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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,749
Hi all, I want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. Say we have two identical particles orbiting (in...
Jan2-14 10:57 PM
2 345
Suppose a (parallel plate) capacitor of capacitance C is charged to a potential difference V and then disconnected and...
Jan2-14 10:42 PM
10 1,476
Postulate a parcel of air that is transmitting sound waves. Can that parcel ever be considered to be in a state of...
Jan2-14 10:36 PM
Simon Bridge
9 1,604
I have doubts of how can I put my frame of reference in a simple harmonic motion vertical spring. Normally the books...
Jan2-14 08:09 PM
Simon Bridge
1 242
Assume 5 charged particles (charge 1) constrained to live on the surface of a sphere are in a configuration that...
Jan2-14 07:25 PM
Simon Bridge
3 332
I know Newton described it as 'the quantity of motion' but are there any other more descriptive or better definitions?...
Jan2-14 05:56 PM
Simon Bridge
5 250
Ok, I've been trying to soak up the MIT physics material, but I am stuck on something and it is driving me crazy. ...
Jan2-14 04:26 PM
Simon Bridge
6 451
Why is it that the maximum sound coming from a Rijke tube happens only when heated wire gauze is placed at 1/4th the...
Jan2-14 10:14 AM
5 358
If I had a big car battery and wanted to charge a smaller battery with it (say a laptop), how would I do that without...
Jan2-14 09:35 AM
28 4,369
I just can't understand how is emf = -M delta intensity/delta time derived from emf = -N delta phi m / delta time I...
Jan2-14 03:44 AM
0 252
Why is the magnetic flux density uniform at the center of the circular loop ?
Jan2-14 01:51 AM
8 396 I a can't seem to find out how to determine the direction the...
Jan1-14 05:08 PM
4 389
Dear users, right now I am struggling with calculations of the displacement in the analytically way. I am trying to...
Jan1-14 04:41 PM
0 261
Hi guys I'm having difficulty understanding why the boundary conditions lead to dX/dx = 0. Why must Bx = 0 at x = 0...
Jan1-14 03:24 PM
Meir Achuz
8 346
I know when the magnetic flux falling on a wire changes, emf is induced and a potential difference is created in the...
Jan1-14 12:33 PM
Andrew Mason
13 504
Hi there all, I am a little confused about polarization. If I have a laser beam incident on a single polariser, if I...
Jan1-14 09:24 AM
1 231
Hello. I'd like to know, does anybody know any information about finding boudary conditions for E, H vectors in...
Jan1-14 12:14 AM
Simon Bridge
1 210
not sure if this is the right section to post this question, but i was wondering in what class i would learn about...
Dec31-13 09:17 AM
2 299
Why does the size of an obstacle have to be comparable to the wavelength of radiation for diffraction effects to be...
Dec31-13 08:48 AM
2 248
Hi all, can the angular frequency of a electric waves be used to determine the wavelength using the following; ...
Dec31-13 08:36 AM
1 269
An Electric field has the following form in free space; E=Re{Eo exp\hat{i} I am confused as to why a unit i...
Dec31-13 04:37 AM
james walshe
2 243
*to moderators: i apologize about the double post, but i didn't know how to get rid of the other post and i wanted a...
Dec31-13 01:20 AM
2 309
I'm hoping that someone on this board can tell me where I'm going wrong here. Basically, I'm trying to calculate...
Dec31-13 12:06 AM
Andrew Mason
14 706
My current level of knowledge is based on Physics I and my own readings, so bear with me if this is something...
Dec30-13 08:50 PM
7 388
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Problem Statement: Imagine you had a very long straw,...
Dec30-13 07:53 PM
Simon Bridge
3 344
Is it possible to move air using a strong enough magnetic field? Let's say for something like a fan. If so, what's...
Dec30-13 05:23 PM
3 317
explain me a simple reason why magnetic field is only caused when charges are moving and not when their is no current...
Dec30-13 01:51 PM
10 584
Electric current is often analogized to water under pressure in pipes. When water is moving through a pipe, the...
Dec30-13 01:29 PM
54 2,007
Hi, Consider a 2D laminar only rotating about the z axis, with the axis origin at the bottom left hand corner and...
Dec30-13 11:06 AM
4 246
Hello, I have difficulty interpreting the following fact (I'm reading Cotinuum Mechanics by Spencer). The relative...
Dec30-13 07:53 AM
0 275
HEllo All, I'm self studying Thermal physics with Zemansky & Dittman's book, "Heat and Thermodynamics"....
Dec30-13 06:13 AM
0 383
Why when the particles are nonlocalized, the single particle partition function is directly proportional to V, namely...
Dec30-13 04:57 AM
1 254
I was trying to study vectorial kinematics in all its fullness, without decorating formulas, only deducting all...
Dec30-13 01:32 AM
10 388
In Griffiths Chapter 12, pg 527: Suppose a point charge is moving along x, we obtain the following E-fields: ...
Dec29-13 12:57 PM
2 387
If two balls were close to each other in a pool of water and each had some angular momentum but one was spinning one...
Dec29-13 10:57 AM
4 315 (the black numbers are just so i can make references throuhout this thread, they're...
Dec28-13 11:34 PM
Simon Bridge
8 433
I would like to study a pendulum in 2D, not on Earth but only with one fixed mass attract a disk. Considered this...
Dec28-13 07:43 PM
17 522
My boat is tethered to a rope that can withstand a maximum of 8000 pounds of tension. The wind will exert, at maximum,...
Dec28-13 04:17 PM
1 295
I've spent hours trying to understand conceptually how to find the density of moist, hot air at high temperatures, eg...
Dec28-13 06:35 AM
11 404
Suppose I have two object. One is 1 kg and other one is 2 kg. And separation between two object is 10 m . By...
Dec27-13 06:55 PM
10 491

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