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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,790
How does dissvoled gas bubbles move in solution? I want to do a computer simulation on nucleation so i am trying to...
Jul21-08 11:03 AM
Vanadium 50
1 1,085
What is charge?
Jul20-08 05:31 AM
1 898
First, to preface this, I have never taken any formal engineering courses, and I don't remember the physics class I...
Jul20-08 12:05 AM
4 3,971
Can someone explain me how to extend Hamilton's principle to non-holonomic system's thru the lagrange undetermined...
Jul19-08 02:10 PM
1 2,543
Where can I find online a good set of rigid body dynamics exercises? Thanks.
Jul19-08 06:05 AM
2 1,251
Hi, folks. I am looking for some help to understand the physics of a water pendulum (in fact, I don’t even know if...
Jul18-08 09:39 PM
1 2,379
I am trying to calculate the E-field from a varying B-field. The B-field is from a current loop. ...
Jul18-08 09:03 PM
4 3,702
Has anyone heard of anyone trying to conduct the double slit experiment with a barrier between the two slits that goes...
Jul18-08 06:41 PM
3 1,156
Can anyone please tell me whether the temperature measured from Wien's Displacement law/Planck's Radiation...
Jul18-08 02:55 PM
Andy Resnick
10 1,794
I don't know if you guys have heard that, when a railroad car is about to start moving, railroad operators sometimes...
Jul18-08 11:54 AM
4 3,722
hi, I'm a web developer so i usually stay in front of a computer for almost 12 hrs a day. my question is, when i...
Jul17-08 10:06 PM
1 1,139
I'm trying to figure out what the stress level of a wakeboard is when it hits the water upon landing. I'd like to be...
Jul17-08 04:46 PM
0 2,782
Could someone show me the simple formula, showing how quickly an item sinks in water. Presumably the formula...
Jul17-08 11:59 AM
4 3,075
I have a conceptual question regarding the self-induced emf in a solenoid coil. I have attached a graphic from...
Jul16-08 09:44 PM
6 1,910
Hi, I am going through a book on thermal physics (specifically on a section on the 2nd Law) It talks about...
Jul16-08 08:45 PM
2 2,131
Dear all I am a secondary and sixth form teacher in London and I have come across a puzzling situation involving a...
Jul16-08 04:18 AM
2 1,119
Here is the situation. A large electric motor has a long rod attached at a 90º to the motor shaft and is accelerated...
Jul16-08 12:46 AM
3 1,327
If say a cylindrical piece of material with a high yield strength is compressed in a vice with a force approaching the...
Jul15-08 10:17 PM
2 1,383
I was playing around with some manipulations of maxwell's equations and seeing if I could work out the wave equation...
Jul15-08 05:00 PM
Andy Resnick
3 954
Hi. I'll start off by saying I have a background in mathematics, but not in physics. If I use the wrong term, I...
Jul15-08 02:17 PM
5 1,150
Hey everyone. First post here. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Force calculation seems to fall under classic...
Jul14-08 11:33 PM
2 1,150
Are there any other math/physics/engineering runners out there who are interested in collaborating on an effort to...
Jul14-08 06:19 PM
1 4,485
Hello! I'm very new to these forums so please pardon my ignorance. When you twirl a mass on a string horizontally...
Jul14-08 05:56 PM
Doc Al
6 2,444
Why do we apply law of conservation of linear momentum on a body that explodes in air when an external force,...
Jul14-08 08:35 AM
8 2,462
Hi all, Some time ago I watched this video about an intra-terrestrial elevator. It is about a theoretical elevator...
Jul14-08 06:06 AM
4 1,376
Hmm how does one prove that a lagrangian is a function of just the generalized coordinates and the generalized speed...
Jul14-08 03:19 AM
2 1,157
BACKGROUND: I am doing an experiment determining the young's modulus of a cantilever through principles of SHM (i.e....
Jul13-08 07:05 AM
4 4,057
1975 the roof of the Montreal Velódromo which weighed 3.7x107N was raised 10cm to be centralized. What the work...
Jul12-08 10:10 PM
1 1,413
There is a EM radiation of frequency suppose x Hz.Let it has to travel a distance of y m.Now what's the time required...
Jul12-08 06:10 PM
Andy Resnick
3 1,324
Hi. I'm having some problem solving this problem: Consider a 3 body elastic collision; 3 bodies on 1 axe; both have...
Jul12-08 06:16 AM
1 3,262
Can anyone give a simple explanation to generalised cordinates in Lagarangian/hamiltonian mechanics
Jul11-08 03:02 PM
Oberst Villa
2 1,221
For an ideal gas PV=nRT where n is the number of moles show that the heat transferred can be written as: dQ =...
Jul11-08 10:43 AM
Andrew Mason
1 1,391
Lets assume we have a resistor material, with a perfect solid spherical shape and no defect, we connect it from south...
Jul11-08 08:44 AM
4 7,908
I've been searching through the internet and some of my optics books, but nowhere was I able to find the derivation of...
Jul11-08 03:49 AM
10 4,043
In multipole, the electric quadrupople interaction with incident electric field: ...
Jul10-08 11:29 PM
0 1,609
the link below should take you to a google book called "principles of nano-optics" by novotny and hecht. my question...
Jul10-08 10:38 PM
2 1,497
OK. I have been fighting with my pen and paper for hours trying to fathom this: I have been thinking about that...
Jul10-08 09:18 PM
13 2,394
does the electromagnetic spectrum limited? whate is the theorical answers for limitation of the spectrum?
Jul10-08 07:23 PM
3 1,187
A friend asked me this question: There is a capacitor with capacitance C, charge Q on either plate and an electric...
Jul9-08 04:43 PM
15 2,045
I have never understood how images are reflected in mirrors, even now that I am going into my fourth year of...
Jul9-08 04:02 PM
13 2,326

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