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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,811
Dear All I have a problem that can be represented in two different forms. Problem is related to propagation of waves...
Apr13-08 04:31 AM
3 5,466
surely \vec{\nabla} \times \vec{B} \neq 0 in general but the work done by magnetic field on any charge is 0 hence is...
Apr12-08 02:33 PM
6 4,078
What are electromagnetic waves supposed to look like in 3D? Also, in the vacuum of space, electromagnetic waves...
Apr12-08 11:09 AM
19 5,697
Hi, I have this question. If a diode were connected to a circuit with an alternating current and there was a...
Apr12-08 06:35 AM
1 1,083
In practice, the suspension system of a car consists of a spring under compression combined with a shock absorber...
Apr12-08 04:10 AM
6 3,808
Hi guys, In quantum mechanics, the virial theorem for a system in its ground state is proved by a very nice scaling...
Apr11-08 03:48 PM
1 1,682
Suppose I have 2 bodies, M1 and M2. Assuming that no other forces are acting on them aside from gravity, what is the...
Apr11-08 11:34 AM
3 2,729
According to Bernoulli's law pressure and velocity along a stream line are related to each other. What is the most...
Apr11-08 06:25 AM
7 3,596
hello all, I got a bit of a problem. I want to calculate the vapor density (kg/ m3 or lbs/ ft3) with the following...
Apr11-08 01:46 AM
3 4,043
then that object would vaporize or cause a nuclear explosion. Atoms crashing into an object at the speed of light...
Apr10-08 11:58 PM
4 1,180
Greetings, Regarding a mass on a spring – I know the classic differential equation is m \frac {dx^2(t)}{dt^2}...
Apr10-08 03:32 PM
9 1,671
If two different masses, separated by a spring, are pulled apart, and then the spring is instantaneously release from...
Apr9-08 06:51 PM
6 2,864
If a string is attached to a weight and swung around overhead, is the force that creates tension on the string...
Apr9-08 06:37 PM
18 2,813
Can somebody please shed a little light on what this formula represents in the physical world? And how could I solve...
Apr9-08 03:20 PM
4 1,302
it states that in a given volume V surrounded by conductors or for that matter infinity if the charge density \rho and...
Apr9-08 08:02 AM
5 1,964
Hi, nice to find a physics forum. I had a quick question. I'm a television producer and developer, primarily in...
Apr9-08 07:25 AM
Shooting Star
1 1,469
An object rolls down a smooth plane (whose angle and length are given) starting from rest. At the end of the plane it...
Apr9-08 05:24 AM
7 4,469
I understand very little of aerodynamics. Currently, my high school robotics team is designing a F1 model....
Apr8-08 07:32 PM
1 1,520
I started having this doubt since i saw the derivation of potential across a capacitor using this method. So.. here i...
Apr8-08 03:12 PM
Shooting Star
4 1,100
My lecturer has given me this formula for reflective diffraction m landa = d (cos a - cos b) where m is...
Apr8-08 02:11 PM
1 1,438
Its been 15+ years since I have done any calcs like this and am very rusty, so even just a pointer in the right...
Apr8-08 12:25 PM
1 2,202
From the 1st law of thermodynamics we have dU = ∂Q+∂W but we also know dU = Tds - pdv , i am confused...
Apr8-08 07:48 AM
1 1,197
For electromagnetic field we usually use the Lagrange's density ...
Apr7-08 08:24 AM
44 6,856
Does anyone have an idea about a formula relating the refractive index of a medium to the temperature gradient...
Apr7-08 01:43 AM
7 1,971
Anyway ... a long long time ago, my father told me a story how when he was in college, they used to heat water just by...
Apr7-08 12:39 AM
Shooting Star
6 4,681
i understand the reason and steps leading to the equation that relates acceleration in the inertial frame to...
Apr6-08 07:59 PM
4 1,396
I raised this question in the courseware section and I got only one response. To improve the response, I am repeating...
Apr6-08 06:28 PM
Doc Al
1 1,376
I'm trying to explain to a coworker some fallacies in a thought problem he came up with that has severely confused him...
Apr6-08 02:56 PM
9 1,494
hi I'm a new poster here.the three body problem fascinates me a lot and was just wondering if there's any book out...
Apr6-08 09:56 AM
0 971
ive just come across gauge transformations on maxwells equations, and mathematically its all pretty straightforward,...
Apr6-08 01:16 AM
5 1,360
How does a magnetic field do work on the electrons in a wire? If F = q v x B, the magnetic field is always...
Apr5-08 10:36 PM
7 1,654
Hiya. I'm revising for a classical mechanics first year exam, and the lecture notes on central forces are less then...
Apr5-08 04:35 PM
0 764
Can an electron's mass and its magnetic moment be measured in the same experiment?
Apr5-08 03:57 PM
David George
2 1,073
I would like to analyze the motion of a superball, heres what I have so far, the perpendicular(to the ground)...
Apr5-08 01:45 PM
0 1,127
As we know, the variational principle can be used as the fundamental principle of mechanics. Without knowing Newton's...
Apr4-08 08:18 PM
4 2,794
Consider a wire, if I suddenly pass current on it. There would be an instant localized B field around the wire. Since...
Apr4-08 07:58 PM
4 919
In school yesterday I was doing a practical and when I moved a small 1.5T block magnet near a rheostat the magnet...
Apr4-08 05:21 PM
1 1,190
Im studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (coming up April 12!!) and came across this Thermodynamics...
Apr4-08 01:04 PM
1 1,015
I wanna know if in rapid adiabatic compression of a gas, is work done by gas on surrounding (atmosphere) numerically...
Apr3-08 11:07 PM
14 2,815
Hi all, One idle night a friend and I started an argument over the question: "How much energy is imparted on to...
Apr3-08 06:06 PM
12 7,911

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