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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,749
In solids there are crests and troughs. In highly polished surfaces there are molecular forces. But what creates...
Oct3-11 02:46 PM
2 1,039
Hello guys This is my first post and i am glad to be a member of this forum. There is something bugging me for alot...
Oct3-11 01:31 PM
13 1,211
I started another post about this but I made things needlessly complicated by talking about non-ideal gasses. My...
Oct3-11 10:20 AM
8 3,902
I was wondering what occurs when light encounters a slit that happens to be smaller than the wavelength of light...
Oct3-11 08:37 AM
Andy Resnick
2 1,242
I'm having a play around with a simple radiation detector that has 2 electrodes with a slab of uniformly doped silicon...
Oct3-11 01:33 AM
0 794
I want to find out the power required to run the turbine and the pressure of steam required to maintain the power...
Oct3-11 12:58 AM
1 1,588
I have a parallel plate capacitor with a dielectric inside whose relative permittivity varies as εr = βexp(\alphax) ...
Oct3-11 12:53 AM
4 1,116
what is the difference between the two? i thought fermi golden rule is enough
Oct2-11 10:13 PM
0 1,871
I'm not exactly sure where to ask this question but I would like someone to please help explain to me how to...
Oct2-11 07:32 PM
Doc Al
5 4,266
I'm currently studying Classical Electrodynamics, and I see everywhere that the flux of a field through a surface is...
Oct2-11 05:31 PM
3 722
Suppose that you have a sheet of copper that carries a surface charge of \sigma on each face. The electric field just...
Oct2-11 04:33 PM
9 2,821
I can't figure out what is the motion of a charged particle at rest at origin in a constant uniform magnetic field...
Oct2-11 02:25 PM
3 1,512
Water waves are one half kinetic energy and one half potential energy. The quote below comes from the Wikipedia wave...
Oct2-11 01:42 PM
33 5,437
So I was debating whether or not to post this in the homework session but I feel the question I'm asking belongs here....
Oct2-11 12:37 PM
0 678
I have problems understanding the use of negative signs in SHM. ie. mx''=-kx Why is there a negative sign for...
Oct2-11 11:04 AM
Doc Al
1 712
Before I get pounced on by academics from near and far, I just want to mention that I'm no longer a college student...
Oct2-11 10:33 AM
2 732
hey, I want to ask you something about to calculate the moment of inertia for any shape. My problem is that I can...
Oct2-11 08:57 AM
6 864
Concerning the Convex Lens and my diagram attached, when an object is placed exactly at the principle focus (focal...
Oct2-11 08:26 AM
Yh Hoo
13 2,305
Hi, If we describe a beam splitter as follows: e^{ikx} -> \sqrt{T}e^{ikx} + \sqrt{R}e^{i\theta}e^{iky} e^{iky}...
Oct2-11 02:45 AM
McLaren Rulez
1 1,431
I have a problem i am trying to solve, the question is; Calculate the velocity ratio for this system. If the work...
Oct2-11 12:30 AM
1 4,294
Really can't figure this out by dividing x and y. The only way i can do it is with equations that use quadratics and I...
Oct2-11 12:01 AM
8 2,225
why is rainbow always an arc?
Oct1-11 11:49 PM
15 2,444
When I was a kid listening to a transistor radio under my pillow late at night I used to wonder whether turning the...
Oct1-11 06:24 PM
2 971
This will probably be a very basic question, but is the effect that gravity has on light, similar to the faraday...
Oct1-11 05:48 PM
0 639
Hello everyone! After having being asked to help prepare a simulation(using computer programming), for the...
Oct1-11 11:49 AM
11 1,568
Hi, I've tried to figure this out but I just can't! Please help me understand how to work it out??? A ballistic...
Oct1-11 01:40 AM
3 2,053
If I draw a displacement-distance graph and a displacement-time for two wave forms, will both graphs look the same?...
Oct1-11 01:17 AM
Philip Wood
2 882
How close is this assumption to reality. Take for example a parallel plate capacitor with charge Q and -Q. Connect...
Oct1-11 12:55 AM
1 903
I am totally lost about the idea of electric potential and work. sometimes the book defines work as negative and...
Sep30-11 11:12 PM
1 755
Because of the kinetic energy and frames of reference thread:
Sep30-11 09:01 PM
0 921
hi, if i have a cylindrical rod of copper and i heat is at one end face while the other surface areas are open to...
Sep30-11 07:06 PM
2 4,723
Energy density of supercap is equal to square of it`s voltage. Is it possible to join together advantages of...
Sep30-11 01:07 PM
8 4,301
There is a tricep machine which is basically a pulley, with some rope connected to a stack of weights and a bar for...
Sep30-11 12:47 PM
6 1,695
From what I can glean, since kinetic energy = 1/2 mv^2, it follows that a doubling of velocity requires a quadrupling...
Sep30-11 10:51 AM
21 3,702
Hello! My name is Edward Solomon and I have found a very particular concept in classical physics to be more...
Sep30-11 04:54 AM
52 7,200
Hey. Suppose a mass is attached to two springs, one on each side, and they have different values for k. If you...
Sep29-11 05:36 PM
4 2,360
This problem just occurred to me while I was taking photos indoors: Light sources powered by mains fluctuate in...
Sep29-11 04:49 PM
5 5,325
I was wondering whether an induction hob cooker would work in reverse if a hot pan is placed on the coil - so would...
Sep29-11 03:24 PM
2 1,251
I'm studying for the GREs, and I ran across this problem: Object located at x=0 Lens 1 located at x=40cm Lens 2...
Sep29-11 02:59 PM
2 1,005
Hi All I recently purchased a 1000w heating element for coffee cups,
Sep29-11 01:37 PM
2 2,229

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