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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,204
does not slide.
Oct2-09 06:31 PM
1 802
Hi All I would like to know why is it so difficult to calculate by integration the electric potential energy of an...
Oct2-09 03:34 PM
6 1,043
Electricity (the flow of current) is said to travel at near the speed of light (75-90%), but I read that electrons...
Oct2-09 12:54 PM
38 13,212
Probably an easy one... So, I understand the idea of precession on a gyroscope: we've got the angular velocity...
Oct2-09 12:17 PM
2 844
I'm trying to get some sort of value for the electronic contribution to the thermal conductivity of copper. Most...
Oct2-09 02:26 AM
Vanadium 50
2 1,079
I read in the Feynman Lectures, section 5-8 in Volume 2, that Coulomb's law may begin to break down at distance scales...
Oct1-09 10:54 PM
Bob S
3 1,507
hi ! I am assigned a project for which I need to look at the detailed dynamics of a carriage drawn by multiple...
Oct1-09 08:37 PM
1 919
Hii, First of all, I'm from Brazil and my english is not so good! I've been studied the follwing problem for...
Oct1-09 07:01 PM
0 2,433
I know that the work done on the system in any free expansion is 0 since the external pressure is 0. However.. is q...
Oct1-09 06:15 PM
4 1,626
ok im not sure what this kind of motion is called but it is caused when a cylinder, a AA battery lets say, is liying...
Oct1-09 02:38 PM
2 692
I have been trying to do some research, but the more I search, the more confused I get (praise physics for that one)....
Oct1-09 02:00 PM
Bob S
1 781
There is no net gravity in a hollow sphere. You can get this result using calculus but that's not really...
Oct1-09 01:30 PM
29 13,480
Hello. I've got a magnet of a determinate radius and a coil. Which radius should i give to the coil (in function of...
Oct1-09 12:51 PM
0 469
Hi everybody... this is my first topic here. I'm solving problems for the phd test here in my university. Here's...
Oct1-09 12:05 PM
6 3,039
Hey guys, I am kinda simulate car dynamics with given parameters. I actually want simple solution. I have been...
Oct1-09 09:29 AM
12 6,810
I was wondering if someone could help me this Navier-Stokes Equation. f = -DP + Dt + f Could someone maybe...
Oct1-09 08:42 AM
Andy Resnick
2 1,845
hi. i live in a backwards country. the optics textbooks here do not really go into enough detail. how do i...
Oct1-09 06:23 AM
0 447
Hi, new to the forum, I was shown a graph (hopefully I can upload it).. it is to do with porosity, but I don't think...
Oct1-09 05:45 AM
0 535
Hi all, got a little physics problem that I wonder if anyone could help me with. I'm using an accelerometer to...
Oct1-09 02:59 AM
7 7,823
Hi, thanks in advance for any help and info. Have two conditions. The first condition is a mass of water spinning...
Sep30-09 04:13 PM
2 3,464
I've been trying to find the answer to a question i have online but haven't had much luck. Where did Stable or...
Sep30-09 02:35 PM
2 984
Hello, I am a tactical driving instructor and a precision/stunt driver. For more than 15 years I use high PSI tire...
Sep30-09 05:25 AM
1 7,154
We know that the more electrons there are in the valence shell of an atom, the stronger the London Dispersion Forces...
Sep29-09 10:59 PM
1 652
if you have mass and displacement on a horizontal surface how do you find acceleration
Sep29-09 10:46 PM
Vanadium 50
1 872
are the forces acting on the passenger seating in the back seat of the car different from the forces acting on the...
Sep29-09 04:46 PM
1 1,481
Sorry for such a simple question, but what are the differences between using insulation and heat reflective material? ...
Sep29-09 04:20 PM
1 1,523
hi, a doubt regarding rolling motion of a ball down the incline has been giving me sleepless nights for a couple of...
Sep29-09 08:54 AM
10 1,170
Hi, From knowing that the 3D harmonic oscillator has 3 degrees of freedom, how do you conclude that the average total...
Sep29-09 07:43 AM
15 10,003
Hello all, I understand the fact that the principles LaTeX Code: F= \\nabla \\phi . LaTeX Code: \\nabla...
Sep29-09 12:11 AM
2 1,149
I have a question: I have two plates that form a right angle. How would I go about finding the Capacitance of the...
Sep28-09 09:27 PM
4 1,184
Hi, Why is there a difference in electric potential from a point on the surface of a stationary magnet to a point...
Sep28-09 06:09 PM
Bob S
4 1,393
I've asked myself the following question but couldn't think about an answer. Imagine a hypothetical situation : you...
Sep28-09 05:55 PM
Bob S
5 1,650
hello, i'm using an accelerometer (ADXL311) which outputs analog voltage in proportion to g's for X and Y axes. i'm...
Sep28-09 02:59 PM
5 7,966
If a car crashes into a solid unbreakable wall, how is momentum conserved (I know it must be). To me, it seems that...
Sep28-09 01:51 PM
3 2,432
What would cause more injuries to the passengers of each car? a) car colliding against brick wall. b) car colliding...
Sep28-09 01:44 PM
1 1,213
A few questions about electric field here: 1. Why do charges have to be on the outer surface of the conductor? 2....
Sep28-09 11:37 AM
8 4,552
Hey all, Can someone please tell me why is the trace of the Jacobian of an integrable hamiltonian system equall to...
Sep28-09 12:02 AM
1 868
When working on homework problems having to do with voltage, there is often the stipulation that V=0 at infinite. If...
Sep27-09 12:58 PM
1 2,238
Hello The Foucault experiment is based on the non rotation of the oscillation plane of a classical pendulum. Maybe...
Sep27-09 12:39 PM
7 2,068
I recently purchased a new microwave oven, and there's a metal rack in it. The salesmen informed me that it shouldn't...
Sep27-09 11:38 AM
9 5,865

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