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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,931
So a cube submerged in water will experience pressure on all six sides, and the pressure on the bottom will be greater...
Jul7-14 06:51 AM
8 630
i was told that progressive waves has no nodes, why is it so? can anyone here explain please?
Jul7-14 04:30 AM
Simon Bridge
1 223
If I hold the top end of a straw filled with water, the water stays in the straw which is due to the atmospheric...
Jul7-14 12:56 AM
Simon Bridge
3 337
Hi guys. I hope this isn't a bad place to post my question, which is: I'm reading some lecture notes on Lagrangian...
Jul6-14 10:38 PM
4 382
So the formula is F=Gm1m2/r^2. Could you substitute one of the mass values for an energy value since gravity attracts...
Jul6-14 09:32 PM
6 375
Hey guys, I don't know if here is the right section for this question but anyway. So I was looking for the proof or...
Jul6-14 08:54 PM
1 406
I am facing difficulty in understanding a key point . Hence I am putting it here instead of Introductory Physics...
Jul6-14 12:32 PM
11 1,179
Hey - I am a bike mechanic with a large interrest in physics. I know that a larger disc brake rotor provides a...
Jul5-14 12:16 PM
20 24,030
Suppose I have such an equation: A= f(B) so A is a function of B. Can I really use the fact that a variation of A...
Jul4-14 11:08 PM
4 478
Hello, I am working on non linear fluid dynamics with my professor. We are trying to model multiphase flows of...
Jul4-14 08:44 PM
Simon Bridge
1 428
I am currently reading "Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles" by Robert Eisberg and...
Jul4-14 06:12 PM
4 624
How does a moving point charge affect another point charge moving at the same velocity and separated by some distance...
Jul4-14 03:15 PM
12 1,131
I have two questions that I think are analogous (tell me if they are not). 1. If I have a spring scale and apply 50...
Jul4-14 01:07 PM
Doc Al
2 407
Please watch this video (link: for reference. As you can see, the...
Jul3-14 10:45 PM
Simon Bridge
5 613
I've heard that a changing electric field creates a magnetic field and a changing magnetic field creates an electric...
Jul3-14 08:32 PM
15 953
Dear, I studied 4f system and I've got a question. As far as I know, 4f system is optical filtering system (attached...
Jul3-14 01:18 PM
1 589
This is one very basic question. But I just need to confirm if I understood it right. Suppose a particle moves...
Jul3-14 12:40 PM
2 612
sound created by blowing accross the top of the bottle produces sound due to standing waves created on air inside the...
Jul3-14 03:03 AM
5 755
when you slide your thinger around the rim of glass it produces resonance the matter which vibrates is a glass,...
Jul2-14 03:59 PM
6 852
Hello, I was thinking about how would capillary action change in a tube (classic example) and in a tube fitted...
Jul2-14 02:03 PM
2 746
I got this Lagrangian on the exam and it just seems weird to me: L = \frac{m}{2}(ẋ²+ẏ²) – eBẋy What I mean by...
Jul1-14 02:51 PM
10 1,025
To what I know, surface tension is a force that appear at the interface between 2 bulk phases, and is parallel to that...
Jul1-14 10:24 AM
2 643
Hi to all. I'm looking for ways heat could be converted directly to electrical energy. I figured out some machinery...
Jul1-14 06:43 AM
2 764
I understand that in a two body problem under central force, corresponding to a potential V(r)(assume one body is...
Jul1-14 05:53 AM
Philip Wood
3 724
I'm working on the electromagnetic stress-energy tensor and I've found this in a book by Landau-Lifshitz: ...
Jul1-14 01:50 AM
14 856
Can light travels without electromagnetic field ? Thanks
Jun30-14 12:20 PM
7 1,217
Hi! everyone... I'm a building a standing frame for disabled children, the structure in elemental form is shown in...
Jun30-14 08:11 AM
2 755
I notice on this page at Rice University that regarding Newton's 3rd law it says that... Surely this is a...
Jun30-14 04:49 AM
1 567
Hi Let a classical particle with unit mass subjected to a radial potential V and moving in a plane. The...
Jun30-14 04:24 AM
3 598
I really want to know if there is a difference between the force from the first impact of water and the force from...
Jun29-14 08:44 PM
10 1,237
I am looking for an equation that correlates material failure and collision speed; so that I can better understand...
Jun29-14 07:34 PM
2 615
I have problem undestanding newton's III law. When i press the wall the wall react with the same force on me but as I...
Jun29-14 04:43 PM
42 3,072
Hi - I am currently working on a paper verifying some thermal hydraulic code against experimental test data for...
Jun29-14 03:59 PM
2 638
I am working through Leonard Susskinds 'the theoretical minimum' and one of the exercises is to show that...
Jun29-14 03:36 PM
1 593
If the speed of light is changing, does this mean that the permattivity and/or permeability are dynamically changing...
Jun29-14 09:38 AM
6 1,174
Take a closed system of particles. Each has it's own mass, but that's really about it for the sakes of this argument....
Jun27-14 05:51 PM
Jano L.
6 653
Hey everyone, A meager pea brain (me) is in need of some help from you fine physics gentlemen. This is a concept...
Jun27-14 03:24 PM
3 522
As it's stated in Newton's law of gravitation, every object with mass attracts all other object with a force which...
Jun27-14 02:57 PM
12 1,056
One page 5 in Landau & Lifshitz Fluid Mechanics (2nd edition), the authors pose the following problem: The...
Jun27-14 10:57 AM
6 632
Recently on an aquarium related forum, I called out someone for making what I considered to be an outlandish claim and...
Jun27-14 09:19 AM
17 2,529

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