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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,724
I heard somewhere that friction on an inclined plane is independent of the mass of the object. However on youtube, it...
Mar2-12 12:56 AM
2 734
Would a big ball weighing 100kg with a diameter of 1 meter float in water? I guess my question is, no matter how...
Mar1-12 06:07 PM
4 840
I have a problem with the determination of the correct focal curve of an achromatic double. I'm considering here a...
Mar1-12 05:13 PM
Andy Resnick
6 1,392
The question really explains the primary question but I have another quick one as well. How come sound isn't...
Mar1-12 03:10 PM
1 928
Hey all, I'm a complete layman at all things magnetic, and lately I've been trying to understand how the earth's...
Mar1-12 03:04 PM
0 1,102
Hi I have a question on AOMs used in a double pass configuration. I understand the motivation for such a setup, but...
Mar1-12 02:30 PM
2 710
Hi, I am interested in trying to better understand the nature of fields in terms of a possibly somewhat contrived...
Mar1-12 09:50 AM
5 1,649
In all the electric motors I have taken apart, the coils on the armature have never been insulated. This has always...
Mar1-12 07:35 AM
Delta Kilo
12 1,222
When I throw a ball up in the air, my acceleration will still be -10m/s^2 right? Just that my original upwards force...
Mar1-12 06:29 AM
Michael C
2 954
In a try to test my knowledge of Newton's laws, I have posed the following question to myself. My attempt: ...
Mar1-12 05:26 AM
2 635
\frac{x-x}{x-x}=\frac{\sum s^{K}-1}{\sum s^K} ...
Mar1-12 05:23 AM
2 872
This is not a homework problem, but a math question of curiosity. At 57 I am way past courses and homework. If a...
Mar1-12 03:45 AM
2 1,280
Determine the speed of the elevator if each motor draws in the cable with a constant speed of 5 m>s. Here is a...
Feb29-12 06:15 PM
Ken G
4 2,343
I've been playing around with projected capacitive touchscreens - specifically, the iPhone's. I've attached a white...
Feb29-12 04:34 PM
2 1,098
Hi Much of what I am going to write in this post is based on what I have read and understood (with very, very...
Feb29-12 12:46 PM
9 1,117
i wonder how we can describe the degree of diffraction of waves in a single slit in a mathematical formula , with the...
Feb29-12 12:43 PM
2 1,189
Is it true that Ampere's Law with Maxwell's correction is equivelant to Biot-Savart Law? Under what assumptions?
Feb29-12 12:24 PM
Question Man
2 1,882
Is it true that in the case that light undergoes "total internal reflection" at a boundary, the transmittance T is 0,...
Feb29-12 12:19 PM
Question Man
0 843
I am working on an engineering project in which I am mounting an electromagnet onto a small RC robot. The link for the...
Feb29-12 10:56 AM
1 1,608
I found something interesting in the law of conservation of mechanical energy related with rotational kinetic energy....
Feb29-12 10:31 AM
7 1,539
A Galilean transformation consists of a rotation (in space), a boost (in space) and a translation (in space and time)....
Feb29-12 10:00 AM
1 973
For fluid with viscosity \mu our stress strain relationship takes the form \sigma_{ij} = -p \delta_{ij} + 2 \mu...
Feb29-12 09:28 AM
2 2,095
IS gibbs free energy a useful idea to determine if a reaction will proceed or not? Even if gibbs free energy is...
Feb29-12 08:49 AM
0 687
(I'm not sure if this would be a 'school-type' question... it's definitively not for any kind of homework, so I'm...
Feb29-12 07:36 AM
0 745
I dont really understand the concept of what makes work positive or negative for example if 3 charges are brought...
Feb29-12 05:20 AM
1 957
I want to build a plywood fish tank 16' long x 4' wide x 3.5' high. I need to know how to calculate the lateral force...
Feb29-12 04:25 AM
17 5,973
Hi, There are probably hundreds of books explaining (mathematically!!) how a directional coupler works....
Feb29-12 03:16 AM
0 890
Hey guys, I was hoping somebody might help me; I'm really confused. I obtained the formula for distance, which is...
Feb28-12 10:06 PM
2 804
Hi all, I hope that I'm posting in the right section of the forum. If not, I kindly request a moderator to move the...
Feb28-12 06:39 PM
0 833
This likely represents a physical impossibility or contradiction, but I'd like to know that or, if not, understand...
Feb28-12 06:30 PM
6 956
I have a question about the ideal equilibrium MHD equation: \vec{J} \times \vec{B} = \nabla p where \vec{J}...
Feb28-12 05:17 PM
0 1,117
I know this is more of a chemistry question but it's come to this I'm afraid. When calculating entropy changes in...
Feb28-12 03:28 PM
0 1,295
Hello, I am trying to measure a couple of things related to thermal data. Is there a way to measure a transient...
Feb28-12 02:06 PM
0 945
Hi - am looking for some data points on how much suction is required to lift an object at different weights and...
Feb28-12 11:30 AM
1 746
I have a system that looks like this: The top part is a piston, whereas the bottom...
Feb28-12 08:58 AM
0 713
As I was sitting at work the other day productively watching an aeroplane fly across the window I started to think of...
Feb28-12 07:49 AM
5 677
I attached a file that shows the free EM action integral and how it can be rewritten. I would like to know how to go...
Feb28-12 05:46 AM
1 1,073
Hi Guys, Is there an easy way to determine this? Say I have a 300mm Dia Pipe that @ 200deg C, ambient temp 30gec...
Feb28-12 05:20 AM
6 1,128
I'm a little bothered with the inconsistency in notation of electric potential (V) and potential difference (ΔV)...
Feb28-12 03:09 AM
Philip Wood
2 1,242
Few years ago, we have known about the phenomenon that Coca cola is overflow severely when a piece of Menthos candy is...
Feb28-12 03:02 AM
3 978

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