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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,686
... I need you folks !!! Simply putting it, Id like to determine the R value of an exterior wall. Im willing to...
Feb12-08 08:12 PM
12 5,866
What would happen if we try to set free the moon -theoretically- by applying a force just big enough to overcome its...
Feb12-08 12:44 PM
16 2,834
Greetings, Can you recommend a web site or sites that has worked examples of harmonic motion with 2+ springs in...
Feb12-08 09:08 AM
0 1,860
Does entropy change when temperature remains constant? What if heat is added into a system, while the volume expands...
Feb11-08 09:03 AM
Andy Resnick
2 4,798
Dear All, I need your help with a present problem - I am a student pilot, and want to see the derivation for the...
Feb11-08 08:11 AM
2 4,233
I was reading a list of science experiment ideas, and came across one that intrigued me: calculating the efficiency of...
Feb10-08 05:18 PM
1 4,459
I know that in the simple pendulum there is a rextoring force created by the gravity. My question now is, when we take...
Feb10-08 08:32 AM
2 6,150
if you have a permanent magnet slotted into a laminated yoke like a transformer has. But this yoke has a telescopic...
Feb9-08 07:37 PM
4 1,767
Thought you guys might find this article interesting and that maybe it would spark some conversation. What are...
Feb9-08 06:18 PM
1 5,434
Is there any valid formula which can apply to both thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, as they are both based on the...
Feb9-08 04:41 PM
John Creighto
4 7,540
I have some extended aluminum part which is at low temperatures. It is connected by a thin alu rod to a cooling device...
Feb9-08 12:09 PM
28 10,364
hi everybody, how does isolation work ? some things dont conduct heat , whereas other dont conduct cold. what...
Feb9-08 06:37 AM
16 3,833
Hello. I am a new poster; I hope I am correctly observing the forum rules. I have a slightly philosophical question...
Feb8-08 04:59 PM
2 1,670
I have faced a weird question: Examine if the cylindrical polar co-ordinates represent a set of genralized...
Feb8-08 04:29 PM
9 2,027
I know it's old already.. but this came up when I was lecturing my mom on the evil effects of urban myths and stuff.....
Feb8-08 03:04 PM
11 8,971
Can anyone give me an object where the center of mass and the center of gravity are in different locations?
Feb8-08 09:26 AM
Doc Al
3 1,819
Hi all I am wondering about recent developments of classical dynamics. It seems most physicists are now devoted to...
Feb7-08 10:59 AM
15 2,117
How to visualize thhe components of the energy tensor???? I mean to say that what it means to say that "the amount of...
Feb6-08 03:15 PM
2 2,523
what is classical physics?and what are the theories of modern physics which have proven it wrong?
Feb6-08 08:01 AM
Andy Resnick
8 1,285
I am looking for a link to some graphs that illustrate horizontal and vertical flight of a projectile. Anyone have a...
Feb5-08 09:03 AM
john b
1 1,762
I'm reading an old, maybe outdated, paper by Karl Popper about the 2. law of thermodynamics, brownian motion and...
Feb4-08 08:15 AM
Andy Resnick
1 2,969
Is the oldest known physics the relation between string tension and pitch, first discovered by the Pythagorean school?
Feb4-08 08:08 AM
Andy Resnick
4 2,302
Could someone perhaps explain how a potentiometer can be used to measure an unknown emf? My book gives a bad...
Feb3-08 05:37 PM
3 2,997
Suppose the magnetization of some substance depends on the field H and temperature, i.e. M(H,T) and we have the...
Feb3-08 11:24 AM
0 1,228
What is the potential energy of a uniformly charged spherical shell; i think it is called the self energy of shell.
Feb3-08 11:19 AM
Shooting Star
13 9,826
Hello, everyone. I've been working with this physics problem for about a week without much success, and this looked...
Feb3-08 10:22 AM
4 1,491
Hello i need this för a coding project im currently occupying myself with =) ok so the system is in a 2D space, the...
Feb3-08 10:03 AM
4 4,211
Hello! I have a question arising from my course in statistical physics: Describing microcanonical, canonical and...
Feb2-08 04:17 PM
3 1,506
So I'm reading "Mathematical Physics" by Donald H. Menzel, and I don't buy the following derivation from ...
Feb2-08 01:46 PM
John Creighto
2 1,840
Got this question somewhere: A boy is standing on a rotating platform. The system has a kinetic energy 'K'. Now, the...
Feb2-08 12:34 PM
5 1,332
Consider int(E.dA)=q/e, guass law relating the electric field to the charge enclosed. One can also derive (using...
Feb1-08 10:23 PM
6 2,858
In classical Hamiltonian mechanics, the concept of a canonical transformation ("CT") preserving the form of...
Feb1-08 06:29 PM
0 1,262
Hello All, I am new to this forum, and right up front I will say I know very little about physics in general. That...
Feb1-08 11:28 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,433
in my fields course we are using the metric tensor g=diagonal(1,-1,-1,-1), off diagonal(0) i'm looking for an...
Jan31-08 09:44 AM
4 1,577
what is the difference between classical mechanics and quantum mechanics?? other than that classical mechanics...
Jan30-08 03:35 PM
14 2,386
I'd like to see an example of a formula describing the position of a rolling ball over time. It has been given one...
Jan30-08 03:15 PM
3 2,317
Is there any material such that if you make a hollow object out of it, the magnetic field inside is not equal to the...
Jan30-08 12:02 PM
9 11,414
Is there any situation where the electric field drop exponentially in free space? thanks
Jan30-08 10:54 AM
5 1,857
Hi, (All oscillations I'll be talking about here are longitudinal.) For coupled oscillations of 2 masses between...
Jan30-08 07:05 AM
1 1,898
If not, then what are the conditions for us to construct a periodic boundary condition(PBC)? If so, then please help...
Jan29-08 10:07 AM
4 4,216

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