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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,943
It's been a while since I've been in science class and I was wondering if this was theoretically possible. It's so...
Aug4-08 04:03 AM
1 981
Hi Is there any connection between creativity and level of order? wikipedia - Creativity (or "creativeness")...
Aug3-08 01:42 PM
1 1,422
As it is known to all,the atmospheric electric field does exists.In fact,near the ground its strength is about...
Aug3-08 12:33 PM
1 937
hello, I'm new here =D dunno if this is the right section to ask this I'm really confused about power voltage and...
Aug3-08 12:24 PM
4 13,441
I'm trying to calculate the amount of force I will need to move a 9.6g object at an average speed of 450 feet/ second....
Aug3-08 02:52 AM
5 1,115
I always thought that an electrode is what transforms the mechanical energy of a generator into electrical energy. ...
Aug2-08 10:30 AM
2 7,568
Hello, I'm looking for some documentation on how to implement "open boundary conditions" into electromagnetic...
Aug2-08 02:50 AM
0 1,598
I'd like to calculate the energy required to move a 1000lb vehicle at 55mph for 1hr. I'm looking for a simple...
Aug1-08 11:27 PM
4 15,724
Let's say I have a field (electric or magnetic or something) and it's time-varying so I choose to represent its...
Aug1-08 05:32 PM
2 1,527
I have a doubt about electric flux. It is said to be the no. of field lines passing through a given area. But then...
Aug1-08 01:49 PM
4 1,062
I've been reading and studying from 'Engineering Mechanics - STATICS 5th edition' by Beford and Fowler and it says...
Aug1-08 12:21 AM
James R
3 6,506
At t = 0, Q0 = 18 C and I = 0 in an LC circuit. (a) At the first moment when the energy is shared equally by the...
Jul31-08 11:45 PM
1 2,374
when inertia can act as athe mass ,force and generate momentu, the why another word called mass moment of inertia. how...
Jul31-08 04:04 PM
11 13,356
After a while reading from the shadows, I have decided to emerge and ask a question or two. I was...
Jul31-08 07:51 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,061
Hi All, A stupid question for sure (sorry). Does a moving ion, since it carries an electric field, creates some...
Jul31-08 04:31 AM
12 2,414
There is a 200 liter tank, well insulated. I first fill in 180 Liter of 50 Degree Celcious water, then slowly...
Jul30-08 11:05 PM
0 1,197
I'm trying to understand electrical potential and have a couple thought questions (Part A and part B) Part A Is...
Jul30-08 02:26 PM
Ben Niehoff
1 3,854
Easy question for those who know, I expect. It would help me understand though. Generally, wherever I look for...
Jul30-08 08:21 AM
2 1,054
Wikipedia says: "In a uniform gravitational field, the gravitational potential at a point is proportional to the...
Jul30-08 08:11 AM
0 1,549
Does anyone know the optical algorithms for calculating (or at least estimating) parallax and luminosity? So far I...
Jul30-08 08:10 AM
Andy Resnick
7 1,640
Hi, I was just wondering why the air going over a wing travels faster than the air going underneath? My teacher once...
Jul30-08 07:09 AM
3 5,063
hi there. I'm having some problems with Center Mass calculations... I have a CM moving at x axis with Vx, and it as...
Jul30-08 05:35 AM
2 986
Hello, After some persistent trouble, I finally succeeded in registering and logging in. Hurrah. I cannot often...
Jul29-08 05:44 AM
4 1,754
Hello. This is not a Physics homework problem, but rather a Programming project. I am asked to model a pendulum...
Jul29-08 02:18 AM
4 6,286
Hi All, I have a question and hopefully this is the right board for it. First let me explain that I am a...
Jul28-08 08:09 AM
Andy Resnick
2 2,616
I have a quad with electric start and a pull start (like a lawn mower). Can it be pull started after an emp? If not...
Jul28-08 02:01 AM
1 1,044
The figure shows a cuboidal shaped conductor inside which there is an ellipsoidal cavity. The center of the cavity is...
Jul27-08 11:02 PM
3 2,475
I have been having a lot of trouble finding classic works of physics and sciences online. Can't find anything by...
Jul27-08 02:11 PM
3 1,731
Ex:At home, you plug an electric drill into an electrical outlet and turn it on. At the moment you turn on the drill,...
Jul27-08 08:30 AM
1 1,415
Hi I tried to derive the distance traveled by a body at contact acceleration from the definition of acceleration...
Jul27-08 05:52 AM
2 21,212
I read on wikipedia that the E field obeys the superposition principle, meaning I can just add up the individual...
Jul26-08 04:31 PM
0 943
Could you please spot where is the fault in this reasoning? I suspect that some of the relations may not be applicable...
Jul26-08 06:06 AM
Vanadium 50
4 1,778
I hope someone can help with this - its been driving me mad for a while now! You will have noticed the shape coffee...
Jul25-08 01:12 PM
8 1,570
Hi, Suppose we apply an electric field E to a dielectric material. It is my understanding that the actual field...
Jul25-08 12:15 PM
Andy Resnick
4 1,309
in relating the index of refraction to the relative permittivity (dielectric constant/function). it is known that n =...
Jul25-08 11:58 AM
1 14,564
When one object accelerates away from another object, relativly they are both accelerating away from each other. The...
Jul25-08 11:27 AM
7 1,526
would the speed of light be attainable in a place where light doesn't exist?
Jul25-08 10:51 AM
10 1,496
Hi could anyone advise me to weather I am right in thinking when using equation one to calculate the thermal...
Jul24-08 10:56 AM
0 1,103
in using rayleigh scattering theory to calculate the polarizability of particles of arbitrary forms with sizes smaller...
Jul24-08 04:59 AM
1 1,522
So, someone said the random quote "We dropped him faster than a magnet". So my question is, if this proposed magnet...
Jul24-08 12:31 AM
1 2,077

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