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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,224
will it be correct if i define head on collision something like this: When, in a particular reference frame, the...
Sep22-08 12:22 AM
3 871
I'm having a problem with a project I've been kicking around for some time now. This arose out of a discussion with...
Sep21-08 09:32 PM
4 1,239
Hello Everyone. I understand that the taylor series approximate a function locally about a point, within the radius...
Sep21-08 04:24 PM
2 1,354
Consider a hot pizza from the oven. Why do you tend to burn your tongue on the cheese, but not the crust?
Sep21-08 03:38 PM
10 2,384
Ok, while rummaging through the internet, trying to find out the magnitude of water's pull on charged objects, I came...
Sep21-08 10:17 AM
2 1,729
Hi Guys, I know that the compressible Euler Equations are: \partial_t (\rho \mathbf u) + (\mathbf u \cdot...
Sep21-08 09:06 AM
1 1,896
Hello! I have a couple of questions concerning Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics. First of all, are...
Sep21-08 04:34 AM
10 1,992
Hi, I understand the motion of a gyroscope through considerations of torque and angular momentum, I have no issue...
Sep21-08 01:49 AM
3 1,967
I'm having trouble understanding fictitious forces, so I looked up the wiki for it...
Sep21-08 01:07 AM
0 1,570
Hi all, I'm a little stumped with how the dielectric increases capacitance. The general solutions all involve using...
Sep20-08 06:27 PM
4 21,713
I know that the force of friction is the (coefficient of friction) x (normal force). My question is, why isn't area...
Sep20-08 01:33 PM
10 10,947
Hello, I know this has already been asked (unfortunately without answer)... learning once again for an exam...
Sep20-08 06:38 AM
9 6,315
Currently reading over some lecture notes on Hertzian dipoles and I want to confirm my understanding on why the...
Sep19-08 06:43 PM
Antenna Guy
4 2,915
Hi everyone! Im a UK grad student working in acoustics. My own background is in EE, so i am largely self taught in...
Sep19-08 10:38 AM
5 1,377
Hi, all. A friend challenged me to prove that F = -grad(U), and now that I did, I'm thinking of submitting it to the...
Sep19-08 02:38 AM
5 7,215
Hi All, I would like to know what is the precise meaning of the internal resistance of a DC source of voltage. ...
Sep19-08 01:26 AM
1 1,053
Anyone know where I can find the Symon's Mechanics exercices solved?
Sep18-08 11:34 PM
2 7,988
How would you define head-on collision? I am having confusion in definition itself Among the following, which one...
Sep18-08 07:44 PM
15 3,272
I have an ordinary differential equation of second order. I am looking for the Lagrangian(s) for which this equation...
Sep18-08 06:59 PM
2 1,630
I figured with how big the internet is, there would be an entire forum on magnets somewhere out there for me to ask my...
Sep18-08 05:58 AM
1 1,030
If you go down a mineshaft, gravity reduces because the pull of gravity is due only to matter between r=0 and the...
Sep17-08 11:23 PM
8 1,348
Hello! I'm trying to grasp the "intuitive" meaning of the thermodynamical potetials E,F,H and G, or at least of...
Sep17-08 06:29 PM
5 1,710
Hi All, I am new here and this is not a homework question... I'm turning 40 this year and my retention of physics...
Sep17-08 04:13 PM
2 1,042
Hey all, I trying to get somewhere with the following problem and am not having much luck. Any tips or suggestions...
Sep17-08 01:53 PM
Doc Al
1 1,585
the fundamental basis of the lagrangian formulation is the fact that the virtual displacement are perpendicular to the...
Sep17-08 01:27 PM
4 15,581
How does a cathode heater work? Can't seem to find a straightforward explanation anywhere.
Sep17-08 05:54 AM
1 1,406
Hi, John Baez has written an interesting article on a subject I was looking for the answer to (...
Sep17-08 04:36 AM
8 8,909
Hi guys, I'm trying to implement the enthalpy equation in C++ converting it from an excel macro I found on this...
Sep16-08 11:49 AM
1 1,725
Hello, I have to learn about the classic Perturbation Theory. I'm looking for guides, text books etc about...
Sep15-08 12:09 PM
2 1,120
I know it when I see it but what is the exact definition of a wave? what makes a wave a wave?
Sep14-08 09:04 PM
18 3,268
I'm just learning about linear momentum in classical mechanics and I have a question about it. I'm not sure I...
Sep14-08 12:56 PM
2 981
Hello people, In an AC circuit, how is RMS current and Mean current defined as? What is the practical meaning of...
Sep14-08 03:28 AM
1 1,344
Would it be possible for a symmetric axial vector torque to be equivalent to the shear stress of two uniform...
Sep13-08 05:07 PM
1 2,511
Does anyone have the following book: "Problem Solving in Electromagnetics, Microwave Circuit, and Antenna Design...
Sep13-08 02:35 PM
0 1,008
If two dielectric materials with dielectric constants k1 and k2 and thickness d1 and d2 are within two copper plates,...
Sep13-08 12:58 AM
6 2,452
Anyone can tell me why there is a -ve for the z= -r cot theta for the picture shown below? thanks! ...
Sep12-08 11:36 PM
1 3,366
Wind turbines / hydroelectric turbines - I think the same fundamental Physics applies to my question. The fluid...
Sep12-08 06:25 PM
9 2,863
hi! I have a question regarding work done lifting an object vertically upwards, under water. I am aware that work...
Sep12-08 06:02 PM
Andy Resnick
7 3,495
I guess this question is very easy, but after it occurred to me, it has been torturing me for quite a while. I...
Sep12-08 11:43 AM
6 1,997
May I know what does polarization direction for linearly polarized plane waves mean? In general, does the...
Sep11-08 10:33 PM
2 1,975

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