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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,690
I was curious about how exactly energy was transferred in electrical circuits because all my texts were inadequate....
Aug20-09 10:23 AM
3 1,259
I need to find a means to calculate the load on three or four ropes that are supporting a weight between them. These...
Aug20-09 06:53 AM
9 3,831
In what kind of instances would the quantity of impulse be used? My text book says that it's when very large forces...
Aug20-09 03:37 AM
4 729
I was studying avometer, and came across this paragraph which I find confusing: "The voltage measuring part of the...
Aug20-09 02:51 AM
1 1,229
In essence, Beers law describes the behavior of a quantity where the probability of a unit of that quantity over a...
Aug20-09 01:56 AM
John Creighto
0 1,192
Hi, Let E(r,t) = E(r)exp(-ikz)exp(iwt) be a plane wave in time domain, propagating...
Aug20-09 12:28 AM
2 1,040
Every coil have more than one layer.All coils are coaxial. I kown all their dimensions ,turns,layers. I use...
Aug19-09 09:37 PM
0 568
In the kinetic theory of Gases , we rely purely on classical mechanics. We derive the equations using classical...
Aug19-09 07:35 PM
2 661
I'm designing a paddle wheel drive house boat and need to do some calculations to see if the parts I have on hand can...
Aug19-09 03:32 PM
0 3,521
I was told that you need a low voltage, high amperage taser to make any damage. I know that touching devices with high...
Aug19-09 02:44 PM
John Creighto
6 21,244
ive been trying to do this question all summer to no joy. ive got a flywheel in motion which then has a torque...
Aug19-09 06:41 AM
2 1,164
Quantities, like photons, alpha/beta particles, can travel with a billiard ball like behavior. There are two...
Aug19-09 03:22 AM
John Creighto
0 570
we've been studying te physics involved in bungee jumping. We went to a bungee site, and recorded data, such as length...
Aug19-09 02:32 AM
10 1,969
1)What is the formal definition of a point charge? It is known, that coulomb's law , is valid for point charges? But...
Aug19-09 02:08 AM
4 1,549
Hi ive been having an argument with a few friends about a theory of mine (based on what i can remember from my physics...
Aug18-09 11:34 PM
16 4,909
I'm confused by coarse and fine grained entropy and how they're related to the standard Boltzmann and Gibbs equations....
Aug18-09 10:18 PM
SW VandeCarr
1 1,856
This is a physics and math problem The representation of a vector as a straight ray is problematic Imagine an arc of...
Aug18-09 03:07 PM
1 506
I recently watched the Feynman Messenger Lectures on project tuva. I hope some of you have watched the second video...
Aug18-09 11:27 AM
4 1,416
Dear all, I've found in many books forces acting between 2 parallel wires, but not between a magnetic field and a...
Aug18-09 02:06 AM
4 603
Let's say there is flat floor at y=0 . There is a rectangle of which two vertices are at (0,0) and (w,h). There is a...
Aug18-09 01:23 AM
4 732
Yesterday my friend asked me: what will happen if a force F with constant magnitude is applied to one end of a free...
Aug17-09 11:24 PM
5 784
I'm have some conceptual problems with electric fields and waves. When I think of electromagnetic waves I imagine...
Aug17-09 10:39 PM
7 1,370
My question is a basic one so patience would be appreciated =) Say we have a train moving at velocity "v"...
Aug17-09 09:47 PM
9 803
I was doing some rotation problems the other day out of my physics textbook when I realized that invariably all the...
Aug17-09 05:45 PM
2 850
What is the force (horsepower) required turn a 750mm diameter shaft with a mass of 1,000kg, at a velocity of 160 rpms,...
Aug17-09 04:50 PM
2 804
Hello all! I just finished the following problem: Consider a thin semi-infinite plate of negligible thickness...
Aug17-09 03:32 PM
2 3,434
hi all I am trying to use a circuit of NiCr wire to heat a surface. I have setup my circuit using parallel...
Aug17-09 02:13 PM
1 520
I ran across this question on another site but I didn't understand the answer that was given. The question asked...
Aug17-09 01:08 PM
21 2,798
Hello everybody! I would like to know if the back pressure in a piezoelectrically actuated displacement pump with...
Aug17-09 03:02 AM
0 956
It seems like a simple question, but I get the feeling that there is a catch: You are standing on a plate attached to...
Aug16-09 11:46 PM
46 16,052
I read the paper of Hehl and Obukhov (A gentle introduction to the foundations of classical electrodynamics: The...
Aug16-09 01:29 PM
Ben Niehoff
2 860
A train is moving towards north at one place. it turns towards north east. here we observe that the radius of...
Aug16-09 12:13 PM
1 656
Hi, I have a couple of questions here: 1st, I never really understood how magnetism induces current, like how does...
Aug16-09 01:25 AM
12 3,917
Would it be possible to calculate the time it would take for heat to reach a given temperature between two rubbing...
Aug15-09 06:47 PM
5 2,784
friends, in lightining conductor, a metal plate with number of spikes is connected to the top end of the conductor...
Aug15-09 06:06 PM
1 605
This is a somewhat unusual question. I am looking for any physics problem in which the number or factor...
Aug15-09 11:39 AM
10 1,680
Hello everyone, I just joined the forum because my friends and I have been having an argument for a couple hours...
Aug15-09 06:48 AM
5 720
I know that this site is not for speculation, but can someone help me in this doubt ?:rolleyes: I know that...
Aug14-09 04:51 PM
16 4,597
Can someone explain magnets at the subatomic level to me? According to wikipedia, many of the electrons' spins are...
Aug14-09 04:16 PM
3 1,095
Is there a consensus on whether or not a co-accelerated observer measures radiation from an accelerated charge?
Aug14-09 02:53 AM
19 2,055

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