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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,660
Suppose you have a ring of charge and they cant move around. and you spin it, of course, we will have current. What...
Oct12-09 12:25 AM
2 692
Hi all, I am taking undergrad classical mechanics this semester and we are using Thorton and Marrions Classical...
Oct11-09 12:17 PM
4 995
Is there a way to monitor and block intrusive radio waves?
Oct11-09 09:53 AM
1 805
Hi there, first of all: This is not a homework task or something like that. It is just one of my interests and I...
Oct11-09 08:00 AM
2 1,105
A point charge moving at constant velocity causes unconstant changes in the electric field. Won't that generate an...
Oct11-09 05:23 AM
7 1,505
I was trying this mental exercise and I need help and confirmations.... so please launch your comments Imagine (as...
Oct11-09 04:19 AM
51 4,873
for example, isn't the derivative of the first derivative squared: d/dt (y')^2 = 2y'y''? why does susskind claim...
Oct11-09 12:41 AM
1 995
The whole idea of an electric field induced due to a changing magnetic flux seems to run wildly counterintuitive to...
Oct10-09 08:00 AM
4 1,162
What is meant by total negative energy associated with bound bodies like planets. and also total energy of the...
Oct9-09 07:19 PM
3 1,017
I've always thought that the work done by a force is the scalar product of the force vector and the potential...
Oct9-09 06:15 PM
3 539
Here is how my book goes about defining the moment of inertia. Now here's how my book goes about deriving an...
Oct9-09 05:43 PM
1 607
I'm having trouble figuring this one out. Hope someone can help A ball dropped from rest accelerates at a rate of...
Oct9-09 04:27 PM
3 1,073
Hi guys. My question is related to proving Gauss's law by using Columb's law. Let start with a charge density...
Oct9-09 02:20 PM
2 1,742
Hey there, I recently solved for the resonant modes in a 3d metal box. Thats nice, but I was wondering about how to...
Oct9-09 02:15 PM
1 1,039
My textbook claims that we can describe the kinetic energy of a rigid body as follows: K = 1/2 Mv^{2}_{cm} + 1/2...
Oct9-09 11:36 AM
13 1,441
This was on my exam today and I'm not sure if I was doing it right: At what angle must a projectile be launched at...
Oct9-09 08:32 AM
Andy Resnick
1 613
hello, consider a man falling from a roof with a heavy box in his hands. what should he do with the box?
Oct9-09 07:41 AM
14 1,366
What is the electric field outside a steady state current loop? Why is this not discussed in textbooks?
Oct9-09 03:32 AM
27 4,293
Given a solenoid we can find the field inside and at the ends by B=urNI. Now, what is the field strength at some x...
Oct9-09 01:41 AM
4 848
Seeing as there is no net force on a magnetic dipole placed in a magnetic field ( only torque ) , and that magnetism...
Oct8-09 09:24 PM
4 968
I wonder how does Lloyd's mirror works, how does it produce the interference pattern? I look for many text book, but...
Oct8-09 04:41 PM
4 7,417
A centrifuge have the speed of 1600rpm. It takes 10 seconds for the centrifuge to reach maximim speed. How many turns...
Oct8-09 04:21 PM
1 746
Hello Forum, Using a fixed, Cartesian reference frame (i.e., we, observers, are stationary and located at the...
Oct8-09 02:55 PM
2 1,904
I have a question on setting up a problem to find the reactions and forces in members of trusses. So initially I...
Oct8-09 02:51 PM
1 645
de broglie wavelenth of a perticle approaches zero faster than 1/v as its speed approaches the speed of can...
Oct8-09 02:02 PM
0 594
1) g is not a function of height...or till what hight above the earth's surface can it be considered as...roughly...
Oct8-09 09:29 AM
6 1,564
Ok.. first of all excuse my English (not my native). I had a conversation with a friend and we were thinking.. We...
Oct8-09 05:52 AM
2 1,041
Hi, Apologies if I've misinterpreted / mis-read something here (not a physics student - just a general interest)....
Oct8-09 02:58 AM
4 1,512
This is doing my nut in. I'm looking at causes of errors in a rotating gradiometer. It uses a loop of superconductor...
Oct7-09 11:10 PM
1 749
According to source i read, in classical theory it its believed that charged particles radiate when the accelarate -...
Oct7-09 09:27 PM
38 7,338
It is not a home work. Let us suppose that at t=0 a particle is at rest. At t=0 we switch on a periodic force F(t)...
Oct7-09 02:41 PM
6 935
hi, suppose a man is swimming in a pool. as the potential of solvent(water) is greater in the pool than in the cells,...
Oct7-09 01:25 PM
4 1,057
Hi, I've an experiment in which I've some magnetic material place into a coil that's used as sensor. Say it's a...
Oct7-09 12:25 PM
1 1,597
why energy corresponding to the most probable speed is not equal to the most probable energy i.e. Ep=1/2*k*T and it...
Oct7-09 11:51 AM
0 530
I was taught in my Eletricmagnetics Lessons that the density of electric charge is higher near the surface with big...
Oct7-09 11:41 AM
3 1,239
When a forced oscillation is damped, it is true that the frequency at which resonance occurs decreases right? so does...
Oct7-09 08:04 AM
6 25,274
Hello, I'm have just started on this subject, and I am confused with the following equation: since E(t) = kq(t) ...
Oct7-09 01:36 AM
2 635
In fundamental optics, we know that "There is no phase change when the wave is reflected from a boundary leading to a...
Oct6-09 11:39 PM
0 973
Is this correct? What I mean to say here is that suppose a force (x) applies through a mechanism and all the force...
Oct6-09 10:43 PM
19 2,064
wrong form sorry.
Oct6-09 09:14 PM
0 749

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