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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,892
I know power is what causes devices to function in a circuit. What role does the voltage have in a circuit?
Sep27-09 08:01 AM
3 984
Let's say I have a system with multiple oscillatory modes. Is it possible to have anything in this system that...
Sep27-09 07:30 AM
3 1,010
I'm feeling a lot of difficulty in studying fluid mechanics.. can anybody please kindly suggest me a good book for...
Sep26-09 08:43 PM
4 2,425
I'm a little confused on how the math is supposed to work out when you are adding an electric field from charges with...
Sep26-09 05:01 PM
5 2,845
Hi all, I am doing a project on the speed limit on human sprinting. I was doing a thought experiment and then got...
Sep26-09 03:48 PM
7 1,497
In the text, it is said that the polarization is just the response of the input electric field so they have P =...
Sep26-09 03:43 PM
3 912
Does a black hole radiate infrared waves? If not, then it could absorb some of the infrared waves from a colder...
Sep26-09 03:28 PM
8 1,516
On wikipedia it says that the pressure coefficient can be written as C_p = 1 - (V/V_{inf})^2 where V is the...
Sep26-09 03:23 PM
1 603
Hello all, Still at my frisbee modeling program, I started to ask myself how I could get better approximations of...
Sep26-09 08:29 AM
3 4,238
I have a field ,B, I need to find the other field,A, such that -> __ -> B = \/ x A I need numerical...
Sep25-09 04:44 PM
3 1,151
How does the viscosity of a fluid in a circular can affect the way the can rolls? For example, 2 cans of similar...
Sep25-09 11:58 AM
6 2,681
Hey, I was wondering If I have a motor that can supply 6.156 kgf cm of torque operating at 20 rpm, how much weight...
Sep24-09 05:06 PM
Bob S
1 2,506
Saw this on a test question today, it asked if you had 1 mole of reactant (don't know what kind of reactant...
Sep24-09 04:48 PM
2 2,866
please do explain in detail.
Sep24-09 04:28 PM
8 7,506
I've just seen induced electric field concepts. Could anyone provide a link, which explains it? I had some rather...
Sep24-09 04:19 PM
Bob S
1 2,090
Hey, I'm not very good in physics but i have something which seems like a basic question only i could not find the...
Sep24-09 10:59 AM
1 1,496
Hi! I would appreciate your thoughts on something. :smile: Let's say you have a ring with radius R rotating with...
Sep24-09 10:32 AM
3 837
Hi, Say I have a sphere of radius r that has a constant surface temperature of T_s. The sphere is surrounded by...
Sep23-09 08:50 AM
5 2,106
Heat transfer is something I've been interested in since studying thermodynamics last semester, although during the...
Sep23-09 07:07 AM
4 3,608
I understand that to find moment of force, we look at direction of force and perpendicular distance. In the diagram, O...
Sep23-09 04:52 AM
Doc Al
1 2,727
This inquiry is in relation to internal combustion engines. I am trying to figure out how to maximize the mass of air...
Sep23-09 03:29 AM
3 1,309
I was going through my textbook, Introduction to Electrodynamics, and I came across this question that puzzled me. ...
Sep23-09 01:47 AM
4 860
Hi, Was doing some testing for work, but a lot of my physics are gone! Hope someone can help... Here goes: A...
Sep23-09 12:46 AM
12 10,081 Look carefully. Of course, the...
Sep22-09 11:37 AM
1 703
Reading Jackson this morning, where it was stated that the Lorentz force equations: \frac{dU^\alpha}{d\tau} =...
Sep22-09 10:43 AM
6 950
I recently found out how to calculate the potential energy of a charged insulated sphere of radius R and charge...
Sep22-09 05:19 AM
13 2,178
what is the theory behind ....if close integral of a expression is zero..then the expression is itself zero
Sep22-09 01:24 AM
1 956
A car with mass M1,with a box upon it of mass M2 moves with constant speed v.(there is no friction).If the box is...
Sep21-09 08:54 PM
1 715
why solid angle is A/r^2 ....why is this r^2....has it any similarity with s=rtheta??plz help me
Sep21-09 07:45 PM
3 1,128
A house with AC in a hot climate should be painted white (or covered with mirrors) to reduce absorption of light from...
Sep21-09 06:09 PM
10 2,869
Hello, I am stuck on the coriolis force. If an object is dropped how do I get the eastward deflection when looking...
Sep21-09 04:41 PM
2 1,599
What does it mean to say that the fundamental relation of thermodynamics is homogeneous first-order? I struggle...
Sep21-09 03:10 PM
Count Iblis
5 2,129
I tried to use Lagrangian and Hamiltonian to solve 1-D elastic collision, but I got nothing but constant velocity...
Sep21-09 12:18 PM
6 2,329
Hello, I wonder if there is a common origin to the 'virial theorem' by Clausius and the 'virial expansion' or...
Sep21-09 06:42 AM
1 780
For some reason I have been extremely curious of how Newton derived his mathematical law for gravitation. You know ...
Sep20-09 08:55 PM
1 2,999
Why is it that the equation for work done to stretch a spring is W = 1/2k(x22-x12) while the work done by a...
Sep20-09 08:26 PM
11 13,179
Say i have a capacitor and i supply it with a voltage V and after that it has charge density sigmainitial on each...
Sep20-09 07:17 PM
3 740
Imagine two small metal spheres of equal mass and size moving at the same speed in opposite direction collide with...
Sep20-09 12:31 PM
3 1,983
I am having a lot of trouble conceptually understanding this issue in Lagrangian mechanics: I have an airfoil which...
Sep20-09 02:37 AM
0 911
In this problem we assume that the photon mass is m > 0. We take a conducting sphere of radius R and put a charge of...
Sep19-09 09:58 PM
Count Iblis
17 3,657

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