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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,678
currently i'm studying the topic entropy. According to my text, entropy will increase when the accessible energy...
Aug4-11 03:30 PM
5 4,247
why is angular displacement considered an axial vector only for small values?
Aug4-11 03:19 PM
2 930
If a light travels from A to B and there's a plane of glass in between the two points, will the total time it takes to...
Aug4-11 01:08 PM
3 1,039
I can't remember how to derive this equation... x(fluxion) a=acceleration x=a From that, how do we get-> ...
Aug4-11 12:07 PM
5 872
Hi all, i'm doing a research essay on how the viscosity of a fluid affects it's splashes. i'm currently stuck and...
Aug4-11 12:01 PM
1 1,229
Hello, I was wondering if the cosine of theta, in the work equation, related to the angle of the applied force?
Aug4-11 10:51 AM
14 1,284
Suppose I have a mechanical system with l + m degrees of freedom and an associated lagrangian ...
Aug4-11 09:27 AM
Petr Mugver
4 1,003
So I do a wee bit of climbing, and an important thing to take into account when building anchors is the angles formed...
Aug4-11 07:47 AM
4 1,143
Hi all, I am having trouble understanding Virtual displacements and related ideas and would appreciate your help! ...
Aug4-11 06:38 AM
4 4,115
When an EM wave goes in a conductor it says that the B field component lags the E field component, What causes this? I...
Aug4-11 06:29 AM
6 914
Hi everyone, Light has a dual nature ; wave and particle. Particle part can be explained using Quantum approaches...
Aug4-11 06:22 AM
13 2,394
If you throw a tennis ball straight up in a moving train, the ball will drop back down on the same spot so you can...
Aug4-11 06:00 AM
4 2,296
Hi there, Assume that I push a box with a force of say 50 Newtons and the box moves forward. At the same time, the...
Aug4-11 02:54 AM
5 1,108
Curious your thoughts about the use of a Stirling engine to power a space station, auxiliary power for space ships...
Aug4-11 12:21 AM
8 2,013
Why do I see newtons 3 laws (mostly 2 and 3) given using differentials (F=dp/dt etc...) when it is far simpler to use...
Aug3-11 09:14 PM
2 1,127
As you can see in the attached doc, we have two winches on the same shaft of motor M1, two moving pulleys ( 3 and 4 )...
Aug3-11 05:41 PM
2 1,398
I have a few questions regarding vertical oscillations (not damped). Let's say you have a spring hanging from a...
Aug3-11 05:39 PM
9 898
what are the limitation work energy theorem ? this theorem is very helpful in solving questions. But I think there...
Aug3-11 02:31 PM
9 2,805
I was always told that EM radiation is a far field effect. Does this mean that the light emitted from the accelerating...
Aug3-11 01:54 PM
7 1,224
My colleague and I have a disagreement about the storage of electrical energy using capacitors in DC circuitry. It...
Aug3-11 01:19 PM
24 3,199
My curiosity has been aroused by climate change debates, but my physics is inadequate. Perhaps I can get some help. ...
Aug3-11 12:39 PM
5 1,209
If a meteor entered the earth's atmosphere at 11 or so km/sec and impacted the earth with a direct hit (by impact time...
Aug3-11 12:12 PM
23 5,597
Consider a Poisson bracket of Q and R. Are there any constraints on Q and R?
Aug3-11 05:33 AM
0 474
I am reading some papers that mention evanescent waves. From what I can find, evanescent waves occur because of the...
Aug2-11 04:44 PM
3 1,808
I am trying to understand all the possibilities that a linear birefringent material can provide. The resources I am...
Aug2-11 04:07 PM
4 1,460
If you increase mass with speed does the forces that hold molecules’ together increase in per portion ? If not do the...
Aug2-11 04:02 PM
2 702
I noticed that in water, sound travels faster than in air, but when light hits water, its velocity decreases. Is...
Aug2-11 06:56 AM
10 1,775
As electrons leave one half of a galvanic cell and flow to the other, a difference in charge is established. If no...
Aug1-11 05:39 PM
1 1,217
Hello, I have problem with understanding the concept of energy of deformed body. As far as I know, Clapeyron's...
Aug1-11 04:03 PM
18 2,574
Hey guys, What exactly does a nonholonomic constraint tell about a system. For instance I am working on a...
Aug1-11 03:49 PM
6 7,764
For N(E)=Aexp(-E/kT), I know that N(E) is the no. of particles with a certain energy E, but why does integrating ...
Aug1-11 11:03 AM
2 1,058
suppose i have a bucket full of water in a closed room,the water is kept undisturbed for say 5 days,after those 5 days...
Aug1-11 10:56 AM
52 5,402
Hello, This is simple question, but I didnt find the clear answer e.g. on the web pages: How Faraday cage works...
Aug1-11 09:58 AM
7 1,454
Dear fellows since a long I have been puzzled by the cricket ball swing and reverse swing phenomenon. For fast bowlers...
Aug1-11 08:57 AM
8 10,812
How can random electron currents in the earth's core create a ordered magnetic field? What makes a current in the...
Aug1-11 08:09 AM
8 1,827
In lecture 2 of his series on Classical Physics, Prof. Balakrishnan asks how many degrees of freedom there are in a...
Aug1-11 07:09 AM
22 2,943
I'm reading through some material on vibrating strings. In one book, the author repeatedly uses energy analysis to...
Aug1-11 03:13 AM
Philip Wood
7 1,642
Hello all, I have written a python code implementing the Runge-Kutta fourth order method for higher orders to...
Aug1-11 03:06 AM
1 2,096
is it meaningful to define a distance between two points in a phase space? it is interesting that we can define...
Aug1-11 03:04 AM
2 1,259
I hope this topic belongs here, after all this is about color and color is described through quantum mechanics. ...
Jul31-11 09:30 PM
5 1,449

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