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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,754
Dear all, Intuitively, the probability of finding a trapped particle at a given location x should be proportional...
Mar12-08 05:56 AM
7 1,633
In the definiton of magnetic lines of force, we talk about one unit north pole. Why? Path is independent of the pole...
Mar12-08 05:02 AM
0 1,170
Hi I read that in an encyclopedia but I don't understand it. "Because the surface of the material is now...
Mar12-08 04:36 AM
5 1,463
Why can't I use Ampere's law to compute the magnetic field at the center (P) of a semi-circular wire? If I...
Mar11-08 03:03 PM
7 2,158
Hi everybody! I have a big question for you, I have been staring me blind on this problem I got. And wonder if...
Mar11-08 04:24 AM
0 718
I was wondering if anyone knows of systems for which the Hamiltonian is not equall to the total energy? This is an...
Mar10-08 03:53 PM
2 1,654
Hi, I'm looking for a mathematical method of estimating gas density at a point within flow from a fairly low...
Mar10-08 10:55 AM
0 600
Problem: Consider a particle of mass m, constrained to move in a circle of radius r. Find the Lagrangian: Relevant...
Mar10-08 09:22 AM
7 2,476
Hopefully I have posted this in the correct section; Can anyone help with the equation(s) & assumptions required to...
Mar10-08 07:34 AM
0 3,941
I read that charge by induction precedes force of attraction between a charged body and a neutral one. That is, the...
Mar10-08 06:45 AM
2 2,079
Can some one tell me the speciality of gold for being used in gold leaf electrocscope in spite of being expensive when...
Mar10-08 06:43 AM
2 2,123
Hello, This is my first post on this site, but I find that I have gotten myself in to a nice confusion as to where...
Mar9-08 06:08 PM
0 1,172
if you stir a cup of coffee, is the velocity at the centre different from the velocity outside?
Mar8-08 06:37 PM
10 2,827
Hi folks, my first post here, looks like a very helpful website though, so i thought i'd share my problem. I'm a...
Mar8-08 10:25 AM
7 4,756
When I started taking driving lessons a long time ago, my teacher told me that when putting the gear into neutral it...
Mar8-08 06:31 AM
5 1,305
Hi all, In physics class I recently got the assignment to conduct an experiment. It can be anything I want, as long...
Mar7-08 11:53 PM
0 2,624
Hi, I am trying to calculate how fast you could rotate a pool table (at constant angular velocity) without the balls...
Mar7-08 03:22 PM
1 2,333
Can anyonewe suggest an extended essay project for me in physics. I am a grade 11 student in physics and want to do my...
Mar7-08 02:13 PM
Andy Resnick
2 6,781
Wrong forum! Sorry!
Mar7-08 09:23 AM
Andy Resnick
1 596
When something is boiling, like water on a stove, where do the bubbles come from? is it from some sort of chemical...
Mar6-08 08:23 PM
3 863
I'm making a question paper with answers having multiple options. I made/got the questions and right answer, but I'm...
Mar6-08 05:33 PM
11 1,298
I have thought and thought about this problem for years and made no progress. First off, the moving block on an...
Mar6-08 01:43 PM
2 1,533
I wasnt able to find anything on the internet, so maybe someone else can help. I need to know the coeifficient of...
Mar6-08 01:40 PM
3 908
I got injured while playing football and had to miss a Thermodynamics-I lecture. Got the notes afterwards but they...
Mar5-08 01:11 PM
0 3,548
Is this effect real? as far as i've seen there has been no tests that would suggest that this can actually occur. It...
Mar4-08 09:30 PM
11 1,979
Can anyone explain the physics behind a whirlpool? If I stir water fast enough, why do water molecules have a tendency...
Mar4-08 04:55 PM
6 2,299
In explaining capacitance, it is said that a conductor plate when given a charge Q develops voltage V. There is...
Mar4-08 01:34 PM
4 18,085
Magnetometer is used to compute the magentic moment of a magnet. In this procedure, we are asked to record the angles...
Mar4-08 05:39 AM
3 1,592
Hello: I've been reading about the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution for a dilute gas. One of the hypotheses to get...
Mar4-08 01:20 AM
1 1,706
Hello, New here. I have designed a segment of a track that I am building that I need to pull some data out of. It...
Mar3-08 08:31 PM
4 1,427
Well, I've held an idea for some years now. And the first person that can change my point view, I'll gladly send a...
Mar3-08 03:36 PM
5 1,682
Hey, In my physics we derived certain properties of conductors in electrostatic equilibrium using Gauss' law. One...
Mar3-08 01:29 PM
7 2,117
A 2.0 m long wire carries a current of 8.2 A and is immersed within a uniform magnetic field B. When this wire lies...
Mar3-08 08:26 AM
2 4,851
Hello. I have a system of 65536 'cells', which must hold 19 'packets' of approx. 1124 cells each. I would like to...
Mar3-08 03:38 AM
0 1,568
Protons with momentum 2.210−16 kg*m/s are magnetically steered clockwise in a circular path 1.8 km in diameter at...
Mar2-08 09:07 PM
3 3,567
I am trying to understand the so called "butterfly effect". By...
Mar2-08 05:42 PM
21 4,478
I see in several physics papers and articles current, current density represented by vectors. But in one book it was...
Mar2-08 05:29 PM
21 7,300
why some materials reflect light more than others?
Mar2-08 11:23 AM
1 6,415
i was doing some reading on structural mechanics and i stumbled across this example: i don't really get the...
Mar2-08 10:29 AM
1 6,983
Hi all, We are now going to do a kind of experiment in which we use a plumb bob to identify the vertical direction....
Mar2-08 08:47 AM
9 7,701

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