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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,911
If for some functional ##I##, ##\delta I=0## where ##\delta## is symbol for variation functional has extremum. For...
Feb26-14 01:11 PM
2 270
Hello 1. I was wondering why internal energy is usually expressed as a function of temperature and specific volume...
Feb26-14 01:20 AM
10 386
Feb25-14 02:45 PM
2 279
Is there a way to derive entropy or free energy without using partition function?
Feb25-14 09:13 AM
Useful nucleus
9 363
How did Newton come up with f ∝ Δp/Δt ??
Feb25-14 04:57 AM
2 346
Hi guys and girls, Just had a question I have been thinking about for a while. Suppose you have a sound maker...
Feb25-14 02:52 AM
3 261
Ok, so in class last week, I had asked my professor about using the Lorentz Force Law to solve a particular problem. ...
Feb24-14 08:51 PM
3 285
Letís say I have a horizontal rod whose total length = ΔXtotal = 5 inches. However, the rod is made up of two pieces...
Feb24-14 06:54 PM
Simon Bridge
1 248
Hi, I know that for the electric displacement vector field \oint D.dS=\sum Q_{c} does this mean that I can just use...
Feb24-14 01:03 PM
Meir Achuz
1 274
I have a general gauss' law/electric field question. In calculating the electric field of a cylindrical shape,...
Feb24-14 12:59 PM
Meir Achuz
2 299
Hi fellows, I've been looking for "High Repetitive Photocathode RF Guns" for more than a couple of days. It seems,...
Feb24-14 11:03 AM
6 309
Hi there! I have a couple of questions for you guys about Spatial Light Modulators and laser beam profile aberrations....
Feb24-14 08:56 AM
4 333
An electric charge produces a Coulomb electric field: E = dqe r/r3 A current element produces a Biot-Savart...
Feb24-14 08:38 AM
2 250
What will happen if two batteries were connected in parallel, and how could the total voltage and current be...
Feb24-14 07:18 AM
19 651
Hey guys, I was messing around with my guitar (classical guitar) and my amp lately. I put the treble on lowest, bass...
Feb24-14 05:07 AM
4 284
Hi I want to know what is the diffrences between E=σ/2ε0 & E=σ/ε0 of course I know we use the first for a very huge...
Feb23-14 01:49 PM
1 245
consider the image on the drawing at the top (above the yellow arrow) if i had...
Feb23-14 06:20 AM
3 326
I'll pose that as a general question, and specifically for sound waves, which Googling did not answer in a...
Feb22-14 07:08 PM
3 283
I'm interested in modeling a system where the material varies along its length, thus the conductivity coefficient...
Feb22-14 02:58 PM
7 256
I wonder if anybody can point me to a good explication of the atmospheric Coriolis effect broken down into base...
Feb22-14 05:34 AM
6 366
Hi, And thank you for your time! :) I've been studying and coding for more than a month on a physic engine for car...
Feb21-14 11:50 PM
0 228
Hello I just read this where they...
Feb21-14 08:27 PM
2 269
We know that gravity speeds up a body, like a meteor which enters the earth gets constantly speeded up by earth's...
Feb21-14 04:43 PM
Simon Bridge
18 1,045
I need to find the moment of inertia of a sphere of radius ##r## and mass ##m## about an axis through it's centre....
Feb21-14 02:23 PM
13 355
Earth has a huge angular velocity regarding its rotation. Now let's imagine that the earth has the velocity of 400...
Feb21-14 08:56 AM
1 233
I was hoping that someone could explain why these different equations can be found from different sources please. ...
Feb21-14 05:36 AM
Philip Wood
5 335
It seems to me that for some thermodynamic variables it makes sense to talk of systems in contact with different...
Feb21-14 01:45 AM
2 286
Hello all, I was wondering if it was possible to have energy without an associated force. More specifically, can...
Feb20-14 10:27 PM
3 296
Hi I have been looking at canonical transformation using generating functions. I am using the Goldstein book and it...
Feb20-14 09:27 PM
2 248
Consider a solenoid with length L and N turns of wire wound around it, filled with a rod of permeability \mu .I wanna...
Feb20-14 08:35 PM
Meir Achuz
11 619
The Drude model of electrical conduction has the charge carriers being accelerated by an electric field and then...
Feb20-14 06:07 PM
2 252
Hi all. I'm a music student and I've been trying to educate myself about acoustics lately. I'm exploring the...
Feb20-14 01:35 AM
1 219
Any idea how to work out the range of torque required to pull a 737-800? To start of with need to work out the centre...
Feb19-14 02:49 PM
10 387
Please could somebody explain why the fundamental frequency always has the biggest amplitude in comparison to the rest...
Feb19-14 02:12 PM
4 333
Hello! By manipulating Maxwell's equation, with the potential vector \mathbf{A} and the Lorentz' gauge, one can...
Feb19-14 01:09 PM
1 382
It is written in my book that the Electric intensity is the amount of electric charge which passes in one second. I...
Feb19-14 06:48 AM
Philip Wood
13 394
I have always known that weight is the force of gravity. Yet I have always been confused about one thing. If you hold...
Feb18-14 10:48 PM
2 305
Hello! I am wondering what supplies the energy necessary for the compression of a gas that is entrained in a flow...
Feb18-14 07:41 PM
4 279
Hello I have a few fundamental questions about evaporation 1. In Cengel's Heat and Mass Transfer, in all sample...
Feb18-14 07:37 PM
24 882
I'm trying to evaluate floor heating systems for installation in my new studio, and I have to admit that my...
Feb18-14 02:24 PM
3 258

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