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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,692
No message
Apr26-11 10:13 PM
0 430
Hi - I'm undertaking a self-study of calculus-based physics 101 using Sears/Zemansky's 'University Physics' text (12th...
Apr26-11 10:06 PM
4 1,555
Can matrix representations of any higher order Clifford Alebras be found ?
Apr26-11 09:14 PM
8 1,108
hello Can someone write me the proof, according to Maxwell's equation for magnetic field behaves like a wave?? thanks
Apr26-11 03:13 PM
4 863
1. how can the experimental result that the distance covered by a body during free fall is directly proportional to...
Apr26-11 02:55 PM
2 693
Could anyone prove the moment of inertia of a thin walled hollow sphere using the y^2 + x^2 = r^2. I have only studied...
Apr26-11 08:51 AM
Andrew Mason
1 1,673
I have a 2 questions regarding Newton’s third law and I will explain them using examples: 1. Body A is pushing...
Apr26-11 07:37 AM
Doc Al
1 997
Hi, This is my first post. Sorry for the mistakes it certainly contains. I have two questions. First, is there...
Apr26-11 03:55 AM
2 2,132
Hi, Originally I had a question about a wire that allows electrons to move to higher voltage. I could not figure...
Apr25-11 07:11 PM
26 2,259
How did Kepler exactly prove that the period squared is proportional to the radius cubed? If he didn't prove it. Then...
Apr25-11 06:58 PM
2 1,861
In the solution manual (which I never trust) the tension vector of the rope that emerges from point A only has a...
Apr25-11 05:27 PM
2 550
This is a question about the text of Hailiday/Resnick/Walker 8th ed. p217 - 219. It's not a homework problem, but...
Apr25-11 01:23 PM
Doc Al
8 6,406
If a body moves along a quarter of a circle and it is subject only to conservative forces, it is relatively easy to...
Apr25-11 01:01 PM
7 1,649
Refer to the attached picture, condition : assume steady state legend : red : insulated (adiabatic) ...
Apr25-11 11:36 AM
5 1,428
Please don't be too cruel. I obviously have to be doing something wrong but it seems to me that the gravitational...
Apr25-11 08:46 AM
29 4,013
does chaos imply ergodicity? or ergodicity imply chaos? which classical system is known to be ergodicity for...
Apr25-11 12:00 AM
0 557
Hi everyone, I'm working on a presentation for a physics class, and I've run into some difficulty. Our group is...
Apr24-11 11:49 PM
8 1,497
I know the equation for emf: -dflux/dt= -dB/dt*A . In my case everything is constant accept the magnetic field and I...
Apr24-11 07:14 PM
28 2,176
I was wondering if there is any way to prove the moment of inertia of a thin walled hollow sphere by using y^2 + x^2 =...
Apr24-11 06:48 PM
3 2,452
What is it that exactly causes an attraction between two masses?
Apr24-11 06:23 PM
8 993
Hi! I have been trying to understand how a "complicated" circiut can be transformed to show which resistors are...
Apr24-11 04:09 PM
4 1,272
In Classical Mechanics, are the three components of Angular Momentum L: Lx, Ly, Lz independent to each other? ...
Apr24-11 03:49 PM
2 2,405
hi, i have a problem understanding why the wave equations are as such if wave is moving left, it is f(z,t) =...
Apr24-11 01:12 PM
19 1,923
Whenever there's normal force there must be a force that causes it. Please explain how in this diagram of this object...
Apr24-11 09:24 AM
I like Serena
41 4,486
Lets say I have a beam with a cross section made of half aluminium and half steel glued together. I would like to know...
Apr24-11 05:00 AM
7 2,047
Hello, I just read a book reagarding newton and his laws and had few questions about it. What is Gravitational field...
Apr24-11 12:18 AM
6 1,189
I'm trying to understand how to do diffraction problems with apertures and don't really understand how to work...
Apr23-11 11:45 PM
0 473
How do (e^2)/(4Pi x epsilon x Planck constant x speed of light) cancel to give one and make the fine structure...
Apr23-11 04:41 PM
2 991
I have almost completed whole the derivation of maxwell equations but didn't get the answer that what was the purpose...
Apr23-11 04:31 PM
12 2,253
Hello, In the design of electromagnets, why does the length of the solenoid matter? The magnetic field inside a...
Apr23-11 03:58 PM
0 381
lets say i have a simple battery circuit 1) why is the static electric field ,produced by the potential difference...
Apr23-11 02:09 PM
14 1,550
Hi, I'm building a pair of helmholtz coils to do a variety of magnetism-related experiments. I've borrowed an old...
Apr23-11 01:53 PM
1 1,391
We've always been using mm^4, but I see in my answer book (answer written below) that one solution says R^4. Is it the...
Apr23-11 12:50 PM
29 3,584
Assuming only air friction, do you think it is equally as energy efficient to reach a destination in a vehicle...
Apr23-11 11:45 AM
7 1,260
How we can prove (using geomtry and not differential equation) that the orbit of planet have to be a conic section.
Apr23-11 09:02 AM
2 607
What would prevent this from being feasible 910nm-382nm-=528nm?????
Apr23-11 08:12 AM
3 2,807
hi everyone........ i was recently thinking about a generator that would work as per the principle of...
Apr23-11 03:34 AM
A Dhingra
25 4,296
does anyone know why the forces point in such a direction? basically, its a dipole (y-orient) in an E-field but...
Apr22-11 10:55 PM
15 1,532
Assume two charges, an electron and a proton, accelerate together. For example, let them start at (x,y)=(0,h) and...
Apr22-11 05:33 PM
cosmik debris
4 909
Does anyone have any tips on how to properly determine the degrees of freedom in simple mechanical systems? I've done...
Apr22-11 01:22 PM
0 1,332

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