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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,694
I am wondering if anyone knows of any conditions for uniqueness of solutions to maxwells equations. For...
May13-08 10:21 PM
14 2,109
Sometimes during lunch time, strange talks appear :). And then great doubts about life and physics... Imagine two...
May13-08 07:09 PM
20 3,140
So, accelerating charges produce EM waves, and I understand that the greater the acceleration, the shorter the...
May13-08 03:30 PM
Usaf Moji
0 1,249
Consider a charge oscillating along the Y axis. EM waves are emitted around it and hits an observer further down the X...
May13-08 12:36 PM
1 1,259
Has anyone ever come across any experiments suggesting that the E=hw law for the energy of photons may require some...
May13-08 11:55 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,096
Hullo. I'm doing a lab report on boiling point elevation, and we have to answer the question: "the boiling point...
May13-08 10:51 AM
10 1,872
I have my AS level practical exam tomorrow and i have had a complete mind blank how do you work out the percentage...
May13-08 09:22 AM
0 1,202
When someone mentions exploatation of an electric (electrostatic) energy from clouds one would instantaneously imagine...
May13-08 12:58 AM
11 2,088
Hello all, Any help with this will be much appreciated. I've scoured the web and searched through textbooks, but I...
May12-08 02:43 PM
3 4,250
Why is it easier to balance on a bicycle when you are cycling faster rather than slow? Does it have something to do...
May12-08 02:33 PM
8 2,019
Hi to everyone I wonder if someone knows how can i compute the total reflected solar radiation from a parabolic...
May12-08 06:50 AM
3 2,568
Hi, I'm a first year physics undergraduate and doing a structure of matter course. I'm having difficult ...
May12-08 06:30 AM
0 1,319
OK if we have a circuit with a battery of emf e and internal resistance r and external resistance R. We are given that...
May12-08 02:04 AM
2 1,203
Couple questions for you guys. 1. How does a single electric potential affect the atoms within a conductor. For...
May12-08 12:24 AM
1 938
I'm more curious about what would it be, sort of question, like I know that When a positive charge is release and...
May11-08 11:20 PM
3 4,689
The pressure exerted by a saturated vapour depends on the temperature and the curvature of the liquids surface. ...
May11-08 10:27 PM
5 6,191
Hi, This should be quite a simple question but here goes: My question is about the conservation of electrical...
May11-08 08:23 PM
3 1,506
lets say we have two water droplets(assume them to be spherical shape) with a each having charge q and each has the...
May11-08 03:01 PM
8 1,182
When I want to find the energy in a system containing two points charges q and -q, I can use the following formula: ...
May11-08 10:46 AM
12 1,245
A small positively charged sphere is lowered by a nonconducting threead into a grounded metal cup without touching the...
May10-08 09:44 PM
0 1,349
After following the thread "ideal conductor vs superconductor" a while, I am wondering about something that must have...
May10-08 09:42 PM
2 2,493
i know how the magnetic field is shaped around a wire with current, and in the case of a solenoid, and in a bar...
May10-08 12:34 PM
4 2,190
can anyone help my figure what it take to raise my pool temp using coiled copper pipe paint ted black half inch...
May10-08 11:36 AM
0 1,177 When this machine takes 0.2 moles of a one atomic ideal gas through this cycle,...
May10-08 11:26 AM
0 952
Chemical reaction have 2 classifications: Exothermic and Endothermic. Exothermic is when the chemical give off heat...
May10-08 10:53 AM
7 2,615
This is becoming a post of controversy ( Can anyone here...
May10-08 05:39 AM
3 5,370
So this morning, while prepping for my calc 2 final, I sat at the breakfast table and drank my coffee. After stirring...
May9-08 09:07 PM
3 1,155
Hi, I'm having some troubles with Faraday's law of induction: \mathcal{E} = - {{d\Phi_B} \over dt} I don't...
May9-08 02:48 PM
5 4,977
suppose I have a charge q at (x=-d) and a charge q at (x=+d). the force between them is q^2/(4*pi*(eps_0)*4*d^2). ...
May9-08 02:24 PM
1 993
Hi, I've had this question in my mind for a long time.. When we say that the electrical energy stored in a vacuum...
May9-08 11:51 AM
0 766
How are they related?
May9-08 08:43 AM
1 1,904
I'm trying to get a better understanding of this sort of thing. Here is what I know... A postive point charge "q"...
May9-08 06:43 AM
1 1,700
How does thermal expansion effect the diameter of a hole in a sheet metall, When we r dealing with length it is...
May9-08 06:18 AM
3 13,859
Can someone explain in terms of electric fields how the index of refraction squared = the dielectric constant of the...
May9-08 05:26 AM
1 11,788
Everywhere I read on tire pressure for bikes I hear that lower pressure gives you increased control and climbing...
May9-08 12:13 AM
9 2,645
When a rigid body experiences a rotation about an axis other than one of its "principal axis of rotation", it...
May7-08 11:38 PM
Nick R
0 1,535
Does anyone have a rough idea on how the Crayola Colour Explosion Board works? Especially the part which allows the...
May7-08 09:25 PM
0 1,045
hi guys, I was playing around with Newton Equation F=Gm1m2/r^2 I separate Fr^2 = Gm1m2 . This is bugging me. ...
May7-08 05:31 PM
5 1,184
There is a section that contains dealings with Maxwell's equations in my vector calc book, and there are, to my...
May7-08 05:05 PM
3 1,981
I have a helicopter flying, but it is at rest in relation to the Earth, i.e., it's just hovering. That means the...
May7-08 05:01 PM
4 1,419

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