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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,275
The situation is as such. you have a magnetic passing through a loop(loop 1)of wire as some time t, say you also have...
May31-14 02:18 AM
5 304
we have an inversed pendulum(ignore the car) and we choose the...
May30-14 06:35 PM
3 260
Hello experts! I am looking for the proof of the following equation:...
May30-14 06:22 PM
7 479
The position equation for a oscillator undergoing critical damping is given by x(t) = Ate^(-γt) + Be^(-γt) where...
May30-14 10:18 AM
1 194
As the spring semester is over and the summer is now beginning I was thinking that I would like to get a start on...
May30-14 10:16 AM
6 225
I'm reading Lanczos: 'The variational Principles of Mechanics'. I need help resolving a paradox - which is probably...
May30-14 04:17 AM
Philip Wood
50 1,460
Lately I have been thinking about the conservation of linear momentum, and there are two cases that I can think of...
May29-14 05:36 PM
18 451
Hi, I having been looking on the internet and other threads and can't seem to find any detailed information on how a...
May29-14 05:10 PM
10 260
Hello experts! I wonder if there are any disadvantagÍs of StÍp IndÍx FibÍr? I searched for my knowledge but only...
May29-14 05:02 PM
8 254
I was just doing a read-through of my freshman griffith's electrodynamics textbook ( I found my comprehension of...
May29-14 03:35 PM
Jano L.
3 318
Hey PF, my book either got sloppy in a derivation or I am not connecting two very obvious dots. It gives the energy...
May29-14 09:12 AM
2 240
Hello guys, Iam doing a project to find the tension of timing belt using a dial gauge indicator,but i can't find a...
May29-14 07:43 AM
4 336
So what if we have two thick lenses? Thanks in advance ,
May29-14 06:46 AM
1 198
Why change of magnetic flux with the time through a coil induces current in it? Please tell me that what happen to...
May29-14 05:01 AM
5 299
Hey, I don't if this is the right place to ask ( it is not a homework question but just a curious one about what i...
May29-14 03:06 AM
7 280
This question is about push bikes, but could be applied to anything with a versatile engine and a gearing mechanism. ...
May29-14 01:39 AM
3 246
Hello, Im a student and I try to design a valve connected to a tank. However I have some troubles to define the...
May28-14 06:53 PM
1 209
Hello, I need some help understanding Bernoulli's principle, flow rate, velocity and pressure. I understand...
May28-14 11:27 AM
3 457
Hi I am new to this forum. I am an amateur blacksmith/machinist/all around tinkerer. I took a class with a...
May28-14 07:33 AM
4 247
When thinking of a spherical shaped particle moving about under Brownian motion, one describes its motion by...
May28-14 07:11 AM
Steve Drake
2 239
Initially the pings from Malaysian airlines flight MH370 could only determine the distance of the aircraft from the...
May27-14 10:39 PM
29 2,271
I am going through Mary Boas' "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences 3rd Ed". I finished the chapter 3...
May27-14 08:43 PM
4 259
I was wondering how could I hold a lot of charge inside, for example, a ball. I thought by wrapping it in an isolant...
May27-14 08:34 PM
1 223
Hi, I am trying to resolve a force into xyz components and I think I'm getting a bit confused. When viewed face on...
May27-14 07:03 PM
4 224
I was solving a static electricity/electric field problem and I came across with one saying earth has an electric...
May27-14 04:56 PM
7 426
Hello there, I have a problem that I've been trying to solve for some time now and I find myself struggling. I am...
May27-14 03:56 PM
1 184
I am aware that when charged particles accelerate or decelerate, the particle will emit a certain amount of radiation....
May27-14 02:05 PM
Prince Rilian
2 204
What is the smallest amount of electricity (volts, amps?) required in order to create a magnet capable of spinning a...
May26-14 05:21 PM
2 236
Both of these represent waves moving in the $+x$ direction. I have seen both used in Howard Georgi's book on waves and...
May26-14 03:51 PM
6 361
My question is simple: Why do batteries need electrolytes? Wouldn't the battery need the charge to flow only through...
May26-14 02:36 AM
3 350
Hi, have searched around but can't find what im looking for (probably because im not entirely certain what its called)...
May25-14 02:09 PM
5 348
I read that Jones matrices can descibe optical devices with polarized light. They are 2 by 2 matrices.A basis can be...
May25-14 01:37 PM
5 332
Hello, I have been self-learning Thermodynamics and I am having a bit of trouble with calculating the work in...
May25-14 09:20 AM
4 279
I have tried to search everywhere, but cannot find answer to this: does anyone know if there is a table etc. of what...
May25-14 08:46 AM
Simon Bridge
1 194
Yeah sure, change in speed of light as it travels from one medium to another. But why does it affect the path? I mean,...
May25-14 06:16 AM
Manraj singh
17 627
Let's say I have a magnetic ball within a solenoid that has current passing through it. How would I calculate the...
May24-14 10:19 PM
4 286
So I'm not OK with how some people derive this equation. These people consider a pipe whose endings have...
May24-14 05:25 PM
20 607
how much energy is gained by an electron in a battery?
May24-14 04:14 PM
4 286
I saw an example of a hypothetical EM wave that had constant E and B fields. Is that possible? How would it be...
May24-14 09:15 AM
11 511
When a wire has current I in a magnetic field B, there is the Lorentz force is it considered a conservative force or...
May24-14 09:07 AM
30 887

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