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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,988
I am reading Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow. I am now reading the articles dealing with...
Dec17-07 11:27 AM
5 2,829
Please see this link first: How do they get to...
Dec16-07 06:27 PM
10 4,266
having problems trying to understand and derive the equation for intensity in the double-slit interference pattern. ...
Dec16-07 05:28 AM
42 4,447
My teacher asked us too prove that Hamiltons principle proves that newtons equations of motion hold for N particles....
Dec16-07 12:00 AM
4 2,009
Voltage = Current * Resistance Power = Current^2 * Resistance Magnetic field magnitude of a solenoid = magnetic...
Dec15-07 06:39 PM
5 3,013
I conjecture that only spherical symmetric mass distribution can produce radial gravitational force field (according...
Dec15-07 04:22 PM
11 3,124
Bulb with volume of 5 liters is filled with nitrogen n = 3 molls. The bulb is set in space, the bulb cracks and the...
Dec15-07 12:10 PM
25 2,070
In the chapter on radiation (Chapter 11), Griffiths notes that an electric monopole does not radiate, but also that a...
Dec15-07 06:14 AM
Shooting Star
1 1,158
Hi all, If we take the integral of tau (the resultant torque) times the angular displacement theta, with respect to...
Dec14-07 09:17 PM
Shooting Star
18 2,526
Let's say we have a sphere, radius R, which has a uniform volume charge density. Then we wrap it around with a...
Dec14-07 03:28 PM
2 1,416
Is it possible that the the small vibrational energies that make up "heat", are caused by the pull of electrons...
Dec14-07 02:57 PM
Ben Niehoff
8 1,126
We have a spring-mass system which oscillates in one dimension on a frictionless horizontal surface. We act an...
Dec14-07 09:40 AM
6 5,585
Hi all, I would like to know in which circunstances the third law applies just in the weak form. Thank you ...
Dec13-07 11:09 PM
Shooting Star
6 1,396
I have been trying to find the explaination why the wavelength of a wave is the limit of the resolution of an image...
Dec13-07 05:42 PM
Claude Bile
1 10,177
Light in a vacuum has momentum \hbar k but when the light enters a dielectric medium, fx. glass, the momentum of the...
Dec13-07 02:32 PM
2 2,202
Hello, Is it always true that (E|B) = 0 ? If the answer is "no". In which cases is it true ? Thank you !
Dec13-07 01:10 PM
1 995
As I understand it, conductors interact with EM waves (light) in such a way that prevents transmission through the...
Dec13-07 09:24 AM
8 2,652
I went for a run and measured time and distance. I wanted to estimate how many calories I used. Suppose a ran a...
Dec13-07 07:17 AM
Shooting Star
1 2,530
i found this in a text book. at a high altitude the temperature of the atmosphere is 500 degrees centigrade. yet an...
Dec12-07 06:56 PM
4 2,276
Hello, can someone please help me out here, i want to step up the voltage of a 1.5V battery to 300V, i know that to do...
Dec12-07 03:53 PM
1 1,770
we define mech equivalent of heat as the amount of work done in joules in order to provide 1 cal of energy. 4.2 J= 1...
Dec12-07 03:43 PM
5 2,616
Dear all, For my Ph.D research. I have to use the material derivative concept. I reviewed some of my previous...
Dec12-07 11:00 AM
1 8,954
If I have some arbitrary Thermodynamic system, and I want to find the equilibrium state what do I do? Lets say that...
Dec11-07 08:58 AM
Count Iblis
8 2,244
I have two short questions: 1) Is the Carnot cycle completely reversible? 2) \Delta S = 0 for a reversible...
Dec10-07 05:29 PM
1 3,996
can static friction do work?
Dec10-07 02:12 PM
39 4,864
Let's say we have a battery of with a given electrical capacity and we are trying to maximize the work being done with...
Dec10-07 01:29 PM
10 3,029
If I put a single cycle of an oscillating electric field (from zero crossing point to zero crossing point) into a...
Dec10-07 07:03 AM
0 1,539
I was asked to design a worksheet and demo setup illustrating the physics of a differential switch (high school to...
Dec10-07 02:24 AM
0 1,933
does the temperature of a body depend upon the frame of reference from which it is observed?
Dec9-07 07:54 PM
15 2,536
newton's first law states that a body in motion tends to stay in motion and that's why when you're driving a car and...
Dec9-07 02:09 PM
6 2,183
Hi, I have for me a complex question! :( If I get to Mt. Everest (let's say - highest place on Earth), then...
Dec9-07 10:14 AM
2 1,001
The entropy of a system is S = k*ln W If we obtain some information about the microstates, e.g. know the location...
Dec9-07 09:35 AM
4 1,805
when some molecules in a liquid gain enough energy to overcome attractive forces by surrounding molecules, they escape...
Dec9-07 08:25 AM
Doc Al
1 1,727
hi everybody my question is: a spherical shell is heated. the volume changes according to the equation...
Dec9-07 07:49 AM
Doc Al
4 2,864
Hi, I'm trying to create a simple pool game. The ball is moving with speed vx along x axis and vy along y axis. This...
Dec9-07 05:54 AM
9 2,360
i used the formula for KE rotation KE=(1/2)Iw^2 and i translated it to (1/2) v^2/r^2, but i wanted to know what does...
Dec8-07 03:01 PM
Doc Al
3 1,081
I have read in several places that superconducting materials are the closest phenomenon to perpetual motion known to...
Dec8-07 09:55 AM
19 4,681
I am doing this project to check how the number of baldes of a turbine affects its output. So I used a D.C motor which...
Dec8-07 09:52 AM
9 3,644
Hello: I am trying to figure out a way to calculate the number of calories burnt running. Before I do on to explain...
Dec7-07 06:16 PM
6 5,358
I am trying discuss steak preparation with another person and an issue has arisen. I do not have time to perform this...
Dec7-07 05:19 PM
10 2,000

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