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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,733
Hello to all, I'm reading one article about LT (low temperature) GaAs MSM (metal-semiconductor-metal) photo switches...
Oct28-07 08:39 PM
Claude Bile
2 1,005
I just started Classical Electrodynamics and stumbled upon a problem: An electric field has this form: E_{x}=ax...
Oct28-07 01:22 PM
Meir Achuz
1 1,344
Hey gang, I am doing a Mastering physics question, and it's got me stumped. >< Q: You need a capacitance of 50.0...
Oct27-07 01:01 PM
1 2,141
what is the use of representing wavefunctions say \psi(x,t)=A\cos(kx-\omega t) by \psi(x,t)=Ae^{i(kx-\omega t)} when...
Oct27-07 11:32 AM
7 2,145
Hello, I have merely been brainwashed by the formulas and math of AP Physics. Now, I want to actually understand what...
Oct26-07 12:53 PM
52 16,245
Let's say you have an object on the ground. Why do they say that friction is proportional to the normal force instead...
Oct26-07 04:58 AM
11 2,653
So, with the mechanical index of refraction n = \sqrt{ 1 - V/E } we plug into the optical ray equation, ( s =...
Oct26-07 02:07 AM
1 1,645
I know that the drag force is proportional to the velocity to some power, n, and that n increases with velocity and...
Oct25-07 07:46 PM
3 1,926
can someone suggest a good resource on this at the level of hecht that is not hecht? maybe an online resource?
Oct25-07 04:42 PM
0 808
What would happen if say, there was a really long wire.. say 186,000 miles or so long. You apply a voltage on one...
Oct25-07 12:57 AM
6 2,825
How would you go about calculating the energy required to propel water through a circular-type blade at 3 metres per...
Oct24-07 09:54 PM
2 1,347
When a charge is applied to a conducting sphere and connected to another conducting sphere by an ideal thin wire...
Oct24-07 07:02 PM
5 8,745
People say gravity is an extremely weak force. Weaker than any of the other three basic forces that govern our...
Oct24-07 01:08 PM
6 1,588
im having a hard time explaining this, so im going to do my best. please feel free to ask questions on things that...
Oct24-07 11:12 AM
Quadruple Bypass
13 2,010
Hello All.... I am just wondering about something. The lift equation is, L= \frac {C_L \rho A V^2} 2 ...
Oct24-07 04:31 AM
white flock
4 12,172
Why is the triple point of water .01C while the freezing point 0C? It seems contradictory.
Oct24-07 12:26 AM
7 12,104
Hey all, I'm trying to do some math related to air pressure and temperature and i keep getting unreasonable answers. ...
Oct24-07 12:09 AM
2 2,551
I need a hand understanding the behaviour of a system which follows: Hot combustion gases emerge from an aperture...
Oct23-07 10:49 AM
0 1,690
Hi all My first post, please go gentle on me as I have a very limited understanding of physics. I do enjoy trying...
Oct22-07 08:30 PM
4 4,105
I have built a pneumatic tennis ball lancher (with compressed air). I need to develop theory (i.e. equations and...
Oct22-07 02:55 AM
Shooting Star
15 7,014
I build a potato cannon with my friend and we were having fun shooting it safely in a clearing. I decided to shoot is...
Oct22-07 12:06 AM
4 1,639
I'm afraid that I do not quite understand the difference between a point mass object and an extended object. The only...
Oct21-07 04:22 PM
2 7,012
I have some confusions between static friction and kinetic friction: When the static friction equals to applied force...
Oct21-07 03:35 PM
Lula Belle
12 2,376
Does anybody know how Green's function can be used to calculate the charge density of state? Thanks Tanja
Oct21-07 01:20 PM
3 2,792
Hi, I have a question regarding the low pressure system.. if a low pressure system is colder than its...
Oct20-07 09:00 PM
1 1,717
Is there a way to measure centripetal acceleration independent of a force measurement? If I had just a ruler, and a...
Oct19-07 09:12 PM
4 3,027
My physics teacher told my class that in order for there to movement, there must be a net force on an object. He also...
Oct19-07 09:00 PM
4 4,781
Applying the Biot-Savart eq'n for inside a current loop is pretty simple to find the magnetic field inside a current...
Oct19-07 10:03 AM
2 1,612
If a magnet is used to levitate another magnet (using the force of repulsion) can it be considered as doing "work" in...
Oct18-07 06:51 AM
7 1,734
I was wondering what are the physical properties of water that make it so different from other liquids? I stand to...
Oct17-07 04:11 PM
9 2,189
I recently realized that I have never really seen a rigorous definition of the electric polarization field in matter...
Oct17-07 10:46 AM
Meir Achuz
2 14,111
First of all, I am not a native speaker so the sentence I wrote may not make sense. So If you want to know meaning of...
Oct17-07 10:39 AM
Meir Achuz
1 1,158
The problem is that I am complicated what the direction of the force between capacitor and dielectric is while...
Oct17-07 10:37 AM
Meir Achuz
1 1,789
Well, I have read a thread regarding a table tennis paradox and I wondered why a top spin ball will dive faster. I...
Oct17-07 12:11 AM
2 1,640
All the drums weigh the has greater surface area , one has center of mass in the middle...and one has...
Oct16-07 11:20 PM
3 1,582
Hello all!! I read this post on another physics forum. I thought Keplers laws were accurate for our earth/sun...
Oct16-07 11:17 PM
13 2,749
In single slit diffraction, my professor says that only 2 rays get diffracted. Both at the 2 ends of the slit. no...
Oct16-07 08:27 PM
Claude Bile
12 1,948
In Volume II Chapter 28 of his Lectures on Physics, Feynman describes a fundamental inconsistency in classical...
Oct16-07 07:49 PM
56 12,984
Do the Biot-Savart Law, Coulomb's Law, and the Law of Charge Conservation contain the same information as Maxwell's...
Oct15-07 11:32 PM
8 2,221
Some friends my argue about the ball spin and curve. At first I thought it can be explained by bernoulli effect. But...
Oct15-07 06:32 PM
8 2,112

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