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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,678
A house with AC in a hot climate should be painted white (or covered with mirrors) to reduce absorption of light from...
Sep21-09 06:09 PM
10 2,857
Hello, I am stuck on the coriolis force. If an object is dropped how do I get the eastward deflection when looking...
Sep21-09 04:41 PM
2 1,593
What does it mean to say that the fundamental relation of thermodynamics is homogeneous first-order? I struggle...
Sep21-09 03:10 PM
Count Iblis
5 2,122
I tried to use Lagrangian and Hamiltonian to solve 1-D elastic collision, but I got nothing but constant velocity...
Sep21-09 12:18 PM
6 2,329
Hello, I wonder if there is a common origin to the 'virial theorem' by Clausius and the 'virial expansion' or...
Sep21-09 06:42 AM
1 778
For some reason I have been extremely curious of how Newton derived his mathematical law for gravitation. You know ...
Sep20-09 08:55 PM
1 2,978
Why is it that the equation for work done to stretch a spring is W = 1/2k(x22-x12) while the work done by a...
Sep20-09 08:26 PM
11 13,160
Say i have a capacitor and i supply it with a voltage V and after that it has charge density sigmainitial on each...
Sep20-09 07:17 PM
3 740
Imagine two small metal spheres of equal mass and size moving at the same speed in opposite direction collide with...
Sep20-09 12:31 PM
3 1,981
I am having a lot of trouble conceptually understanding this issue in Lagrangian mechanics: I have an airfoil which...
Sep20-09 02:37 AM
0 908
In this problem we assume that the photon mass is m > 0. We take a conducting sphere of radius R and put a charge of...
Sep19-09 09:58 PM
Count Iblis
17 3,586
Is there a derivation for the classical electrodynamic Lagrangian? I have taken a look at a few textbooks that I have...
Sep19-09 09:46 PM
Count Iblis
4 2,081
Hi, I am solving the following nonlinear dynamical system using Energy Balance Method (EBM*). My intention is to...
Sep19-09 05:38 PM
3 752
Can any one help me define viscosity and the newtons relations to define viscosity Surely am having a confusion as...
Sep19-09 08:35 AM
Godwin Kessy
4 3,855
Here is a statement about the Liouville's theorem in my textbook: "Because we are unable to discuss the details of...
Sep19-09 07:53 AM
2 1,474
Before I start studying the relativity theories, I have to grasp this concept: Suppose two cars are moving with...
Sep19-09 02:07 AM
5 684
Hi, I need some help in writing the Hamiltonian function for the following dynamical systems. 1) u''+u=A...
Sep18-09 11:15 PM
2 1,335
Hi, I understand that force due to an electromagnetic field on a surface can be calculated by F = \oint {T . n...
Sep18-09 10:16 PM
3 4,959
I have a stereo set-up with a sub-woofer. Sometimes, if my laptop is plugged in close by or in the same outlet, the...
Sep18-09 05:47 PM
1 1,128
This example is highlighted in the Wikipedia definition of perpetual motion. Machines which are claimed not to...
Sep17-09 10:26 PM
4 2,828
Consider a frictionless plane. A particle of known mass and velocity (say a lump of clay) strikes a uniform rod (for...
Sep17-09 07:53 PM
4 1,348
I am having problems defining what equations to use to find internal energy, heat, work, enthalpy. for a ideal gas in...
Sep17-09 05:20 PM
0 524
The law of conservation of momentum states that all momentum is conserved in a collision. Momentum is defined as p =...
Sep17-09 04:17 PM
2 3,624
(Not sure if anyone has asked this before) This idea might be a little vague and I'm sure there is a simple solution...
Sep17-09 01:36 PM
2 651
Does statistical mechanics predict any relation between macroscopic observable variables (if I cannot make any...
Sep17-09 01:03 PM
0 860
suppose a body is at rest say on earth surface, does it posses potential energy?
Sep17-09 10:33 AM
1 544
Hi, What happens to the fluid in a cylinder that is spinned around it's central axis? Would it matter if there...
Sep17-09 06:35 AM
6 2,841
The second law of thermodyanics states that heat cannot flow from a colder region of space to a hotter region; When...
Sep17-09 01:20 AM
10 1,185
Does anyone happen to have the equations for angular mass (moment of inertia; axial and transverse) of a conical...
Sep17-09 12:33 AM
0 752
This is just a conceptual think I have been thinking about. Hopefully I am not just missing something obvious. ...
Sep16-09 10:27 PM
1 599
basic E and M from purcells: A change in magnetic field with respect to time, will induce a current in a...
Sep16-09 09:39 PM
6 729
Does anyone know how either Lienard or Wiechert justified the (1-v/c) factor that appears in their potential formula...
Sep16-09 03:05 PM
3 971
Hi, Can anyone give me any information on where i could find information on the emissivity of a gas, particulally...
Sep16-09 03:04 PM
Bob S
2 6,966
I was reading the Feynman lectures, on the parts that deal with optics, and he explains diffraction in a very...
Sep16-09 04:11 AM
4 790
I was hoping people might be able to provide some insight into the following fairly basic scenario (not...
Sep15-09 07:32 PM
0 1,273
Suppose you have a line charge Q along the x axis from +a to -a. Simple integration should give the potential at any...
Sep15-09 04:16 PM
3 1,151
Suppose that, a sudden current pulse has been generated (by means of a Magnet) in a Super-Conducting Loop (or coil)....
Sep15-09 12:00 PM
Bob S
20 4,401
I was in my Electrodynamics lecture last week, still working the Laplacian and Poisson equations, when we discussed an...
Sep14-09 03:51 PM
1 663
Hello all, Sorry for the long post. Skip to the line for the relevant part. As a longtime ultimate frisbee...
Sep14-09 01:59 PM
4 1,785
Please look into this site ...
Sep14-09 07:35 AM
Doc Al
1 1,589

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