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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,973
Suppose a charged particle is placed in a spherical shell so that E inside=0 which give V const. Now if i place...
Sep3-09 06:07 AM
1 558
Hello. This is my first in here. I am studying on Physics electricity and magnetism. While I am reading the...
Sep3-09 04:58 AM
12 1,794
When a DC flows through a wire, does the electric field vary? If a changing electric flux produces a magnetic field,...
Sep2-09 09:25 PM
1 555
I just want to get my head straight on something with regards to relativity and gravity - I think it's a simple...
Sep2-09 05:12 PM
5 812
I've done an exercise that made me think a bit. Here's it is :
Sep2-09 05:04 PM
0 568
friends, there is no charge inside a conductor or to put in a better way " why electric charge resides only on the...
Sep2-09 11:40 AM
Count Iblis
18 5,394
Hello, I want to simulate a plane thin rectangular board attached to one spring below at each end. (So there are 2...
Sep2-09 07:51 AM
3 1,106
Just a couple of simple questions. 1-Why does electricity kill? 2-What causes a magnet to be a magnet and certain...
Sep2-09 07:38 AM
Andy Resnick
9 4,242
if E=-curl of V, E is vector quantity(3 components) & V is scalar quantity (1 component) then how can one function...
Sep2-09 03:45 AM
5 816
like the divergence of a charged particle (whether + or -) Is there any possibility of presence of curl of elctric...
Sep1-09 11:45 PM
4 1,808
I've attached a PDF file to this thread, it's a derivation and it's not working out as thevenin said.
Sep1-09 10:55 PM
2 919
When a string, fixed at both ends, has a force exerted on it, how do you determine what the amplitude will be, if the...
Sep1-09 10:31 PM
2 3,376
"At resonance frequency, the circuit impedance is maximum. It is resistive and its value is given L/Cr..." The book...
Sep1-09 06:22 PM
3 1,473
A bar magnet is being pulled away from one end of a solenoid, eg N pole of magnet nearest to solenoid. I've learnt...
Sep1-09 01:53 PM
15 4,662
I have found a possible mistake in my's the text which contains it, "Referring to figure, it can be...
Sep1-09 11:32 AM
Bob S
1 1,898
I am studying compressed air flow through a valve at a high pressure differential (3000psig to atmosphere). The air...
Sep1-09 08:17 AM
6 1,507
Speed = distance/time and current = charge/time. Explain how F=BIl is actually the same equation as F= Bqv but...
Aug31-09 09:56 PM
4 894
Okay, if we have a parallel plate and we force a negative charge to the negative plate and a positive charge to the...
Aug31-09 09:23 PM
9 1,148
I am trying to understand how the Eddy current pendulum works. I know that the changing magnetic field will generate...
Aug31-09 07:12 PM
2 3,673 In this graph, the curve of current is larger than that of...
Aug31-09 04:05 PM
Bob S
6 1,100
If I have homogenuous function f(x,y,z,...) of degree r than: x\frac{\partial f}{\partial x}+y\frac{\partial...
Aug31-09 11:38 AM
4 1,012
I know this may sound strange. Has anyone ever successfully created a working physical model of a magnet that exhibits...
Aug31-09 09:47 AM
2 3,961
Moderation Note: Split from the original thread, which can be found here A uniform field does not have potential...
Aug31-09 05:12 AM
Doc Al
61 2,672
I've looked for this subject but perhaps I'm asking the question the wrong way. Please advise. Is there an extension...
Aug30-09 07:48 PM
2 976
Hi I have a question I need help with. Im trying to find out how much forces that a pouch (balloon) creates on...
Aug30-09 06:26 PM
3 697
we know...when a source is running towards the listener...the wavelenth of sound become small and number of waves...
Aug30-09 04:40 PM
1 627
This must have been posted on here before, but I can't find any reference to it. I've had to learn a little...
Aug30-09 02:46 PM
57 2,899
Okay, I'm sure I must have overlooked something very trivial, so please help me with this: Two parallel infinite...
Aug30-09 02:04 PM
2 642
Ive been studying basic mechanics lately and have been trying to understand what "force" really is. First off, heres...
Aug30-09 01:40 PM
10 1,494
I'm having a research topic regarding wave train problem, i read from the book stating that phase-shift could probably...
Aug30-09 01:02 PM
0 406
we know velocity of sound through a matter is v=root(elastic constant/density) according to newton. suddenly it comes...
Aug30-09 11:35 AM
Doc Al
1 656
An electronic circuit that produces electromagnetic waves in the visible light range, would such an experiment be able...
Aug30-09 11:23 AM
Count Iblis
4 1,134
dear revered members, could u people let me the know the role of capacitors in the ignition system of automobile...
Aug29-09 06:57 PM
42 8,930
Hi! I've been looking at Mohr's circle and by and large I understand what's going on. I can see how if the...
Aug29-09 04:06 PM
2 2,605
Can anyone help me with this, i have done the first part, whereas i have obtained B using ampere's law. But changing...
Aug29-09 02:25 PM
Vanadium 50
2 1,432
Okay so i just want to make sure i got this right because its a kind of confusing topic for me. So eddy currents are...
Aug29-09 02:10 PM
6 789
I came across this from a book saying that: If all the co-ordinates and velocities are simultaneously specified, it...
Aug29-09 01:16 PM
Bob S
4 696
Hy, i am back with my annoying questions about this and that. Could everyone tell me why the frigging dipole have an...
Aug28-09 10:09 PM
4 718
what is the meaning of deceptivness of field line?? i mean for 2d surface field line = n/2pi*r (f.l. inversly...
Aug28-09 10:04 PM
3 578
My book (an old copy of Halliday-Resnick) gives a proof for the fact that the wave velocity is constant in...
Aug28-09 09:24 PM
3 2,168

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