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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,898
This is usually in the first chapter of the EM books and I never see this in any of my calculus, vector calculus, PDE...
Mar25-11 07:23 PM
29 2,943
For example, you have an electrical circuit, which consists of a battery of 6V, a zero ohm resistor and a light bulb...
Mar25-11 06:42 PM
8 1,255
Hi guys, I need to model a ball rolling on an incline plane, and i would like to be able to calculate acceleration...
Mar25-11 04:26 PM
Doc Al
21 2,802
Ok, I did not take thermodynamics and my internet searching made little headway but gave me more questions. When...
Mar25-11 03:42 PM
1 1,874
I have been doing mechanics in college and in the present chapter,two of the concepts that I found rather confusing...
Mar25-11 02:51 PM
18 13,198
So many telecom operators claim that their users will get network coverage even inside an elevator. But according to...
Mar25-11 02:19 PM
1 1,187
I am trying to build an optics bench, similar to one you might find in a high school physics classroom. This is a...
Mar25-11 12:29 PM
1 2,077
A point charge generates electric field lines that are radially directed from the source in spherical symmetry....
Mar25-11 10:45 AM
3 5,562
Hello, could someone tell me what is the main difference between effects of diffraction and interference? For...
Mar25-11 10:07 AM
6 3,261
If we have capacitance of 1840 Farads/gram, how much Wh/kg (energy density) it will be? How it applies to...
Mar25-11 09:19 AM
2 3,003 A student walks...
Mar25-11 07:59 AM
5 1,318
If you have air moving through a 3' tube connected to a 1' tube with a taperd connection. Than the pressure in the 3'...
Mar25-11 01:44 AM
7 2,098
So I am reading a text written by my Thermodinamics professor and I find something that I still can't accept. ...
Mar24-11 10:27 PM
1 1,689
I'm working my way through Jose and Saletan's mechanics text and I'm at the end of chapter 5 which introduces...
Mar24-11 07:05 PM
11 1,747
I know there have been some forums here about hot air rising, but I'm curious - how fast does hot air rise? Also, how...
Mar24-11 03:17 PM
10 5,529
If I am given the distribution function for electrons f=f(E) and also a cross section for a particular electronic...
Mar24-11 12:36 PM
0 798
Does friction does any work on an object purely rolling? Would mechanical energy be always conserved when when an...
Mar24-11 09:25 AM
4 1,246
Hi, I have a couple of questions for my general knowledge because I have a test coming up and I'm confused on some...
Mar24-11 09:23 AM
2 979
I would like to know if someone here can help sort out my confusion... It is easy to derive that dU=TdS-pdV ...
Mar24-11 07:41 AM
7 3,223
When I read about Fresnel equations, I see that it is based on boundary equations determined by Maxwell's equations. ...
Mar24-11 07:34 AM
5 1,348
When thinking about how everyday engines could be made to be more efficient . I remembered a biology lecture, where I...
Mar24-11 07:14 AM
max efficient
21 2,980
Is it possible to show that the maximum efficiency for a heat engine is given by \eta = 1 - \frac{T_c}{T_h} where...
Mar24-11 05:47 AM
4 13,615 the graph is as per the link but my question is that at a particular...
Mar24-11 02:22 AM
Sourabh N
1 1,919
What is the longest focal length practical for a lens and/or shaped mirror? I ask because it would be good if we...
Mar23-11 11:06 PM
1 604
Pardon me if this is the wrong section for this question, but "energy" seemed like a topic that could fit in almost...
Mar23-11 09:01 PM
9 4,039
hi, How can I show that the chemical potential of an ideal gas (T,V ) can be given by: \mu(T , V , N...
Mar23-11 08:27 PM
4 3,534
I am designing an eddy current brake system for use in roller coaster design. I have the flux density required to...
Mar23-11 04:21 PM
2 1,907
Dear Friends & Colleagues, I would like to propose the following Question, Is there a way to technically Measure...
Mar23-11 11:39 AM
2 2,475
Dear Colleagues, I would like to submit to your court the article in which we attempt a physical analysis of living...
Mar23-11 09:23 AM
Vladimir Matveev
2 958
I have two physics books that state that U(r) = -GMm/r What I don't understand,is how can potential energy be...
Mar22-11 10:39 PM
7 1,704
I have to create an object that will accelerate down a ramp and travel for three meters. Once i solve the angle of the...
Mar22-11 10:16 PM
0 863
Hi, I'd like to know what makes a magnifying glass better at starting a fires by focusing the sun light. Is it the...
Mar22-11 08:45 PM
10 6,088
Hello all, Just wondering if someone can give me a brief explanation of Wood's anomaly with regards to optics. ...
Mar22-11 07:16 PM
2 13,579
Lets say we have a fixed voltage output on a generator... As we load it down (require more current to flow out of...
Mar22-11 06:18 PM
5 1,085
In my book, it says that gravity can be thought of as a force in the form of this vector: F= (-GMm)/(x2+y2+z2)*u ...
Mar22-11 05:44 PM
2 2,468
a) If heat flows through a stack of several different layers, what quantity is the same for each layer? What...
Mar22-11 02:24 PM
0 1,349
what is the difference between eddy current and induced current? and how could eddy current cause energy loss? does...
Mar22-11 12:41 PM
32 4,670
We did an experiment using the physical pendulum to measure gravitational acceleration g. A graph is shown in this...
Mar22-11 10:27 AM
2 1,498
Well the question is in the title. Does Malus' Law ( ) follow automatically...
Mar22-11 09:41 AM
A. Neumaier
3 7,655
Often times I read in these forums that the sped of light is C in a vacuum, but is slower in non-vacuum environments....
Mar22-11 09:37 AM
A. Neumaier
5 2,027

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