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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,018
1. what is the importance (practical use) of moment diagram by parts? 2. Is it just another method of drawing the...
Apr17-12 09:59 PM
0 1,011
I am a bit confused by the definition of an isentropic process in the flow of an ideal gas. isentropic implies...
Apr17-12 05:37 PM
4 1,630
How do I show that our equations for the E- and B-fields for the oscillating electric dipole do NOT satisfy Maxwell’s...
Apr17-12 03:57 PM
5 1,556
So there is a daredevil named "Professor Splash" who is known for diving (belly flopping) from over 30 feet into a...
Apr17-12 03:01 PM
7 2,045
Suppose a closed loop with constant current around the loop. The loop is in a uniform constant B field. The force is ...
Apr17-12 02:41 PM
8 861
an average one,not big or poney...
Apr17-12 12:26 PM
8 1,139
This problem is actually a simplification of something seen in a data visualization tool. I think it is interesting...
Apr17-12 10:21 AM
5 689
why newton had taken force as change in momentum per time? i mean i need to get physical interpretation?what is this...
Apr17-12 09:47 AM
1 794
Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and I am here for one topic that I need some explanation on. I am an AH-64D...
Apr17-12 07:38 AM
3 3,467
Hello forum, I have been trying to understand how a cylindrical lens (plano cylindrical) forms images. The images...
Apr17-12 07:24 AM
0 1,176
Hey fellows :) How do you do these lovely days? I'm at the end of twelfth grade righy now and I have to finish a...
Apr17-12 12:04 AM
0 903
Or is the equation only for a steady state sytem?
Apr16-12 10:30 PM
0 737
As the tittle, can varying magnetic field ( well EM) cause eddy current in non magnetic conductors like aluminum? If...
Apr16-12 09:52 PM
17 2,932
I have read that every body possesses some energy of vibration due to the thermodynamic character and it is equal to...
Apr16-12 09:04 PM
Ken G
3 955
Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to do an integral of a speed/velocity function v(x) described as a function...
Apr16-12 05:32 PM
Paul Czerner
4 2,100
We say that "heat is developed" in resistors when electric current flows through them..But we define heat as the...
Apr16-12 01:56 PM
Philip Wood
6 969
Simple problem I've been thinking about, How much energy can you store in a wheel of uniform mass density? ...
Apr16-12 01:48 PM
18 1,503
Can static pressure be induced to becoming dynamic pressure through the use of "right-angle forces" with respect to...
Apr16-12 12:24 PM
11 2,075
I've sometimes seen this argument being used: The amount of vectors with a given velocity is propotional to the...
Apr16-12 12:20 PM
Philip Wood
3 688
Using heat transfer equation to find out heat transfer rate but reached a puzzling result, where did I do wrong? ...
Apr16-12 11:35 AM
Bob S
1 1,062
I am doing a senior design project regarding water hydration and did some tests to get a general evaporation rate. I...
Apr16-12 09:21 AM
2 1,065
Hello all! I was researching about magnetism to investigate the processes which occur when a magnetic object is stuck...
Apr16-12 05:39 AM
Philip Wood
1 654
This may be an obvious question but I have no idea: How can anyone link current-carrying wires (solenoids) and its...
Apr16-12 05:03 AM
5 749
A smooth spherical particle with mass 2.5 kg collides with a second smooth spherical particle of mass 6kg. Before the...
Apr16-12 04:09 AM
1 966
From my current understanding, a cathode is an electrode which has conventional current flowing OUT of it (or...
Apr16-12 03:36 AM
2 812
My question is quite a simple one, but one that is confusing me quite a bit. I was think why a ship needs an anchor?...
Apr16-12 03:28 AM
4 1,201
I'm currently learning thermodynamics from Schroeder's "An Intoduction to Thermal Physics". He explains that in an...
Apr16-12 03:04 AM
0 669
I understand that there are many different kinds of electrostatic precipiators but I'm referring to the type where a...
Apr15-12 10:03 PM
3 956
Since the Euler-Lagrange equation is homogeneous, the equation of motion of a system of particles or a field is...
Apr15-12 09:52 PM
2 729
Lets say, we have a cathode that emits electrons into the space under field emission and create a space charge in...
Apr15-12 08:11 PM
0 752
Hi, Qualitatively: I am trying to decipher a method I've found in the literature, namely Whitham's method. It is a...
Apr15-12 06:33 PM
0 964
While taking an AP physics practice exam, I encountered a difference in the way I solve a differential equation and...
Apr15-12 04:26 PM
3 541
Consider a solid body at some constant temperature. Heat is transported by conduction and radiation. The radiative...
Apr15-12 04:19 PM
2 846
The Green's functions for a 3d wave are like δ(r - ct)/r -- so if you have static source at the origin that is turned...
Apr15-12 01:35 PM
3 1,687
After looking into the lift force i hve been able to calculate most of the things i know. I have however been told...
Apr15-12 12:34 PM
2 1,387
The definition of temperature is: 1/T = ∂S/∂U but mathematically this is a bit weird. Because S = klnW, where W...
Apr15-12 11:31 AM
Ken G
8 1,468
So, that is the question: Under what conditions does L=Iw hold? Where L,I,w are all scalars. Some specifics perhaps:...
Apr15-12 11:29 AM
Bob S
4 2,045
Hello there, I was not sure if this belonged in the Classical Physics forum or the General Physics forum, so my...
Apr15-12 11:11 AM
Ken G
2 1,024
Hi all, this is my first post on Physics forums so I apologise in advance if I have posted in the wrong section etc....
Apr15-12 07:53 AM
2 1,162
Hi Can any one direct me to the correct Thermo formula to solve the following problem. What is the time for water to...
Apr15-12 07:32 AM
5 716

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