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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,808
What is the difference between Simple Harmonic Motion and Harmonic Motion ? and How do we define the motion of a...
Jun6-08 03:46 AM
4 1,121
I want to create a little board with 20 LEDs. My only problem is wiring them, I want to make a parallel circuit. I was...
Jun6-08 12:16 AM
0 1,178
Hi I have a problem I'm trying to figure out, but no idea where to start. Essentially I am trying to calculate the...
Jun5-08 12:45 PM
4 2,066
Would a harmonic of the Larmor frequency have any effect on proton precession?
Jun5-08 12:29 PM
2 1,575
Hi, When you have interference in thin films, why does the film has to be thin? Why doesn't it work with "thick"...
Jun4-08 07:45 AM
2 3,270
I have a couple of questions about single slit diffraction. It's not a homework exercise - just a conceptual problem....
Jun4-08 07:40 AM
Andy Resnick
1 2,483
Hello I'm a computer science student trying to write a software in C for calculating the radar cross section of...
Jun4-08 04:31 AM
0 1,720
Hello! I have a problem - a non-physics student has asked: "Why do I see my face upside down on one side of a...
Jun4-08 02:32 AM
5 6,152
Can two magnets produce a magnetic field strong than the simple vector sum of their individual fields when near each...
Jun4-08 01:37 AM
1 2,772
Unfortunately, magnetic fields are by their nature invisible, but scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory...
Jun3-08 11:37 PM
2 1,556
What limits the length of a snorkel? Our chest muscles strenth? If they are strong enough will we be able to swim...
Jun3-08 03:47 PM
4 1,462
the idea is , if we have the magnetic field strength (H) and magnetic flux density (B) so we represent the 'hysteresis...
Jun3-08 12:07 PM
1 2,037
If I describe a system by a Lagrange's function L=-\frac{1}{2}\int...
Jun3-08 10:02 AM
4 3,617
First of all, sorry for my poor english I am studying classical mechanics and have a problem with angular momentum. I...
Jun3-08 09:37 AM
2 918
I found somewhere that the time needed for vibrations of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the...
Jun3-08 05:49 AM
0 1,106
Hi, In one part in my book they define the magnetic moment of a closed loop of current. They define it as...
Jun2-08 08:06 AM
7 2,976
To create a solenoid, conductive wire is coiled with n # of turns per unit length. To create a real solenoid can each...
Jun2-08 07:42 AM
2 2,760
Hi, When you charge a capacitor in an RC-circuit, the charge q in the capacitor is given by q(t)=\epsilon...
May31-08 11:21 PM
7 2,846
Point charges w/velocity have a magnetic field. How does an uncharged capacitor slow the point charges to zero...
May31-08 05:10 PM
3 1,995
I'm working on a simulation for ballistics, and I am in dire need of some help with elasticity. It is primarily to be...
May31-08 06:39 AM
0 1,563
Well hello there! :D I'm doing a project on graphical simulation of a bullet hitting a glass plate, and I have some...
May30-08 07:40 PM
2 1,224
Is there anyway of measuring the potential difference between 2 points on a electrical circuit other than using a...
May30-08 07:32 PM
7 3,799
I am wanting to accurately calculate the top speed of a car (using it's power, mass, drag, and friction). I started...
May30-08 06:20 PM
3 15,108
Someone repeated the Cavendish experiment at about 0 K? My question: the gravity force is costant when mass is near...
May30-08 04:43 PM
9 2,016
Hi Guys, I've attached 2 pages from the book of landau "The Classical Theory of fields", I have a question about...
May30-08 07:13 AM
2 1,437
Hi, i have visited the forum for an explanation in cuantum theories (curious) and now i need other help. In my...
May30-08 03:30 AM
4 1,268
How much heat is absorbed in changing 2-kg of ice at -5C to steam at 110.0C? The Specific heats of ice, liquid...
May29-08 03:58 PM
1 1,049
I am trying to derive the formula for E.m.f across the ends of a rod rotating in a magnetic field when the field is...
May29-08 02:43 PM
2 3,862
Hi, I've just gone through a derivation and would like some confirmation that my reasoning is correct: Say the...
May28-08 09:19 PM
4 35,407
I have a vector v = a i +bxj Now I want to find a.So I apply chain rule and differentiate dv/dx * dx/dt = bj * Vx =...
May28-08 07:56 PM
9 1,442
Could everyone tell me how to calculate YAG/Al2O3 crystal saturating vaporization pressure? P=P*exp(-delt(H)/RT),but...
May27-08 08:01 PM
0 1,192
I started working on statistical physics for only a few days and it maybe quiet elemantary, how can i write the...
May27-08 02:12 PM
0 1,789
Hi. I understand that Zernike was a physicist and that he did some work in optics, and am also aware of the Zernike...
May27-08 08:57 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,189
If I use a narrow slit (e.g. two fingers) to view a distant streetlight, I can see an interference pattern parallel to...
May27-08 08:54 AM
Andy Resnick
18 3,024
Can anyone tell me if Internal\ Energy + Pressure * Volume equals heat, total energy, energy in transit? What if...
May27-08 02:38 AM
8 7,572
Suppose we have a ball made of linear dielectric with permittivity \epsilon, with some initial homogenous polarization...
May27-08 01:15 AM
1 1,648
Hey all, I was wondering about a varied version of something. I know that if you run a magnet up and down a tightly...
May27-08 12:27 AM
3 5,362
How do I work out the rate of heat transfer between different states of matter? Say for example I wanted to calculate...
May26-08 10:23 PM
3 2,691
My thinking must be faulty somewhere, but I can't work out whats gonig on... The equation Tds = du + pdv and ...
May26-08 04:48 PM
2 1,587
I was wondering how to do the math for a bullet hitting some body armor. Would you just divide the original force...
May26-08 01:23 PM
2 1,381

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