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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,699
Hello, I'm preparing a presentation on light scattering by particles and found the following image of light...
May30-13 03:39 PM
0 544
The electric intensity E, current density j and specific resistance k are related to each other by the relation...
May30-13 03:17 PM
2 600
Hello I have this doubt about the direction of Coriolis force on a mass moving on a rotating turntable. (pl see the...
May30-13 12:12 PM
0 436
Hi, I've seen the forces in a turn depicted two different ways: ...
May30-13 07:58 AM
5 550
Hi, i'm new to this forum but i've been aware of its existence for a while and it's pretty cool. I finally came up...
May30-13 03:28 AM
4 756
Hello everyone, I'm trying to solve a problem but I want to find a simpler way if possible. The basic idea is that...
May30-13 03:00 AM
0 269
As shown in the attachment, the book assumes ##\hat E_{||}^r=\hat y_r=(\hat x \cos \theta_r +\hat z \sin\theta_r)##....
May30-13 02:11 AM
2 364
I have solved an exercise and I'd like to know if my proceeding about finding kinetic energy is correct or not,...
May29-13 08:10 PM
Simon Bridge
1 291
In the figures below is a sketch of an electron beam entering alternating static magnetic fields perpendicular to that...
May29-13 07:56 PM
6 634
Hello, I'm reading about buoyant forces, but my book does not mention anything about an object with air (or any...
May29-13 06:35 PM
6 745
Hello, I'm trying to go through an example problem in a fluid dynamics textbook, and I'm having trouble...
May29-13 02:25 PM
2 411
So I was going through an ODEs textbook and in a section discussing physical problems, decided that it would be...
May29-13 01:30 PM
Jano L.
10 871
I have the final answer of: sin2(theta) = 0.871 why does (theta) = 30.3 deg OR (theta) = 59.7 deg I get why...
May29-13 12:54 PM
26 1,077
This is somewhat of an extension of tosik's recent post. I work a bit with weak optical signals for PMTs and...
May29-13 08:05 AM
0 234
Hi, I am designing an inflatable balloon (long and thin like those used to make balloon animals) with a purpose to...
May28-13 06:40 PM
2 414
Hi! When calculating the attraction/repulsion force generated by a magnetic field should I consider the flux...
May28-13 05:10 PM
21 1,327
I really need help with this question. A small floating object initially moves with velocity v on the surface of...
May28-13 04:17 PM
8 626
Alright, so in Pathfinder (like Dungeons and Dragons) there's a spell that allows you to lift/move stuff within 25 ft...
May28-13 03:43 PM
14 601
Hi, I keep running my brain in circles while trying to get a solid grip on Noether's theorem. (In Peskin and...
May28-13 01:57 PM
3 512
I was wondering how many electron are emitted by the cathode during thermionic emission in a magnetron and how you...
May28-13 01:19 PM
Eduard Atonga
0 371
While I do understand the use for the displacement vector D = (e0)E + P, I don't quite understand why they label it as...
May28-13 01:02 PM
1 461
As charge moves around a circuit, their energy increases by each loop. However, I just heard somebody say the total...
May28-13 12:57 PM
11 789
Hey. Let's say you have an infinitely wide and long disk with a thickness h. Inside the disk, there is a constant...
May28-13 10:36 AM
5 512
Hello. Assume an electron gun, as in CRT, made of plumbing copper instead of glass. Using magnetic scanning coils to...
May28-13 07:54 AM
4 382
Good Morning Sirs, it seems to be surprisingly hard to get the numbers of a mystery: How fast expand hot rocket...
May28-13 06:54 AM
Jay Hill
5 322
Hi Guys, I have two questions which kind of relate. The first relates to the complex conjugate of a function....
May28-13 04:47 AM
Steve Drake
2 938
Anyone know if there are any graphical simulations online for the field of a charged harmonic oscillator, or better...
May28-13 01:15 AM
1 357
I was reading the Roger Penrose book Emperor's New Mind and he was explaining the determinism in Newtonian mechanics. ...
May27-13 12:53 PM
3 462
Dielectric break down... i understand that there is current passing through the insulator but why is this damaging to...
May27-13 10:36 AM
7 564
I was tutoring a student in an optics lesson the other day. We discussed the foundational concept, that light travels...
May27-13 12:46 AM
41 10,474
I thought I would do a little physics for fun, since it has been over 20 years since I last did any. I picked up...
May26-13 11:16 PM
0 444
Assuming that I am looking at an 'ideal' fluxgate magnetometer. I am feeding this transformer an ideal sine wave....
May26-13 11:02 PM
0 372
I am beginner in physics.I have question that when dc current flow they flow with apparent drift velocity so it...
May26-13 10:40 PM
17 1,465
Hello Can we consider the sentence “Adiabatic process cannot decrease entropy” (found for example here) to be true...
May26-13 11:46 AM
Jano L.
24 1,479
So in a supernova explosion for example (5th slide)...
May26-13 10:10 AM
Andrew Mason
5 529
A conducting disk is rotating under a uniform magnetic field. Using Lorentz force F = qv x B, we can conclude that...
May26-13 06:13 AM
14 1,032 those are plasma arcs emitting from the gun no? Ionized air?
May26-13 01:08 AM
7 441
Consider proton and electron are seperated in space at some finite distance.Now suppose they released then the...
May26-13 12:16 AM
2 312
Attached is a scanned of the page in question. This is regarding to Perpendicularly polarized plane wave. in equation...
May25-13 10:44 PM
2 324
Hello :) i'm new to this forum, so excuse me for my straightforwardness ;) I'm working on my bachelor work and i...
May25-13 09:58 PM
Simon Bridge
1 249

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