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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,708
Hi all, I recently read an article on economist about Maxwell's Demon. It is mentioned that someone disproved...
Jan10-11 08:50 PM
21 3,299
Consider mass m_{1}and m_{2}with position vector (from an inertial frame) \overrightarrow{x_{1}} and...
Jan10-11 05:21 PM
4 632
We know basic classical mechanics is time-reversal invariant while there is a concept of irreversibility in...
Jan10-11 11:42 AM
7 1,707
I am refering to the book "Introduction to Electrodynamics" by Griffiths p317, Energy in magnetic field. \Phi =...
Jan10-11 11:15 AM
17 1,850
Hello! I want to know something about how is equation for rolling friction derived. Equation is listed below.
Jan10-11 08:25 AM
0 699
Hello i tried to calculate Bernulli's equation myself and i get negative pressures on both sides of equation. What am...
Jan10-11 04:43 AM
3 1,200
If the velocity of a stone is the same in all cases, what determines how high the water splashes when hit by the stone?
Jan9-11 07:47 PM
4 1,483
(I have myopia.)
Jan9-11 06:35 PM
3 1,060
Hello there. I have some difficulty in understanding the condition for a rigid body standing still (or rotating)....
Jan9-11 05:01 PM
7 1,654
Why cant trajectories in phase space intersect?
Jan9-11 04:19 PM
Rocky Raccoon
1 2,091
Does 1 metre cube of air really weigh 1kg? This is so hard to believe. So heavy?
Jan9-11 04:15 PM
7 997
Hello: I am a new member in this forum. :smile: I have question about this equation - in thermodynamics -: {...
Jan9-11 01:33 PM
1 568
Okay, please don't ask me why I would want to do the following; I'll try to explain.. I am writing a program and...
Jan9-11 09:34 AM
2 631 Questions are located at the bottom of the diagram..
Jan9-11 08:51 AM
0 1,621
Hello, Im looking at how to find out the Amp meters squared of a multi turn solenoid, preferably with an easy to...
Jan9-11 05:06 AM
0 1,656
Hello all! :smile: You know, I thought I knew something about ideal gas mixtures, but now I am not so sure. I am...
Jan8-11 11:16 PM
Andrew Mason
1 1,933
I'm trying to figure out how to determine how long a spring should be to drop a known weight a known length? For...
Jan8-11 07:56 PM
1 2,524
Hi guys! I want to ask something about escape velocity. I know the definition of EV "escape velocity is the...
Jan8-11 07:50 PM
6 1,033
I thought that the idea that the speed of light is a constant in every reference frame came from the Michelson-Morely...
Jan8-11 02:50 PM
4 640
I have just read about the principle of Doppler effect. However there is a point which seemed a bit tricky. ...
Jan8-11 10:37 AM
Doc Al
5 771
This is a question which I have been been tossing around for some time. By looking at gravitationally induced...
Jan8-11 10:32 AM
6 5,055
My Physics teacher yesterday said something that gave me pause. He was talking about the necessity of clearly...
Jan8-11 09:51 AM
2 1,955
Why are two (angular and linear) magnifications? Aren't they linearry proportional to each other?
Jan8-11 06:26 AM
0 1,128
I am a bit confused about the definition of elastic collision. What i have studied is, elastic collision is one in...
Jan8-11 05:51 AM
19 6,680
do you know any text or reference with extensive treatment on electromagnetic field ,potential & electromagnetic...
Jan7-11 10:14 PM
3 600
How many watts of power would it take to get a a mass of 1kg up to 300m/s? Leaving out friction, drag, etc.. Just how...
Jan7-11 04:19 PM
10 3,196
I'm having a difficult time understanding how the coulomb came to be around as a unit of charge. The definition that a...
Jan7-11 03:30 PM
1 1,614
I apologize if this is in the incorrect category... Can somebody please explain the Exponential Model associated with...
Jan6-11 08:03 PM
0 1,737
This is interesting... How will the length and the mass of a golf club affect how far the ball will travel? What...
Jan6-11 07:46 PM
4 1,745
When certain quantities are measured, the measured values are known only to within limits of the experimental...
Jan6-11 11:34 AM
7 1,227
For a body to undergo uniform circular motion, a centripetal force which is perpendicular to the velocity at all times...
Jan6-11 10:41 AM
4 3,956
Dear all, For a computer graphics rendering routine, I'm looking for an efficient way of computing the net Fresnel...
Jan6-11 07:46 AM
0 1,214
For the digital cameras, is the zoom-in is equivalent to move forward the camera? My simple camera gives me 5 level...
Jan6-11 07:46 AM
Andy Resnick
4 881
Ok, there's a bit I don't understand in my lecture notes. The maths doesn't seem to quite work out. Any help would be...
Jan6-11 06:46 AM
2 1,305
In deriving the plane wave solutions of Maxwell's equations in vacuum, one assumes from the very start that the E and...
Jan6-11 04:09 AM
22 5,260
What I'm asking is this: I'm researching bridge designs for a balsa wood bridge, but I'm wondering why that the...
Jan6-11 02:59 AM
3 771
This is my first year teaching High School Physics and I'm finding there are a lot of questions I should have asked 25...
Jan5-11 08:58 PM
3 1,637
If I apply 1 newton to 1 kilogram (at rest) for one second, it will have accelerated to 1 m/s^2 and traveled 0.5...
Jan5-11 11:45 AM
Doc Al
11 2,282
Like if something is going in a circle of radiues R at speed v with angular velocity w, then w=v/R. Where does this...
Jan4-11 05:46 PM
6 2,269
So suppose we have two dielectrics in contact and we want to know how \mathbf{D} varies across them, then we can use...
Jan4-11 04:15 PM
Meir Achuz
13 2,576

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