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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,757
The following came from a discussion about launching a balloon. Suppose you have a heavy coiled rope of total...
Jul11-09 08:52 PM
8 1,316
I know that we can find the speed of the wave in shallow water by: c^2 = gh but how do we derive it?
Jul11-09 05:55 AM
2 4,441
please can you lookm at my video on youtube and give comment,if you think im mad say so,if you think it looks right...
Jul10-09 11:58 PM
5 2,020
Pseudo forses arising in a frame are defined as the negative of mass times acceleration of the frame used. now in...
Jul10-09 05:12 PM
2 900
Theres this retard on another forum preaching that matter travels as waves. And that he once calculated the amplitude...
Jul10-09 04:45 PM
18 1,771
Here's the good explanation. ---------- A surface is an abstract mathematical tool that we can use to explore...
Jul10-09 04:27 PM
1 552
I saw a teacher today with a piece of chalk tied to the end of a string (for drawing circles and such on a chalk...
Jul10-09 02:52 PM
5 1,066
Hi, What is a good interpretation of electric permittivity? If you look at Coulomb's law, it seems that the...
Jul10-09 10:57 AM
3 11,922
I was a bit surprised to find that the average recorded atmospheric pressures at such locations as Mexico City (2.2 km...
Jul9-09 11:19 AM
Bob S
24 16,602
There are situations when a water drop falls on a really hot metal surface and, instead of evaporating, it kinda...
Jul9-09 08:22 AM
2 2,180
Hi There Can some one please help me find a table or chart that has accurate data for water pressures and...
Jul9-09 07:42 AM
1 5,153
I have a few extremely simple questions about thermodynamics... I'm trying to self study it, but a few things just...
Jul9-09 05:30 AM
5 1,098
I am working on a research project in which i need to create a uniform electric field inside of a tube. I am using a...
Jul9-09 05:25 AM
2 5,616
Consider a case where 2 people are in a car driving in a straight line at sufficient speed. At some point the driver...
Jul9-09 05:20 AM
8 1,482
How do you calculate amount of power needed to slowly rotate shaft under bending moment? This is not related to...
Jul8-09 11:59 PM
1 2,614
If you have a certain number of particles such as a few electrons and protons in an area, how would you determine the...
Jul8-09 11:09 PM
2 619
Hi! I'm interested on how a 45-gallon drum (filled with air) behaves when submerged in water. I did some...
Jul8-09 10:38 PM
9 7,033
Can anyone help explain how to convert velocities to different co ordinate systems? I've always been shocking at...
Jul8-09 10:33 PM
8 12,232
Tell me what makes electron have a charge , what is that property of electron due to which there is attraction...
Jul8-09 04:30 PM
5 745
Hi all. Could anybody please advise me some good books on Thermodynamics to begin with? My current level of Physics...
Jul8-09 03:25 PM
1 1,120
Does anyone know how to derive the following: \nabla x \vec{V} = -k...
Jul8-09 02:39 PM
0 577
Consider a toroidal solenoid powered by a sinusoidal voltage. This will lead to appearance of sourceless electric...
Jul8-09 09:12 AM
6 1,084
My specialization is Mechanical engineering. So I'm dumb to many of the electromagnetic concepts. But right now, I...
Jul8-09 08:11 AM
Andy Resnick
9 2,502
is there any one who wants to chat about it ? iv tried once here and got not 1 reply, not even the YOU HAVE DONE IT...
Jul8-09 07:39 AM
1 706
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew, or if anyone knows where I can find, the maximum magnetic field that a micro...
Jul8-09 07:05 AM
2 1,431
Hi, I'm a beginer with COMSOL. I work in diffusion process and I's been trying to simulate with COMSOL a very simple...
Jul8-09 04:30 AM
0 392
Hi There I'm wokring on a miniature steam car ~0.7kg. I've decided that I would like to investigate the feasibility...
Jul7-09 10:53 AM
Nick Bruno
4 1,474
Can a magnetized ship go to the South Magnetic Pole on its own accord? Let's say it is currently located in the...
Jul6-09 07:00 PM
8 1,569
Can anyone explain how to relate the bunch length and energy spread of a bunch in an electron storage ring to the...
Jul6-09 03:56 PM
Bob S
1 911
Hi! I'm working on a thing that could be simplified as a pendulum standing straight up. I've found some formulas on...
Jul6-09 02:31 PM
Bob S
2 678
I need an explanation that relates the equation to what I learned about the dot product of two vectors being the...
Jul6-09 01:21 PM
36 2,796
I have two spectra of a star across the visible and NIR. One spectrum comes from an online resource (CALSPEC) for...
Jul6-09 10:36 AM
2 705
can some one explain what chromatic dispersion is? and it helps me finding which colour radiates more heat in the...
Jul6-09 07:51 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,049
What is the difference between eigenfriquency and normal mode? If, for example, I solve the secular equation (from the...
Jul6-09 06:08 AM
3 9,141
i want to ask can i model sloshing of fuel in satellite feul tank , to an energy sink model.... can anybody...
Jul5-09 07:38 PM
6 803
I though you might like a light break to solve a problem probably more interesting than the author intended. This is...
Jul5-09 08:49 AM
Jimmy Snyder
5 1,404
can some one explain me why,center of mass of an object can lie outside the surface of the object also?
Jul5-09 07:48 AM
6 1,183
Hi if i have lets say a rod swinging on a pivot, and i calculate the moment of inertia around the axis, which is...
Jul5-09 03:21 AM
8 878
I was thinking about it, and the only thing I could come up with is that it reduces friction with the surface the...
Jul5-09 12:29 AM
22 3,935
I've read the physical explanation for this eq is that magnetic monopoles do not exist. A poor explanation in my...
Jul4-09 09:28 PM
Count Iblis
46 3,399

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