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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,805
According to source i read, in classical theory it its believed that charged particles radiate when the accelarate -...
Oct7-09 09:27 PM
38 7,280
It is not a home work. Let us suppose that at t=0 a particle is at rest. At t=0 we switch on a periodic force F(t)...
Oct7-09 02:41 PM
6 922
hi, suppose a man is swimming in a pool. as the potential of solvent(water) is greater in the pool than in the cells,...
Oct7-09 01:25 PM
4 1,053
Hi, I've an experiment in which I've some magnetic material place into a coil that's used as sensor. Say it's a...
Oct7-09 12:25 PM
1 1,589
why energy corresponding to the most probable speed is not equal to the most probable energy i.e. Ep=1/2*k*T and it...
Oct7-09 11:51 AM
0 527
I was taught in my Eletricmagnetics Lessons that the density of electric charge is higher near the surface with big...
Oct7-09 11:41 AM
3 1,227
When a forced oscillation is damped, it is true that the frequency at which resonance occurs decreases right? so does...
Oct7-09 08:04 AM
6 25,082
Hello, I'm have just started on this subject, and I am confused with the following equation: since E(t) = kq(t) ...
Oct7-09 01:36 AM
2 630
In fundamental optics, we know that "There is no phase change when the wave is reflected from a boundary leading to a...
Oct6-09 11:39 PM
0 964
Is this correct? What I mean to say here is that suppose a force (x) applies through a mechanism and all the force...
Oct6-09 10:43 PM
19 2,045
wrong form sorry.
Oct6-09 09:14 PM
0 745
I am not really solving an exercise for homework so hopefully this general forum is OK for my question. For my...
Oct6-09 01:19 PM
6 3,737
A simple question: if we have two particles with opposite charge, and nothing else going on to affect the field, then...
Oct6-09 08:14 AM
4 817
I have searched high and low on the internet for the correct equation to determine the angular velocity of a rigid...
Oct6-09 01:46 AM
7 1,045
Hey all I read somewhere online that Coulomb's Law only applies to spheres and point charges, and was wondering...
Oct5-09 11:09 PM
1 2,411
What is the effect of wind turbines on the aerodynamic of the wind system? Since energy is conserved, will excessive...
Oct5-09 08:08 PM
2 4,097
May any one help me out on this model! On surface tension the model used is that it acts as a skin on top of...
Oct5-09 08:51 AM
Andy Resnick
4 3,284
Hello, i have a very basic question about reflection of infrared light. What types of materials will give a...
Oct5-09 08:44 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,564
Hi, Lets say the electric and magnetic fields in an closed surface (2-D) are known. Is it possible to derive...
Oct5-09 01:29 AM
3 3,197
Hey everyone, I was thinking about the physical solid texture ash and how it form. The wood ash, fly ash, volcanic...
Oct4-09 09:59 AM
1 713
I've been wondering for some time and it seems I still have doubt on how friction works on spinning object. Assume...
Oct4-09 08:54 AM
7 1,505
You have a toy car on a table and a single pulley on the end. You tie a string to the car, and the other end to some...
Oct4-09 05:58 AM
3 761
Phase volume is constant. \int_{G_0}dx^0=\int_{G_t}dx^t x=(x_1,...,x_{6N}) ...
Oct4-09 03:47 AM
Petar Mali
0 807
A fluid is said to be in pressure if it has the ability to apply a force on an object and if the object is placed in...
Oct3-09 11:09 PM
4 766
Today in physics class we talked of Gravitational Potential Energy. We talked about how K1 + U1 = K2 + U2 etc etc. ...
Oct3-09 03:17 PM
5 890
Hello there, Could some one help me to find equations of motions of this problem attached to this message? ...
Oct3-09 03:07 PM
1 1,596
I am wondering why both Coulomb and Classical Gravity follow 1/r^2 laws. Weak and Nuclear force fall off at much...
Oct3-09 03:00 PM
8 2,044
Here's the basic setup: A cathode ray tube is producing an electron beam which leads into a chamber. Would it be...
Oct3-09 12:15 PM
21 1,596
Hi guys, We all know that Helmholtz free energy, Gibbs free energy and Enthalpy are defined by Legendre...
Oct3-09 04:11 AM
1 587
I wish to understand why the speed of light slows down when it enters a medium such as glass or air. Is this best...
Oct3-09 03:58 AM
1 634
I'm trying to write a program to model a simple pendulum, and I'm having some trouble seeing how I would solve for the...
Oct3-09 02:24 AM
1 900
I want to know about the speed at which light travels. Why can light travel so fast? is it the weight of the photons...
Oct2-09 08:56 PM
28 27,678
Does a current need to change direction in order to be considered as an AC? What if the direction remains the same,...
Oct2-09 08:49 PM
7 1,451
does not slide.
Oct2-09 06:31 PM
1 787
Hi All I would like to know why is it so difficult to calculate by integration the electric potential energy of an...
Oct2-09 03:34 PM
6 1,017
Electricity (the flow of current) is said to travel at near the speed of light (75-90%), but I read that electrons...
Oct2-09 12:54 PM
38 12,683
Probably an easy one... So, I understand the idea of precession on a gyroscope: we've got the angular velocity...
Oct2-09 12:17 PM
2 830
I'm trying to get some sort of value for the electronic contribution to the thermal conductivity of copper. Most...
Oct2-09 02:26 AM
Vanadium 50
2 1,070
I read in the Feynman Lectures, section 5-8 in Volume 2, that Coulomb's law may begin to break down at distance scales...
Oct1-09 10:54 PM
Bob S
3 1,472
hi ! I am assigned a project for which I need to look at the detailed dynamics of a carriage drawn by multiple...
Oct1-09 08:37 PM
1 904

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