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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,841
I am trying to derive the formula for E.m.f across the ends of a rod rotating in a magnetic field when the field is...
May29-08 02:43 PM
2 3,864
Hi, I've just gone through a derivation and would like some confirmation that my reasoning is correct: Say the...
May28-08 09:19 PM
4 35,432
I have a vector v = a i +bxj Now I want to find a.So I apply chain rule and differentiate dv/dx * dx/dt = bj * Vx =...
May28-08 07:56 PM
9 1,443
Could everyone tell me how to calculate YAG/Al2O3 crystal saturating vaporization pressure? P=P*exp(-delt(H)/RT),but...
May27-08 08:01 PM
0 1,192
I started working on statistical physics for only a few days and it maybe quiet elemantary, how can i write the...
May27-08 02:12 PM
0 1,789
Hi. I understand that Zernike was a physicist and that he did some work in optics, and am also aware of the Zernike...
May27-08 08:57 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,189
If I use a narrow slit (e.g. two fingers) to view a distant streetlight, I can see an interference pattern parallel to...
May27-08 08:54 AM
Andy Resnick
18 3,027
Can anyone tell me if Internal\ Energy + Pressure * Volume equals heat, total energy, energy in transit? What if...
May27-08 02:38 AM
8 7,575
Suppose we have a ball made of linear dielectric with permittivity \epsilon, with some initial homogenous polarization...
May27-08 01:15 AM
1 1,649
Hey all, I was wondering about a varied version of something. I know that if you run a magnet up and down a tightly...
May27-08 12:27 AM
3 5,366
How do I work out the rate of heat transfer between different states of matter? Say for example I wanted to calculate...
May26-08 10:23 PM
3 2,691
My thinking must be faulty somewhere, but I can't work out whats gonig on... The equation Tds = du + pdv and ...
May26-08 04:48 PM
2 1,589
I was wondering how to do the math for a bullet hitting some body armor. Would you just divide the original force...
May26-08 01:23 PM
2 1,381
Hello forum friends, I have stumbled upon the fallowing heat conduction problem: Consider a heat source of...
May26-08 12:13 PM
4 1,685
Hi guys I have some questions about electrostatics, and I hope you can help me. Here they are: 1) Please take a...
May26-08 06:41 AM
Doc Al
9 4,307
Hey I am trying to figure out how to use the right hand rule when magnetic force points downward. I comprehend what...
May25-08 11:16 PM
9 3,159
Hi, this question might seem really basic but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. For a DC generator (like the...
May25-08 06:48 PM
15 4,021
I am trying to include salt water in my Rube Goldberg project. Instead of the wires that connect a motor simply being...
May25-08 04:47 PM
MadScientist 1000
1 1,199
I recently ran across an experiment which I needed to explain because it appeared to violate energy conservation. ...
May25-08 03:17 PM
0 3,186
Flux = Int B dA Why isn't this written as a double integral when we antidifferentiate over an areal?
May24-08 06:38 AM
Doc Al
2 1,969
A few friends and I built a wave "machine." It's made by laying out brass "rods" about a foot long next to each other...
May23-08 08:49 PM
3 5,074
Take a look at this little web-progarm...
May23-08 07:32 PM
Shooting Star
5 34,408
I'm trying to write a Library entry on Reaction Force, and I've discovered I can't answer this very simple question....
May23-08 06:05 PM
3 1,666
I know how to compute it and how to use it in equations. I do not understand what is physically happening however....
May23-08 03:35 AM
28 5,285
hi, im just assumin this is the right place for bernoulli stuff pressure 1 and 2 are both static pressures, and the...
May22-08 09:33 PM
6 1,678
Hello, i would like to simulate an ideal gas flow in a cube...the cube consists of small cubes lined next to each...
May22-08 04:35 PM
7 4,651
Hello. I'm having a bit of a problem. I need to calculate a change in rotational velocity on a rigid object given a...
May22-08 02:26 PM
4 6,172
We have the left-hand (motor) rule. We know exactly what happens when we run a current in a magnetic field. Its...
May22-08 10:02 AM
Shooting Star
3 1,945
I am a coach for athletes in various sports and have a problem that I can't figure out, but I'm hoping will be easy...
May22-08 08:31 AM
16 18,813
Do the molecules of a gas move randomly when they aren't colliding, or is it only when they have elastic collisions...
May21-08 02:21 PM
4 2,596
I'm trying to calculate the attractive force between two Water Molecules under the effect of an Electric field and I'm...
May21-08 11:55 AM
4 8,222
Hello everyone, new guy here. I'd like some other minds on an on-going debate i have with quite a few people....
May21-08 06:28 AM
2 4,792
Consider two point mass particles m1 m2 (with m1 different from m2) initially stationary relative to each other a...
May21-08 04:55 AM
Doc Al
10 2,085
Hi, I am looking for method to calculate a surface and bulk polarization of parallelepiped. there are relatively...
May21-08 01:43 AM
0 1,098
Many wiki articles contained horrible mistakes for many years until just a few days ago when I started to edit them....
May20-08 08:40 PM
Count Iblis
2 1,827
How would I go about the following: A set of forces are pushing an object in a circle. These forces are recorded...
May20-08 03:43 AM
10 2,386
Hi! I have been working on a rigid body subject quite a long. But till now there is an unresolved question for me....
May19-08 04:58 PM
1 2,137
Red light mixed with green light produces yellow light. Yet, a red photon and a green photon don't combine to make a...
May19-08 03:31 PM
3 2,166
Hey guys (and girls?) I'm new here, just registered, because I have a problem that my textbooks or google can't...
May19-08 06:47 AM
1 2,041
Dear forum, I'm looking for ebook version of - "Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. II, Berkeley Physics course"...
May19-08 05:34 AM
0 5,363

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