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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,911
Hello, is it possible to figure out how much force in newtons is created when a compressed gas expands?
Dec26-07 03:55 PM
6 7,087
we know that during inelastic collision momentum remain conserved but kinetic energy of system does not some part of ...
Dec26-07 03:19 PM
Shooting Star
12 2,425
do gravitational field lines always need to be straight, cant they be just curves if yes then please tell an...
Dec26-07 12:56 PM
2 1,637
What does the term "Action" means in physics?
Dec26-07 12:04 PM
9 2,007
how does a transformer work?
Dec26-07 01:00 AM
5 3,946
Does anyone know of an experiment that shows that the electrostatic and/or magnetostatic forces have a finite speed,...
Dec26-07 12:46 AM
2 1,789
When they say K=1/2mv^2 does K mean the change of kinetic energy? because Wtotal= the change of kinetic energy...
Dec25-07 10:59 PM
2 1,770
hello all, i've been researching a bit of info on lens optics (image propagation mostly), but have only found...
Dec25-07 08:27 PM
0 2,007
Hi all, I was giving a class on dilatation and I have proposed to the students a problem where two pieces of wire...
Dec25-07 06:16 PM
30 3,511
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is it true that when the net force...
Dec25-07 01:54 PM
Shooting Star
2 1,836
I want to find a solid argument why entropy always increases and even more important why it is S=\sum_i p_i \ln p_i...
Dec25-07 08:09 AM
0 1,797
The Ampere's Law is \nabla \times B = \mu J and Gauss's Law is \nabla \cdot E = \frac{1}{\epsilon} \rho Since J...
Dec24-07 06:17 PM
5 2,224
Hi! I am new user to this forums and on the start I have one question: "If I increase the speed of the electrons,...
Dec24-07 08:16 AM
2 2,602
Hello experts, I hope you can help me with the following problem. There is one huge pipe (diameter about 3 meters)....
Dec23-07 04:30 PM
7 1,237
Hi all, I'm a bit confused about ferromagnetism (and I've come to realize that I'm not the only one)! I'm currently...
Dec22-07 08:51 PM
1 2,590
I am trying to figure out a problem. When hydrogen and nitrogen are mixed, the entropy of the gas tends to mix them...
Dec21-07 09:43 AM
7 1,382
if there is a decrease in pressure at constant temperature will there be an increase in entropy?
Dec20-07 04:31 PM
Andrew Mason
7 5,713
Hi there. I'm having a problem explaining the physical meaning of the symbols in the equation for an underdamped...
Dec19-07 10:06 PM
4 1,712
Hey Guys, I know that this has been posted before, but mine is slightly different. Our instructor only provides:...
Dec19-07 08:16 PM
6 13,170
Can entropy change be zero for a closed system in an irreversible process? If yes under what conditions? Thanks!
Dec19-07 12:02 PM
Shooting Star
2 8,907
Why do all rays coming from far off distance from a source(may be planar)... converging at a point need to travel the...
Dec18-07 12:56 AM
4 1,059
I am reading Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow. I am now reading the articles dealing with...
Dec17-07 11:27 AM
5 2,835
Please see this link first: How do they get to...
Dec16-07 06:27 PM
10 4,276
having problems trying to understand and derive the equation for intensity in the double-slit interference pattern. ...
Dec16-07 05:28 AM
42 4,455
My teacher asked us too prove that Hamiltons principle proves that newtons equations of motion hold for N particles....
Dec16-07 12:00 AM
4 2,012
Voltage = Current * Resistance Power = Current^2 * Resistance Magnetic field magnitude of a solenoid = magnetic...
Dec15-07 06:39 PM
5 3,065
I conjecture that only spherical symmetric mass distribution can produce radial gravitational force field (according...
Dec15-07 04:22 PM
11 3,131
Bulb with volume of 5 liters is filled with nitrogen n = 3 molls. The bulb is set in space, the bulb cracks and the...
Dec15-07 12:10 PM
25 2,073
In the chapter on radiation (Chapter 11), Griffiths notes that an electric monopole does not radiate, but also that a...
Dec15-07 06:14 AM
Shooting Star
1 1,159
Hi all, If we take the integral of tau (the resultant torque) times the angular displacement theta, with respect to...
Dec14-07 09:17 PM
Shooting Star
18 2,534
Let's say we have a sphere, radius R, which has a uniform volume charge density. Then we wrap it around with a...
Dec14-07 03:28 PM
2 1,420
Is it possible that the the small vibrational energies that make up "heat", are caused by the pull of electrons...
Dec14-07 02:57 PM
Ben Niehoff
8 1,127
We have a spring-mass system which oscillates in one dimension on a frictionless horizontal surface. We act an...
Dec14-07 09:40 AM
6 5,594
Hi all, I would like to know in which circunstances the third law applies just in the weak form. Thank you ...
Dec13-07 11:09 PM
Shooting Star
6 1,396
I have been trying to find the explaination why the wavelength of a wave is the limit of the resolution of an image...
Dec13-07 05:42 PM
Claude Bile
1 10,215
Light in a vacuum has momentum \hbar k but when the light enters a dielectric medium, fx. glass, the momentum of the...
Dec13-07 02:32 PM
2 2,261
Hello, Is it always true that (E|B) = 0 ? If the answer is "no". In which cases is it true ? Thank you !
Dec13-07 01:10 PM
1 997
As I understand it, conductors interact with EM waves (light) in such a way that prevents transmission through the...
Dec13-07 09:24 AM
8 2,663
I went for a run and measured time and distance. I wanted to estimate how many calories I used. Suppose a ran a...
Dec13-07 07:17 AM
Shooting Star
1 2,532
i found this in a text book. at a high altitude the temperature of the atmosphere is 500 degrees centigrade. yet an...
Dec12-07 06:56 PM
4 2,280

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