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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,902
Do the molecules of a gas move randomly when they aren't colliding, or is it only when they have elastic collisions...
May21-08 02:21 PM
4 2,598
I'm trying to calculate the attractive force between two Water Molecules under the effect of an Electric field and I'm...
May21-08 11:55 AM
4 8,228
Hello everyone, new guy here. I'd like some other minds on an on-going debate i have with quite a few people....
May21-08 06:28 AM
2 4,792
Consider two point mass particles m1 m2 (with m1 different from m2) initially stationary relative to each other a...
May21-08 04:55 AM
Doc Al
10 2,088
Hi, I am looking for method to calculate a surface and bulk polarization of parallelepiped. there are relatively...
May21-08 01:43 AM
0 1,098
Many wiki articles contained horrible mistakes for many years until just a few days ago when I started to edit them....
May20-08 08:40 PM
Count Iblis
2 1,827
How would I go about the following: A set of forces are pushing an object in a circle. These forces are recorded...
May20-08 03:43 AM
10 2,388
Hi! I have been working on a rigid body subject quite a long. But till now there is an unresolved question for me....
May19-08 04:58 PM
1 2,138
Red light mixed with green light produces yellow light. Yet, a red photon and a green photon don't combine to make a...
May19-08 03:31 PM
3 2,166
Hey guys (and girls?) I'm new here, just registered, because I have a problem that my textbooks or google can't...
May19-08 06:47 AM
1 2,043
Dear forum, I'm looking for ebook version of - "Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. II, Berkeley Physics course"...
May19-08 05:34 AM
0 5,364
Why does the charge on a conductor accumulate at sharp points? I've read one or two explanations, but I don't follow...
May18-08 11:33 PM
Shooting Star
10 9,336
Hi, As I understand it, the potential of a charged conductor is the work done in bringing a unit positive charge...
May18-08 07:38 PM
Shooting Star
17 4,687
Hey Everyone, I'm a first year mech eng student and have been studying circular movement. Gonna state a few...
May18-08 09:49 AM
0 1,825
The setup is: Suppose that we have a point charge q held a distance d from an infinite, grounded, conducting plate....
May18-08 06:05 AM
36 4,428
A circular loop of wire has a changing magnetic field running through it...however, the magnetic field is not touching...
May18-08 01:53 AM
25 3,673
Light, aka electromagnetic radiation, is said to have electric and magnetic fields as it propagates thru space. When...
May18-08 01:22 AM
13 3,073
I was reading the back of a pop corn bag and noticed that corn has twice as many calories before you pop it. C = kc...
May17-08 06:13 PM
18 5,409
Inspired by this story. Would running before you spit increase the distance your spit travels? I figure, most of...
May17-08 03:38 PM
2 1,251
If we have a metal wire and a magnetic field "inside" it, when the flux of the magnetic field changes, then the wire...
May17-08 11:21 AM
2 1,405
I've read some litterature about the electric potential (V, volts), but I feel like I still miss an actual explanation...
May17-08 06:27 AM
Doc Al
2 1,070
Hi everyone, I just bought a volt meter today to play around. To my understanding about electricity and all, I've...
May16-08 08:40 PM
5 2,388
My text reads for Potential Due to a Collection Charges: 1/(4πє) ∑ q/r Lets say you want to calculate the...
May16-08 02:16 PM
2 1,149
Hi, I have this problem: In empty space there is an infinite cylinder, with its axis parallel to z axis and radius a,...
May16-08 06:29 AM
5 2,112
Now we've all been taught how to use the average. Let me give 2 examples to those who don't know. Example 1: Say an...
May16-08 02:24 AM
5 1,175
Okay, I just took a test where there was a loop with a bar and a resistor in a magnetic field going into the screen as...
May15-08 10:16 PM
2 1,738
Why is the SI unit for acceleration \frac{m}{s^2}(meters per second squared) when it is actually \frac{m}{\frac{s}{s}}...
May15-08 08:30 PM
3 10,357
I was just wondering if their is some way to determine the force a specific type of metal will feel in a known...
May15-08 07:44 PM
0 1,075
I'm trying to detect a remote moving target. I know that if I send out a light beam against a distant target that is...
May15-08 03:38 PM
11 2,536
If one pass the earth's surface and move inward to the center. What would happens? 1/ would he get stretch 2/...
May15-08 01:51 PM
32 4,757
Hello all. I am hoping someone could lend a hand. I need to determine the vector potential of a long wire. I am given...
May14-08 11:21 PM
1 1,325
Oh no. My old mechanics teacher would probably disown me if he reads this. But today I was thinking about this puzzle,...
May14-08 07:13 PM
9 1,669
I've got a certain problem that I feel I know how to solve, but Im having trouble deciding which resistors are in...
May14-08 06:16 PM
1 966
If we were to inhale some Helium and speak, our vocal frequency will get higher producing high pitch and often comical...
May14-08 06:51 AM
2 1,410
I am wondering if anyone knows of any conditions for uniqueness of solutions to maxwells equations. For...
May13-08 10:21 PM
14 2,156
Sometimes during lunch time, strange talks appear :). And then great doubts about life and physics... Imagine two...
May13-08 07:09 PM
20 3,189
So, accelerating charges produce EM waves, and I understand that the greater the acceleration, the shorter the...
May13-08 03:30 PM
Usaf Moji
0 1,265
Consider a charge oscillating along the Y axis. EM waves are emitted around it and hits an observer further down the X...
May13-08 12:36 PM
1 1,269
Has anyone ever come across any experiments suggesting that the E=hw law for the energy of photons may require some...
May13-08 11:55 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,104
Hullo. I'm doing a lab report on boiling point elevation, and we have to answer the question: "the boiling point...
May13-08 10:51 AM
10 1,977

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