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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,711
Hi all Another thought I have been pondering is why don't I weigh significantly more at the poles than I do at the...
Jul24-07 03:29 PM
66 12,264
I'm going through The Feynman Lectures On Physics. I've taken a few classical physics classes before, however...
Jul24-07 02:26 PM
4 4,535
I just came across Earnshaw's Theorem which states: A charged particle cannot be held in stable equilibrium by...
Jul24-07 12:28 PM
7 1,547
(this is for a hobby, not homework) I fully understand the drag equation and can work it forwards and backwards....
Jul24-07 11:17 AM
17 1,619
When an aircraft begins to nose up the effects of gravity begin to slow its velocity. By dividing 100% by 90...
Jul24-07 11:16 AM
7 2,330
In the principle of least action, why does it make sense that L = T- V where you subtract the potential energy from...
Jul23-07 09:36 PM
0 1,472
I was wondering how the time period of a double pendulum depends on the mass of the intermediate object and its...
Jul23-07 02:40 PM
1 3,655
given the Newton equation of a conservative system m \ddot x = -Gra(V(x)) (1) my question is if we can find a...
Jul23-07 01:50 PM
0 1,324
Hello, I am currently studying electrostatics and for the moment we are taking as axioms the facts that there are...
Jul23-07 12:15 AM
11 29,718
According to my physics textbook: Workdone=force x distance moved by object in the direction of the force. This is...
Jul21-07 04:16 PM
12 7,358
I have a basic question regarding black body cooling. Suppose a person at sea level on a clear night, were to use a...
Jul20-07 08:33 PM
8 2,298
Hi, I've been trying to figure out a formula which describes the relation between the area, load and negative psig...
Jul20-07 12:29 PM
2 1,343
These are the topic areas covered in the notes for this article: The Concept of Energy, Work and Power, Potential...
Jul20-07 11:54 AM
4 1,890
I am a little bit confused as to what boil off is, I can only assume it is the loss of gas but it is still unclear to...
Jul20-07 11:11 AM
13 4,188
I think I understand this concept but wanted to get other opinions. My son and I are Taekwondo Black Belts and have to...
Jul19-07 04:25 PM
5 1,843
hi, guys: I am reading some notes of Electromagnetism. It claims that for a helix solenoid with N turns of...
Jul19-07 07:41 AM
4 3,794
DISCLAIMER: i may very well have exactly zero idea what i'm talking about. please feel free to berate me if i am way...
Jul18-07 08:22 PM
5 4,535
1. IF there are two objects, one is heavier, the other is lighter. Now someone drops them both from the top of a...
Jul18-07 03:29 PM
27 2,370
Can anybody explain how the momentum is conserved in the case of a rubber ball (bounced back),when it was throwned to...
Jul18-07 07:07 AM
28 13,102
Hello everybody, this is my first thread. The point is i need the book An Introduction to mechanics by Daniel...
Jul17-07 10:26 PM
1 1,180
Is a fully charged battery heavier than a discharged one? Would any difference in weight be measurable using ordinary...
Jul17-07 08:41 PM
10 1,552
hello all! If there is a circuit with only one heating element, how do we calculate the power it requires? ...
Jul17-07 07:30 PM
22 16,298
Say I have two bodies, idealized as points with mass, in Galilean spacetime A^4. When thinking about the 2-body...
Jul17-07 04:14 PM
8 1,396
Ok, So if i calculate the torque on an object, how do i then find out the rate at which that object turns?
Jul16-07 07:35 PM
5 5,049
I found a site about this book on metaphysics or something, and the author tried to give some examples of where...
Jul16-07 04:04 PM
9 4,590
That was discussed before but the thread died inconclusively. Anybody knows of necessary or sufficient conditions...
Jul16-07 02:25 PM
40 3,873
Hey, I'm working on programming a Newtonian mechanics engine (not as part of coursework, btw, for a game that I'm...
Jul16-07 08:30 AM
5 3,762
While I think I have somewhat an understanding of Entropy. (A measurement of a given state by its tendency proceed to...
Jul16-07 06:59 AM
5 13,169
please lock thread. thank you.
Jul15-07 12:59 PM
0 1,568
Consider a laminar, initially horizontal stream of liquid with circular cross section, flowing through a vacuum. How...
Jul14-07 02:23 AM
Loren Booda
0 1,467
I'm taking an introductory college physics course as part of my pre-med coursework, but unlike most pre-meds I...
Jul13-07 06:59 PM
9 4,002
I've been reading about the abstract formulation of dynamics in terms of symplectic manifolds, and it's amazing how...
Jul13-07 04:50 PM
2 1,348
Consider please a conducting wire located in a plane electromagnetic wave propagating in the positive direction of the...
Jul13-07 12:58 PM
2 1,556
well i saw a proof and therea re hundreds of them where conservation of angular momentum is used to solve the...
Jul13-07 11:00 AM
19 3,708
I visited a coal power plant on the weekend, and was quite impressed by the scale and enormity of the operation. 10...
Jul13-07 01:30 AM
2 1,570
Hi all, This has been bugging me all day, so I thought I'd seek the help and advice of the internet. When a...
Jul12-07 11:37 PM
10 1,599
I am not so clear about the definition of 'free fall'. If an object is an example of free fall, then must its...
Jul12-07 06:01 PM
11 2,736
Our air motor has 2 cylinders and is a low rpm device. It therefore needs a flywheel to store enough torque to get...
Jul12-07 02:28 PM
3 1,696
HI.... i wanted to do an extensive project on electricity and i thought of something. When i take a normal conduucting...
Jul12-07 11:39 AM
3 2,435
Hello there I'm currently working on an EM device that should be able to measure the humidity in the ground. I...
Jul12-07 09:12 AM
1 2,943

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