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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,870
Can someone send me some interesting chain problems?
Oct20-09 03:39 AM
0 593
Does the magnetic field around a magnet increase when the distance away from the magnet increases? While using a...
Oct20-09 02:07 AM
3 2,279
Hi, This must be a text book question but I couldn't find exact definitions(quantitative) of these measurements...
Oct19-09 11:20 PM
3 5,848
Is the Change in Rotational Kinetic Energy Frame Invariant? ...
Oct19-09 10:29 PM
6 2,562
Yesterday I finally, and sadly, put my Matilda 'Southwind' to bed for the winter. I want to lift her off her...
Oct19-09 10:13 PM
Bob S
3 828
Is it possible to have magnetic flux through an open surface ? i mean if there is a circular arc and magnetic field...
Oct19-09 02:19 PM
1 690
I'm only midway to finish my introduction to electromagnetism (level around Resnick-Halliday) so I understand the...
Oct19-09 01:07 PM
5 890
I remember reading a thread here on PF about how paper towels can absorb water. I think the answer was that the towel...
Oct19-09 08:41 AM
Andy Resnick
3 786
It is well known, that a point charge q\delta^3(\boldsymbol{x}-\boldsymbol{x}') creates the same electric field...
Oct19-09 08:24 AM
6 571
I have a sphere (mass m, radius r) whose centre of mass is r/2 distance away from its geometric centre. If it is kept...
Oct19-09 01:14 AM
0 2,576
F=ma How do we define m and F? If their definition both come from this equation, then the equation doesn't really...
Oct19-09 12:29 AM
31 10,464
I've been reading about the physics of sound. Perhaps I'm just reading an overly simplified version of the truth, but...
Oct18-09 08:54 PM
12 9,330
I am doing physics homework and I came upon a problem that I had forgotten how to do, and i do not believe my answer...
Oct18-09 12:24 PM
2 1,769
In applying F=qvB, must the charge move with velocity V? Or the V is only relative velocity so that even the charge is...
Oct18-09 11:01 AM
5 1,181
Why electrical resistance can make the current in circuit be constant? When circuit is closed, electric field is built...
Oct18-09 10:36 AM
2 907
Good evening, The definition of jerk is change in acceleration with respect to time. So, we can define it as a...
Oct18-09 06:23 AM
9 3,979
Hi, I would like to ask a question about Mutual Inductance and Transformer. Suppose I have two coils N1 and N2,...
Oct17-09 09:50 PM
Bob S
11 4,447
it may bit a fuzzy problem but still i have this confusion i.e suppose i have two sphere of same radius & all physical...
Oct17-09 07:32 PM
Vanadium 50
7 965
Good evening, (NOTE: This post got a little long; I hope someone has enough patience to read it.) I self-teach...
Oct17-09 12:35 PM
4 1,014
This concerns a debate I'm having with two friends of mine, hope someone here can help. You have a train travelling...
Oct17-09 12:23 PM
14 1,370
I'm a bit confused about the speed of objects rolling down slopes. In my textbook, it says "Neither the mass nor...
Oct17-09 11:34 AM
3 8,930
The title says it all. I've heard my professor saying that they are not conservative. I'm very surprised by this. ...
Oct17-09 09:28 AM
2 1,138
Ok, so I've a couple of assignments that require the understanding of the basic principles of buoyancy and...
Oct17-09 09:15 AM
Doc Al
3 2,572
So I am playing around with the differential form of Gauss's Law: \nabla \cdot \vec{E} = \frac{\rho}{\epsilon_0} ...
Oct17-09 08:38 AM
2 1,028
If we consider the following Lagrangian: L = m * (dot x)^2 / 2 - e A dot x - e phi with A the vectorpotential and...
Oct17-09 07:13 AM
7 900
I want to know what do we use an isolating (1:1) transformer for. My book says it is to "protect against electric...
Oct17-09 02:14 AM
3 9,473
There is a space station of the length L and uniformly distributed mass M on the low Earth orbit. One side of it...
Oct16-09 10:37 PM
1 598
I may have made a mistake in calculating, but I just finished lab homework where my calculated momentum was different...
Oct16-09 04:13 PM
1 589
I know that accelerated charges give off electromagnetic radiation, but does an accelerated (spinning) magnet give off...
Oct16-09 12:27 PM
Bob S
2 1,249
Hey Folks I have rather a silly doubt i guess... It goes like this Consider a disc rotating about a fixed axis...
Oct16-09 12:05 PM
4 4,562
i need a textbook which contains a good discribtion of the non-uniform plane waves . thanks .
Oct16-09 10:15 AM
0 595
I think this scenario violates the law of conservation of energy: A ball is rolling twards a fan, witch provides a...
Oct15-09 08:40 PM
Andy Resnick
9 1,934
Hi! I'm working on a problem regarding a jet engine and I actually did solve it but I'm not sure about two things:...
Oct15-09 06:56 PM
0 747
...the angular speed of the earth would be increased around ten times?. I mean if w, that now is 7,27 * 10-5 rad/s...
Oct15-09 04:57 PM
4 1,655
how we can explain the differential of lagrangian is a perfect ?L dt
Oct15-09 10:46 AM
3 786
if the lagrangian is time homogenous ,the hamiltonian is a constant of the motion . Is this statment correct ?
Oct15-09 08:57 AM
5 681
Hi. The chapter is electric potentials. In dielectrics, when solving for Q(bound), Q(free) is required. What...
Oct15-09 06:56 AM
1 597
Hi, I am just curious; do EM waves attenuate in a vacuum? If yes, how does this happen? Also, how do they faint...
Oct15-09 04:34 AM
17 6,463
Why is it more difficult , in terms of generating speed, to hit back a ball traveling slowly than one traveling fast?...
Oct15-09 04:31 AM
21 2,303
In general, a good absorbers of radiation are also good emitters. In commonsense, something that is should be a poor...
Oct14-09 11:58 PM
3 2,789

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