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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,796
Hi All I have a typical automotive problem here i am being confused by; I have a three wheeled vehicle with two...
Aug11-11 06:27 PM
6 10,231
I recently started looking into metamaterials and the concept of transformation optics that can be applied using the...
Aug11-11 01:21 PM
2 2,179
I was having a discussion about thermal insulation (high temperature) and I thought that positive pressure (meaning...
Aug11-11 12:43 PM
3 1,352
In my textbook they claim that: They lost me when they said "thermodynamic state". Do they mean thermodynamic...
Aug11-11 12:15 PM
2 1,270
Hi, Like a lot of people programming, I created a simplistic 2D collision engine. This engine handles the collisions...
Aug11-11 11:27 AM
3 1,305
Hi guys im new, have tried to look for a topic similar to this and have some stuff vaguely relating to the topic but...
Aug11-11 11:06 AM
0 2,369
i am looking for a why. not a description of how to calculate or how to find its direction. i came across this...
Aug11-11 10:39 AM
10 2,762
I need to calculate the radius of gyration for a generic, convex polygon, where the density is constant, the axis of...
Aug11-11 03:42 AM
1 1,327
I've been reading Landau and Lifgarbagez's Mechanics and have some issues I need clearing up, so I hope folk here can...
Aug10-11 08:51 PM
3 1,074
Hello: I am trying to understand how to build a hamiltonian for a general system and figure it is best to start...
Aug10-11 01:31 PM
4 2,114
hello, a simple question: a circuit with a DC source and a capacitor (assume no voltage loses due to the cables...
Aug10-11 04:05 AM
4 809
Hello! I would be very happy if someone could give me a little advice or a hint about my problem. The problem: I...
Aug10-11 03:51 AM
0 570
I came across this question, " An 8000 kg engine pulls a train of 5 wagons, each of 2000 kg along a horizontal track....
Aug9-11 11:46 PM
1 1,576
I have got a doubt regarding the situation when a ring rolls in a non-uniform magnetic field. We can see that the flux...
Aug9-11 11:30 PM
2 1,083
Hi all, i'm trying to devise an experiment for measuring the thermal conductivity and other properties of a layer of...
Aug9-11 11:07 PM
0 733
I have set out to do a project to make my own particle accelerator. As of now, I know nothing and I know I have to do...
Aug9-11 04:08 PM
2 576
HI, I am wondering what factors go into spectral efficiency and determining and calculating guard bands. Could a...
Aug9-11 02:17 PM
0 562
Consider a resistor with current running through it for some time in a constant temperature bath. I understand that...
Aug9-11 01:57 PM
4 1,416
Forgive me if I'm missing a basic concept, A body does have a natural tendency to move, but a body does need energy...
Aug9-11 01:14 PM
4 1,208
Can anyone show me how to calculate the magnetic field of a single charge moving at a constant velocity - including...
Aug9-11 01:08 PM
34 6,171
My textbook says that Electrostatic potential is the work done on a unit charge to bring it from infinity to a point...
Aug9-11 10:45 AM
40 4,926
Hi, I was wondering how I would go about measuring the electrical charge of an aerosol (A sodium chloride aerosol...
Aug9-11 09:16 AM
1 758
let's say heat change between system and surrounding, so the process must occur in infinitesimal steps ie,...
Aug9-11 08:50 AM
weng cheong
5 1,344
Hi, I wanted to calculate the magnetic field of a cylindrical magnet at a point P (r,ɵ,z). The magnet can be at the...
Aug9-11 08:03 AM
3 2,233
The problem bellow is a real problem and I would like to get some ideas in order to overcome it. As you can see in...
Aug9-11 03:52 AM
6 2,553
I am trying to simulate a single rectangular body but I am having issues with Torque. I have an angular velocity...
Aug9-11 12:27 AM
0 1,190
When a cue ball is driven into another ball, it is either not accelerating or decelerating at impact. It has momentum...
Aug9-11 12:14 AM
1 1,096
This is an extract from my lecture notes: "For classical stochastic systems, w(p,x,t)dpdx = prob. particle is in...
Aug8-11 10:35 PM
3 1,209
I don't understand why stream tubes exist. Stream tube is defined here:...
Aug8-11 08:14 PM
3 3,508
So I got a ticket a few days ago for running a red light, the yellow light was very short, I'm trying to figure out if...
Aug8-11 08:13 PM
7 1,653
I've been curious about this question and hope that someone can provide a definitive answer with support for that...
Aug8-11 03:24 PM
6 3,252
does the identity of molecules affect the internal energy, besides the temperature and volume?
Aug8-11 02:39 PM
1 2,195
If a rod of length l is uniformly charged with charge q what will be the potential at point p? The point is on the...
Aug8-11 06:54 AM
2 1,028
say i have a lever, fixed to an axis in its right end. now a perpendicular force is exert on the lever, from its left...
Aug8-11 12:39 AM
Delta Kilo
7 3,089
The problem bellow is a real problem and I would like to get some ideas in order to overcome it. As you can see in...
Aug7-11 06:44 PM
1 1,437
So the question is this: A disc is released from rest. A block is causing it to rotate. After a time t the block...
Aug7-11 05:30 PM
3 1,713
I was at a symposium the other day where the speaker was discussing the ability to create an AC current using a...
Aug7-11 10:33 AM
1 924
I was trying to find the value of the magnetic field at a distance x from a rare-earth magnet and came across this...
Aug7-11 10:16 AM
1 3,087
I was wondering what will happen if we had a newton's pendulum (cradle ) in space out of any significant gravitational...
Aug7-11 07:15 AM
5 2,475
It is perfectly possible to derive, for instance, the Maxwell distribution of speeds in a heuristic way with only two...
Aug7-11 03:43 AM
6 1,502

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