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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,221
With all the mechanical forces in statics problems I can assume the sense and I might get a negative answer which...
Aug16-08 11:22 AM
2 1,238
Hi all, new guy here. I am trying to understand the laws that govern a diesel motor. I know it compresses air at about...
Aug15-08 10:07 PM
1 1,221
Hi, I was wondering about the path a charge placed in a solenoid that was flown through by alternating current...
Aug15-08 05:10 PM
1 1,356
hello I just can't swallow the idea of mechanical advantage. * if you have a 10 KG mass , you need , say , 100 N...
Aug15-08 04:08 AM
6 1,684
I have a simple lever with two points of equal force, each at a different distance from the fulcrum. --- What I...
Aug14-08 08:43 PM
25 3,310
Looking for some pointers on how to approach this problem: I'm considering a system like the following - two...
Aug14-08 10:08 AM
5 8,278
I know a reference frame moving at constant velocity is a inertial reference frame. Is a reference frame that is...
Aug13-08 02:31 PM
3 1,680
what would be the speed of a bullet on decline fired from a pistol. firing angel is 45Deg. What would be the speed of...
Aug13-08 04:31 AM
1 1,346
In an electric current there must be forces that push electrons in a general direction (current). My question is, what...
Aug13-08 12:09 AM
12 2,662
Part of my early morning ritual involves making myself a nice cup of coffee. I pour my aromatic brew into the cup...
Aug12-08 06:26 AM
0 976
I recently caught a question that I realized was far more difficult than expected. Someone asked how hard they would...
Aug11-08 06:37 PM
10 3,284
Does anyone know how ships are degaussed exactly? I know that basically very thick electrically conducting cables are...
Aug11-08 01:27 AM
11 5,247
Hi there! I was wondering if you folks could give me a little enlightenment. Two days ago, I read a quote which led...
Aug10-08 12:36 PM
4 1,109
My friend and I were playing cards, and he was shuffling the deck. He claimed that the longer he shuffled, the 'more...
Aug10-08 11:05 AM
5 4,822
i have this doubt in teh famous brachistrone problem The Problem we have to find teh path y(x) connecting two fixed...
Aug10-08 06:31 AM
8 5,399
i need help under the impression that even though the moon orbits the earth, and the earth...
Aug10-08 06:08 AM
9 3,162
Consider, a particle at position 0 at time = 0 Lets say it moves to 0.5 after 0.5 seconds It moves to 0.75 after...
Aug9-08 08:31 PM
18 1,989
Looking at gravitational and electrical interation relations, I had an idea: F = kQq/r^2 F = GMm/r^2 Couldn't it...
Aug9-08 11:32 AM
19 3,671
Can someone tell me what the value of d is in Faraday's Law? Thanks in advance.
Aug9-08 05:26 AM
1 1,160
Hi all. I'm doing a little program for my own fun and I'm having troubles with the physics. I need to be able to...
Aug8-08 04:49 PM
5 1,248
is it necessarily true that we have \frac{\partial T}{\partial q}=0?
Aug8-08 12:48 AM
3 1,103
hello, I was wondering if there is an equivalent gauss' law for gravitation like: \Phi=4\piG*Menclosed any help...
Aug7-08 10:26 PM
5 1,512
From wikipedia: In metaphysics, impenetrability is the name given to that quality of matter whereby two bodies cannot...
Aug7-08 11:29 AM
7 1,570
Hi, I'd appreciate it if somebody would clarify a couple of things for me. First, it looks like the concept of...
Aug7-08 09:52 AM
0 1,548
This is from my Physics practical experiments. The experiment is to find the refractive power of the prism for...
Aug7-08 03:42 AM
11 11,442
Can a classical circularly-polarized plane electromagnetic wave, that's bounded in time, transfer net energy/momentum...
Aug6-08 08:45 PM
18 3,467
In the solution of a pendulum attached to a wheel problem, I was initially suprised to see that a term of the form: ...
Aug6-08 04:15 PM
6 2,022
Hello everyone, Why is it that in projectiles we learn that a mass launched horizontally will always fall towards...
Aug6-08 02:50 PM
9 1,422
It is clear that Newton's first two laws of motion deal with motion: the velocity of a moving body is persistant, and...
Aug6-08 03:50 AM
5 1,611
1. suppose a long solenoid is connected to a DC source and after a long time steady state has reached. And suddenly...
Aug5-08 01:05 PM
4 2,337
If two conductive plates are placed close together separated by a suitable medium to act as a dielectric. It has an...
Aug5-08 10:44 AM
6 2,951
What are the ways (both natural and artificial) in which em radiation is generated? Here is one of the methods: We...
Aug5-08 08:38 AM
5 1,829
Hi, It is supposed a metal container hermetically closed and completely filled with water; the container is...
Aug5-08 07:01 AM
3 2,534
How is permittivity a function of frequency ? And how is permittivity a function of frequency in relation to the...
Aug4-08 09:59 PM
2 4,150
Does dew point temperature remain constant over altitude, pressure, and density? I have to admit that I am having...
Aug4-08 08:06 PM
5 2,657
Could someone explain all the reasons that balls made to bounce are spherical? Bouncing = collision, so I guess I mean...
Aug4-08 06:39 PM
2 916
I have this question: A particle of mass m moves under the influence of a central force; F = -grad (V) where V(r)...
Aug4-08 09:55 AM
0 3,881
It's been a while since I've been in science class and I was wondering if this was theoretically possible. It's so...
Aug4-08 04:03 AM
1 995
Hi Is there any connection between creativity and level of order? wikipedia - Creativity (or "creativeness")...
Aug3-08 01:42 PM
1 1,443
As it is known to all,the atmospheric electric field does exists.In fact,near the ground its strength is about...
Aug3-08 12:33 PM
1 952

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