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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,685
hi is said that constructive interference happens when the path difference is nlambda and i think...
Sep2-07 09:11 PM
Claude Bile
5 1,837
Hey. I'm a serious runner, and lately I've become very interested in biomechanics and running form. One thing I've...
Sep2-07 07:40 AM
5 2,157
i am confused at how this theory assumes the new hamilitonian, K, equal to 0 and the new canonical coordinates and...
Aug30-07 04:17 PM
0 3,338
hi .. so i got this galvanoplastic tub ,yes i like coating iron stuff with copper coat ;-) the problem is when i...
Aug30-07 01:50 PM
0 2,882
by definition, a charge cannot move inside an insulator and by a similar definition, a charge can move inside a...
Aug30-07 10:58 AM
11 4,002
Would someone, PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE, explain here how holography actually works. ...I mean - I know (I've already read...
Aug30-07 10:21 AM
36 6,075
Hi there... As English is not my native language I want to apologise up front for any mistakes. I have tried...
Aug30-07 09:50 AM
7 4,129
Hi All; I try to find the frictional torque on a high speed spindle. There is no flow past the cylinder, the flow...
Aug30-07 09:13 AM
0 2,377
how do u define rotational kinetic energy when the body is rotting about more than one axis. as an example take a ball...
Aug30-07 05:53 AM
9 2,451
this is in relation to this post of mine. my question is what is the direction of tension inside a rod (thin ) of...
Aug30-07 05:26 AM
17 1,856
Defining the period measured by a moving observer relative to a stationary source as T=t(n)-t(n-1) where t(n) and...
Aug30-07 04:19 AM
2 3,133
I am interested in learning about how automobiles are designed from a physics/engineering perspective (i.e. what are...
Aug29-07 02:18 PM
6 1,324
Hi First of all, since magnetic field in a wire carrying current is due to the movement of electrons, I assume that...
Aug29-07 10:14 AM
24 3,784
I'm having difficulty with a problem on MasteringPhysics (such wonderful software...) and as a last resort I'm posting...
Aug28-07 08:39 PM
3 3,976
Hi, Does anyone know how to calculate the astigmatic difference (focal length difference) for an off-axis spherical...
Aug28-07 04:41 AM
0 1,479 "As time goes on, the line becomes more...
Aug28-07 04:35 AM
2 1,509
Here's a quick one: If the generalized force F is not zero, does the equation dH/dq = -pdot become dH/dq = F-...
Aug27-07 08:16 PM
4 7,388
induced induced EMF ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
well iwas going through the standard example that is there is a uniform magnetic field in aregion going into the palne...
Aug27-07 07:09 PM
59 7,227
Hello! I had a question about the vortex panel method.. I used such a method to calculate (succesfully!) the pressure...
Aug27-07 02:43 PM
0 1,801
Hi everyone. This is my first post here... I want to create a numerical simulation in software, to solve the...
Aug26-07 10:25 AM
0 3,862
Ok, so i was talking to my friend about life, the universe and everything, and the conversation swung to the 'dumbing...
Aug25-07 05:25 PM
4 2,284
On this picture there are electron and proton. As far as I know the forces should be opposite. Am I right?...
Aug25-07 12:39 PM
5 1,179
Hi, I'm currently doing a research study on the effect of the presence of a rear car spoiler on the lift of a vehicle...
Aug24-07 11:22 PM
31 14,592
what does magnetic moment mean?
Aug24-07 05:50 PM
2 1,592
Hi everyone! Here's something that has been bothering me for quite some time now: If you detonate an explosive device...
Aug24-07 01:37 PM
22 2,230
My mind is currently in a mess regarding the equivalence of gravitational mass and inertial mass. Yes, I know which...
Aug24-07 12:07 PM
2 4,011
When light propagates in a dielectric its wavevector is given by: k = \frac{\omega n}{c} where n is the...
Aug23-07 07:55 PM
2 1,593
Can someone please explain this ? Let's say u have a slit through which waves have to pass . In order to...
Aug23-07 07:28 PM
4 3,360
I started asking this question after one of my students had trouble with a problem asking for the net force on a...
Aug23-07 10:38 AM
17 4,660
Hi, I am trying to make a simply model of a snowboarder for a computer game. I have implemented basic friction,...
Aug23-07 01:19 AM
5 3,352
This is a concept that has always eluded me. I'm a Biologist who works in the Pharmaceutical Industry and I need to...
Aug21-07 03:02 AM
15 3,428
I am having a course on classical mechanics and find it rather hard..I mean its just too mathematical for me.. I find...
Aug20-07 04:26 AM
0 4,906
Hi, I am trying to compute the moment of inertia of the Cavendish pendulum. I used I = 2(m r^2) r = gyration...
Aug19-07 11:09 PM
4 4,729
:confused:every body has definite shape and size and also the centre of i want to know a certain body have...
Aug19-07 06:33 AM
Doc Al
1 1,403
I want to create a floating boat ramp for my dogs. The dogs weigh 50 and 75 lbs each. I have seen commercial ramps...
Aug18-07 11:25 AM
5 4,031
This is a highly ideaized problem. Find a collection of stationary point masses on the unit line such that: 1)...
Aug17-07 03:59 PM
22 2,670
I just want to ask you something. If the electrons are surround by force around them, why that force is not...
Aug17-07 01:57 PM
Doc Al
13 1,726
well consider a loop L a very big one i.e enclosing a large area. say in some small part of the lopp say approxiamtely...
Aug17-07 11:18 AM
2 1,091
I have a question about the electrons in atoms. This question is from quantum mechanics, but it is really a situation...
Aug17-07 10:04 AM
12 1,891
are lagrangians based on physical observation or mathematical reasoning?
Aug17-07 03:47 AM
6 1,842

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