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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,867
The problem gives me a mass at the top of an inclined track. the track is not linear but curved and the bottom of the...
Sep11-08 01:46 PM
2 1,071
I was asked this recently and the only explanation I could come up with was that the Earth is oblate and the...
Sep11-08 04:11 AM
2 2,211
In one dimentional cases, will the velocity of a particle tend to the terminal velocity unregardless of any...
Sep11-08 02:12 AM
2 1,324
Follow the below four steps to amuse yourself 1) Take a semicircular wire. You know that its COM is at (0,2R/\pi)....
Sep10-08 08:08 PM
5 2,396
A magnet surrounded by copper wire spins generating a A/C current down a wire for as long as it spins. Are electrons...
Sep10-08 08:06 PM
9 1,505
I was learning a bit of centrifugal/centripetal forces, and then I asked myself. If at the equator, the Earth rotates...
Sep10-08 07:26 PM
5 19,816
I am currently a grad student. Part of my PhD work will be to formulate a mathematical model of a manufacturing...
Sep10-08 02:22 PM
0 2,291
I'm driven crazy by this question these days. so here it goes. Consider a ball sliding on a frictionless surface with...
Sep10-08 09:20 AM
15 2,256
i've been trying to get the exact definition of a banked angle but so far, i've gotten nothing so i would like...
Sep9-08 10:29 PM
Antenna Guy
1 2,030
Start with: $\frac{d}{dt}$ $\frac{dL}{dx"}$ = $\frac{dL}{dx}$ (d/dt)(dL/dx") = (dL/dx) Now intruduce three...
Sep9-08 08:44 PM
0 673
how can we say that torque is equal to power / angular velocity though we know that torque is equl to I x (change of...
Sep9-08 04:53 PM
4 6,125
We may say a process is adiabatic if it occurs fast enough such that no heat is exchanged from the system.But we also...
Sep9-08 09:14 AM
Count Iblis
4 3,258
The relation between the angles for which the minima occurs for a Fraunhofer diffraction(parallel rays, large...
Sep9-08 07:15 AM
Antenna Guy
8 1,899
I'm a biochemistry major entering my junior year. After completing the requisite general physics course, I found that...
Sep9-08 12:35 AM
4 5,017
Hi, I have read that Thermal Conductivity means: “The thermal conductivity of a substance is the quantity of heat...
Sep8-08 09:38 PM
1 1,957
Please help me to know moment, moment of inertia (mass,area,polar) and difference between them. How can we obtain...
Sep8-08 08:50 PM
0 543
Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but why is the average shear rate in a cylinder 2/3rds the shear rate...
Sep8-08 06:49 PM
0 1,202
I'm a new teacher to E&M and confess I was a lowly Chemistry Major who needs some help. A proton and a particle of...
Sep8-08 01:23 PM
6 3,030
according to the figure attached below , do we have a coriolis acceleration on the slider and why ? why cant we...
Sep8-08 11:35 AM
1 825
Here is simple counter example to 2nd law of thermodynamics - converting heat into work. Everything is in vacuum,...
Sep8-08 09:19 AM
12 1,779
In a 300kv electrical power line the electrons must be in a conduction band. How does that correlate with work...
Sep8-08 03:57 AM
0 1,360
What is the classical microscopic mechanism for absorption of EM waves? Consider a free charge isolated in the...
Sep7-08 08:38 PM
15 2,036
The D (displacement) vector has only the free charges as source. I heard it is better to work with D than E, because...
Sep7-08 04:09 PM
Andy Resnick
12 1,575
1. When someone loops, and the person blocks, the ball goes out...if the ball really rides up the rubber, shouldn't it...
Sep7-08 07:39 AM
10 9,072
hello smart people I came across a weird equation for entropy and do not know how it was derived. It looks like this...
Sep6-08 08:39 PM
Count Iblis
3 5,352
I have been learning the concepts of voltage, current, and resistance. I am aware of Ohm's law and have read a lot of...
Sep6-08 08:33 PM
25 2,758
Hi. In electromagnetics, a material(linear,isotropic,homogenous) with constitutive parameters \epsilon and \mu has...
Sep6-08 06:38 PM
Antenna Guy
1 5,269
I just got an idea with believe that if an object of carefully choosen material is suspended in water(for now) and...
Sep6-08 11:29 AM
2 1,317
-in balancing masses , why do we always say that we need to put a mass in a rotating disk that produce a centrifugal...
Sep6-08 11:05 AM
10 4,417
A 2.41microF and a 7.38microF capacitor are connected in series across a 30.0-V battery. A 10.3microF capacitor is...
Sep6-08 10:45 AM
1 1,204
I got a question that depicted the elliptical orbit of a comet over two intervals of the orbit, covering sectors, with...
Sep6-08 06:12 AM
3 2,730
Is there a way to have some observables, apply an equation and find a measure if the system is chaotic or not? For...
Sep6-08 03:06 AM
1 1,070
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, currently in grade 12. I'm planning to build a linear multi-stage coilgun as a...
Sep5-08 09:51 PM
0 1,198
L = \frac{\partial \Phi}{\partial \left(cos \Theta \right) \ \partial \Omega} What is this quantity? I mean, I...
Sep5-08 12:25 PM
3 1,702
Hi, In the process of reading up about dark energy in the field of cosmology, I felt I was beginning to lose sight of...
Sep5-08 10:30 AM
1 1,692
Hello, Here is my question: Just imagine the sun would stop shining, without exploding. It would just totally...
Sep5-08 10:06 AM
8 31,307
I have a question about waveguides: Say your input is an electromagnetic field of a certain time frequency, energy...
Sep5-08 08:35 AM
0 948
Hi, i would like to calculate a field after passing through a lens using fresnel integrals.
Sep5-08 04:48 AM
0 1,366
what will happen if light passes through changing magnetic field?
Sep5-08 12:20 AM
13 2,366
My electrodynamics lecturer was talking about how potentials are arbitrary and that's why we have different gauges....
Sep4-08 02:02 PM
2 1,398

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