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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,240
If earth's magnetic field is considered as "B" ,then it has two components along horizontal and vertical.But while...
Jul5-08 12:42 PM
1 1,546
I have just done an experiment with a glider on an air track and applied a force to it. Its velocity increased very...
Jul5-08 06:35 AM
8 1,868
I am trying to consider a situation where a neutral, conducting sphere is moving perpendicular into a magnetic field. ...
Jul4-08 08:45 PM
0 1,920
Can someone Prove the thing in bold letters?
Jul4-08 10:15 AM
0 1,229
What do you know about the hard sphere model? and for this model used for colloids and polimers in fluids?
Jul4-08 08:05 AM
6 5,034
I need to calculate the spring force required to make a back pressure regulator for fluid control the back pressure...
Jul4-08 06:01 AM
2 1,460
who has the Electric Permittivity of Nobel Metal? Especially, Gold and Silver at different wavelength?
Jul3-08 11:53 PM
0 4,120
Hi experts, I'm trying to model a conveyor system (like this
Jul3-08 02:28 PM
0 1,167
I am going to test a full body harness. I need to know how far a 420 pound weight needs to drop to exert the same...
Jul3-08 08:13 AM
2 1,102
This is all over my head, but I'm in the water and I want to learn,:eek: Maybe you guys need a mechanical challenge...
Jul2-08 10:55 PM
9 2,294
Just curious...I know that constructive interference occurs when two waves are "in phase" but does this mean that the...
Jul2-08 09:32 PM
James R
5 1,890
Hi All, I have searched in some places but ´had no success in finding an explanation to the appearance of striae in...
Jul2-08 07:56 PM
4 1,378
What is the force that is responsible for the tangential acceleration? And how does this acceeleration work. I mean...
Jul2-08 04:06 PM
4 1,257
Let there be three electronvolts of energy between a tube’s cathode and plate with a voltage of one volt. Let...
Jul2-08 09:46 AM
14 1,602
hello, I am an art student and need help for a project I am doing. I do performance art, and I realized time and...
Jul2-08 08:54 AM
3 1,404
I do not understand how one should choose the principal function while solving some problem using the Hamilton-Jacobi...
Jul2-08 05:50 AM
0 1,101
I just read in my book that the farther you are from the axis of rotation the greater the centripetal acceleration....
Jul2-08 02:26 AM
9 2,203
Hi - I'm having trouble with the bouyancy force. I understand that in static equilibrium a force from below a...
Jul2-08 02:11 AM
4 2,329
is there a certain physical thing that you can see with your naked eyes, but it doesn´t exists anymore.
Jul1-08 07:54 PM
5 1,715
A bit of a problem. My book teaches me that E = -(dV/dx), where E is the electric field strength, V is the electric...
Jul1-08 04:24 PM
7 20,102
An object of a mass "m" is held stationary on an incline plane at an angle "theta" by means of a rope attached to it. ...
Jul1-08 02:51 PM
Doc Al
1 2,359
Hello, below are some specs I was provided of a micro screw air compressor, its physical dimensions are 4x4x4 and it...
Jul1-08 11:47 AM
3 3,391
I have some questions about electric field inside a conductor. In fact, if a neutral conductor is placed within a...
Jul1-08 08:00 AM
8 1,690
In a few chemistry books/resources I've seen the Bohr model of the atom is developed equating the electrostatic force...
Jul1-08 03:23 AM
5 4,601
We were having tea with the family and my brother and I started wondering if holding the cup will help in cooling the...
Jul1-08 02:17 AM
8 2,391
Hey, does anyone have an equation that roughly models atmospheric density from sea level to about 200 km up?
Jun30-08 11:23 PM
5 11,992
If two objects of equal mass are from h1 and the other fro h2.....will they hit the ground with the...
Jun30-08 11:17 PM
3 1,937
My experience is that because a lighter bowling ball can be thrown faster, the force that the ball has is altered. ...
Jun30-08 09:57 PM
31 3,145
When there is destructive interference I know that two waves that are out of phase cancel out, but what really goes...
Jun30-08 04:24 PM
2 1,393
Hi: In electromagnetism, Maxwell equations originally were 6, with the aid of vector analysis, these...
Jun30-08 11:54 AM
1 1,604
Newton's law of universal gravitation is only valid for point masses. Is it just chance that a person on the earth...
Jun29-08 10:25 PM
5 2,794
Jun29-08 08:05 PM
10 1,541
A program created for my 3rd term physics project in the spring of 2006. This program simulates elastic collisions of...
Jun29-08 11:32 AM
0 2,140
I've developed a lens that is a cross between a modified hele-shaw cell and a modified etalon. My experiments with a...
Jun29-08 09:04 AM
1 1,120
Prompted by D H's post on inertial forces … … I've just read the fascinating wikipedia article on Fictitious Force....
Jun29-08 04:37 AM
0 978
(No, not homework) This struck me by curiosity. What applications could supercooling possibly have? :confused:
Jun28-08 09:16 PM
2 2,364
Has nanotechnology had any success in mechanically separating "cold" atoms from "hot" ones, an application first...
Jun28-08 10:36 AM
1 985
We have a hollow spherical pendulum that is filled with water. The sphere has a hole under it. If it starts to...
Jun28-08 05:31 AM
9 3,243
So...I wanna solve the problem where two masses on springs collide into eachother on a frictionless surface. The two...
Jun27-08 12:32 PM
4 1,253
So, I'm a mathematics major about to start my third year. I decided to pick up a physics minor (I've only had the...
Jun27-08 12:19 PM
3 4,991

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