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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,900
We can easily calculate that 89.5% of an iceberg is submerged. Yet occasionally icebergs turn over with possibly...
Oct20-11 09:35 AM
1 1,586
Let's say you have 2 identical springs Let's say lenght = 1m Spring constant = 0.5 You attach each spring to...
Oct20-11 09:31 AM
3 1,097
Imagine an Aeroplane held above the earth's surface for 12 hours, having no contact with the surface of the earth....
Oct20-11 09:27 AM
9 3,421
a capacitor does not work on dc as time varying current is required for it to function then why does it work on dc...
Oct20-11 09:01 AM
1 940
Hey guys, I have been having trouble trying to reason out in relation to real life application. Problem: Two...
Oct20-11 05:13 AM
7 1,768
Hey guys, first post here... So, I'm having an issue comprehending this topic: Let's say you have a box which weighs...
Oct20-11 05:06 AM
7 1,432
If we are given B, how can we find A? I can fine the magnitude of A by: \int_{s'} \vec B \cdot d\vec{s'} = ...
Oct20-11 03:33 AM
24 10,989
Hi, I'm taking a thermodynamics class and am curious about how changes in volume of a gas affect temperature. I...
Oct19-11 09:39 PM
Andrew Mason
7 1,501
My friends and I were curious as to what the best angle was to blow on coffee to cool it down (actually only the...
Oct19-11 08:20 PM
12 2,062
what would be some sources of error in a lab to find the refractive index of a prism? This lab was done by use of...
Oct19-11 06:33 PM
1 1,553
A definition for the normal in reflection and refraction?
Oct19-11 04:46 PM
2 7,567
Hello, I am currently studying transformer design, in particular cooling methods. I am tyring to calculate the...
Oct19-11 03:09 PM
2 3,474
I was wondering how mesons are accounted for in mass defect. I saw a video on youtube where binding energy was...
Oct19-11 01:08 PM
0 922
I have a bicycle frame. I want to analyze this frame as a spring mass system. What details i should know. I should...
Oct19-11 08:42 AM
7 3,457
I recently learned how to calculate the field from a cylinder (inside and outside the cylinder) using Gauss's law. I...
Oct19-11 04:05 AM
4 1,305
I am trying to understand the nature of the dependence of heat capacity/specific heat on pressure. I understand...
Oct19-11 02:30 AM
2 2,926
Hello, suppose we have a some phenomenon let's say Simple Harmonic Generation in nonlinear physics. Then we start with...
Oct19-11 12:34 AM
0 731
Hello, Say I have two concentric conducting rings, where r1 >> r2 (why is this important, btw?), and I run a time...
Oct18-11 03:45 PM
4 928
Think about it. If space was a vacuum how would energy from the sun (which has a mass equivalency) be radiated....
Oct18-11 03:00 PM
17 3,829
I've been reading Mechanics of Landau Lifgarbagez. They state that "not all integrals of motion are of equal...
Oct18-11 02:44 PM
1 853
Suppose we have an object that at the infinity has inductance L.Afther that we aprouch it to an object that has the...
Oct18-11 02:29 PM
0 598
Suppose you have a ferromagnet with relative magnetic permeability μ.And it is sittuated in a magnetic field B. What...
Oct18-11 12:33 PM
0 760
How is that when: A wagon collides with the velocity (v) with another wagon (at rest, v=0) of the same mass (m) on...
Oct18-11 12:10 PM
8 1,460
Hi all, if I have the velocities and rotations of an object with respect to a moving frame. Are there relations that...
Oct18-11 10:55 AM
3 2,003
hey guys can anyone pls say how much current in amps does a ordinary car battery of 12v generates?? pls......
Oct18-11 09:50 AM
14 1,612
Consider a brick-shaped ferromagnetic of relative magnetic permeability µ >> 1, which has dimensions 2a × 2a × a and a...
Oct18-11 08:23 AM
0 807
Hi everyone, I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with, the question is. A mass of 500kg induces a...
Oct18-11 08:13 AM
0 590
Hi, I'm having some trouble about the calculation of saros cycle in example 13.9 of Greiner's book "classical...
Oct18-11 04:26 AM
0 560
Hi, I don't understand what the off-diagonal terms in the moment of inertia (tensor) matrix are intuitively....they...
Oct17-11 06:03 PM
11 3,363
Hi everyone, Well everything is in the title. Answers are not clear on the net and I cannot figure it out myself.
Oct17-11 05:56 PM
7 1,875
For a process at constant pressure, ΔH=q. My textbook clearly says that the only way that enthalpy can change is...
Oct17-11 05:50 PM
Andrew Mason
9 12,311
So, in a physics lab I TA, we are doing a lab in which part of it, the students try to do Faraday's Ice Pail...
Oct17-11 02:49 PM
10 1,923
Hi, first sorry for my bad English, I am more skilled to read than to write in English I don't know if this is the...
Oct17-11 02:40 PM
3 1,255
This is related to Goldstein Exercise 3-28. It is not really a homework problem anymore because I have solved them....
Oct17-11 02:35 PM
1 1,599
For electrostatics, I know that conductors have 0 electric field inside. And I know that the surface of a spherical...
Oct17-11 01:15 PM
1 1,224
I was looking at some sliding doors and thinking/reviewing about the concept of work. So I have a few questions ...
Oct17-11 12:18 PM
5 1,245
I am a bit confused about a statement I read in my textbook saying the sum of external forces on a body is equal to...
Oct17-11 12:15 PM
11 2,181
Hey, all! Browsing around the library for some mechanics books, I happened to come across Manuel Prieto Alberca's...
Oct17-11 12:07 PM
11 1,533
Hello everybody, I have a question about the Fresnel equations at normal incidence. My textbook gives the reflection...
Oct17-11 11:19 AM
5 3,392
Hello I have found in some text books that the magnetic scalar potential is continuous across a boundary. Now, how...
Oct17-11 07:37 AM
2 1,581

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