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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,811
can you help me relate velocity and angle in a graph? please, how are they related? how is it possible to plot...
Jul23-09 01:54 AM
1 1,465
Hi All, I don't know whether this question makes any sense or not anyhow i will ask. For example, consider a...
Jul22-09 02:47 PM
7 935
Hello, I haven't learned a lot of physics and math, but I don't know how I misunderstand the following concepts: ...
Jul22-09 11:17 AM
3 1,426
Hi. Say a particle is moving around in uniform circular motion. The way my book attacks this problem is by placing...
Jul22-09 07:29 AM
9 1,957
How does one define an electric field??
Jul22-09 05:43 AM
8 968
Im trying to find the velocity for the surface wave on water. Its like when you throw a pebble on a small lake and...
Jul21-09 05:35 PM
1 1,177
I would like to determine how long it would take a volume of water to cool from an initial temperature to a final...
Jul21-09 04:58 PM
4 920
Hi, I have attempted a basic gravitation question from “Classical Mechanics” R. Douglas Gregory (1st ed). I get the...
Jul21-09 02:32 PM
Sourabh N
6 1,910
Last time people concluded that 'I proved the law of conservation of energy and momentum wrong by my...
Jul21-09 12:45 PM
1 637
I developed a propulsion system...a propulsion system which has no interactions from the environment...i.e the force...
Jul21-09 11:38 AM
41 2,386
Hallo, Does the velocity i simple harmonic oscillator is zero in equilibrium points? if it's true how does it...
Jul21-09 09:14 AM
6 1,064
why there is no magnetic lines of force through soft ring placed in a magnetic field ???????
Jul20-09 08:55 PM
Bob S
1 1,864
Hello Physics Forum! My name is Adam Rubin. I am a magician and I write a monthly column called, Braindrops for...
Jul20-09 07:12 PM
5 1,140
I'm working on an experiment where I'm trying to simulate the natural cycle of temperature changes in a River. I have...
Jul20-09 06:54 PM
0 497
I want to know the relationship between the resistive forces of a gyroscopic exercise tool and the revolutions per...
Jul20-09 09:30 AM
2 1,597
It is well known that phase velocities can be FTL (faster than light). It is often said that group velocities cannot...
Jul20-09 08:52 AM
George Jones
6 1,617
Hello, I have a question regarding page 241 of “Principles of Electrodynamics” by Melvin Schwartz. He is deriving...
Jul20-09 08:35 AM
1 1,178
I reading a physics book on my own right now and I appear to be stuck. The problem is as follows: A 10 m long...
Jul19-09 07:02 PM
8 2,401
"classical" physics is completely defined by three basic theories. It starts with the basic theory, F=dp/dt, p = mv,...
Jul19-09 01:15 PM
12 1,427
The simple pulley :- A simple pulley consists essentially of a wheel with a rope round it which it contained in a...
Jul19-09 07:18 AM
2 6,334
In the paper (1), the authors show that the group velocity can be faster than light, slower than light, infinite, or...
Jul19-09 03:26 AM
4 1,678
The below though experiment which i devised, raises some personal concerns about my understanding of thermodynamics...
Jul18-09 06:23 PM
15 3,772
Hi, I have a question that says there is a steel pipe with a cross section of 8 meters by 1 meter. Does that mean...
Jul18-09 05:29 PM
0 7,525
% varibles % I current(A) in +phi direction on ring % a ring radius (m) % Ndeg number of...
Jul18-09 05:19 PM
6 1,228
Hi all, There are 2 identical gears which are in the same axis. At first gear #1 rotates at angular velocity w,...
Jul18-09 05:13 PM
7 1,795
Can anyone explain that how the ice's temperature is zero degree and water's temperature is 80 degree are mix and...
Jul18-09 09:37 AM
4 864
Hi, I'm a newbie starting to study physics at a later age (45). I've tried to find an answer to my question in this...
Jul18-09 04:24 AM
2 1,103
Help! Which has higher heat conductivity: water or air? And could you give me a proof as well? Regards, Quan...
Jul17-09 09:31 PM
6 755
I didn't know where to post this question, so I'm sorry if I did it in the wrong section. I've fell over the...
Jul17-09 08:43 PM
2 1,114
Why is the electric field defind as per meter while the magnetic field is defined as per square meter? Does...
Jul17-09 12:31 PM
23 1,616
Hi! I am a french student who's discovering microfluidic through english texts and I am not sure to understand waht...
Jul17-09 07:31 AM
2 869
This is not homework, but the question is really bugging me. Here is the problem: On a scale, you place a glass...
Jul16-09 08:53 PM
1 999
The center of mass of the earth is approximately at the center. The center of mass is also where the force vector of...
Jul16-09 05:18 PM
18 2,770
I was wondering if the "Method of image charges" could be extended even partly or approximately to oscillating...
Jul16-09 02:50 PM
2 1,209
There are certain properties of lines of force, I know they are not real, but following these 'properties', given...
Jul16-09 12:59 PM
29 3,358
Hello, everyone! I'm working on parametrizing a magnetic field using spherical harmonics. The equations Yc n,m...
Jul16-09 11:20 AM
2 1,943
Hi, I red that in Franklin's book "Classical Electromagnetism" there's off-axis magnetic field of a solenoid...
Jul16-09 08:09 AM
3 1,421
(Update -- please read the third post -- I guess I'm wondering how an antenna works in particular). Hey, I...
Jul16-09 04:25 AM
4 952
The real question here is what is the determining factor to have a nonholonomic system? A rattleback shape is...
Jul16-09 01:19 AM
4 981
This caught my interest after someone posted the question on a cycling forum of would a heavy and light cyclist have...
Jul15-09 05:41 PM
10 2,365

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