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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,704
If you stop cooling a resistor and stop current simultaneously then what happens to the temperature of the resistor in...
Apr2-14 03:05 AM
2 165
I'm wanting to get the time it would take a vehicle to travel a 1/4 mile coming out of a corner in the ideal world. By...
Apr1-14 06:06 PM
17 385
I am trying to use thermodynamics manipulations in order to find \partialP/\partialV (at constant entropy) I tried...
Apr1-14 04:35 PM
rude man
1 175
I am doing a final year project, my Prof gave me 2 prism. He wants me to do so: A white laser is shot on a prism...
Mar31-14 10:18 AM
5 188
If I have a pair of coils connected in an anti-helmholtz configuration, with current flowing oppositely in both, and I...
Mar31-14 09:49 AM
16 231
On the 2012 AP Physics C Mechanics test, I got confused by the sign conventions for torques on question 3....
Mar30-14 11:59 PM
Simon Bridge
1 168
I was wondering where the derivation of the formula Group Velocity = Phase Velocity + K(dVp/dK)
Mar30-14 01:55 PM
1 155
What happens To the force between 2 charges if a metal sheet or a dielectric sheet is kept in between the two charges...
Mar30-14 01:52 PM
1 138
suppose a solenoid has N turns What is the Flux through the Solenoid? similarly if a coil has N turns , what is...
Mar30-14 08:25 AM
K Dhiraj Bhak
2 187
Is there a mathematical relation for the temperature change when a fluid flows through a pipe from one end to another?...
Mar29-14 10:28 PM
16 476
How can I figure out how to calculate the heat/cooling exchange rate of water inside pex tubing? I want to build a...
Mar29-14 08:11 PM
18 3,549
Hello, Question is about equation 5.71 ---to-----5.72 All that was done is algebra or trigonometry? Where do I...
Mar29-14 04:22 PM
5 393
Hello, I'm currently working on simulations in Solidworks of the flow of air (v = 450 m/s) around a sphere (radius...
Mar29-14 03:48 PM
1 151
The period of a satellite revolving around the earth earth at surface height is equal to the period of any mass thrown...
Mar29-14 07:26 AM
3 266
First post here. This question has two parts. (1) Connecting the dots between the Impulse-Momentum Theorem and the Law...
Mar29-14 02:16 AM
2 223
Hello, Are spectral reflectance curves dependent on the interface between the reflector and surrounding medium? For...
Mar28-14 11:50 AM
Andy Resnick
1 178
Recently I am reading the papers in the field of PT symmetry systems. What I am confused is that in these papers,...
Mar28-14 02:16 AM
1 151
On page 122 of Born and Wolf's "Principles of Optics" the following equation for the trajectory of a ray of light is...
Mar28-14 12:45 AM
6 265
I'm trying to understand why a superdeformed nucleus may be represented as bulging perpendicular to the axis of...
Mar27-14 11:05 PM
40 927
I'm having a hard time understanding why the electric potential halfway between two equal but opposite charges is 0....
Mar27-14 09:23 PM
6 190
Im confused by a concept i have run across in Griffiths electrodynamics. E_{out} - E_{in} =...
Mar27-14 12:04 PM
1 123
Homeopaths assert that dilution of a medicinal substance in a water -alcohol mixture, followed by forceful shaking...
Mar27-14 11:29 AM
Vanadium 50
3 213
If I needed to calculate the kinetic energy of a bar suspended by a rope at one of its ends, in other words, a bar...
Mar27-14 11:28 AM
6 280
Consider the Helmholtz Equations with a perturbation p(r) u(r,w) = 0 Does anyone know where I can find resources...
Mar27-14 12:44 AM
1 264
Hello everyone, I am having a little difficulty understand precisely what Gibbs free energy is. I have read in my...
Mar27-14 12:25 AM
Andrew Mason
1 168
Hi I am pretty confused on how my book is doing the calculus of electric fields. Basically I don't understand how...
Mar27-14 12:14 AM
1 165
I am currently working on my masters and happened to stumble upon screw theory, of which I have no previous experience...
Mar26-14 06:49 PM
6 280
Hello, I've been making my way through Landau-Lifshitz's "Mechanics" book, and I've come across a bit of math I'm...
Mar26-14 02:55 PM
9 241
I am really loving this book. But I have come across a figure whose purpose I just don't understand. It is shown when...
Mar26-14 02:53 PM
4 364
Initially the pings from Malaysian airlines flight MH370 could only determine the distance of the aircraft from the...
Mar26-14 11:33 AM
19 798
Let's say that we have a system of non-interacting Bosons with single-particle energies given by, \epsilon_{p,m} =...
Mar26-14 09:55 AM
2 166
I am doing a simple steel ball drop test on glass to see if the glass passes the standards. We are dropping 1.18...
Mar25-14 09:54 PM
8 4,652
Hi, I am taking a highschool physics course, and there are a few points at which I am getting a bit of confusion. ...
Mar25-14 08:15 PM
3 346
Hi, I understand that vapor pressure is independent of initial pressure, and depends only on temperature. ...
Mar25-14 10:04 AM
22 360
If A exerts some force on B then it experiences a force of same magnitude and in opposite direction. This didn't seem...
Mar25-14 03:04 AM
8 314
Do the speed of the ripples, or waves, in a pond depend on the weight of the pebble thrown into the water? I would...
Mar24-14 11:35 AM
2 219
How can momentum always be conserved while kinetic energy is lost when the collision is inelastic? Since there is a...
Mar24-14 01:57 AM
Andrew Mason
11 459
I am reading through the Feynman lectures in my spare times (the parts that interest me, anyway). The book and it's...
Mar23-14 06:20 PM
Simon Bridge
5 290
i have L of particle m in 1D motion, but how i can find the coordinate of particle x at time t??????
Mar23-14 12:02 PM
1 154
I am looking for the e.o.m. of a particle moving inside a sphere of homogeneous dust with density ρ. I start with the...
Mar23-14 04:38 AM
1 164

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