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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,724
I have not yet gotten any definite answer. Hope some of you can help me about this question: We know that for the...
Jun8-09 09:29 PM
2 701
Hello everyone, I've recently run into a thought experiment that is persistent and seems to have no intention to leave...
Jun8-09 04:45 PM
18 1,945
I read a question from a question paper..which went something like this... There is a hollow metal sphere,...
Jun8-09 04:56 AM
krishna mohan
6 1,646
quick question, is the difference between a carnot engine to an engine is that the engines eff is less than or equal...
Jun8-09 03:02 AM
2 1,073
I have a very simple conceptual physics problem that I am looking to solve, and unfortunately I've been out of school...
Jun7-09 09:24 PM
Bob S
39 34,351
HI, I have a stupid question but important, Newton;s first law doesn't mention anything about Net force , just that a...
Jun7-09 07:51 PM
30 1,620
Hi! This fall, I'll be taking calculus based physics at U of M. This course covers only mechanics I believe, and from...
Jun7-09 07:21 PM
4 1,245
Can someone give me a clear picture of it's physical meaning? What does a molecule having dipole moment signify? All...
Jun7-09 04:20 PM
Bob S
2 2,040
Is a truck easier to tip over in a crosswind if it is travelling at a high speed, or lower speed? As far as I can...
Jun7-09 03:57 PM
Bob S
25 3,403
People say U for a magnetic dipole is -m . B But why can magnetic dipoles have potential energy, if magnetic forces...
Jun7-09 01:39 PM
1 1,051
Sorry...was posted in wrong sectionn...I've posted it in Mechanical engineering setion... trash this topic plz...Plz...
Jun7-09 09:55 AM
0 771
Are the usual 3-vectors defined by their transformation properties wrt rotations or Galileian transformations? E.g....
Jun7-09 08:19 AM
3 678
I am making a proof-of-concept linear accelerator with one stage at home ( if i can call it such ).The vacuum chamber...
Jun6-09 10:02 PM
Bob S
3 2,241
I was wondering how you could analyse such things as the acceleration of someone falling directly backwards. The head...
Jun6-09 04:30 PM
2 1,054
I'm not very knowledgable of physics as my main focus is computer technology. However, I purchased a Magnetix set...
Jun6-09 03:38 PM
4 1,660
What is permeability? I know that it's the ratio between B and H but didn't understand exactly the physical meaning of...
Jun6-09 02:52 PM
1 1,632
I got a question when I was reading a paper, it describe a periodic structure composed of many infinite metal wire,...
Jun6-09 10:35 AM
0 459
I have asked this question before in another section of the forum but I still don’t have an answer so I thought I...
Jun6-09 07:03 AM
2 1,123
Suppose we have a test charge of unknown polarity (just assume) we can assume this test charge to have a certain...
Jun5-09 11:23 PM
14 1,018
A point source of energy often follows the inverse square rule. So if I move my projector back twice as far, the image...
Jun5-09 04:25 PM
5 906
I have some questions about the energy stored in capacitors. Looking in Physics books, there are two equations...
Jun5-09 03:55 PM
Bob S
7 1,737
Hi there, I am doing some simulation on the cooking process of pasta. Now I need the viscoelastic parameters of...
Jun5-09 02:39 PM
4 4,371
I'm unsure how to approach this, as solid blocks of materials next to each other (e.g. steel and air) with no barrier...
Jun5-09 01:03 PM
1 2,392
An idea crossed my mind on how to explain the weak equivalence principle(WEP) without using the gravitational law: F=G...
Jun5-09 12:13 PM
25 1,863
When two equal masses collide without having any rotational velocity before the collision, and they do attain some...
Jun5-09 10:18 AM
37 2,718
If photons always travel at the speed of light, then how do some photons have more energy than others? Wouldn't they...
Jun5-09 07:58 AM
3 1,130
Hi I wondered if anyone could explain as to how actually the whole process of transformation of voltage happens. I...
Jun4-09 10:57 PM
Bob S
15 17,210
I recently posted an abbreviated explanation of Paul Steinhardt's and Neil Turok's (Princeton, Cambridge...
Jun4-09 11:06 AM
0 1,109
Hi. I was thinking about magnetism, and remembered the classic experiment to show magnets working. Basically, you put...
Jun4-09 09:31 AM
8 1,236
Imagine a jet of fluid (perhaps air) impinging on a flat plate. It could be said that the jet has a slightly higher...
Jun4-09 07:38 AM
1 1,225
We know that the energy density of the electric field is: \frac{1}{2}*\epsilon*E2 then, can we infer that the energy...
Jun3-09 09:56 PM
34 5,494
I'm wondering if a gas in which all its molecules are moving very close to the speed of light has a finite...
Jun3-09 07:35 PM
2 1,138
In some unit, the relation of (linear) polarization and susceptibility can be written of P(t) = \chi E(t) but I...
Jun3-09 12:54 PM
2 1,011
Hey all, New to the forum (obviously, since this is my first post). I've been scouring the internet trying to...
Jun3-09 10:34 AM
7 1,529
the mud flies off the tyre of a moving motor cycle in the direction: ...
Jun2-09 07:09 PM
Cantab Morgan
7 2,221
Whilst following my textbooks advice and "proving to myself that the inertia listed are true" I considered the Moment...
Jun2-09 01:41 PM
2 3,466
Suppose I'm given a simple task to taking out the moment about a point - o-------------------F o...
Jun2-09 12:49 PM
12 817
We all learn in the introductory mechanics class that the motion of a rigid body can be composed of a rotation and a...
Jun2-09 07:47 AM
Andy Resnick
11 1,670
If i were to use a square shaped aluminum foil. What would be the best design for a penny barge. I was thinking a...
Jun1-09 06:17 PM
1 1,227
Hallo, Does anyone familiar with an eqution that describs hysteresis loop and First Magnetisation in ferromagnets?...
Jun1-09 06:10 PM
2 4,429

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