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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,900
Why do automobile batteries have very low internal resistance?
Apr27-08 12:22 PM
1 1,125
Iíve learnt that copper wire is not generally used in a potentiometer. Is there any specific reason for this?
Apr27-08 12:20 PM
1 1,535
Hello, Im currently working through Faraday's Law and im confused when my two textbooks dont explain how they set the...
Apr27-08 11:30 AM
6 6,752
We are doing a project on the terminal velocity of a badminton shuttlecock and also have to find the drag...
Apr27-08 03:39 AM
4 4,526
Basically what the title asks. I understand that there are four known forces, three of which have been unified, the...
Apr27-08 02:35 AM
1 1,076
I was watching a video on where this guy spins a a dial or capsule or a cap (I couldn't really tell, but it was like a...
Apr26-08 07:15 AM
Doc Al
1 1,025
In rotational motion , the units for torque, \tau = r \times F , are N \cdot m and for work done by a...
Apr26-08 04:05 AM
5 2,477
Using a Van De Graaff (VDG) machine, we can easily generate million-volt high voltage. The high potential difference...
Apr25-08 09:06 PM
2 1,312
I played the audio song on my 8 Ohm audio speaker. I used my Computer Audio Port to play the song. I played that song...
Apr25-08 07:06 PM
6 2,121
Sometime in the mid-nineteenth century centrifugal force fell from grace with modern physics. Physics texts from the...
Apr25-08 05:50 PM
12 3,137
Hi I have a problem beyond my scope. I am not a lerned physics chap so please, any answers would be great if kept...
Apr25-08 11:47 AM
6 1,932
First off I would like to say that this is not a homework question. I am trying to calculate the temperature of a...
Apr25-08 09:33 AM
2 3,702
In reading Feynman's "Lectures on Physics", volume 2 I have a question and have included a scan of a small section...
Apr25-08 08:26 AM
4 1,786
Hi, I am doing simulations on a particle in some potential together with a fluctuating force and friction. To do...
Apr25-08 01:57 AM
0 1,291
Hello I really want to know what the advantages and disadvantages of optical pyrometers are? Thanks a lot
Apr24-08 08:15 PM
2 3,667
Hello hello, I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the idea of a boundary condition. I...
Apr24-08 07:06 PM
3 3,125
Suppose that I have an aluminum cube with side lengths 10 cm. Suppose that I uniformly and continuously apply a...
Apr24-08 05:26 PM
14 3,218
hi! Actually am learning Lenz's law but am just getting confused.i know that the change of a magnetic field around a...
Apr24-08 05:08 PM
4 1,754
Recently I was helping a friend of mine nail sheets of felt on a roof, and we finished applying the felt in the...
Apr23-08 11:42 PM
18 6,275
hello In a textbook it is stated that if a piston of a gas syringe is used to compress the gas inside. Its Potential...
Apr23-08 06:51 AM
4 1,933
I am looking for educational derivation( or any available and detailed) of the key principle of statistical...
Apr23-08 01:28 AM
bilha nissenson
12 2,499
A conducting ball of radius R and total charge Q is placed in a homogenous electric field E. Find the potential V...
Apr22-08 03:33 PM
2 1,091
Hello. When a capacitor is connected in a circuit with an ac supply, a current flows in the circuit. fine. The...
Apr22-08 02:07 PM
9 15,593
Hello, I have a question about how balls react on collision while having diffrent mass, lets say two balls are...
Apr21-08 02:30 AM
Shooting Star
5 1,625
As water is pulled into an opening by gravity, it begins to spin. Why does it spin?
Apr21-08 01:34 AM
34 9,644
i cant figure this out. In an RC circuit, why is the maximum voltage of a capactior greater then the maximum voltage...
Apr20-08 03:36 PM
1 928
suppose you have a solenoid with hollow core connected to a galvanometer. On one side you have a S-N magnet (ie....
Apr20-08 04:59 AM
3 1,657
is it possible to continuously change the acceleration of light?
Apr20-08 02:52 AM
11 1,584
Hi! I am studying the diffusion of CO2, can anyone tell me the value (or/and any references) of the diffusion...
Apr20-08 12:23 AM
Crazy Tosser
1 4,103
Why is it that on a hot day, you can see a cars reflection on the road. What is this called?
Apr19-08 03:51 PM
2 3,178
Does anyone know where I can find a derivation how/why a light beam disperses? I'd like to see some sort of solution...
Apr19-08 06:18 AM
6 4,874
Many things have an infinite source of energy, where it isn't CONVERTED from other forms of energy, nor mass. Namely,...
Apr18-08 06:07 PM
43 5,427
I was thinking about newtons law and come across something interesting. F=ma=GMm/r^2 therefore a=GM/r^2. This is...
Apr18-08 08:52 AM
10 1,951
"The number of magnetic lines of force passing through any area in a magnetic is known as magnetic flux" So the...
Apr18-08 05:41 AM
Shooting Star
9 11,532
Hi all Not sure if I posted in the right spot but my question is in regards to optics and projection. To make a...
Apr17-08 09:28 PM
6 1,533
How to calculate the rotationals and torque forces on a hydraulic cyclinder, which is on a 14" arm welded to a 3" o.d....
Apr17-08 03:57 PM
0 1,149
I was doing an experiment to determine the capacitance of a capacitor in a circuit with a particular resistor R. This...
Apr17-08 10:55 AM
10 3,159
How can I calculate potential enegry? I have a interpretation about it, we should use the work that the string...
Apr17-08 10:42 AM
1 6,593
I have a problem in trying to express a net force equation for a falling elastic object when collision ensues. For...
Apr17-08 03:37 AM
1 4,588
scenario: If any generator ultimately 'pushes' current (free surface electrons) down a wire, moving trillions of...
Apr16-08 07:23 PM
6 1,924

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