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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,194
suppose a rod of mass m and resistance R,is going down the inclined surface in the uniform magnetic field( see...
Mar31-11 02:47 PM
5 709
Aren't there any longitudinal waves moving back and forth within the oscilating spring? (I'd prefere a jumping spring...
Mar31-11 02:08 PM
0 760
Suppose the dielectric material is fixed in position and filling the capacitor, and you would have this term in the...
Mar31-11 11:10 AM
1 850
Why entropy change associated with work is zero?
Mar31-11 10:58 AM
2 816
When light is partially reflected by a half-silvered mirror, as in an interferometer, do the reflected and transmitted...
Mar31-11 06:50 AM
Meir Achuz
2 1,685
Hi, Doesn't a magnet attract objects of different mass(consider Point mass), but placed at the same distance from...
Mar31-11 06:41 AM
Meir Achuz
2 2,082
Something Vexing me about Magnetism and Conservation of Energy I have been thinking about an issue at work and it...
Mar31-11 05:51 AM
4 1,256
if water is flowing in a streamline motion then at 2 points at same horizontal level can the pressure be same if area...
Mar30-11 10:59 PM
2 1,031
Say you have a convex 2D polygon with a set of vertices rotating on a flat surface. Given the coefficient of friction...
Mar30-11 10:04 PM
2 2,226
in the movie i was watching that is set in space, some of the characters get frozen while exposed to the vacuum of...
Mar30-11 09:52 PM
8 3,020
Hi, I am trying to work out the electric field strength associated with a number of different electronic systems at...
Mar30-11 05:53 PM
Don Kelly
11 29,214
Please explain how the Continuum Idealization allows us to treat properties as point functions and to assume that...
Mar30-11 05:48 PM
Andy Resnick
1 1,221
I am stuck up in a situation created by me. Consider a block A resting on a smooth horizontal surface. There is...
Mar30-11 04:17 PM
3 848
I don't remember why the Boltzmann constant is the perfect number that lets us convert the log of the multiplicity to...
Mar30-11 04:13 PM
3 1,856
Hello i need a 9VAC 1.3A source but it's hard to come by... is there a way i can use a similar source? i don't...
Mar30-11 03:39 PM
1 669
I'm trying to design a simple torsion spring catapult to launch a 0.15kg ball at a velocity of 35 m/sec at the moment...
Mar30-11 01:20 PM
1 3,834
The sun emits radiation in all directions. On the Earth, the rays from the sun are approximately parallel. Whatever...
Mar30-11 12:29 PM
2 788
I believe that it is the case that if I were on Pluto, say the sun would appear much smaller, the area of the disc I'd...
Mar30-11 11:20 AM
8 2,221
If you have an electrical appliance which is labelled " 240V, 2000W ", What will happen if you plug it to an...
Mar30-11 10:33 AM
3 1,023
1-this is what is written in my book: E= Ir+E' where E' is the back emf, r and E' are constants P(mechanical)=E'*I...
Mar30-11 09:46 AM
3 658
we have studied electromagnetic induction that takes place in coils, solenoids, or wires forming geometrical shape,...
Mar30-11 09:36 AM
4 2,572
I have seen a reversible process defined as one in which the system and surroundings are restored to their initial...
Mar30-11 08:06 AM
Andrew Mason
9 1,707
greetings, why the radii of the tip of lightning rod is small(few mm)? thanks.
Mar30-11 06:26 AM
5 1,748
Angular momentum is equal to cross product of radius and linear momentum (moment of momentum) Torque is the cross...
Mar30-11 01:10 AM
2 2,312
what would happen if I take apart the plates of a charged capacitor? Would the plates stay charged, or will the plates...
Mar29-11 10:31 PM
15 1,965
Where is it writ that forces must act in straight lines?
Mar29-11 09:05 PM
13 1,016
when looking at objects illuminated by sodium street lamps, I felt that they appeared somewhat different from what...
Mar29-11 07:51 PM
1 1,148
I posed a question to my gr12 physics class today along these lines: suppose a mass (m) travelling on a...
Mar29-11 07:24 PM
6 1,803
At equilibrium, a conducting object will have no electric field, current or excess charge in its interior. There's a...
Mar29-11 05:36 PM
10 2,247
Dear all, I have three forces acting on a body 1. a constant force 2. a time varying force 3. a distance...
Mar29-11 04:08 PM
1 2,201
The equation for the time period of a mass spring system does not contain gravitational field strength as a variable,...
Mar29-11 04:03 PM
2 6,307
The fundamental temperature is defined so that 1/τ = ∂σ/∂U. This relation occurs as an equilibrium state, so wouldn't...
Mar29-11 09:46 AM
7 1,121
hi, i have some question and i hope someone know answers: Lets have closed two dimensional space with some...
Mar29-11 09:26 AM
3 1,572
does anyone know why for a torsion dynamometer, even though it measures the force, it can still be used as a torque...
Mar29-11 08:34 AM
4 1,544
I can't figure out why it should. Here's what I'm thinking: - Light is affected by the gravity, and gravity is the...
Mar29-11 05:12 AM
6 1,089
Hi, I want to use the stefan-boltzmann law to find the emissivity of a metal. H = AeσT^4 - Ts^4 I have recorded...
Mar29-11 03:20 AM
0 784
Lately I'm thinking about the question of how to convey how Maxwell was able to derive from first principles how fast...
Mar29-11 03:13 AM
7 3,063
Background - I am a retired aeronautical and mechanical engineer (70 years old) and closed my...
Mar29-11 02:57 AM
2 2,133
Two concepts whose definitions are unclear to me: 1) Provide a fundamental operational definition for work done....
Mar29-11 02:43 AM
1 1,342
what will be the change in momentum if a particle moves from one point to its diametrically opposite.
Mar28-11 11:51 PM
1 690

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