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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,884
Hi, i would like to calculate a field after passing through a lens using fresnel integrals.
Sep5-08 04:48 AM
0 1,366
what will happen if light passes through changing magnetic field?
Sep5-08 12:20 AM
13 2,369
My electrodynamics lecturer was talking about how potentials are arbitrary and that's why we have different gauges....
Sep4-08 02:02 PM
2 1,399
Imagine a hollow sphere made of perfect material. Its walls are perfectly resistant to any thermal and mechanical...
Sep4-08 10:09 AM
7 1,279
Hi, A simple question: Is the electric field of a point charge infinite at the charge itself? Coulomb's Law...
Sep3-08 06:25 PM
5 1,176
Hi, I am aware that the effects of a dielectric sphere in a uniform electric field have been done in many...
Sep3-08 12:36 PM
1 3,816
Well i do understand about the 8 fundamental dimensions in physics, but i cannot understand what makes only the...
Sep3-08 09:52 AM
Count Iblis
5 1,827
Hai!! Can anybody answer to me why the horizontal component of a projectile motion has no net force?Why is it move...
Sep3-08 08:12 AM
2 7,589
Show that: \left(\frac{\partial z}{\partial y}\right)_{u} = \left(\frac{\partial z}{\partial x}\right)_{y} \left ...
Sep3-08 06:42 AM
3 4,222
Hi, just out of curiosity... Ampere's Law describes that an electric current produces a magnetic field. When...
Sep3-08 01:39 AM
42 6,431
Four interesting questions: 1: Is there a maximum range of a given electromagnetic field? 2: Is there a maximum...
Sep2-08 06:40 PM
5 1,130
Can a wind propelled ice boat have a speed higher than the speed of the wind it is propelled by?? The answer, as i...
Sep2-08 05:56 PM
3 1,749
The other day, my professor mentioned projectiles have a force on them due to their spin. The example he gave is how a...
Sep2-08 12:53 PM
4 3,910
I wonder if anyone has ever heard this terminology. What is the meaning of a 3-vector?
Sep2-08 12:42 PM
6 5,366
hello everbody...i got two question about kinetic friction force... tat is 1. is kinetic friction force of an...
Sep2-08 12:07 PM
2 4,143
My friend and I wondered this in junior high school: since a record (as in the kind played on a record player) or an...
Sep2-08 07:01 AM
13 7,465
Hi everyone, The subject of this topic is what I am looking for. For example if the concentration of a monovalent...
Sep1-08 08:04 PM
14 4,781
Problem 1.8 from a Goldstein's mechanics text, is (verbatim since it's hard to describe otherwise) : "A system is...
Sep1-08 01:03 PM
2 1,964
What is the reasoning behind defining the helmholtz free energy as F = -kT ln Z? I always wanted to know why it was...
Sep1-08 12:55 PM
Count Iblis
4 2,910
hi there i am studying lagrange and hamiltonian mechanics. i came about this question from a previous test session...
Sep1-08 12:51 PM
Count Iblis
5 1,932
If one has a diatomic molecule with energy levels \epsilon_l = \frac{h^2 l(l+1)}{2I} l = 0,1,2,3,4,5... ...
Sep1-08 12:42 PM
Count Iblis
1 1,273
please explain to me this phenomena (Details in the picture attached) - after answering my 2 questions , I would...
Sep1-08 07:30 AM
Doc Al
1 913
I have a question about the 3D stress distribution. I need to know the shear stress components on a arbitrary plane in...
Sep1-08 05:23 AM
8 12,152
Hi can i say that 100 lines in the same direction represents a higher degree of order then 10 lines in the same...
Aug31-08 03:17 PM
Doc Al
5 8,206
With: wavelength = 4 meters frequency = 30 cycles/sec period, T, = .033 sec/cycle wave propagation velocity =...
Aug30-08 10:41 PM
2 1,606
If waves collapse upon detection, how is it that the Friis transmission equation yields accurate results? Regards,...
Aug30-08 04:04 PM
Antenna Guy
5 1,915
Hello everyone. Take an object in you hands. Throw it in the air. While launching it, your hands will push on the...
Aug30-08 02:03 PM
11 4,478
I'm searching for an example of how to find out generator function for a canonical transformation, when new canonical...
Aug30-08 01:19 PM
2 4,250
I was wondering about this and can't seem to think of a way this could be done so I have to ask. Is it possible to...
Aug30-08 10:57 AM
18 4,592
My physics book shows the direction of static friction to be opposite to an applied force that is parallel to the...
Aug30-08 09:41 AM
14 2,361
My situation is this. I have 6,560 ft (4 lb) of polyurethane-nylon coated #27 gauge round wire wound in a coil with an...
Aug29-08 09:10 PM
1 11,413
Given the mean energy of a system in a heat bath is \bar{E} = - \frac{\partial ln(Z)}{\partial \beta} Where...
Aug29-08 07:08 AM
2 1,596
I know that when a Longitudinal (Sound) Wave spreads in water the displacement of the water particles is parallel to...
Aug28-08 04:58 PM
2 1,608
According to Bernouilli's law there is a direct relation between pressure drop and fluid's velocity at the throat....
Aug28-08 11:13 AM
3 1,152
I'm trying to track down the rationale for removing the cross product of velocity and magnetic field intensity from...
Aug28-08 10:13 AM
4 1,356
Hi, we are doing an experiment and encountered the following problem We have two cylindrical tubes connected...
Aug28-08 08:22 AM
Andy Resnick
3 1,762
In many problems , to change the length of the air column we use water but I dont understand why waves dont pass into...
Aug28-08 06:02 AM
4 1,158
Can anyone validate that phase always decreases in the direction of propagation of wave? Also if i have a sonometre...
Aug27-08 09:49 PM
3 945
Basic electrostatics (as I've seen it presented) usually starts off with an implicit \mathbf{F} = q q_2...
Aug27-08 07:31 AM
28 7,125
How can I prove that newtonian potential of n-body problem is homogeneous function of order -1? Please help! ...
Aug27-08 04:56 AM
0 1,399

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