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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,891
Hi, I am having trouble with the following: ...
Aug12-09 03:40 PM
3 3,001
Ok, this question may sound stupid to some. But still, I 'll ask. In electrostatics we frequently discuss,...
Aug12-09 01:01 PM
Bob S
6 664
From dimensional analysis, the speed of water waves can be determined as follows: Only the gravitational constant...
Aug12-09 12:52 PM
2 664
Hi, Can somebody point me to a good explaination and theoretical background on near-to-far fields tranformation....
Aug12-09 11:14 AM
6 858
Out of curiousity, I am wondering what happens, theoretically of course, if we place a 1.5V AC light bulb (which do...
Aug11-09 09:03 PM
10 2,633
Why is the b field inside a thick toroid largest along inner edge and smallest along outer edge?
Aug11-09 08:16 PM
Bob S
6 1,002
I'm trying to find out which logical statement is true. If and only if there is a region of space where there is no...
Aug11-09 05:21 PM
7 892
What is voltage? So many words, so many explanations are just hollow echoes off the walls of "authoritative sources" ...
Aug11-09 03:30 PM
48 47,026
So I was looking at MIT iTunes U physics videos, and the professor talked about regimes I and II in the video about...
Aug10-09 06:51 PM
5 835
Why do we not consider quantum effects when we deal with motion of electrons in a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, or in a...
Aug10-09 07:14 AM
2 646
It's evident that ampere's law is used to calculate the magnetic field produced by flowing charges. Can I use Gauss's...
Aug10-09 07:05 AM
10 2,714
The thread title is meant to be "Can a fly lift a balloon", it's Tom now due to a small mistake while posting. This...
Aug10-09 05:09 AM
7 665
If I'm in one of those carnival rides that spin fast I can feel the centrifugal force. This is due to the radial...
Aug10-09 03:31 AM
19 2,711
Hi, When a circular section object (cylinder, sphere of radius r) rolls down an inclined plane (at angle theta) it...
Aug10-09 03:20 AM
14 19,429
newbie question, say i'm rolling a ball down a smooth , differentiable, and frictionless 1-Dimensional hill V(x) from...
Aug9-09 06:37 PM
6 4,374
Hello ! Is there an expression for the friction force exerted on a solid sphere rolling (or rolling and slipping) on...
Aug9-09 06:17 PM
14 5,118
Q1. A thermometer is laid out in direct sunlight. Does it measure the temperature of the air, or of the sun, or of...
Aug9-09 01:29 PM
15 4,372
anyone have equations for bitter magnets? or do i use the ones for solenoids? i need an electromagnet capable of...
Aug9-09 05:20 AM
7 3,921
Hello, all! I am currently working with the governing equation of a rotating, translating rigid body. That is: ...
Aug9-09 12:54 AM
0 828
I've been reading through the Feynman lectures (almost done with Volume 1), and I have been trying to prove everything...
Aug8-09 12:44 PM
Bob S
3 1,729
Hi, I have some questions about the derivation of the Boltzmann distribution, for instance as in Mandl's "statistical...
Aug8-09 10:49 AM
6 1,457
if a body that is going in space in a straight line and suddenly 2 forces acts on it the first with the motion...
Aug8-09 12:38 AM
20 1,618
I wanna know whether this analysis in the image is correct or no ,and if no pleas I want u to explain me the reason...
Aug7-09 08:38 PM
Doc Al
4 756
Hi I'm looking for a place were I can find the damping coefficient for water. Maybe someone has/can find/knows a...
Aug7-09 02:55 PM
5 14,242
Recently I was asked whether the concept of a statistical ensemble is actually realistic and I recognized that I can...
Aug6-09 07:34 PM
1 700
So, the rocket equation is F_ext = m(dv/dt) + u(dm/dt) where m is the mass of the rocket, v the velocity, u the...
Aug6-09 02:03 PM
1 1,738
Hi, I want to electrically heat a uniform block of a known material to a high temperature (about 2000 K). I want to...
Aug6-09 05:59 AM
4 939
It is said that if a force depends only on distance (And not on time), the equations that involve those forces are...
Aug6-09 05:26 AM
Jano L.
1 973
I am looking for a relation between electromagnet (or permanent magnet) and frequency.For example what is the...
Aug6-09 03:27 AM
3 846
Hi friends, long time ago I noticed the following interesting similarity between classical mechanics and...
Aug5-09 03:53 PM
Jano L.
0 907
Suppose you're driving along a straight, smooth, level stretch of highway with a constant velocity v. There is a cup...
Aug5-09 02:46 PM
1 633
i am so confused.. does anybody know a good source to learn physics? every single source (book, website, etc.) says...
Aug5-09 02:25 PM
10 2,012
Hello, I got another inquiry about work. Supposing an external agent gives potential energy to an object by pulling it...
Aug5-09 12:19 PM
8 832
Why is the normal reaction to a rolling object shown to the side of the CM? Forces must be equal and opposite Is...
Aug5-09 12:05 PM
6 1,080
I understand that light propagates as a transverse wave -- does this mean that the momentum carried by a photon is...
Aug5-09 11:28 AM
Bob S
2 1,145
I'm new to these equations but let's see if I have the talk down. 1. The electric field surrounding a charge will...
Aug5-09 10:57 AM
18 1,597
Can a generic, not necessarily harmonic, signal of time be represented as a complex signal with a real and imaginary...
Aug4-09 11:50 AM
4 3,159
Suppose some vehicle with mass m is moving down a hill with angle \theta . Say that the vehicle is exerting a...
Aug4-09 10:27 AM
20 3,964
What is the actual definition of the TM mode? A typical definition that I've come across is that there is no Magnetic...
Aug3-09 10:15 PM
2 2,371
I've been thinking about this problem today. I tried reasoning my way through it and I haven't been able to. I might...
Aug3-09 05:45 PM
J Goodrich
2 586

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