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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,707
I just realized that given a hamiltonian H, the set generated by its canonical transformations under composition just...
Mar28-12 05:13 AM
0 642
I have a discussion about shielding of noise generated by appliance and florescent lights. I know both Al and Cu are...
Mar27-12 10:57 PM
7 4,469
Dear Forum, let's consider a certain load. The load has its own internal structure (resistors, capacitors, etc...)....
Mar27-12 10:25 PM
4 1,445
If two masses, m and 2m, are separated by a distance r, what is the potential energy of mass m? What is the potential...
Mar27-12 07:15 PM
8 1,281
A billiard ball is cued by striking it horizontally at a distance d=10mm above the center of the ball. The ball has...
Mar27-12 05:47 PM
2 954
Suppose we have an electron orbiting a nucleus,in an anti-clockwise direction, in a magnetic field, with field lines...
Mar27-12 02:29 PM
Bob S
10 2,127
What occurs if a higher velocity, denser plasma plowed through a less dense plasma traveling at a lower, but parallel...
Mar27-12 01:43 PM
7 1,561
Can somebody explain how night vision and/or a black light work? I know it does something where it enhances dark...
Mar27-12 01:20 PM
2 1,208
Why do gyrascopes or things moving in a stright line not fall over. Probably a simple answer but i cannot work it out.
Mar27-12 12:52 PM
Bob S
6 1,011
Is conservation of momentum a fundamental thing? For example :- conservation of energy is basic, its fundamental, it...
Mar27-12 11:09 AM
1 849
How ultracapacitor stores energy if electrones on one side and holes on other side are counterbalanced by ions of an...
Mar27-12 10:37 AM
0 763
i prepared a setup wherein i heat a nichrome wire with 3 volts battery, measure its power, the temperature of the...
Mar27-12 08:28 AM
0 1,332
Faraday's Law of Induction: EMF=-\frac{\partial \Phi}{\partial t} If two identical coil with same turns of wire...
Mar27-12 04:42 AM
11 1,511
So I am doing a second year thermodynamics course and would like to know. Do we just have to remember (5/2)PV for a...
Mar27-12 01:03 AM
3 1,359
Suppose you have 3 balls, all of equal mass, M. They are connected to each other by equal-length (each length L)...
Mar26-12 11:23 PM
10 1,343
Im trying to understand the physics of the precession of a spinning top. What determines the tilt angle (the angle...
Mar26-12 10:26 PM
4 882
I'm trying to derive an expression for the normal forces on a cars tyres travelling around a circular banked track....
Mar26-12 07:19 PM
13 1,585
Hi, This is partly inspired by the questions in the thread about normal forces on a cornering car but I thought I'd...
Mar26-12 07:14 PM
McLaren Rulez
14 2,300
Hi all let suppose a charge is in oscillating (e.g antenna),it broadcast wave,and also suppose an observer...
Mar26-12 04:29 PM
4 1,227
I'm reading about the transport theorem in my vector calculus book. They state the following at the beginning of the...
Mar26-12 04:10 PM
0 678
Does anyone think that it's possible to have a perpetual motion machine electricity generation of a combo of a light...
Mar26-12 04:03 PM
6 1,428
I need to know what the drag force is on a rubber bung travelling through water at 0.22 metres per second squared. I...
Mar26-12 02:10 PM
0 1,125
In regards to turbulence?
Mar26-12 12:52 PM
0 1,070
How we get that \int\frac{dQ}{T}\leq S(B)-S(A) if we know Clausius inequlity \int\frac{dQ}{T}\leq 0 in...
Mar26-12 10:46 AM
0 699
the question im stumped on is "What is the lift force on the roof of your car that has an aera of 3.9m^2 if you are...
Mar26-12 06:41 AM
3 1,013
A friend of mine who knows I believe in God but also put faith in science that has been proven ordered me this t-shirt...
Mar26-12 05:34 AM
12 1,762
Hello, I'm new here! I've been trying to work out Thermal Velocity for a while and its got me stumped. First...
Mar26-12 04:57 AM
0 965
I'm currently learning about different types of compressional work. The book I'm using covers mostly just isothermal...
Mar26-12 02:39 AM
2 1,550
I understand that resisters slow current down. I have not read yet why anyone would want to do that. I'm guessing...
Mar25-12 09:58 PM
jim hardy
6 1,049
When I calculate efficiency of a transformer, I use output power/imput power x100%. Then what are these power values?...
Mar25-12 08:26 PM
3 1,296
We've been discussing the principle of Conservation of Momentum lately in class and I've been wondering, the principle...
Mar25-12 06:15 PM
McLaren Rulez
1 836
Hi I have some doubts regarding the construction of a home-made single stage coilgun, i'm using a plastic tube(the...
Mar25-12 04:12 PM
0 1,318
My guess is that they don't since it's thought that they might be possible, but here's why I'm asking this question: ...
Mar25-12 12:36 PM
16 1,951
Two blocks of mass m connected by a light string passing over a pulley. Say, one of the blocks is pushed downwards...
Mar25-12 08:48 AM
2 1,475
I read in a physics textbook that it is not zero gravity in ISS but the fact that the ISS is in "free fall" makes...
Mar25-12 07:58 AM
2 878
Hi, i'm a physics student, preparing for an exam (it happens to be tomorrow heh), and i'm having trouble with...
Mar25-12 04:20 AM
0 605
Is there a way to find the maxwell-boltzman distribution of energies(no of particles between E and E+dE) directly from...
Mar24-12 11:35 PM
0 730
Assuming idealized springs under Hooke's Law: A spring 1m in length, mounted on the ground, compresses 10cm under...
Mar24-12 11:07 PM
5 1,467
I found this text As the ball's surface dents during an impact, these polymer molecules move about and begin to...
Mar24-12 08:09 PM
2 1,175
EDIT: The question has been answered, and I don't need help anymore. Thanks a lot everybody! Hi. This is something...
Mar24-12 06:41 PM
6 2,009

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