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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,933
I've been searching through the internet and some of my optics books, but nowhere was I able to find the derivation of...
Jul11-08 03:49 AM
10 4,044
In multipole, the electric quadrupople interaction with incident electric field: ...
Jul10-08 11:29 PM
0 1,616
the link below should take you to a google book called "principles of nano-optics" by novotny and hecht. my question...
Jul10-08 10:38 PM
2 1,497
OK. I have been fighting with my pen and paper for hours trying to fathom this: I have been thinking about that...
Jul10-08 09:18 PM
13 2,396
does the electromagnetic spectrum limited? whate is the theorical answers for limitation of the spectrum?
Jul10-08 07:23 PM
3 1,188
A friend asked me this question: There is a capacitor with capacitance C, charge Q on either plate and an electric...
Jul9-08 04:43 PM
15 2,046
I have never understood how images are reflected in mirrors, even now that I am going into my fourth year of...
Jul9-08 04:02 PM
13 2,326
let's suppose i have two differently pressurized balloons and i push them together. how can i predict what that...
Jul9-08 03:24 PM
3 1,325
If a hole is somehow made to pass straight through the center of the Earth, and out on the opposite side, what would...
Jul9-08 03:17 PM
9 2,323
Hi Are there any exciting experiments for the conservation of linear momentum?
Jul9-08 01:19 PM
5 1,196
Does the electromagnetic or acoustic resonant frequency of a hallow spherical object ever equal the circumference of...
Jul9-08 11:08 AM
11 6,536
Question: Analyze the motion of a small bead attached to a wire which is rotating along a fixed axis? Proof(Using...
Jul9-08 10:06 AM
1 978
As an example, if you raise your arms in front of you, your center of mass will move slightly forward. However, you...
Jul9-08 08:39 AM
6 1,329
Hi guys, I am self-studying physics, but I am confused for something following: given 1-d motion of an object o, we...
Jul9-08 04:55 AM
Doc Al
10 2,053
It's been a while since I've studied mechanics. Would someone remind me as to the equation for the deflection of a...
Jul8-08 10:56 PM
1 2,249
Hello all, I have a quick question. If i put two identical mirrors right next to each other on the same surface at...
Jul8-08 01:38 PM
3 1,840
Is there a particularly good reason that angular momentum was defined as the cross product of position and linear...
Jul8-08 10:18 AM
34 4,438
i have been confusing according this picture which is taken from...
Jul8-08 09:49 AM
1 943
I was wondering why temperatures are so low out there in the vacuum of outer space? my understanding is that a...
Jul7-08 08:41 PM
Andy Resnick
10 2,520
Take a two sound waves: for example let us spread them at both poles of the human hearing spectrum. The low frequency...
Jul7-08 06:13 PM
3 6,531
Hi there, I am doing physics as level and i am finding it very difficult especially the projectiles. I am unable to...
Jul7-08 03:35 PM
3 1,182
Well, we all know that the farther you move the point of force application from the point of rotation, the greater the...
Jul7-08 12:40 PM
19 13,509
Ok, I have a general question about centrifugal force. Lets say I have an object who moves in a circular path, we...
Jul7-08 12:05 PM
117 15,112
An EM Field is described as follows : The electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by electrically...
Jul7-08 09:05 AM
2 972
Hi! I've really been wondering how air can possibly get cooled with a fan. I read somewhere on the internet that a...
Jul7-08 08:54 AM
6 1,836
Assuming I've understood some claims correctly, having defined the canonical momenta with equation p_k =...
Jul7-08 08:52 AM
1 1,041
A 1-D metal put inside a E0 electric field just like shown in following figure. --> |- <-- +| -->  --> |-...
Jul7-08 08:06 AM
7 1,430
Is it possible to prove that the chemical potential mu is a function of p and T alone and that G = N mu without using...
Jul7-08 04:14 AM
0 1,008
Neglecting air resistance on Earth and regardless of how fast or slow a projectile's initial horizontal velocity is...
Jul6-08 03:32 PM
3 2,559
Could someone please point me to a 'flash' or 'Java' type video that would accurately represent the passage of an...
Jul6-08 11:46 AM
4 1,593
Hi, I wanted to find some formulas for describing the motion of two particles. It seems, though, that it's harder...
Jul5-08 06:02 PM
22 8,757
Hi I'm trying to solve a magnetostatic problem and I'm not sure which boundary conditions must be applied to the...
Jul5-08 01:18 PM
1 3,624
If earth's magnetic field is considered as "B" ,then it has two components along horizontal and vertical.But while...
Jul5-08 12:42 PM
1 1,510
I have just done an experiment with a glider on an air track and applied a force to it. Its velocity increased very...
Jul5-08 06:35 AM
8 1,842
I am trying to consider a situation where a neutral, conducting sphere is moving perpendicular into a magnetic field. ...
Jul4-08 08:45 PM
0 1,890
Can someone Prove the thing in bold letters?
Jul4-08 10:15 AM
0 1,196
What do you know about the hard sphere model? and for this model used for colloids and polimers in fluids?
Jul4-08 08:05 AM
6 4,995
I need to calculate the spring force required to make a back pressure regulator for fluid control the back pressure...
Jul4-08 06:01 AM
2 1,429
who has the Electric Permittivity of Nobel Metal? Especially, Gold and Silver at different wavelength?
Jul3-08 11:53 PM
0 4,092
Hi experts, I'm trying to model a conveyor system (like this
Jul3-08 02:28 PM
0 1,154

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