + K.E + P.E and mechanical energy of a system= (flow...
Apr29-12 01:14 AM
0 510
Hi, I'm looking for the derivation of (BH)max of a permanent magnet, (BH)max= {Uo*(Ms)^2} /4 Uo =...
Apr29-12 12:37 AM
0 1,119

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