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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,690
I haven't found an answer to this and I can't go to sleep until I do- If two refrigerators are at the same...
Jun29-09 09:55 PM
Bob S
3 646
While working in a lab this summer, I've been reading up on impedance and AC circuits as much as I can, considering I...
Jun29-09 08:25 PM
5 2,321
1. The potential energy (in joule) of a body of mass 2 Kg moving in the x-y plane is given by U=6x+8y Where the...
Jun29-09 04:40 PM
1 475
Capacitive voltage drops are based on Q. Resistive voltage drops are based on dQ/dt. Inductive voltage drops are...
Jun28-09 07:50 PM
1 887
hallo, what is the reason for sparks once i have a high voltage short circuit? Thanks, Omri
Jun28-09 06:31 PM
Bob S
3 1,047
I feel so ashamed to ask a question this simple, but how does an insulator get charged? Let's say rubbing a glass rod...
Jun28-09 04:32 PM
6 1,277
Hey, I guess I came to right sub-topic, since I knew here I may have not noticed every thing.. One sleepless night...
Jun28-09 12:48 PM
2 730
Hallo, Why does the field of a infinite plane does not depend on r? i know it's equal to two \pi\sigma but why...
Jun28-09 09:03 AM
9 1,596
Two aluminium plates, each 150 x 150mm, were separated by 100mm to create a form of parallel-plate capacitor. A DC...
Jun28-09 03:35 AM
0 928
Hello everyone, My brother and I are designing an electric motor for a bicycle (just for fun). Assuming a 200 lb...
Jun28-09 01:48 AM
Andrew Mason
1 663
I am a tutor. I ran across this problem is a high school physics textbook. See attachment x162, my solution is on...
Jun27-09 01:50 PM
20 1,238
Can someone explain to me how Jackson, on page 42 of the 3rd ed. of Classical Electrodynamics, when he is deriving the...
Jun27-09 06:54 AM
3 932
Do physicists ever have to account for the rate of change of acceleration? What about the rate of change of the rate...
Jun27-09 04:12 AM
3 5,132
First I would like to say, I'm not that old and only know very basic things about physics i.e. Newtonian physics,...
Jun26-09 11:31 PM
4 569
What is the appropriate way to model the magnetic field of a moving charged point particle? I don't believe you can...
Jun26-09 10:50 PM
Bob S
2 4,980
Hey, I'm trying to teach myself physics II and am having difficulty understanding the difference between potential and...
Jun26-09 05:42 PM
4 762
Hello, So I know F = ma. If a particle is moving at constant velocity and strikes something, doesn't that mean...
Jun26-09 05:30 PM
9 2,019
Hi, I've been doing rotational mechanics at school and at the end of the chapter,the parallel and perpendicular axis...
Jun26-09 11:16 AM
Bob S
6 1,199 when i read this i was wondering, what if the deamon accuires no...
Jun26-09 08:15 AM
Vanadium 50
7 1,034
I am working on an experiment involving Langmuir probes. I believe the probes act as capacitors when placed in a...
Jun25-09 03:58 PM
3 1,519
Temperature is defined as the average kinetic energy of a system. But would temperature change if some external force...
Jun25-09 12:11 PM
Andy Resnick
9 2,358
Does anyone have a solution (approximate is fine) for the Drag equation? What I mean by this is that I need to be able...
Jun25-09 10:33 AM
2 2,174
My physics textbook emphasizes that the electric field appearing in Gauss's law is the resultant electric field due to...
Jun25-09 07:49 AM
7 775
Hello, I'm self studying physics right now and have learned about Newton's laws. However, I am confused by the first...
Jun24-09 07:30 PM
13 2,199
Hi, I am using Comsol Multiphysics to model a magnetic plug surounded by water in a tube. The plug interacts...
Jun24-09 03:46 PM
Nick Bruno
0 1,080
Just a quick question, concerning the (probably common) loop de loop problem. At the top, why can we say that the...
Jun24-09 03:31 PM
6 5,992
Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a source for Flory-Huggins theory on linear polymer chains....
Jun24-09 02:25 PM
0 1,637
If you could get a circuit to oscillate quickly enough, could visible light be produced using a simple metallic...
Jun24-09 02:13 PM
Bob S
8 1,899
If I was sitting in my office holding a hot cup of coffee, then suddenly accelerated to close to the speed of light...
Jun24-09 12:33 PM
Andrew Mason
5 1,920
What is the reading on the scale for the first one?? My friend mentioned that upthrust need not be considered as its...
Jun24-09 11:49 AM
Doc Al
3 1,533
Do the electric lines of force necessarily depict the trajectory of a charged particle? Or do they depict the...
Jun24-09 10:26 AM
8 1,084
What is the drag force on a magnet falling through a coil? I have found several sources online describing the drag...
Jun24-09 09:45 AM
3 3,462
Is there any sorta rod/mechanical component which only flexes in 1 or a few direction? Or do we have any such sorta...
Jun24-09 09:30 AM
11 1,054
hi, How do we differentiate between quasi elastic scattering and non elastic scattering? Was told that dynamic...
Jun24-09 08:18 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,657
Consider the following object: The exact dimensions...
Jun24-09 04:39 AM
8 2,729
If say, a object such as a ball with velocity v m/s and mass m kg collides with a stationary solid wall, and the ball...
Jun23-09 10:53 PM
5 1,280
Hi, I am modeling a transducer with non-uniform electric field lines. It can be considered as a capacitor but...
Jun23-09 07:27 PM
11 6,012
I am currently working on an experiment to find the kinetic friction in a driveline. The experiment uses the...
Jun23-09 12:31 PM
2 2,847
Hi all, Has anyone got the numerical expression for calculating the Fock scattering function when the Fock...
Jun22-09 01:01 PM
0 536
Hello there! Couple questions: 1. When a battery's terminals are connected by a copper wire, why is that called...
Jun22-09 12:47 PM
13 934

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