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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,724
when some molecules in a liquid gain enough energy to overcome attractive forces by surrounding molecules, they escape...
Dec9-07 08:25 AM
Doc Al
1 1,641
hi everybody my question is: a spherical shell is heated. the volume changes according to the equation...
Dec9-07 07:49 AM
Doc Al
4 2,769
Hi, I'm trying to create a simple pool game. The ball is moving with speed vx along x axis and vy along y axis. This...
Dec9-07 05:54 AM
9 2,277
i used the formula for KE rotation KE=(1/2)Iw^2 and i translated it to (1/2) v^2/r^2, but i wanted to know what does...
Dec8-07 03:01 PM
Doc Al
3 1,039
I have read in several places that superconducting materials are the closest phenomenon to perpetual motion known to...
Dec8-07 09:55 AM
19 4,331
I am doing this project to check how the number of baldes of a turbine affects its output. So I used a D.C motor which...
Dec8-07 09:52 AM
9 3,570
Hello: I am trying to figure out a way to calculate the number of calories burnt running. Before I do on to explain...
Dec7-07 06:16 PM
6 4,953
I am trying discuss steak preparation with another person and an issue has arisen. I do not have time to perform this...
Dec7-07 05:19 PM
10 1,922
Hi all Can anyone explain the term exergy which I read recently in some textbooks. All I know is it belongs to the...
Dec7-07 04:07 PM
4 1,941
my teacher gave the class a quiz and one of the questions was to calculate the work done. the formula for work is...
Dec7-07 05:07 AM
Doc Al
4 1,869
I've read books saying that heat and thermal energy are the same and Ive read other books saying they are not the...
Dec6-07 03:59 PM
1 2,967
i need to find max shear stress at a point on a plate (with a hole) under tension. i found using experimental data the...
Dec6-07 10:54 AM
1 4,106
Hallo all of you! :) I have a question does anybody know a paper/book where thermal conductivity depending on...
Dec6-07 07:54 AM
0 2,181
Suppose we have box with a volume V which is divided down its middle. So the box is split in two sides with equal...
Dec6-07 03:08 AM
8 2,557
Hi friends! Can somebody tell me anything about potential hole at liquids? Thank you!
Dec6-07 02:37 AM
1 2,719
hi, i would like to ask a physics question concerning two basic kinematics equations: d = v t and the projectile...
Dec6-07 01:28 AM
8 5,085
Hi everyone Im new here... I want to get a expresion for the Lienard-Wiechert vector potential at non...
Dec6-07 01:08 AM
0 2,419
Gentlemen and Ladies - Requesting a little clarification on this. Heres the setup: I have "steady" voltage source -...
Dec5-07 04:16 PM
0 2,515
This is what i dont get for things spinning in circles. So let's say you tie a mass to the end of a string, and you...
Dec5-07 10:46 AM
15 3,241
How do I rotate some shape in 2d space? That is, what factor do I multiply the x and y components to rotate my shape?...
Dec4-07 07:27 AM
3 1,850
Hey everyone! I am currently on a project building a small CanSat. This is a small satellite of the size of a coke...
Dec4-07 05:37 AM
0 1,277
For the rotational motion, on my book, it says "Since w (angular velocity) is the same for all points of a rotating...
Dec3-07 09:55 PM
12 2,362
There is a bit of data and literature that shows the standard heats of formation for various uranium compounds...
Dec3-07 05:20 PM
0 3,929
I am lost in how to use quickfield to manipulate objects. I need to create a uniformly charged cylindrical ...
Dec3-07 04:04 PM
1 2,191
Hi all, I'm a physics teacher at an australian high school, and some kids that I teach have give me some...
Dec3-07 03:39 PM
20 5,042
Hiya ! Got a problem about gas flow .......... I understand that gas flow speed through an orifice is choked to the...
Dec3-07 12:53 PM
15 7,909
Hi, I'm havign a hard time figuring out how the right hand rule works for Angular momentum, Angular velocity and...
Dec3-07 11:53 AM
4 6,511
Hello, I am having trouble finding solutions for a localized electromagnetic pulse in 3-D. Ideally, I'd like the...
Dec2-07 11:10 PM
Claude Bile
13 2,582
Suppose we have a satellite orbiting in circular motion around the earth (steady velocity) in a radius R.Everything is...
Dec2-07 10:50 PM
1 1,693
Please if any one can help me with my torque project. I need some subjects, and pecturs to finsh it. This is my first...
Dec1-07 08:11 PM
7 1,851
Can anybody provide me with information on thomson scattering for someone who hasn't done electrodynamics? I find ones...
Dec1-07 07:53 PM
3 1,944
Hi I am going to make a small roller coaster and I had a couple of questions about it. 1) What materials are the...
Dec1-07 05:48 PM
1 3,602
There's a problem going round in my mind that i'm not realy sure it's possible to put forward in a way that will make...
Dec1-07 03:11 PM
14 2,041
I'm trying to write a lab report but I cannot figure out how to derive the formulas for my Theories and Derivations...
Dec1-07 12:59 PM
2 8,479
I'm pretty sure i know what diplacement current is and how to calculate it but i have no idea why its needed. I don't...
Dec1-07 06:13 AM
0 1,438
In light of the Conservation of Energy principle, what would happen to the potential energy of the Earth's moon, or...
Nov30-07 06:50 PM
7 2,145
From a mathematical standpoint I have no trouble understanding the difference between a conservative vector field and...
Nov30-07 12:19 PM
4 983
Howdy Eevrybody! I'm starting research into an idea that struck me rather suddenly (but with no lasting injuries),...
Nov30-07 11:43 AM
2 3,407
A man, holding a weight in each hand, stands at the center of a horizontal frictionless rotating turntable. The effect...
Nov30-07 07:57 AM
Doc Al
5 1,650
Trying to verify the general integral solution to Poisson's equation I reach the following contradiction, what am I...
Nov30-07 05:23 AM
10 9,086

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