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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,791
I want to create a floating boat ramp for my dogs. The dogs weigh 50 and 75 lbs each. I have seen commercial ramps...
Aug18-07 11:25 AM
5 4,049
This is a highly ideaized problem. Find a collection of stationary point masses on the unit line such that: 1)...
Aug17-07 03:59 PM
22 2,678
I just want to ask you something. If the electrons are surround by force around them, why that force is not...
Aug17-07 01:57 PM
Doc Al
13 1,731
well consider a loop L a very big one i.e enclosing a large area. say in some small part of the lopp say approxiamtely...
Aug17-07 11:18 AM
2 1,094
I have a question about the electrons in atoms. This question is from quantum mechanics, but it is really a situation...
Aug17-07 10:04 AM
12 1,895
are lagrangians based on physical observation or mathematical reasoning?
Aug17-07 03:47 AM
6 1,856
if you open an icebox's door which is in a somewhat large,isolated space,the temperature of the space will become high...
Aug16-07 02:14 PM
21 2,516
i am having trouble visualiszing what vector potential A means physically. I understand that if you take the curl of...
Aug16-07 02:10 PM
3 1,425
As we know the moment of Inertia of a disc in the center of mass equals 0.5mr^2 My Simple question is: what is the...
Aug16-07 09:10 AM
2 5,827
Well I took physics last year(sophomore year in high school) and the kinametics section is extremely primitive because...
Aug15-07 02:28 PM
4 1,241
Hi!, Solving Maxwell equations for waveguides is a tedious work. :frown: Are there any programs, which can solve...
Aug15-07 07:35 AM
3 4,210
I noticed that my tea heats up faster than the cup it's in when I microwave it... how come? aren't solids more...
Aug14-07 07:46 PM
2 1,698
Hey, Im making a snowboarding game. I'm using Coulomb's equation for friction: Ff = coef_of_fric * normal force...
Aug14-07 04:52 PM
5 1,856
what' the differnece between a circular coil of wire of many turns and a solenoid.
Aug14-07 07:48 AM
4 5,034
Moving electric field = magnetic field?
Aug13-07 12:28 PM
2 1,235
Hello, i just wrote an article on my website about robot drive trains. At the end, point 4 and 5 include some...
Aug13-07 09:23 AM
0 1,288
can anybody focus something on how pipes in parallel will work in comparison to the same pipes in series.i want to...
Aug13-07 04:25 AM
3 7,241
Hi! I've been studying Dirac's programme for some time and I realized that there's something missing: Actually this...
Aug12-07 07:34 PM
2 3,154
This is an actual real-life problem. There is a machine that winds film at my work. I need to determine the torque...
Aug12-07 05:30 PM
0 2,576
Does the weight of an aircraft effect acceleration on a flat trajectory? Obviously the Earth is round making a truly...
Aug12-07 02:07 PM
5 1,821
I have been looking at this paper ( on the details of Foucault's...
Aug11-07 10:13 AM
Doc Al
1 3,489
We've got some small mass on the string which is in rotatory movement in horizontal plane. let,s say that the velocity...
Aug11-07 05:29 AM
2 1,072
according to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, as time has increase, disorder universally is increasing among the...
Aug10-07 12:24 PM
5 2,763 Thank you.
Aug10-07 10:48 AM
36 22,995
well i saw a proof in griffith about the diraction of magnetic field due to an infinitely large steady current...
Aug10-07 10:29 AM
4 1,349
I'm reading about the method of image charges at The page...
Aug10-07 08:35 AM
0 3,364
I need help to understand heating requirement in an incinerator meant for aqueous wastewater; The wastewater is...
Aug10-07 02:12 AM
0 1,297
most problems on rotational mechanics which we do we are not provided with the rotational axis in case of a...
Aug9-07 05:05 PM
11 2,087
Don't know if this is the right place for such a question... I plotted these graphs based on data taken from the...
Aug9-07 04:01 PM
4 1,501
Hello, I'm a medical student and a few days ago a rather interesting question arose when I was doing some research....
Aug9-07 12:11 PM
0 1,523
when we say the current through a wire is uniform and is I what do we mean
Aug8-07 05:38 PM
12 1,245
how does one experimentally check biot-savart's law
Aug8-07 02:15 PM
5 1,633 I apologize for my bad sketch. Hi, I need help...
Aug8-07 01:37 PM
Meir Achuz
1 1,297
From what I gathered in Heat transfer, an object in space, ie space shuttle, can only lose cabin heat through the...
Aug7-07 07:32 PM
2 2,020
I got my information on speeds of sound through various materials from this page:...
Aug7-07 02:29 PM
1 2,095
I remember the discussion of resonance from physics class a long time ago because of the illustration of the collapse...
Aug7-07 02:22 PM
1 5,220
Given the Hamiltonian of a system \mathcal H , could we obtain the curves solution to Hamilton equations X(t) Y(t)...
Aug7-07 01:55 PM
0 974
Hello. First off, I'd like to mention that I'm new to this website, and I apologize if my question is in the wrong...
Aug7-07 04:07 AM
6 1,496
Hey guys, I know how to do torque and forces for an object in equilibrium...but how do I know whether a torque is...
Aug6-07 06:07 AM
1 11,941
Why do we accept newtons laws? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. why? An object in motion...
Aug5-07 03:01 PM
9 1,582

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