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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,796
From what I gathered in Heat transfer, an object in space, ie space shuttle, can only lose cabin heat through the...
Aug7-07 07:32 PM
2 2,020
I got my information on speeds of sound through various materials from this page:...
Aug7-07 02:29 PM
1 2,095
I remember the discussion of resonance from physics class a long time ago because of the illustration of the collapse...
Aug7-07 02:22 PM
1 5,220
Given the Hamiltonian of a system \mathcal H , could we obtain the curves solution to Hamilton equations X(t) Y(t)...
Aug7-07 01:55 PM
0 974
Hello. First off, I'd like to mention that I'm new to this website, and I apologize if my question is in the wrong...
Aug7-07 04:07 AM
6 1,496
Hey guys, I know how to do torque and forces for an object in equilibrium...but how do I know whether a torque is...
Aug6-07 06:07 AM
1 11,943
Why do we accept newtons laws? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. why? An object in motion...
Aug5-07 03:01 PM
9 1,582
how does one prove this if a system is rotating about three different perpendicular axes then total kinetic energy...
Aug5-07 07:31 AM
5 1,579
what really happens in the secondary refraction of light in a rainbow when it occurs ? Do red and violet stil refract...
Aug5-07 06:14 AM
Doc Al
3 1,264
I'm reading a book (intro to, by Davidson) about MHD now, but found I'm a bit rusty on tensors and curvilinear...
Aug5-07 05:54 AM
1 2,830
I was trying to figure this out on my own, probably more a trig question then math though. It''s been a few years...
Aug5-07 12:09 AM
1 1,305
In my "living room lab", I have observed that oblique collisions between a moving hand-held ping-pong paddle and a...
Aug4-07 11:02 PM
4 2,351
when we say that in pure rolling the speed of the point of contact is 0 do we really mean it's just absolutely 0 or is...
Aug4-07 08:48 AM
14 3,198
we know kinetic energy of a system from a certain frame of refrence is the sum of kinetic energy in the c.m framee...
Aug4-07 03:49 AM
3 1,492
One of my professors sent me an article on quantum optics in ultra thin semiconductors. In various graphs and text,...
Aug3-07 08:36 PM
1 2,880
can someone tell me why this is true \vec{F}=T(\frac{dy(x+\Delta x)}{dx}-\frac{dy(x)}{dx})\cong...
Aug3-07 05:27 PM
7 1,864
Hi everyone, I'm already familiar with, and have used Lagrangians and Euler-Lagrange equations. I'm interested in...
Aug3-07 11:54 AM
4 2,485
I would like to ask anybody who can help me to find some notes on the Carnot Cycle and the 2nd law of thermodynamics....
Aug3-07 07:12 AM
1 3,405
consider the plates ofa capacitor suppose u just have two capacitors connected in series then consider the two plates...
Aug1-07 11:17 PM
10 2,172
Does any of you have an idea of how to model the behavior of a bouncing ball with STELLA (ISEE Systems)? I have only...
Aug1-07 09:38 PM
1 1,894
If I'm a small particle in a liquid in temperature T, molecules from every direction collide in me f times per second,...
Aug1-07 04:00 PM
2 3,405
hi, We see theoretical discussion of Electric field inside the charged capacitor is confined in the space...
Aug1-07 09:38 AM
1 1,593
I have a question regarding the conservation of energy. If I were to push a medium sized box across a surface, I would...
Aug1-07 05:40 AM
4 1,094
I'm trying to model (purely for my own edification) the behavior of a rocket (specifically w.r.t. significant mass...
Jul31-07 10:56 AM
0 1,172
Consider a two particle system: ---- photon ----------- massive particle --------------------- ------- photon...
Jul30-07 07:29 AM
6 2,547
A little or maybe its a lot, HELP! How do I go about getting the info to design a "cannon" probably black powder to...
Jul29-07 12:06 AM
12 2,030
see the file the think that i don't understand is hoe to start studying the movement of multiple atom or spacial...
Jul28-07 06:14 PM
0 806
I'm trying to write a small rigid-body physics program. I already have the linear forces part done, using Euler's...
Jul27-07 11:03 AM
1 10,337
I've read from several sources that says the inverse square law doesn't apply to lasers, but I've been told that it...
Jul26-07 11:43 PM
13 2,610
my physics teacher told me that: 'for an object placed at the surface of the earth, the gravtitional force must be...
Jul26-07 03:20 PM
country boy
12 2,540
is there a converse of uniqueness theorem for circuits have for charged conductors. or atleast is there such a...
Jul26-07 04:10 AM
10 2,067
given any wave equation (linear or not) could we always find a solution. \Psi (x,t)= f(x-ct) is this the...
Jul25-07 11:57 PM
7 1,831
given an arbitrary circuit when can u say that a given capacitor of course in the circuit has been fully charged
Jul25-07 04:14 AM
23 3,116
I feel sort of confused with some concepts. Does Gravity mean gravitational force? Is that every object has different...
Jul24-07 11:59 PM
21 5,454
I know mostly that a rocket has acceleration when it is being launched, but does it still keep acceleration when it...
Jul24-07 09:38 PM
6 1,096
What's the definition of "vector components"? I mean that when I resolve a vector into two components, my teacher...
Jul24-07 06:32 PM
Doc Al
2 12,111
hello all, I recently saw a poster for a competition, the idea is that you get a teddy bear and attach a parachute to...
Jul24-07 04:22 PM
5 3,017
Hi all Another thought I have been pondering is why don't I weigh significantly more at the poles than I do at the...
Jul24-07 03:29 PM
66 12,280
I'm going through The Feynman Lectures On Physics. I've taken a few classical physics classes before, however...
Jul24-07 02:26 PM
4 4,544
I just came across Earnshaw's Theorem which states: A charged particle cannot be held in stable equilibrium by...
Jul24-07 12:28 PM
7 1,556

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