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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,906
Basic electrostatics (as I've seen it presented) usually starts off with an implicit \mathbf{F} = q q_2...
Aug27-08 07:31 AM
28 7,127
How can I prove that newtonian potential of n-body problem is homogeneous function of order -1? Please help! ...
Aug27-08 04:56 AM
0 1,399
What is the volumetric heat capacity of Erbium? I've read it's the highest of any material at a temperature between 18...
Aug27-08 03:03 AM
0 1,303
Hello, I am trying to measure diameter of the hole in my equipment by doing the photography with digital camera. ...
Aug26-08 09:11 PM
Andy Resnick
2 2,297
Hi everyone, I have a uniform electric field in which I place an object. I have read that the electric potential...
Aug26-08 05:35 PM
6 1,621
suppose you have a system Ma + Kx = 0 for some nxn matricies M and K assuming a harmonic solution of the form a...
Aug26-08 03:31 PM
1 3,871
Does anyone have an equation that describes the magnetic moment of a solenoid that does not actually use number of...
Aug26-08 09:13 AM
5 4,553
How can I get the central force law by using orthogonal transformation of position vector, x=Ar where A is an...
Aug26-08 07:31 AM
1 1,510
In classical mechanics (also in QM I guess), the fundamental laws of conservation (energy, momentum and angular...
Aug26-08 04:52 AM
7 2,418
After having set up a trebuchet in my back yard, I decided it would be a fun excersise to predict the range of the...
Aug25-08 01:44 PM
2 3,327
Hi, so glad to be here. This is my first posting. I'm just a 61 year-old dummy, so please help! If a rubber ball is...
Aug25-08 10:30 AM
3 1,656
I've been fascinated by the idea of inductive coupling for a long time, so this weekend I decided it was finally time...
Aug24-08 07:30 PM
0 8,535
Hi. Wich experiments show that an electromagnetic wave is a wave? And what kind of wave? How i think of it? Sure...
Aug24-08 04:40 AM
43 7,225
force between two charges is it electric force or electromagnetic force? And force between the atom nucleus and the...
Aug24-08 03:00 AM
2 1,231
An antenna behaves like an RCL circuit. The R is the radiation resistance corresponding to energy actually radiate....
Aug23-08 06:36 PM
2 3,757
Hello: In Classical mechanics, the lagrangian of a system is defined as the kinetic energy minus the...
Aug23-08 05:55 PM
1 1,241
I'm trying to solve the question b) in this link My reasoning is dK = dm v^2...
Aug23-08 10:12 AM
1 1,552
Hi this is my first post here so I hope it's in the right place! I am doing a computer course and we are using...
Aug22-08 09:58 PM
0 1,962
Dear All, Please excuse my ignorance of physics. According to some Russian research 1 mW of microwave radiation could...
Aug22-08 07:18 PM
3 1,564
Hello, please forgive my ignorance. I need help coming up with a formula I can't seem to find on the internet. ...
Aug22-08 02:57 PM
1 1,287
Starting with the equation of motion -kx = ma , it is said that integrating this with respect to x gives the equation...
Aug22-08 11:18 AM
2 2,017
How would I go about calculating the resonant frequency of a tube with a slit cut out from its length. I'm looking for...
Aug22-08 11:04 AM
0 1,022
prove this claim in landau ... Closed systems have lagrangians which do not contain time explicitly
Aug22-08 08:33 AM
0 1,245
It is a well-known consequence of classical electromagnetism that any accelerating charged particle must radiate (not...
Aug21-08 05:35 AM
Shooting Star
24 5,415
Hello, I want to know how long time a running runner needs to reach a point, when he is initially running in the...
Aug21-08 03:03 AM
0 1,219
Hi. What is a ¨charge¨ ? What does it mean that an electron has a negative charge? What is modified in particle...
Aug20-08 10:56 PM
1 973
Im trying to calculate energy of the turbines to lift an airplane , by this way, calculating potential energy...
Aug20-08 10:49 PM
6 1,769
According to Coulomb's law we have that the force between two charged particles could be described by (1)~~~F = k...
Aug20-08 03:59 PM
35 4,398
So I was doing this one problem in which there is a sphere of radius r and charge density row and there is a spherical...
Aug20-08 10:21 AM
15 2,598
Dear Experts, Are there any effects that could be induced with electrity in a microgravity environment that can...
Aug20-08 07:29 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,375
I am doing an experiment on the pendulum, and i wanted to do something on the damping, i understand a little as i have...
Aug20-08 06:29 AM
3 2,159
I have a statics question. In my book under a picture it says. "To save material the beams used to support the...
Aug20-08 02:18 AM
5 1,669
Hello, good afternoon. I would ask you for the help of my work in physics. As you well understand, I'm not North...
Aug19-08 01:21 PM
6 2,716
hi..i'm an undergraduate student.i'm working on my final year project. i've been looking for the permittivity and...
Aug19-08 11:59 AM
2 1,252
Hey all, Just a bit of background info: I'm doing an investigation on low temperature plasmas and one of the...
Aug19-08 08:40 AM
1 2,296
My boss and i were considering he following problem (see attached image): 2 unequal masses rotate an equal...
Aug19-08 08:36 AM
3 5,306
I have posted this question earlier also. But i am changing my sentences a bit. This is regarding conservative and...
Aug18-08 10:15 AM
16 1,816
is there another way of considering the specific heat capaciaty of a material (many gas) other than with respect to...
Aug18-08 03:56 AM
4 1,492
Suppose an object is suspended above the Earth, then released. It immediately accelerates to 32.2 f/s^2. There should...
Aug17-08 06:35 PM
55 8,397
Hello, I've come up with a simple, imaginary situation that bugs me. Could someone help resolve my confusion? ...
Aug17-08 05:09 PM
2 1,297

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