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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,791
Hello. In my textbook by Jose Saletan called Classical Dynamics: A Contemporary Approach the author talks about TQ,...
Nov29-13 06:18 PM
8 359
For example, let's say there was an block infinitely long in the x and y direction and in the z direction bounded by...
Nov29-13 05:54 PM
Simon Bridge
3 379
Recently I have been troubled by several things which have been stated in my school physics classes, mainly concerning...
Nov29-13 04:57 PM
30 1,513
Hi everyone I had this very silly question pop up that unfortunately I cannot find an answer to myself. If an...
Nov29-13 01:28 PM
17 560
From my understanding, surface plasmons (SPs) are oscillations of electrons caused by incident EM waves. A photon...
Nov29-13 01:07 AM
3 389
I am having a hard time proving this to myself: Given some object with a known inertial moment and center of mass,...
Nov28-13 10:07 PM
9 626
Refer to the second diagram on this website ...
Nov28-13 08:42 PM
Simon Bridge
1 309
I am a little confused with this subject. If you have a mass hanging from a spring, there is a specific equilibrium...
Nov28-13 06:54 PM
4 447
This question is just about a thought I was having. If a 1 kg object which is at rest is made to accelerate with a...
Nov28-13 05:01 PM
20 453
osmotic pressure is the pressure difference between two solutions of different solute concentrations separated by a...
Nov28-13 12:54 PM
4 387
in class, we just learned that the chemical potential was μ=∂G/∂N i'm looking in my book and it says that...
Nov28-13 04:12 AM
3 332
In the figure attached, we have one section which has three bars all pin-connected together and pin fixed on the...
Nov27-13 06:03 PM
4 431
Hi, I recently became acquainted with foam sleeving as a material for forming a resonant cavity via this link:...
Nov27-13 03:16 PM
2 392
Hi guys, I've got a doubt concerning to the minimum mechanical work and the work-energy theorem. Consider the...
Nov27-13 03:06 PM
2 508
In chapter 5, magnetostatics, of Griffiths' Introduction to Electrodynamics (third edition), there's a problem in the...
Nov27-13 12:26 PM
Philip Wood
3 721
What can a gaussmeter tell me about a metal? I am just experimenting with various metal disc samples by setting them...
Nov26-13 11:42 PM
0 356
I know how this formula is made, but surely Δs becomes highly inaccurate for large values of Δθ and r? In fact when...
Nov26-13 06:55 PM
13 538
I've noticed that electromagnetic field lines are very similar to stereographic projection of 3D sphere on 2D surface....
Nov26-13 05:15 PM
Jano L.
2 888
Dear forum, while standing, spreading your legs helps your stability because you have a wider base. but doesn't...
Nov26-13 03:01 PM
3 550
Dear members, My name is Gilberto F. A. and I would like to ask your help regarding a topic in Gravitation. I have...
Nov26-13 12:46 PM
2 631
Is it possible to make a voltage divider split a DC power input between a resistor and capacitor? If so, does anyone...
Nov26-13 11:36 AM
1 357
Dear all, I'd like to specify meaning othe relaxation phenomenon on example in some classical system. For example...
Nov26-13 06:59 AM
1 430
I am really confused about relative velocity when one frame is rotating. Is it possible to have...
Nov25-13 07:34 PM
1 512
Hi, I just submitted some homework that had a question that I'd really like to know the answer to now (rather than...
Nov25-13 03:18 PM
Charlie G
0 458
Hi I googled why different charges attrack each other and I found severel answer but I guess this answers are not...
Nov25-13 10:56 AM
15 757
Dear all, I am trying to calculate the inductance increase of a small ferrite rod placed in the middle of a...
Nov25-13 09:27 AM
0 335
Hey everyone. My question is the following: if we had the trajectory of a particle eventually reaching a point of a...
Nov25-13 08:28 AM
0 304
Every source I have referred to says red light is faster in water than blue light. However, nearly all...
Nov25-13 12:01 AM
7 2,979
Hello, I am wondering if the resistivity of a metal will increase or decrease beyond melting relative to the solid...
Nov24-13 05:51 PM
0 492
Though standard gravity is 9.80665 m/s2, it must vary from city to city, since the Earth is neither a perfect sphere...
Nov24-13 05:14 PM
Vanadium 50
12 596
For a rotating body, (angular acceleration x radius)= Acceleration of center of mass ? But a rotating body can...
Nov24-13 09:33 AM
6 644
Hi, I want to write a very simple code to plot the beam emittance knowing x,y,z and vx,vy,vz of each particle. I...
Nov24-13 09:28 AM
6 586
I was having a few problems with Negative gravitational potential energy, I wasn't able to put my finger on why...
Nov24-13 05:02 AM
4 550
I don't understand this concept very well. Is it like taking the energy each possible configuration and adding them...
Nov24-13 12:43 AM
6 481
Hi, please could someone guide me to a correct definition of voltage. I have looked through previous posts and there...
Nov23-13 08:52 PM
5 694
Hi, I have been told that you take say a metal board and another board (both endless and paralell) leads to the...
Nov23-13 08:50 PM
3 409
Was reading my old copy of Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman again; ran into the anecdote about the Feynman sprinkler....
Nov23-13 02:28 PM
8 748
Hello, A was just helping my younger brother review some mechanics when I tried to explain how friction will cause...
Nov23-13 12:39 PM
6 532
Hey everyone, hope this is the right place to ask this question so I'll just put it out here. I've been measuring...
Nov23-13 11:31 AM
rude man
1 475
Two new uninflated balloons do not attract or repel each other. But after blowing them up, they repel each other and...
Nov23-13 11:30 AM
5 570

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