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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,208
The question is to calculate: q, w, ∆U, ∆H, ∆S for each step(A to B, B to C, C to A) I know how to calculate the...
Apr22-12 07:19 AM
2 1,308
What happens when we send in a vacuum pulsed electron beam with a frequency 1e9Hz and power 1e6MeV? Thanks.
Apr22-12 06:12 AM
3 727
Is cycle the same as wavelength? Thanks!
Apr22-12 03:48 AM
1 1,495
Alright guys, just looking for a point in the right direction for a tutorial question. GIVEN VALUES: Temperature...
Apr22-12 03:06 AM
2 1,719
Hello, In electrostatics, classical mechanics predicts that a charged particle's action-at-a-distance force...
Apr21-12 11:14 PM
5 977
I am really not all that intelligent and fairly new to the whole mathematical equation solving thing. So please bare...
Apr21-12 06:34 PM
4 881
In one of my homework problems (This ISNT a homework help question! It is conceptual) It says to find the "effective"...
Apr21-12 04:13 PM
Vanadium 50
5 2,618
I was curious, why is energy conserved in elastic collision but not in perfectly inelastic collision? It said this in...
Apr21-12 02:54 PM
5 1,258
If an axle is being pulled with a tractive effort E, can this be resolved into a couple and forwards force E at the...
Apr21-12 02:04 PM
2 1,050
Anyone can explain why there is axial stress in cylindrical thin walled vessels? I know that there is circumferential...
Apr21-12 09:52 AM
0 740
I'm having trouble trying to understand what a volt is, and I thought this question might be able to help me...
Apr21-12 09:37 AM
4 1,943
Is there any mathematical relation between the value of charge(ie proton/electron) and radiation which is being...
Apr20-12 09:35 PM
Bob S
6 1,163
Earth ground believed to be good electrical yet poor thermal conductor. Is it possible to use in some thermoelectric...
Apr20-12 02:31 PM
0 748
can anyone help me in figuring out why i got different answers in my calculated value to my experiment value (or maybe...
Apr20-12 11:34 AM
3 856
A wire of radius one meter is centered on the origin in the xy plane. This wire carries a total charge of +Q. Another...
Apr20-12 09:14 AM
0 857
Is paint a conductor of electricity? Since we charge the paint and let it move to the metal body of a grounded car so...
Apr20-12 04:08 AM
2 2,499
Perrin got his nobel prize because of his experiment on brownian motion, which is thought to have proven the existence...
Apr19-12 11:36 PM
7 3,295
I'm a compsci guy reading Feynmann's lectures leisurely. I find the retarded-field equations somewhat shocking due to...
Apr19-12 05:14 PM
0 721
Hi, I need to compute the inverse of the moment of inertia (MOI) tensor of a bunch of point particles in a simulation...
Apr19-12 05:11 PM
8 1,895
When picturing electric fields, they are always based on a positive test charge. As you move on to potential...
Apr19-12 04:15 PM
3 1,331
I had a thought that I hope you could give me feedback on: Imagine a complex configuration that had a steady...
Apr19-12 07:28 AM
1 699
This is how Wikipedia summarizes the Poincaré Recurrence Theorem: This is wrong, isn't it? Don't you need to...
Apr18-12 10:52 PM
1 1,076
Hello everyone, How are you doing? I have a doubt about electromagnetic induction, in three particular cases. I...
Apr18-12 07:11 PM
5 1,511
If there is already a post/thread for this topic, i apologize, and please link me to it, if you'd be so kind. I...
Apr18-12 06:51 PM
16 2,976
For a given pinhole size in a camera, and camera size, what would be the optimal pixel size to get the maximum...
Apr18-12 06:06 PM
2 1,183
I would like to know if the transmission delay of pressure give a differential force on an object ? Example: an object...
Apr18-12 11:48 AM
4 991
Hi I want to make sure my intuition is correct about the buoyant force. What I am confused by if we take a cube or...
Apr18-12 05:25 AM
4 776
Right now I have Schroeder, and I'm not a fan of it, despite some of the rave reviews I have read. I'm thinking I need...
Apr18-12 04:52 AM
4 1,307
With a standard bolt and nut. Create 2 areas, red and green, red surface = green surface. Green surface is closer to...
Apr18-12 04:49 AM
5 1,141
Hi guys, I have been self-studying physics since sometime Its been going great,but I was reading yesterday on...
Apr18-12 04:49 AM
2 1,061
Hi all, I'm a total NEWB to this forum, so Hi! I need help deciding which laser to go with, and choosing optics...
Apr18-12 02:12 AM
0 1,287
Hi everybody I have been trying to develop an intuitive general understanding of how the trajectory of an object ,...
Apr18-12 01:36 AM
1 780
i see G is calculated with g,or assumed to be the same,just other value,for all planets,stars,etc,variable being just...
Apr18-12 01:13 AM
Vanadium 50
13 1,353
I know Dirac had said yes to existence of microscopic monopole by quantum theory, so why not the macroscopic monopole?
Apr17-12 11:43 PM
2 976
1. what is the importance (practical use) of moment diagram by parts? 2. Is it just another method of drawing the...
Apr17-12 09:59 PM
0 1,033
I am a bit confused by the definition of an isentropic process in the flow of an ideal gas. isentropic implies...
Apr17-12 05:37 PM
4 1,722
How do I show that our equations for the E- and B-fields for the oscillating electric dipole do NOT satisfy Maxwell’s...
Apr17-12 03:57 PM
5 1,635
So there is a daredevil named "Professor Splash" who is known for diving (belly flopping) from over 30 feet into a...
Apr17-12 03:01 PM
7 2,117
Suppose a closed loop with constant current around the loop. The loop is in a uniform constant B field. The force is ...
Apr17-12 02:41 PM
8 896
an average one,not big or poney...
Apr17-12 12:26 PM
8 1,179

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