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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,811
I have noticed something quite peculiar. If you have equal numbers of e+ and e- charge, there will be more "force...
Feb16-12 12:35 AM
5 1,853
Hello Forum, can anyone explain why a camera, a lens, automatically creates perspective in an image? Is it...
Feb15-12 08:48 PM
5 972
Ok first off I am sorry because this probably isn't in the right section but didn't know where to put it. I have to...
Feb15-12 06:38 PM
3 759
If in some thermodynamics system preasure P and temperature T are constant then Gibbs potential has minimum. ...
Feb15-12 06:29 PM
11 2,026
How would I calculate the centripetal acceleration of a car at any (every) point on an elliptical path? Assume...
Feb15-12 06:00 PM
19 3,065
I'm kinda confused with Newton's Third Law. Let me present my problem. Say I kicked the floor with 50N, the...
Feb15-12 10:22 AM
Ken G
7 1,338
hi guys, I want to understand zernike polynomials for some wavefront analysis. I tried some literature but still I...
Feb15-12 03:18 AM
0 676
Hey all, I am using the Joukowski transform to calculate the electrostatic potential and streamlines around an...
Feb15-12 02:31 AM
8 1,957
I've been looking around quite a bit, and can't find what I want: 1. Show two pulses colliding and superposing 2....
Feb14-12 10:33 PM
1 940
I read this topic in many books but i really cant figure out what really the difference is!!! Please someone help...
Feb14-12 10:31 PM
47 19,790
I have posted on this site before asking how to build a cyclotron and have been met with the same response over and...
Feb14-12 06:49 PM
16 2,994
This is going to be quite hard to phrase but here goes. Is there a formula/equation to find the acceleration of two...
Feb14-12 05:42 PM
4 1,584
Does the H field INSIDE a bar magnet have the same direction as the B field? Does it go from south to north pole?
Feb14-12 05:42 PM
0 1,348
I'm wondering how the use of spherical shaped detectors causes pincushion distortion. I can understand the shape of...
Feb14-12 04:32 PM
Andy Resnick
1 833
Lets say I am standing in the middle of a charged ring. And I am standing on a turn table. Now I start to rotate in...
Feb14-12 04:09 PM
10 1,349
Textbooks all say that the center of gravity of an object is the point at which all it's gravitaional effects appear...
Feb14-12 02:06 PM
2 1,117
When people do Legendre transforms they suppose that U=U(S,V). But you can see in some books that heat is defined by:...
Feb14-12 02:05 PM
2 922
I have trouble understanding how the following experiment tests Ohm's Law. Imagine a simple DC circuit with a 6V...
Feb14-12 11:22 AM
7 2,112
I placed this in quantum department but since no comments came either it belongs here or is too trivial. Please...
Feb14-12 11:11 AM
13 1,715
Recently I began to think somehin which has led to a lot more questions. If traveling on a straight line and I were...
Feb14-12 10:51 AM
6 1,419
Suppose we have two metal plates, one with a charge density of 3 C/m^2, the other -3C/m^2 We are told that the...
Feb14-12 10:33 AM
2 1,094
What happens when you try to create a ring shaped magnet with a circular magnetisation. e.g. you take an unmagnetised...
Feb14-12 10:32 AM
1 723
If we assume the axiom that all motion is ultimately curved, however small the curvature, it would appear that for...
Feb14-12 10:26 AM
0 1,014
In my class rate of effusion was told to be directly proportional to the mean speed of gas molecules which is...
Feb14-12 03:50 AM
1 1,932
I really need help with this question. The ‘Tower of Terror’ is a 400 m track that stretches for 300 m horizontally...
Feb14-12 02:59 AM
0 929
Hello, I have 3 questions please 1. Why does Alcohol evaporate easier then Water? 2. Why do liquids with a...
Feb14-12 02:58 AM
7 3,052
A friend of mine and I were discussing particle states during exam revision and the refraction of light came up. His...
Feb14-12 02:29 AM
15 3,294
Hi. The grating equation says n x λ = d sinθ. Where d = 1/N (the nymber of slits per unit length.) Using the...
Feb14-12 01:01 AM
1 1,498
Hi As a school project, I want to construct a Stirling engine (particularly this kind :...
Feb13-12 10:13 PM
4 1,118
Is this even possible? Since light is an electromagnetic wave, creating an alternating current will create...
Feb13-12 09:14 PM
3 912
The entropy of a classical system of N particles is normally (see e.g. Huang p.131) defined as the k_b times the...
Feb13-12 07:28 PM
0 1,171
A sphere has charge density \rho=k\cdot r. Using the integral form of Gauss's Law, one easily finds that the electric...
Feb13-12 05:27 PM
2 1,370
Does anybody know where I could find a list of 3-D mechanics of a projectile? I would greatly appreciate it :). Thank...
Feb13-12 05:18 PM
2 968
Hello, Inside a theoretical perfectly isolated system, momentum and energy are conserved. But is it possible to...
Feb13-12 04:43 PM
5 1,341
I have an electric compressor with a delivery rate of 17 SCFM. I would like to calculate the volume of the air tanks...
Feb13-12 11:03 AM
0 1,640
hi i want a book or a review article about classical non-markovian dynamics is there such a book or review article?...
Feb13-12 10:55 AM
0 730
Hi, when i am doing an experiment that uses two polarizers (Cross) to achieve complete annihilation of light, ...
Feb13-12 09:56 AM
4 828
Another stupid thing I've come across and thought; what? Mainly down to not having many example questions to look...
Feb13-12 06:54 AM
9 2,120
I'm on pg 56 of Thorton's Classical Dynamics book and I see this: Imgur Link Two questions: 1) Where does the 2 go...
Feb13-12 02:01 AM
3 1,050
Why does the air flow faster over the wing? In my fluid mechanics course we used streamlines and a half body to show...
Feb12-12 10:16 PM
Stan Butchart
105 17,261

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