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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,886
I know It's a common question....but i could not find satisfactory answer.....the question is "if every objects are...
Jul8-11 12:15 AM
4 1,953
If someone is running and jumps onto a merry-go-round, momentum is still conserved, correct? (ignoring friction). So,...
Jul7-11 10:00 PM
1 2,988
The reason why we have gravity. I think it is because of the insulation we have between us and the center of the...
Jul7-11 08:00 PM
3 2,032
Say fired from this gun; it's a gun i made from Pimp My Gun, but it's not real. however i'm curious of what is it's...
Jul7-11 07:14 PM
6 1,588
For my own edification. The Planck Function when integrated over all wavelengths will give the radiated power per...
Jul7-11 05:28 PM
Philip Wood
1 1,535
Why and how does Change in direction of a moving body accelerate it?
Jul7-11 10:37 AM
Philip Wood
5 2,983
Hi . I am making a robot that is supposed to detect a red ball with a camera, and then know where the ball is . The...
Jul7-11 06:23 AM
4 3,096
Hi. New to the forums so bear with me. I am trying to calculate the magnetic field at a distance r from a wire...
Jul6-11 02:41 PM
2 2,326
I got an SMS educating people how to find out the presence of a hidden cam in a trial room of a textile showroom or...
Jul6-11 01:55 PM
6 6,310
How much more than is to learn when you go from 2D to 3D? I'm curious to know whether all these problems I solve in 2D...
Jul6-11 08:22 AM
52 4,136
Lets say I have a negative line charge on a long thin rod, if I am at rest with respect to that rod I will see an E...
Jul6-11 06:18 AM
3 987
hi, thank you for taking the time to read my post, im looking at how to convert the force from a piston moving at...
Jul6-11 05:57 AM
16 1,839
I have been going through my equations and writing them up on the computer so I can refer to that when needed and have...
Jul6-11 05:31 AM
1 1,345
(This is NOT a homework question) I am told that this board is supported by two bearings: Radial bearing C, and...
Jul5-11 11:25 PM
6 2,556
I don't seem to understand Clausius inequality at all. Really. It was deduced to me that the Clausius inequality is...
Jul5-11 08:44 PM
Andrew Mason
4 2,196
Hello, In my book it states that an object thrown will fall 4.9 meters one second later. First of all, why does it...
Jul5-11 07:20 PM
6 1,072
Jul5-11 04:59 PM
1 828
Jul5-11 04:59 PM
2 674
I apologize many times in advance for asking what I suspect to be that which is the most repeated question on this...
Jul5-11 03:06 PM
4 870
Some textbooks that I read explain it in a way kind of like this: In a material the photons is absorbed by an atom...
Jul5-11 01:42 PM
4 1,444 I know that if I could apply force F to meet in a single...
Jul5-11 01:05 PM
8 1,738
What's the difference between moment of inertia and static moment? How does it differ in calculations?
Jul5-11 12:56 PM
I like Serena
7 8,813
Hello everyone! I've found this problem in my exercises book, and I'm having slight troubles solving it. "Consider a...
Jul5-11 02:58 AM
0 2,314
Hi all, I know that the electric field generated by a dipole is given by \mathbf{E}= \frac{3...
Jul4-11 08:26 PM
4 3,161
Say you touch the hot wire and a piece of plumbing simultaneously. Then current flows through the hot wire, through...
Jul4-11 05:59 PM
10 2,104
Hi, I'm doing a project on the Gauss gun and Newton's cradle. I'm trying to produce little models in MatLab and have...
Jul4-11 05:45 AM
0 1,405
Hello! I was thinking about what would happen if an atomic gas was allowed to expand in vacuum and concluded I...
Jul4-11 03:02 AM
1 815
So, we learned that the units of Moment of Inertia are mm^4. My question is how do they use moment of inertia in...
Jul4-11 01:19 AM
11 15,121
Hi guys, sorry to ask such a basic question, but I'm studying for the MCAT and need to get my fundamentals down! ...
Jul3-11 04:58 PM
16 2,927
Hi everyone! Here's my problem of the day: Let's take a box containing 3 identical (but distinguishable)...
Jul3-11 02:33 PM
1 894
Good afternoon, I was self-studying Electricity (Gauss' Law) and I have a doubt regarding the electric field near...
Jul3-11 07:14 AM
4 5,733 Basically those A and B wooden blocks are pressed against...
Jul3-11 06:14 AM
6 1,422
If I connect the +ve terminal of one battery to a terminal of a bulb and the other terminal of the bulb to the -ve...
Jul3-11 04:06 AM
10 1,359
Hey guys, its me again! This time, I was reading about projectile motion in my textbook, and noticed that they didn't...
Jul3-11 03:39 AM
3 2,032
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data I'm doing research with a professor at my college this...
Jul2-11 11:55 PM
2 1,332
Assuming that the sun is absolute black body, what portion of radiation coming from the sun, hits the earth? I know...
Jul2-11 11:49 PM
8 1,628
was just wondering... Do IR thermometers measure the temperature of an object via the intensity or wavelengths of...
Jul2-11 05:48 PM
3 4,929
I've seen quite a few videos in youtube (like ) and I wonder...
Jul2-11 04:26 PM
15 4,060
I understand that the electrostatic field around a charged particle contributes to its mass. It is as though there...
Jul2-11 03:22 PM
45 4,866
I have questions: 1) What is the limitation of using: \vec H ( \vec r, t) =\frac 1 v \nabla \times \vec...
Jul2-11 10:52 AM
1 1,173

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