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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,902
Question 1: Why is it required for the slit separation to be at least one wavelength in the double slit experiment? ...
Nov4-09 10:37 PM
sweet springs
13 2,950
Hi all: I am confused about one question. When we detect signal from human brain using coil in Nuclear Magnetic...
Nov4-09 08:44 PM
Bob S
1 1,354
I recently brake my brain on the following problem: -------------------------------------- (+) ...
Nov4-09 06:31 PM
9 1,082
Hi all: In magnetic resonance imaging such as human brain head image, I select several regions of interest (ROI) with...
Nov4-09 05:47 PM
2 1,791
Hi everyone, I have been trying to find an answer to the following question on several websites on the topic, but...
Nov4-09 05:27 PM
Philip Wood
30 9,321
Imagine being on the equator (and that the Earth is a perfect sphere). Also imagine that the Earth is spinning just...
Nov4-09 05:21 PM
14 1,835
I've seen dozens of examples of well-made games and demonstrations that seem to handle this concept perfectly well,...
Nov4-09 04:39 PM
0 688
What is the role of Conserved quantities in physical system?
Nov4-09 12:02 PM
2 824
What is the physical significance of Poisson Bracket?
Nov4-09 07:58 AM
0 1,096
When I was younger, I placed water inside a tin pan and placed it inside a microwave. I tuned it on, sparks went...
Nov4-09 05:47 AM
8 1,414
Hello I am working through a textbook here, struggling to follow a mathematical step. We are deriving the partition...
Nov4-09 04:52 AM
0 764
Would anyone mind explaining Energy Transfer like conduction conductivity convection radiation. I'm trying to do...
Nov3-09 09:28 PM
0 2,187
Suppose an engine uses multiple heat reservoirs: When calculating the carnot (maximum possible efficiency) is it...
Nov3-09 09:10 PM
2 626
The Ericsson cycle is as follows: 1) Isobaric expansion: temperature T2 goes to higher T1 at pressure P. 2)...
Nov3-09 07:55 PM
0 2,417
Hi! I have trouble with the following: 1) Consider an ericsson cycle. It is easy to calculate the change of...
Nov3-09 05:44 PM
0 1,264
The fall semester is coming to an end and finals are coming up soon. I took thermal and statistical mechanics this...
Nov3-09 10:36 AM
0 476
Can someone please explain how the current regularly changes direction after some time in alternating current? I mean...
Nov3-09 06:15 AM
4 1,068
I've read in quite a few textbooks, chemistry and physics, that we can approximate a gas as many molecules which are...
Nov3-09 12:38 AM
31 5,439
I'm seeking help in understanding Kirchoff-Helmholtz Integral. Actually what i am facing the problem here is, i...
Nov2-09 11:25 PM
0 877
Is it possible to obtain a temperature lower than 0 K
Nov2-09 01:31 PM
27 2,435
How to calculate the shear rate for the flow of a shear thinning liquid in a non circular duct
Nov2-09 12:37 PM
2 802
how are weights distributed on a beam
Nov2-09 12:08 PM
1 701
Dear all, could please give my some links or references to material that justifies the mathematical and physical...
Nov2-09 12:05 PM
Andy Resnick
1 958
What is a tension force ??? Where does it originate from ??????
Nov2-09 09:00 AM
5 712
wHAT are the forces acting on a particle placed on a plate which is moving with an acceleration??
Nov2-09 08:52 AM
R Power
3 609
As stated in the question: I have PV(T) vs P plotted for 2 different temperatures. I'm to approximate the the...
Nov2-09 08:26 AM
7 5,270
whenever 2 bodies are in contact , why do they exert force normal to each other on each other , i mean the normal...
Nov2-09 08:25 AM
R Power
2 534
when you're done using an electric mixer, you can get most of the batter off the beaters by lifting them out of the...
Nov2-09 08:04 AM
1 722
In a turn, a rider might be leaning over at around 45 degrees at times. What is the g-force at that point going down...
Nov2-09 06:51 AM
4 963
Suppose you have an arbitrary waveform made up of different frequencies of light. In books the different frequencies...
Nov2-09 06:12 AM
2 717
Do magnets attract objects in a straight line? a.) magnet dipole - magnet dipole b.) magnet dipole - electric...
Nov1-09 10:22 PM
0 1,224
Suppose A box represents the universe. It also has a battery and a propellor inside it. The propellor is supposed to...
Nov1-09 08:26 PM
8 1,315
Consider the following cyclic process: Each cycle 800J of Energy is transfered from a reservoir at 800K and 600J of...
Nov1-09 04:22 PM
5 1,203
If I swing around a mass attached to a string, and then suddenly let go, the mass will fly off in a direction tangent...
Nov1-09 02:15 PM
9 1,016
Hi, I've been wonderring what happens to a substance once boiling point is reached, in particular the rate of...
Nov1-09 10:24 AM
Count Iblis
12 7,226
By "static" in this thread, I mean the charge and current density is constant in time (so things can be moving, but...
Nov1-09 01:30 AM
5 1,233
I recently read an article about Joseph Kittinger which stated that in a skydive, he was subjected to a G force of 22...
Oct31-09 08:53 PM
17 2,158
We find the equivalent resistance(let us denote it by R) of an infinitely long ladder circuit by considering that it...
Oct31-09 06:56 PM
3 4,233
Hey all, I have a lab coming up that deals with the emission spectra of H, He,Ne,Hg, and N_2 I am looking around...
Oct31-09 06:34 PM
3 935
Hm just having a little problem with this which should only take a second to check, trust me I have used the search...
Oct31-09 04:56 PM
Doc Al
10 1,524

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