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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,722
Hi, when i am doing an experiment that uses two polarizers (Cross) to achieve complete annihilation of light, ...
Feb13-12 09:56 AM
4 822
Another stupid thing I've come across and thought; what? Mainly down to not having many example questions to look...
Feb13-12 06:54 AM
9 2,110
I'm on pg 56 of Thorton's Classical Dynamics book and I see this: Imgur Link Two questions: 1) Where does the 2 go...
Feb13-12 02:01 AM
3 1,044
Why does the air flow faster over the wing? In my fluid mechanics course we used streamlines and a half body to show...
Feb12-12 10:16 PM
Stan Butchart
105 17,211
For an E&M wave normal incident on an interface, the electric field is given by refraction: E'/E0=2n/(n'+n)...
Feb12-12 09:03 PM
0 1,134
Hi, Our sensation of weight is given by gravity together with normal forces. It is said that in a swing you'll feel...
Feb12-12 05:41 PM
3 1,141
Hi everybody,I want to know the formula of the coil force to the plunger that related between F,length of...
Feb12-12 02:16 PM
0 871
I do not really understand the reason why Carnot ideal engine needs 4 cycles: isothermal expansion, adiabatic...
Feb12-12 01:41 PM
Andrew Mason
7 1,516
When dealing with electrodynamics it is usual to use complex variables for the electromagnetic field while taking into...
Feb12-12 03:55 AM
Jano L.
2 1,279
One day I just put on my polarized sunglasses, and on the road, I looked at cumulonimbus cloud probably in the...
Feb12-12 03:21 AM
1 942
This is my first post and I'm still a wee physics newbie, though I've learned much from these great forums in the...
Feb12-12 12:36 AM
2 1,787
I would like to determine the equation describing the trajectory of an object using data from 2 distance sensors. I...
Feb12-12 12:36 AM
5 1,080
Hi, I am trying to understand the reflectivity from metal surfaces, but I'm stuck... I am finding contradicting...
Feb11-12 09:31 PM
16 3,265
says that the pressure is distributed evenly around a fluid. What I'm having a hard time understanding is the...
Feb11-12 07:49 PM
30 2,534
I have (conceptual) questions about this question posted before: ...
Feb11-12 02:16 PM
1 1,218
I am trying to find a material that appears to be a solid color, but when something is pressed up against it, it is...
Feb11-12 02:13 PM
0 1,332
Hi everyone ! This is my first post! How can we prove that during the reflection of an electromagnetic wave on the...
Feb11-12 11:56 AM
5 1,153
Are principal strains necessarily tensile/compressive or can they be shear strains also? And are the principal strain...
Feb11-12 11:28 AM
3 768
Hi When solving Biot-Savarts law for a current loop of radius R, the magnetic field on the axis of the loop is...
Feb11-12 10:09 AM
1 924
Hi all, got a bit of an experimental/theoretical confusion here. A group of us are doing an investigation into...
Feb11-12 09:23 AM
6 1,789
wrong place sorry
Feb11-12 07:12 AM
0 926
Hi, This is my first post in here. Do you know of any example of a Hamiltonian which is quadratic (x^2, xy type...
Feb11-12 02:39 AM
0 773
So I've been reading Hehl's Foundations of Classical Electrodynamics - which builds up Electrodynamics from a six of...
Feb10-12 08:39 PM
0 889
Hi Forum..I have an interesting physics problem I have been working on. I have come up with an answer but I hope...
Feb10-12 02:41 PM
0 1,014
Hi Say I am looking at an AOM working in the Bragg regime (i.e., only a single diffracted beam). It is easy to show...
Feb10-12 01:05 PM
3 920
Lets suppose that we setup two instances involving two masses m1 and m2. m1 > m2 Case 1. The two bodies are...
Feb10-12 12:33 PM
3 920
EDIT: Ooops, the title says sphere, but it is a cylinder. I cannot edit the title.... sorry... I saw this problem...
Feb10-12 12:23 PM
4 1,094
I'm afraid I need some help on this one. We are studying rotational dynamics and I read in my textbook, the...
Feb10-12 11:08 AM
Philip Wood
92 21,626
The initial presentation of Newton’s Laws of Motion (NLM) to students often proceeds as follow: 1. The 3 laws are...
Feb10-12 09:35 AM
40 3,738
If a human were to wear a jetpack and could fly at the speed of sound, what would he feel? Would he feel the sound...
Feb10-12 08:21 AM
31 2,967
Hi all, I'm currently trying to model at what points does beam bending become more membrane like under a force from...
Feb10-12 06:26 AM
0 1,182
I'm trying to understand a problem someone gave me recently. there is a frictionless track that initially starts flat...
Feb10-12 05:23 AM
1 648
Does there exist a device to convert a unidirectional linear motion into a rotational motion? I have only been able to...
Feb9-12 10:43 PM
16 7,042
Hey, About Newton's Second Law. To compute our weight on Earth using standard g, we use F=ma replacing F and a with...
Feb9-12 10:26 PM
13 2,212
Hello Forum, I understand the difference between LEDs and lasers: both operate at optical frequencies, but the LEd...
Feb9-12 06:32 PM
4 803
i am not a student i am 52 years old , and i am production engineering i like to solve some mechanics problems when...
Feb9-12 05:02 PM
1 1,052 An amusing NASA...
Feb9-12 04:53 PM
0 802
I was hoping someone could help me with a project I am doing. I have contacted a manufacturing company thatmakes...
Feb9-12 04:44 PM
2 1,127
For conventional current, they say that it moves from high potential to low potential. What does this mean? pd at a...
Feb9-12 05:27 AM
2 1,066
I am trying to find a succinct definition of normal coordinates and normal modes - relating to numerous coupled...
Feb9-12 04:53 AM
0 1,458

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