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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,892
By "static" in this thread, I mean the charge and current density is constant in time (so things can be moving, but...
Nov1-09 01:30 AM
5 1,249
I recently read an article about Joseph Kittinger which stated that in a skydive, he was subjected to a G force of 22...
Oct31-09 08:53 PM
17 2,190
We find the equivalent resistance(let us denote it by R) of an infinitely long ladder circuit by considering that it...
Oct31-09 06:56 PM
3 4,257
Hey all, I have a lab coming up that deals with the emission spectra of H, He,Ne,Hg, and N_2 I am looking around...
Oct31-09 06:34 PM
3 955
Hm just having a little problem with this which should only take a second to check, trust me I have used the search...
Oct31-09 04:56 PM
Doc Al
10 1,559
I read that the centrifugal force acts radially outwards on a stone being revolved by a person with a string. But I...
Oct31-09 07:56 AM
41 3,184
Um, I suppose this is very basic but I just got kind of confused. Okay suppose you are standing and swinging a rope...
Oct31-09 05:40 AM
17 4,115
So just to verify (i'm not sure about this): The electric field inside a conductor is zero? the electric field...
Oct30-09 10:32 PM
1 906
When working out circuits problems, can we consider a voltmeter to read the difference in the scalar potential between...
Oct30-09 08:05 PM
4 2,515
I'm currently trying to look into the optics of extended sources. Google doesn't seem too helpful. Anyway, I have...
Oct30-09 07:32 PM
Andy Resnick
1 800
I know light is the fastest thing in the universe. But what about forces, namely gravity, magnetism, strong and weak...
Oct30-09 12:10 PM
67 8,261
Hi everyone Long time since i posted something. (May be i have posted at the wrong place, Doc Al...feel free to...
Oct30-09 08:55 AM
5 1,739
I implemented collisions with walls in my Java physics engine, complete with elasticity and friction, but I am not...
Oct30-09 08:00 AM
1 1,034
Ordinarily, a system of N particles in d dimensions has 2Nd constants of motion, but there are certain invariants,...
Oct30-09 04:45 AM
9 1,056
Hi, I have been trying to find the (causal) Green's function of \frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial t^2} +...
Oct29-09 11:50 PM
5 4,442
I don't understand why a rotating gyroscope whose rotation axis is inclined with respect to a vertical axis does not...
Oct29-09 09:11 PM
40 10,841
So I am doing a practical on the Zeeman effect, and have not been able to find an answer to the following: The...
Oct29-09 12:20 PM
0 1,055
I would like to find an equation to calculate the evaporate rates of water under a vacuum ranging from 26-28 inHg, a...
Oct29-09 01:50 AM
0 1,044
Hi, Could somebody pls give details on how extinction spectrum can be calculated. In several books I refered,...
Oct29-09 12:30 AM
0 6,461
So my professor has been kind of lazy lately. he goes through a lot of problems on the chalkboard half way till he...
Oct28-09 11:41 PM
2 751
I'm thinking about generalizations of Lagrangian mechanics to systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom, but...
Oct28-09 11:56 AM
1 2,529
The figure shows an insulating ring and an infinite straight wire resting on the surface of an infinite plane. The...
Oct28-09 11:17 AM
0 1,011
I have a heat transfer question, I work in a plant and am doing a re-insulation project. If an unexposed steel steam...
Oct28-09 12:29 AM
4 6,643
If so, why? Shouldn't it attract positive charges equally from all sides?
Oct27-09 07:19 PM
10 1,759
Let's say I were to place a test charge, q0, in a standard electric field E = k*q1/(r^2). How would I find the...
Oct27-09 04:27 PM
3 2,006
I am trying to code a 2D rigid body physics engine in Java, and I am having some trouble figuring out how an object...
Oct27-09 03:43 PM
15 2,824
Hi, In gravitational force law F=-G\frac{M_{1}M_{2}}{x^{2}}if i want to find the distance function which depends on...
Oct27-09 03:15 PM
11 2,946
I know how to figure out how much energy is needed to acclerate to a certain speed. What I don't know is how much...
Oct27-09 11:11 AM
1 1,406
In the vicinity of antenna, electric field strength have terms that vary as 1/r, 1/(r^2), and 1/(r^3). The terms...
Oct27-09 05:59 AM
0 865
What are the problems in Newton's law of universal gravitation? Please explain using simple physics if possible.
Oct27-09 05:40 AM
6 1,583
Hello fellow physicists! This is a problem out of my graduate E&M course, and I was hoping some of y'all might have...
Oct26-09 11:01 PM
7 3,616
Hello. I'm new here to the Physics Forum, but I was hoping I could contribute. While I was in high school, my...
Oct26-09 08:14 PM
7 1,152
just out of curiosity - it seems evident to me that the capacitance of a conductive body should be between the...
Oct26-09 07:52 PM
0 1,614
I was doing this experiment with the setup which as follows. You have long aluminium bar which as 28 masses attached...
Oct26-09 07:43 PM
Andy Resnick
1 781
Is it possible to create a strong enough (artificial) magnetic field to stop high energy particles? Much like the...
Oct26-09 04:31 PM
8 1,119
Today (25-10-09) I visited beach on the west coast with clearly south wind. Looking to the waves, there were some...
Oct26-09 02:22 PM
2 624
Hi, a search on google will reveal that an ocean wave is both transverse, and longitudinal. Another search will also...
Oct26-09 02:02 PM
2 1,875
I have one question. If I have Hamiltonian: H=\sum^{f_1}_{i=1}\alpha_iq_i^2+\sum^{f_2}_{i=1}\beta_ip_i^2 I can...
Oct26-09 01:00 PM
Petar Mali
2 2,007
hey there, my question is just regarding non-linear resistors, basically if you had a situation whereby the current...
Oct26-09 08:13 AM
5 1,274
Is given by v2 = 2P/ρ Where P is the pressure and ρ is the density of water. What exactly do you mean by...
Oct26-09 01:51 AM
9 5,160

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