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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,698
Hi all, Recently I learned about magnetization I understand that you apply a magnetic field B, and that your...
May2-14 01:53 AM
7 493
why total internal reflection happens only when a beam of light travels from a medium with higher index of refraction...
May2-14 12:02 AM
1 299
Hello Forum, in the case of two or multiple free vectors, it is easy to determine graphically (head-tail rule) the...
May1-14 10:33 PM
1 306
Hello I know acceleration of a pendulum as a function of angle. Can I find velocity by integration with respect to...
May1-14 11:40 AM
3 390
Consider a charge in free space. There is initially no magnetic field and the only electric field is the one caused by...
May1-14 11:14 AM
12 574
Where the electrons come from? Do they leave the sphere or the object? Or maybe even the rubber band inside the...
Apr30-14 09:16 PM
3 379
What are the variables I need to take in account if I want to calculate shadow path and size? I will try to...
Apr30-14 12:44 PM
1 343
Why do we need two conducting surfaces to allow TEM modes to propagate through a waveguide? Why can we not propagate...
Apr30-14 09:53 AM
Meir Achuz
2 353
Hello Forum, I have recently learned about this important theorem of kinematics, the Mozzi-Chasles theorem. I...
Apr30-14 09:49 AM
3 391
Title says it all.
Apr30-14 09:28 AM
164 15,667
My textbook says that at the center of a square conducting wire of length ω, the magnetic field is: ...
Apr30-14 08:15 AM
3 350
So my professor keeps bringing up that a reversible process must always be done infinitesimally slowly up. But why is...
Apr30-14 12:29 AM
12 617
I have a question about an object heating up when electricity is applied. When putting electricity (say 10 to 15 A)...
Apr29-14 01:50 PM
11 516
Why is it that when you drop something on a spring, that item dropped on the spring does not bounce back up to where...
Apr29-14 12:39 PM
3 323
Hi, I'm really confused with how electrons become 'free' in a metal. I have a few questions and would be very grateful...
Apr29-14 12:38 PM
7 417
Suppose we heat a pure substance in solid phase at a constant pressure corresponding to it's triple point data up to...
Apr29-14 01:22 AM
6 395
For my senior physics research project I've developed an orbital analysis program that calculates the minimum \Delta...
Apr28-14 11:44 PM
5 367
Hi, I'm solving a problem numerically that takes the form Q_{ij} \ddot{y}_j +S_{ijk}\dot{y}_j\dot{y}_k +V_i=0,...
Apr28-14 10:51 PM
0 417
3PTW-9DeFs0 How can I calculate the power of the engine? Specification: Spec in Wikipedia Dry thrust: 125 kN
Apr28-14 10:01 PM
7 386
Hello Forum, I have read an old, but good, thread about torque free rotation: ...
Apr28-14 09:45 PM
Simon Bridge
3 350
hi pf! basically, i am wondering how to find the velocity profile of slow flow around a sphere in terms of a stream...
Apr28-14 07:41 PM
5 331
So, let's say a spacecraft at a large distance from any star needs to dump a tremendous amount of stored electrical...
Apr28-14 11:17 AM
4 335
After figuring out how to calculate Cd and Crr coefficients, I'd like to continue my "vehicle physics exploration":...
Apr28-14 06:46 AM
76 2,705
*disclaimer I am not a physicist Had a weird thought the other day - when you focus light with a lens, for example...
Apr27-14 05:04 PM
4 572
Hi I am trying to model SHM in Simulink as shown here:
Apr27-14 12:21 PM
3 296
Good evening, I am working my way through a JPL technical report I found online at link Specifically, I am at...
Apr27-14 11:35 AM
2 299
Say there is an electric field oriented along the x-axis and is propagating along the z-axis. A medium exists from...
Apr27-14 11:04 AM
2 309
What is fugacity ? I know it the corrected pressure for non ideal systems , but I need a much more intuitive sense of...
Apr26-14 07:52 PM
2 351
Hi there!!!! I am having troubles with understanding about the representation of the Jones matrix for the QWP ...
Apr26-14 04:20 PM
0 250
Hi, I'm doing an IB extended essay in physics (like a 4000 word investigation) and I'm looking to do it on Young's...
Apr26-14 02:45 PM
6 642
It is said that in an isobaric expansion of a gas pressure remains constant throughout the expansion process. ...
Apr26-14 12:07 PM
14 567
I don't really understand boundary conditions and i've been trying to research it for ages now but to no real avail. I...
Apr25-14 10:02 PM
Simon Bridge
4 370
Here is a example 1.3 from analytical dynamics of Haim Baruh. a particle moves on a path on the xy plane defined by...
Apr25-14 09:14 PM
9 379
Hi everyone, I have what may be a dummy question. In NMR or in the study of liquid crystals for example, an order...
Apr25-14 07:49 PM
1 225
Hi, all. Here is an expression about kinetic energy from analytical dynamics of Haim Baruh which confuses me. ...
Apr25-14 03:51 PM
9 401
I'm reading: 1. In the link it says: ##2\pi\rho...
Apr25-14 01:28 PM
3 333
I've been looking into diffraction for AOLM and stuff like that, and these produce diffraction. Binary Spatial Light...
Apr25-14 12:01 PM
5 259
Hello Everyone, I am currently re-reading Taylor's Classical Mechanics, in particular, section 4 in chapter 1. He...
Apr25-14 11:30 AM
17 416
Attachments Figure # 1 Figure # 2 reproduced from...
Apr25-14 09:53 AM
5 319
Something I've yet to understand: If a molecule has a dipole moment about a given access than absorption of a photon...
Apr25-14 06:43 AM
1 231

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