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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,499
I'm very happy that I found this forum, hello everyone. I'm studying Lagrangian Dynamics and I can't figure out how...
Feb27-08 03:26 PM
1 1,930
Hello guys. I have a simple question regarding an LC circuit. Imagine a voltage source V_0, a capacitor C and an...
Feb27-08 10:08 AM
5 5,655
How to convert density from mol/L to kg/m3?
Feb27-08 02:18 AM
3 30,318
suppose i am moving in a train and at the same time playing a violin .Is the dopller effect/formulae applicable for me
Feb26-08 05:37 AM
5 2,243
We know that if current is flowing in the direction of z-axis (verical), magnetic field is formed in a plance...
Feb26-08 04:53 AM
1 11,661
When a ball spins....does it always have one point which is spinning faster? Meaning is it possible for a spinning...
Feb25-08 10:37 PM
5 1,909
why silver atoms reflect light? why they don't refract it, like the Huygens's principle says?
Feb25-08 03:12 PM
8 3,907
- the electric force is inversely proportional to the square of the separation r between the particles and directed...
Feb25-08 06:09 AM
4 1,584
In order to produce coherent laser light is it necessary that the length of optical cavity between the mirrors is a...
Feb24-08 10:06 PM
4 4,040
When you put a metal (conducting) spoon inside a microwave, it takes a few seconds, and then you get sparks, that...
Feb24-08 10:35 AM
0 1,345
Hi. This is a simple one (I think): We all know a swing, or simple mass on a spring, moves in harmonic motion, and...
Feb24-08 09:44 AM
5 3,827
I guess this is a common question: What is the difference between phase and group velocities? When are they equal?...
Feb23-08 11:09 PM
5 2,239
Now a part of a project or anything, but a product of a question a friend of mine asked about the third law. Please...
Feb23-08 10:59 PM
14 2,178
Hi all, I am having a hard time understanding the following scenario (I'm quoting from page 305 of the "Electricity &...
Feb23-08 07:24 PM
5 10,759
Hi, I am trying to figure out how much energy is stored in compressed air. I have figured out that a device I am...
Feb23-08 10:51 AM
2 7,395
Hi, I'm studying plasma waves now, and we have talked about waves in class that have phase velocities faster than...
Feb23-08 09:56 AM
1 1,133
can someone please explain why when banking a curve at an angle so that no friction at all is needed to maintain the...
Feb23-08 09:00 AM
2 1,894
What happens if two waves polarised in the x and y direction , say, interfere? Will the interference pattern be of...
Feb23-08 07:34 AM
7 4,161
A fresh question. I want to find the number of photons falling on a pixel in a CCD. A very simple model: * bigger...
Feb23-08 06:23 AM
0 3,026
Consider an uncharged spherical conductor .It has a cavity carved out of it and there's a charge q in the cavity.Now...
Feb22-08 10:15 PM
5 2,343
1) between two charged plates, the electric field is given by E=U/d=F/Q->F=QE that means that the force on a particle...
Feb22-08 03:15 PM
1 8,588
how can you build a device that can produce radio waves?
Feb22-08 01:43 PM
2 11,539
Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I have a pair of thematically connected questions that I can't really fit...
Feb22-08 01:09 PM
Fallen Seraph
0 2,157
Could someone try and explain with the differential form means? I've only taken p to calculus 2 so I'm not really sure...
Feb22-08 12:25 PM
5 11,274
Ok, just a crazy idea of mine since I am bored, and arguing with itisali does not amuse me. Imagine universe with...
Feb22-08 11:04 AM
5 1,382
Hello, For sometime now i've been into electronics and i have forgotten most of my meager knowledge in...
Feb22-08 06:49 AM
11 21,479
If the spring is too will either break or won't be able to rebound it....if it is too hard, it won't even...
Feb21-08 09:33 AM
2 6,709
Hi! This is my first post on this forum, and I have two questions. First of all I'd like to mentoin that my math...
Feb20-08 04:34 PM
1 5,460
delete this post.
Feb20-08 02:07 PM
0 1,940
Hi, I have been spending the last week just to understand the meaning of polarisation of light. I think the books...
Feb20-08 12:48 PM
Andy Resnick
6 2,694
I have a box that is 5'w x 5'l x 3.3'h and the air temperature within the box is 60F. If I have a device that can...
Feb20-08 12:47 PM
4 8,144
I am having trouble explaining the difference between internal and external forces, and in fact, even *defining*...
Feb20-08 12:40 PM
Andy Resnick
4 26,003
What's the average speed of hydrogen molecules at room temperature and how do you figure it out? Is there an...
Feb20-08 10:44 AM
1 17,765
When a stone drops on a surface.....the vibration on the surface....does it continue to spread forever....but keeps...
Feb20-08 08:07 AM
3 1,525
Why do electrostatic experiments not work well on humid days?
Feb19-08 11:28 PM
2 2,184
Is the air in a room an ideal gas? How do you know this? How does this compare to the density of air at room...
Feb19-08 07:00 PM
3 1,295
A loop is made from a conductive wire. The wire moves, so the area inside the loop is time dependent: S=S(t) There is...
Feb19-08 03:57 PM
2 1,567
I seem to be going a bit brain dead here, but in youngs modulus, how are the units in GPa as they are in one of my...
Feb19-08 10:40 AM
2 1,437
Why is it that the two pendulums must have equal masses if complete energy transfer is to take place, assuming the...
Feb19-08 04:23 AM
1 1,779
This may be a weird question, but oh well. Way back during the Scientific Revolution it would have been possible to...
Feb18-08 12:54 PM
9 1,664

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