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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,943
Hello all. I am having a substantially difficult time with what should be, actually, a very simple problem. I...
Jan14-08 02:45 PM
1 4,546
Greetings, I would think this question belongs in a "Electro-magnetics" section, if it is not relevant in this...
Jan14-08 01:18 PM
4 6,205
Newton's 2^{nd} law states that: Let us assume that a train of 1000 tonnes is moving with a constant velocity...
Jan14-08 08:27 AM
2 11,054
The Hamiltonian, H=\frac{1}{2}\vec{\varsigma}K\vec{\varsigma} is given. With K being a 2n \times 2n matrix with...
Jan14-08 03:18 AM
0 1,527
Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how the pulley system / gearing works on something like this -...
Jan13-08 08:37 PM
1 3,686
Could someone PLEASE explain tension to me? Even a link to another site than can explain it would be great. For some...
Jan13-08 07:10 PM
4 2,701
if ice is heated to say 20C so it melts (done so slowly) is work done during the melting process equal to the latent...
Jan13-08 06:15 PM
22 3,971
Hello! I'm doing a research work about projectiles and i thought of crossbow system. I am currently studying using...
Jan13-08 03:43 PM
1 1,582
I read that em waves get generated by oscillating and/or accelerating charges. I am confused on how this occurs....
Jan11-08 01:41 PM
6 3,966
Here's a simple question. Anyone who knows the answer can save me from some effort by telling the answer. For...
Jan11-08 04:23 AM
7 2,362
Hello. This is a first post for me. Do Maxwell's equations alone allow for propagating waves in charge/current...
Jan9-08 08:43 PM
10 2,552
The textbook I'm using states Kepler's first law in the following form: all planets move in elliptical paths with the...
Jan9-08 07:13 AM
Shooting Star
3 2,332
I realise that there has been a post recently concerning this sort of thing but i think it went a bit off topic for me...
Jan9-08 06:13 AM
2 1,918
Simply, all I want to know is the value of the relative permeability of lead?? Can I assume this value to 1??
Jan9-08 05:45 AM
2 4,093
I'm completely confused because of a previous post on Newtons second law and magnetism! Can someone help me to find a...
Jan9-08 02:45 AM
4 1,567
I once read an article that said the average weight of a cloud is equal to eight elephants. I know that they are very...
Jan9-08 01:03 AM
3 2,401
I just read the following from Could anyone shed some details...
Jan7-08 10:30 AM
7 2,408
If I have 2 electrical adapters for a specific device, which has the following information on them: 1-...
Jan7-08 08:40 AM
Shooting Star
6 2,137
We have bees flying in a jar, not touching it. Jar is closed and air in it has standard atmospheric pressure. Here is...
Jan6-08 05:35 PM
43 24,189
consider a symmetrical solid body. we say its centre of mass is at its geometric centre. that is, for uniform density...
Jan6-08 12:29 PM
1 12,429
The General Information about the game: The law of the Football game says that the ball should be a sphere of leather...
Jan6-08 11:11 AM
0 6,439
Hi Newbie here so please go easy on me..! To keep this within my ability to understand can we please live in the...
Jan6-08 09:45 AM
6 1,988
Hi, I am having two doubts about the fringing field capacitance. 1) In most of the formulae, the fringing...
Jan6-08 03:55 AM
0 11,246
I've unsuccessfully been looking for a decent proof of Chasles' Theorem which states that any rigid body displacement...
Jan5-08 09:51 PM
4 6,676
Hello I've been reading optics (both the cartesian and real/virtual sign convention) and I have some queries: 1....
Jan5-08 03:02 AM
14 3,447
Can anyone tell me how to i can calculate the amount of load an electromagnet will pull. the electro magnet has 3...
Jan5-08 12:56 AM
3 1,521
There was an interesting problem that appeared in POPTOR 2005: A generator consists of a parallel-plate capacitor...
Jan3-08 07:38 PM
3 4,031
I heard that one can solve 2D problem with conformal mapping of complex numbers. Is it possible to use this method...
Jan3-08 03:22 PM
3 3,719
Hi, the physics department at my (undergrad) college is looking around for a good Thermodynamics book for next...
Jan3-08 01:22 PM
1 3,254
I've only just completed high school, but I have a decent grasp on basic undergrad maths/physics. After hours and...
Jan3-08 01:57 AM
Shooting Star
28 3,205
Is there any physical law that prohibits the continuous generation of a reactionless torque using a series of...
Jan2-08 04:33 PM
1 3,363
what exactly is the cut-off ratio, in physical terms?
Jan2-08 03:57 PM
2 3,954
I searched for this and get conflicting results. I have setup a demonstration that has a erlymeyer flask with a one...
Jan2-08 01:11 PM
paul k
10 3,414
I have a simple question about work. Work is force times distance, in the direction that the force is applied. So...
Dec31-07 08:47 PM
10 7,377
Why is the above notation used instead of Sum_x Exp(-b H(x))? Does the "Tr" notation above have anything in common...
Dec31-07 04:37 PM
12 3,428
can anyone proove "kelvin plank" statement of second law of thermodynamics or atleast show that it is always followed...
Dec31-07 07:47 AM
4 3,273
Hi all, I'm posting here because I see an apparent paradox between what intuition and equations tell me. I'm sure...
Dec31-07 02:11 AM
7 2,538
Hello, I was recently browsing through on of my physics books, and I came upon the following statement: "Newton was...
Dec30-07 06:19 PM
2 1,885
So.. we've got a 2D crystal, corresponding an infinite square net with +-e0 charges in each one (see the atached...
Dec30-07 04:40 AM
2 3,255
why is there a factor of -1/4 in front of the two tensors? Is it formulated that way for convenience?
Dec29-07 11:29 PM
1 3,857

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