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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,482
I would like someone to explain to me the correlations between these thermodynamics concepts: 1 State...
Jun16-11 11:36 AM
2 2,513
Hello all. I have what seems to be a fairly simple problem but I need a bit of help on the reasoning and what happens...
Jun16-11 11:12 AM
3 844
phase diagram for x and xdot.
Jun16-11 09:55 AM
2 1,069
V=\frac 1 {4\pi\epsilon_0}\int \frac {\rho(\vec r\;')}{\eta} \;d\;\tau'\;\hbox{ where }\; \vec{\eta} = \vec r - \vec...
Jun16-11 01:54 AM
4 747
Does an ice cube have more entropy than room temp water? I would intuitively think it doesn't because its atoms are...
Jun15-11 11:54 PM
6 1,150
Hi everyone, I'm studying applied dynamics for college. I have a simple question and then a more importante...
Jun15-11 07:45 PM
4 2,327
Estimate how many photons of visible light (500 nm) are emitted by a 100 W Bulb. I get 2.5\times10^{20}...
Jun15-11 05:49 PM
Vanadium 50
5 776
Hello, I was wondering if uniform motion and uniform speed were one in the same things? Also (if they are both...
Jun15-11 02:46 PM
10 2,162
How would I go about calculating the resultant forces / torques on a system if it's previously spinning at a constant...
Jun15-11 01:18 PM
0 1,643
Hi, From what I have read, if a bulb X is connected to the input voltage of a step-up transformer, and another...
Jun15-11 12:40 PM
4 4,170
Dear physicists I am a physics teacher in London. Whilst I can understand exam style questions on circular motion...
Jun15-11 12:34 PM
14 2,108
Excuse me if this is a really ignorant question but I tried searching google but all I got was debunking...
Jun15-11 11:55 AM
3 616
Hello everyone, I have a project of mine where I need to find out the force that acts on a wheel to start it...
Jun15-11 11:28 AM
Doc Al
7 1,730
I'm working on a RFSF for the University of KY. It's essentially a giant coil, where the coil is the inductor,...
Jun15-11 10:52 AM
0 609
Looking for something with lots of worked examples in lagrangian mechanics. The more useful books I've already checked...
Jun15-11 09:48 AM
0 584
I've been doing a lot of research on how the sum of a systems change and the environments change from point a to be...
Jun15-11 08:24 AM
2 653
Hi best regard to all This is my first post so forgive me in any mistakes. If some one can explain to me those...
Jun15-11 07:24 AM
5 846
can someone give me an example of isolated open systems ,which can allow me to understand 2nd law of...
Jun15-11 03:17 AM
4 957
Energy and momentum only differ by a factor of V/2. So in essence, at a fundamental level, does this mean that the...
Jun14-11 11:14 PM
9 2,107
I'm making my way through some workbooks at my job (coal-fired power plant) and I've hit a stumbling block. I could...
Jun14-11 09:36 PM
0 2,785
could someone told me an experiment that ı can find the dimensions of the electric charge in therms of m, kg, sec the...
Jun14-11 04:42 PM
3 7,913
My classmates had an argument. There are 2 trolleys; one of them (A) is attached to a solenoid wrapped around a...
Jun14-11 02:16 PM
9 1,793
Hi guys, I have a quick q about solving questions where there are two charges q1 and q2 approaching each other (in...
Jun14-11 12:59 PM
2 473
The documentary "Man on Wire" covers Philippe Petit's 1974 crossing between the WTC towers. The movie is available on...
Jun14-11 11:47 AM
1 1,150
I have read that the electric and magnetic fields are always "perpendicular". Is that true? And if so, does that...
Jun14-11 10:40 AM
2 703
I notice that sometimes there may be 2 ways of getting to the answer -- using energy, or "forces'. Can I always just...
Jun14-11 10:24 AM
I like Serena
8 1,647
Hello all, I'm currently working on some magnetic shielding, and my supervisor wants me to try and find an...
Jun14-11 06:16 AM
5 942
I'm a mechanical engineer and I'm really interested in electrical systems. I understand a fair amount about the basics...
Jun14-11 05:52 AM
6 2,144
Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. I enjoy physics but I'm full of doubts :) Now I'm trying to understand how...
Jun14-11 05:50 AM
2 1,449
Hey, all. I'm tutoring a freshman, and we've come to this particular problem, and I think there's missing data. He...
Jun14-11 04:41 AM
3 1,496
if we have cylinder full of water on a scale the we heat it, does the scale show any difference in weight of...
Jun14-11 03:00 AM
2 1,003
Can anyone explain the mechanics of a chain hoist and its mechanical advantage, in mathematical terms,??? thank you...
Jun14-11 12:20 AM
3 1,645
Hallo, I hope someone can help me with the following question: A submarine conatins 1000m^3 of air and has a...
Jun13-11 08:55 PM
2 1,489
I'm going into my third undergraduate year and have yet to take a course on thermodynamics and statistical physics,...
Jun13-11 07:53 PM
3 593
Hello friends .. I did a physics exam last week and had many doubts on questions 1 - d) e) and 2 - b) c) ... I tried...
Jun13-11 07:31 PM
1 933
Hi everybody. That's my first (of many) post here! I'm a brazilian guy who is trying o solve de Wopho's Problems....
Jun13-11 04:51 PM
3 1,007
I'm trying to understand how the polarization of an incident laser, (280.5 nm YAG in this case horizontally polarized)...
Jun13-11 03:50 PM
0 476
Hello, I need some help in a matter. I donīt have any great knowledge in thermodynamics. If I have a plate of...
Jun13-11 12:51 PM
4 1,136
hi all why do many things in physics move in waves ? in fact , if im not mistaken , everything apart from mass...
Jun13-11 11:23 AM
37 4,645
What is the proof that the total rate at which radiation is emitted by a black-body radiator is proportional to the...
Jun13-11 11:19 AM
2 874

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