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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,826
My physics book says that the magnetic field is caused by moving electrical charges, acts only on charges with a...
Apr23-09 05:43 PM
Bob S
7 858
How does Hubble Space Telescope (HST) re-orient itself; and what is an underlying mathematical description?...
Apr23-09 04:50 PM
1 815
I was wondering about the problem of having a "ramp" defined as y=f(x), and a ball (or other object) beginning at...
Apr23-09 10:59 AM
6 1,182
I am working on a ballistics model, and have been trying to find some material on impact forces. Does anyone have any...
Apr23-09 09:57 AM
0 734
I understand that chromatic aberrations occur because the different wavelengths of light are separated, but I don't...
Apr23-09 07:50 AM
Andy Resnick
15 2,585
I am currently trying to get my head round RG in the context of statistical mechanics and am not succeeding! I would...
Apr23-09 03:38 AM
3 770
Dipole in an Uniform Electric Field: torque is calculated about the position of either charge has the magnitude...
Apr22-09 11:27 PM
1 1,922
This is a conceptional problem I'm dealing with. when no external forces act on a system momentum is conserved,...
Apr22-09 11:11 PM
5 1,021
I thought I understood this matter, but the more I think about it the more confused I am becoming. Suppose I have a...
Apr22-09 08:37 PM
7 1,168
Hi, Im looking for a new laptop battery. Something thats confusing me is the number of cells in a battery; what...
Apr22-09 08:07 PM
3 683
I am looking for the simplest possible derivation of the diode equation. I need it to reference to it in my advanced...
Apr22-09 06:17 PM
5 18,681
I'm working with Maxwell's equations, and I have found the curl of a magnetic field at all points. How can I figure...
Apr22-09 12:01 PM
16 1,630
lets say i have a block of material, measures a,b,c (length width height) and two wires running in from the top, both...
Apr21-09 11:19 PM
2 993
Hello, i am trying to remember the name of the guy who created a water fountain that seemed to recycle its own water...
Apr21-09 11:13 PM
15 11,584
Hi all, I am a bit confused about the relation between the thermodynamic potentials and the partition function....
Apr20-09 12:55 PM
6 1,556
I'm doing a problem in thermodynamics that deals with sound waves and the bulk modulus B and it got me thinking. Since...
Apr20-09 12:31 PM
Andy Resnick
5 2,934
Hello, Could somebody help me with this equation? The Seebeck coefficients of each material are: Selenium; ...
Apr20-09 04:19 AM
0 3,581
Right, I'll try to get this question across. Say you have 2 bar electromagnets, aligned so when you turn them on they...
Apr20-09 12:03 AM
1 920
I've been presented with these concepts, and the first time i saw them i thought they were just mathematical...
Apr19-09 06:20 PM
5 3,627
This is the paradox discussed in chapter 17 of "Feynman Lectures on Physics - Vol II" ...
Apr19-09 02:13 PM
Shan Ravi
3 2,317
I need the Seebeck calculation explained to me: If I have 1000 degC at one junction and 3 degC at the other, how...
Apr19-09 08:39 AM
0 4,304
If you accept that the 2nd law of thermo tells you that the Work_{net} = Q_{in} - Q_{out} it's easy to see...
Apr18-09 08:17 PM
4 911
I'm a bit confused here with determining the tension of a rope. A very simple example will do in this case. Lets...
Apr18-09 04:30 PM
17 10,527
Hi Folks, I have a quick question about the Biot-Savart Law, I know what it is, but I dont know how to derive it....
Apr18-09 08:47 AM
6 2,120
If an object receives heat from a heat reservoir, is it necessary for the heat receiver to release heat? Can the...
Apr17-09 07:37 PM
13 1,114
The degrees of freedom associated with the possible orientations of the spins of the magnetic atoms constitute a spin...
Apr17-09 06:57 PM
3 751
I am currently doing experiments with polarizing optics and reflection from metal surfaces. However it's not as simple...
Apr17-09 07:56 AM
Andy Resnick
3 824
I was reading Michio Kaku's book Prallel Worlds recently and I believe I saw it say that Maxwell's equations for...
Apr17-09 04:28 AM
7 1,408
Hello, How can I measure how much torque I'm exerting on a lever? Can it be done with a torque wrench? Or do I need...
Apr17-09 04:12 AM
6 3,458
Suppose \phi is a scalar function: R^n\to R, and it satisfies the Poisson equation: \nabla^2...
Apr16-09 04:06 PM
10 3,733
Hi , Please help me to solve following problem. If 20 KJ are added to a carnot cycle at a temperature 100 degree...
Apr16-09 02:46 PM
5 3,883
Hey, first of all, I wanted to know that if you pass an electric current through an iron rod, for example, then what...
Apr16-09 02:05 PM
10 5,094
Hi, As I read, A Causal signal is defined in electrical eng. context as f(t) = \{^{f(t), t\geq{0}}_{0, t<0} ...
Apr16-09 09:36 AM
Andy Resnick
5 3,148
Hi All - If I have a potential energy surface with two energy states, one higher than the other, where I can make the...
Apr16-09 07:45 AM
1 709
Hi! I'm a new user of this forum, although i've been reading a few threads for a while... Mi question is this: in...
Apr16-09 06:47 AM
5 679
If there's a point charge at the origin, I want to find two closed surfaces such that the flux through one of them is...
Apr16-09 06:35 AM
1 619
is it possible to convert internal energy into mechanical energy? is there some real life example which can explain...
Apr15-09 09:04 PM
2 702
Hey all, First off, thks to everyone here on physicsforums, this is such a great resource for anything...
Apr15-09 08:55 PM
14 1,716
If an object slides down a slope at a constant speed is the coefficient of static friction the same as the coefficient...
Apr15-09 02:26 PM
4 2,102
Consider this situation. A non-rotating wheel is cruising through space such that its velocity vector is at some...
Apr15-09 02:13 PM
14 1,689

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