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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,992
Is there a difference in inductance of an inductance with magnetic material whether it is magnetized or not. Meaning...
Mar10-11 11:19 AM
3 1,289
Why does interfacial tension vanish at the critical pressure or temperature? I suppose really this is more a...
Mar9-11 06:27 PM
0 759
If I ran over a problem asking for power supplied by a non-ideal battery, or a battery with an internal resistance. ...
Mar9-11 05:23 PM
6 3,868
So my lecturer asked a physics audience (final year and postgrad) this question and no one got it right (at first): ...
Mar9-11 04:12 PM
2 3,150
If we have a set of cylindrical wires, which we know the radii and the lengths, how do we order them from least...
Mar9-11 03:08 PM
12 2,444
Poynting Theorem: \frac {dW}{dt} \;=\; \int _{v'} (\vec E \cdot \vec J) d \vec {v'} \;=\; -\frac 1 2 \frac...
Mar9-11 12:19 PM
2 803
See the figure- The block A...
Mar9-11 11:53 AM
8 3,584
I know a little bit about them already but I don't know exactly just how and why they work. I know that they are...
Mar9-11 09:44 AM
4 3,035
Is there any possible way that an electric field between two positivly charged plates (charge is the same on both of...
Mar9-11 09:42 AM
2 766
Hi there, physics lovers. I'm studying field theory. So far, so well. I got it with the lagrangian density. I...
Mar9-11 07:30 AM
MManuel Abad
8 1,450
Suppose you have a dissipative system where \dot{q}=p/m \dot{p}=-\gamma p -k\sin(q) So there isn't a...
Mar9-11 05:19 AM
39 3,295
Hi everyone, I'd like to ask you a question. How to calculate the diffusion speed from a bulk of gas with...
Mar9-11 03:26 AM
3 2,270
Hi - I'm designing a dining table, and am trying to calculate how much weight could be applied at the edge of the...
Mar8-11 08:37 PM
4 2,433
Does gravity stop accelerating objects once they are in contact with Earth's surface? If so, why?
Mar8-11 08:00 PM
11 1,100
In scientific-popular movie ``The future is wild`` they believe that high altitude gooses should have beauty blue...
Mar8-11 07:15 PM
5 11,348
I just read the following innocent sounding statement, which got me thinking: "An electron in motion relative to an...
Mar8-11 12:57 PM
4 847
Rectangular wave guide, TE01 mode I'm looking for the equations of the electric and magnetic fields over the volume...
Mar8-11 09:59 AM
23 5,053
Hi, I have two questions regarding the laws of thermodynamics 1) For example in...
Mar8-11 09:41 AM
7 2,023
Hey!, I was repeating for myself a course I had from a earlier year, fluid mechanics. I looked at the derivation of...
Mar8-11 08:32 AM
Andy Resnick
4 1,495
Good Day, Understanding that Rayleigh scattering is a limiting case of Mie scattering why physically do we see...
Mar8-11 08:09 AM
Andy Resnick
6 2,999
Hi, have somebody read this book? Guillemin and Sternberg introduces the notion of mass on page 435. But I don't...
Mar8-11 01:24 AM
0 1,316
What i mean to say is that, i understand the concept of "change of distance", "change of time" and other changes and...
Mar7-11 08:53 PM
8 2,288
Hey guys, the other day i was reading about eddy currents and it was getting intersting, except i had a few questions...
Mar7-11 12:33 PM
4 2,047
A Van der Waals gas in thermal contact with a heat reservoir at temperature T0 undergoes a reversible, isothermal...
Mar7-11 12:30 PM
0 2,572
Today, during class, our professor went through a simple example about Piezoelectricity. We have a cylinder with a...
Mar7-11 11:53 AM
0 696
According to this site a good choice of...
Mar7-11 05:29 AM
5 1,158
So I'm pretty sure I have the right answer I just wanna make sure I am getting the idea. There is a large solid...
Mar7-11 04:57 AM
2 1,010
This is not homework even thought this is an example in the book of Griffiths "Introduction of Electrodynamics" 3rd...
Mar7-11 04:26 AM
4 1,221
This is a question I made up for a math research paper. Please tell me what you think about it, I'm not asking anyone...
Mar7-11 01:03 AM
0 707
I was wondering - when pressure is applied to solids, do they heat up? Not pressure like an impact - I'm not talking...
Mar6-11 10:53 PM
6 2,108
My idea is : electricity can be transfered 100% into heat. Mechanical energy can be as well. But heat can not be...
Mar6-11 10:33 PM
5 2,973
I know the ideal gas law applies, but how?
Mar6-11 12:48 PM
10 12,233
reading the very interesting discussion on the long thread on the 2nd law, had a couple of much more basic questions...
Mar6-11 09:36 AM
A. Neumaier
17 2,265
Hi, I have a problem that in some references the magnetic energy is B^2/(2 mu) and in some references it is...
Mar6-11 09:32 AM
4 1,558
hi;I am a new member here. I hope to benefit from you. I love physics very much but I donot know a lot about this...
Mar6-11 07:51 AM
4 1,929
Which component E or B of an electromagnetic wave is responsible for visible effect?
Mar6-11 05:56 AM
23 2,519
I am having a little trouble understanding this and I was wondering if I could get some help. I understand that...
Mar5-11 10:29 PM
7 11,431
Hello all! First post! I've been meaning to join this board for a while. I'm an electronic engineer with interests...
Mar5-11 06:30 PM
0 2,054
Let's consider a particle in a rotating coordinate system, bearing in mind that in classical mechanics, the...
Mar5-11 07:12 AM
0 1,561
I think I have a wrong definition of the word 'voltage'. For example, a bird perching on a live wire with its 2 legs...
Mar5-11 06:32 AM
4 1,348

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