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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,708
An infinite string with linear charge density \lambda is put parallel to the axis of an infinite conducting grounded...
Mar27-08 07:14 AM
3 1,589
Ok, let me try to state this properly (I don't know much about this, so try to understand what I am trying to say...
Mar27-08 03:13 AM
2 945
Let us consider a lift which is moving with a constant acceleration with a man inside. Now we know that the man...
Mar26-08 06:55 PM
8 4,067
Some examples in text book make me confused when these two works are discussed at the same time. One of the works...
Mar25-08 12:42 PM
4 1,046
Hi, I have some questions about this equation. P + (1/2)mv^2 + mgh = constant. So obviously (1/2)mv^2 is the...
Mar25-08 08:34 AM
13 2,863
Hi, This is my question: why is in the middle of ice, white ? (have you noticed ?) I guess the reason must be...
Mar25-08 08:00 AM
Andy Resnick
4 1,731
It is often said that Maxwell's equations in differential form hold in special relativity while Maxwell's equations in...
Mar24-08 04:41 PM
0 1,055
I've been trying to figure out how I can start with the Navier-Stokes equation and end up at the Reynolds Transport...
Mar24-08 07:58 AM
Andy Resnick
2 1,967
I read that charge resides on the outer surface of a charged (electrically) body. Is it meant only for charged...
Mar24-08 12:15 AM
7 2,947
What exactly is meant by universal law? I have read in a book a that Ohm's law is not a univeral law. I somewhat...
Mar23-08 08:31 PM
15 2,855
can someone explain the the relationship these have to each other? i know that they are either proportional or...
Mar23-08 10:52 AM
2 2,298
1. Feynman says all of electromagnetism follows from Maxwell equations. 2. Somebody (Pointing to a Feynman diagram of...
Mar23-08 08:21 AM
1 1,953
hi in what direction does the electrostatic force act when we insert a dielectric within a capacitor? and when we...
Mar22-08 09:10 PM
2 1,836
Hi, I'm trying to build a physics simulator right now its just doing launching an object a a certain velocity and...
Mar22-08 04:59 PM
4 3,031
I have read that hot gases flow better than cold gases. Why is this so? Less dense? Any good readings on it. I...
Mar22-08 03:17 AM
6 5,128
Why entropy is a state function ?
Mar21-08 12:53 AM
1 768
I always wondered why time wasn't more of an issue in thermodynamics. for example, if I have a metal at temperature...
Mar21-08 12:45 AM
17 3,012
hello everyone Consider extinction coefficient k, n becomes N=n-ik. the text book says NsinA=N'sinB still holds...
Mar20-08 10:28 PM
5 6,765
The Bernoulli Equation for non-uniform flows have a constant at the kinetic energy term which describes the velocity...
Mar20-08 02:47 PM
4 5,670
Ok so i have looked and looked for a simple way to under stand how to find drag using the coefficient of drag. the...
Mar20-08 01:34 PM
5 1,341
Are "direction of force" and "plane of application" valid concepts in mechanical physics, or are these terms I've made...
Mar20-08 01:17 AM
4 4,774
Let us charge a capacitor and disconnect it from the battery. Let the capacitance, charge and voltage of the...
Mar20-08 12:29 AM
5 1,127
Hi All! I was hoping you guys might be able to point me in the right direction... I'm after a online calculator...
Mar20-08 12:07 AM
2 10,533
Hello everyone, I am dealing with a tough problem. I place a pencil on the edge of a table and I hit it. I want it to...
Mar19-08 07:22 PM
15 1,929
Hello All, I have had some interest in the effects of rotating magnetic fields and was doing some research on the...
Mar19-08 06:05 PM
0 1,274
So, I believe I've got the math part down but, I'm having trouble understanding the theory. Can someone briefly...
Mar19-08 04:22 PM
2 2,808
Can some one kindly explain or give a reference link that explains why it happens what it happens in electric...
Mar19-08 04:10 PM
1 996
Hello all :) I'm doing some coursework on eddy current braking atm and I just need to clarify that I have the right...
Mar19-08 12:06 PM
0 1,844
Can anyone tell what the angle of heel means? (how to calculate it in a barge with a crane)
Mar19-08 08:58 AM
2 6,845
Surrounding the planets usually exists the various atmosphere. Due to this atmosphere, one light ray crossing the...
Mar19-08 08:10 AM
4 1,922
Hi All, I would like to know what makes a polarized capacitor to explode. Too much voltage? Tension in the wrong...
Mar19-08 06:22 AM
2 1,795
on the corridor floor the static friction is 2.2N, the dynamic friction is 1.4N when the corridor floor with water...
Mar19-08 05:32 AM
10 2,755
Hi everyone im very new here so please don' be too harsh with me :shy: I hope I posted this in the right section. If...
Mar19-08 03:20 AM
4 1,389
I'm just sort of looking for some clarification on some of this... 1) Say we have an ideal emf (battery, I...
Mar19-08 02:12 AM
4 1,328
I have a question about the deduction of First Thermodynamic Law. The book that I have is written by Paul A. Tipler...
Mar18-08 04:59 PM
3 3,337
I am trying to determine the speed of one vehicle involved in an accident. I know the speed of the other vehicle, and...
Mar18-08 09:33 AM
13 1,835
Dear all When I first learned about forces and motion I was taught F=ma in terms of apply a force to a mass and the...
Mar18-08 06:43 AM
50 5,567
I got into a discussion about heat sink materials and was beaten up for suggesting that Aluminum is better than Copper...
Mar17-08 09:15 PM
11 2,640
Using a Laze light and curtain far from it 50 m. It is supposed that A is a light centre when having no aberration...
Mar17-08 06:06 AM
4 966
It is clear that stronger or faster the wind, the more force it exerts on, let say, a house or anything. So, can we...
Mar17-08 05:21 AM
0 6,330

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