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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,796
Consider a woman standing on a turntable, which can turn without any friction. Both are initially at REST. A woman (m...
Nov7-07 06:35 AM
18 3,974
Hi. I was wondering how strong an electromagnet would have to be to move water, such as a low stream from a tap or...
Nov7-07 02:46 AM
5 1,416
There's a simple explanation that wasn't covered in the last thread about this. Start off with an ideal...
Nov6-07 11:49 PM
3 9,682
Now I am learning Uniform Circular motion, but I don't know what do horizontal circle and vertical circle mean? I...
Nov6-07 10:19 AM
Doc Al
6 1,989
A changing magnetic field induces a circulating current in a wire loop. My question is: Does the changing magnetic...
Nov6-07 09:50 AM
1 1,110
My understanding of 'camber thrust' is that when a wheel rolls with it's axle not parallel to the ground, it will act...
Nov5-07 05:40 PM
16 3,925
Hello, I would like to know if Pascal really made the experiment of the barrel. I have looked for in his...
Nov5-07 10:38 AM
2 2,673
I was going through the method of image charges and came up with this "infinite grounded conducting plane". What i...
Nov5-07 09:31 AM
5 2,470
for example, a book is at rest on a table. One might say that the normal force is the reaction force. BUt...
Nov5-07 08:02 AM
Doc Al
17 6,677
Aiight, so I pose this question: does the length of a cannon change the distance the projectile is able to go? ...
Nov4-07 11:23 PM
5 2,457
Hi, My question is regarding to the effect of magnetic field on gas particles.As you all know, according to the...
Nov4-07 12:52 PM
2 3,904
According to the popular interpretation of 'Bernoulli's Principle', moving air should always be associated with a...
Nov4-07 08:28 AM
69 20,130
The partition function in the classical theory is an integral over phase space. Thus, the partition function is often...
Nov3-07 09:04 PM
2 3,085
Suppose that we will proof the continuity of the first maxwell equation: So we have div(\vec{E})=\frac{1}{\epsilon...
Nov3-07 09:46 AM
2 2,302
Does anybody know a good topic for a classical mechanics term project. I just don't have any ideas. It can just be a...
Nov2-07 04:01 PM
2 2,582
Ok so we are studying Faradays law right now and am a little confused. I will try and state my understanding of it,...
Nov2-07 10:18 AM
5 2,479
um, first of all, why was my post locked? all i wanted was to know how to patent my idea.if adding this post is in...
Nov2-07 10:14 AM
3 2,376
Okay, Im doing grade 12 physics in australia and I was wondering about systems of planets interacting with each others...
Nov2-07 07:50 AM
Hamish Cruickshank
5 2,811
Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone could tell me what exactly happens at the gravitational midway point...
Nov1-07 10:58 PM
7 2,079
what kind of sources of light generate sinusodially varying electric field that is solutions of the form ...
Nov1-07 06:50 PM
Claude Bile
7 2,569
Im having trouble calculating the capacitance of a non-parallel plate capacitor where seperation at one edge is d-a...
Nov1-07 10:20 AM
1 5,404
When talking about a transmitted plane wave incident on a plane, ie. \underline{E} = E_0 \^i...
Oct31-07 11:24 PM
Claude Bile
3 2,193
What I'm about to ask isn't a homework question, but it is a personal question relating to a home-project I'm working...
Oct31-07 09:22 PM
2 11,713
We're learning about a systems center of mass and have: F_{net} = Ma_{com} But I having a problem understanding...
Oct31-07 08:59 PM
6 1,833
i am having some trouble understanding the concepts of center of mass for example using the equation...
Oct31-07 06:03 PM
4 2,037
# Hi # My instructor of EM course wrote two formulas on the blackboard and asked whether they are correct and what...
Oct30-07 09:09 PM
8 1,906
Hello all, I officiate high school and college basketball. One of our rules concerning a dribble states...
Oct30-07 02:09 PM
3 1,073
I'm working on a project for school and I have to come up with a system where a pulled object moves twice as far as...
Oct30-07 11:26 AM
3 1,915
Does anyone know when Coulomb discovered his law? And does anyone know when the concept of electric field lines was...
Oct29-07 08:36 PM
1 1,565
what do we mean when we sy the speed of spherical waves is v
Oct29-07 06:43 PM
10 1,981
Hi... I have hopefuly simple question, which however drives me crazy... I know how to mathematically derive that...
Oct29-07 06:31 PM
1 4,193
when we derive the wave equation for a an o0ne dimensional wave moving at constant speed we assume that the wave move...
Oct28-07 09:06 PM
Claude Bile
2 1,730
Hello to all, I'm reading one article about LT (low temperature) GaAs MSM (metal-semiconductor-metal) photo switches...
Oct28-07 08:39 PM
Claude Bile
2 1,006
I just started Classical Electrodynamics and stumbled upon a problem: An electric field has this form: E_{x}=ax...
Oct28-07 01:22 PM
Meir Achuz
1 1,346
Hey gang, I am doing a Mastering physics question, and it's got me stumped. >< Q: You need a capacitance of 50.0...
Oct27-07 01:01 PM
1 2,146
what is the use of representing wavefunctions say \psi(x,t)=A\cos(kx-\omega t) by \psi(x,t)=Ae^{i(kx-\omega t)} when...
Oct27-07 11:32 AM
7 2,151
Hello, I have merely been brainwashed by the formulas and math of AP Physics. Now, I want to actually understand what...
Oct26-07 12:53 PM
52 16,264
Let's say you have an object on the ground. Why do they say that friction is proportional to the normal force instead...
Oct26-07 04:58 AM
11 2,655
So, with the mechanical index of refraction n = \sqrt{ 1 - V/E } we plug into the optical ray equation, ( s =...
Oct26-07 02:07 AM
1 1,647
I know that the drag force is proportional to the velocity to some power, n, and that n increases with velocity and...
Oct25-07 07:46 PM
3 1,935

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