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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,937
Hello, I've been going through some cavity material and attempted analyses regarding transverse modes. ...
Aug9-13 04:25 PM
0 355
Folks - doing some research and just needed a reality check on acceleration - let me know if this makes sense: If I...
Aug9-13 12:30 PM
1 365
In page 555, Appendix B of Intro to electrodynamics by D Griffiths: \nabla\cdot\vec F=D,\;\nabla\times\vec F=\vec...
Aug9-13 12:06 PM
0 374
i understand why there can be no breakdown, however "arcing" is just the transfer of electrons. a breakdown in air...
Aug9-13 11:06 AM
13 1,315
The unit consists of a single, long rectangular chamber. On the inside is a moving wall. On one side of the wall is a...
Aug9-13 06:40 AM
6 481
Hello, I was thinking about induced currents in a wire(coil). For example when a current from an external source...
Aug8-13 07:37 PM
3 571
Hi guys, I've been struggling with this concept for a few days now. I have this *good* image that I am blurring...
Aug8-13 06:25 PM
1 445
This is question 2.30 from the 2nd edition of the Purcell book on Electricity and Magnetism. It's an interesting...
Aug8-13 02:55 PM
6 696
I have a basic understanding of electrostatics but can't quite get my head around how a Faraday cage works. If you...
Aug8-13 12:26 PM
3 465
I have little confusion about understanding a lecture note for calculation of work done by a expansion of gas. ...
Aug8-13 08:16 AM
Doc Al
1 410
I'm a bit confused with the equation for a long solenoid. The usual derivation has us consider a rectangular loop...
Aug8-13 06:24 AM
1 470
This is an attempt by a novice to do something neat. Please feel free to correct me. I am trying to see if one can...
Aug8-13 05:34 AM
2 746
I was reviewing some things relating to electric fields around conducting surfaces, and the book I was using (Purcell)...
Aug8-13 04:48 AM
3 389
a man moves in an open field such that after moving 10 m on a straight line he makes a sharp turn of 60 degree to his...
Aug7-13 11:45 PM
2 649
can self-inductance and kinetic inductance be combined in the same model?
Aug7-13 08:54 PM
2 326
k being the one from the harmonic wave ψ(x,t) = Asin(kx - ωt) where k = 2π/λ The way I see it right now, k is just...
Aug7-13 04:52 PM
4 691
All bodies with a temperature emit electromagnetic radiation also known as thermal radiation or blackbody radiation. ...
Aug7-13 12:08 PM
3 488
Hi all, This is probably a silly questions, but I want to be sure :). I'm wondering if a real image, created by...
Aug7-13 07:41 AM
Philip Wood
15 1,030
My question is in Griffiths Introduction to Electrodynamics 3rd edition p48. It said Two expressions involving...
Aug6-13 09:33 PM
king vitamin
7 732
Hi, I work in the construction industry. I have a homeowner that would like to protect herself from electromagentic...
Aug6-13 07:05 PM
7 630
Hi, I'm interested in reflection of both particles and light off surfaces. My problem is associated with a model...
Aug6-13 05:40 PM
2 473
According to the third law of thermodynamics, one could argue that a vacuum has zero entropy, since it has only one...
Aug6-13 12:48 PM
25 1,688
Hi, I know that for a massless spring the tension is T = kx, where k is a constant and x is the compression or...
Aug6-13 10:51 AM
7 805
Why dose v = d/t ?
Aug6-13 09:14 AM
6 595
I am looking for an exact value of absorption coefficient of aluminium for microwaves, but I can not find it in the...
Aug6-13 08:01 AM
3 495
I've been trying to obtain an equation of position in terms of time given force in terms of position. I've tried and I...
Aug6-13 04:38 AM
9 572
I am studying Coulomb and Lorentz gauge. Lorentz gauge help produce wave equation: \nabla^2...
Aug6-13 03:07 AM
3 443
If you know how much heat a bar is putting out, what is the temperature at the center of the bar?
Aug5-13 06:08 PM
2 693
Trying to get my head around constructive/destructive interference in thin film optics. The book does a good job of...
Aug5-13 01:39 PM
Gauss M.D.
2 551
First of all, I want to say that I am totally ignorant about physics. And I do not understand the general concepts of...
Aug5-13 09:33 AM
49 2,809
Say you have a rope looped around a frictionless pulley, and a mass m is attached to each side of the rope. When the...
Aug5-13 09:14 AM
16 1,064
I am trying to write a program to show the flight of a satellite in the neighbourhood of two large planets. In all of...
Aug5-13 07:24 AM
8 482
I'm researching dark matter and how it affects galaxy rotation curves, I came up with the problem below. Imagine a...
Aug5-13 06:18 AM
2 293
See attached scanned pages of page 118(left side) and page 125(right side) of Antenna Theory by Balanis. On the...
Aug5-13 04:02 AM
26 1,294
I understand ##\vec A\rightarrow\vec A+\nabla \psi\;## as ##\;\nabla \times \nabla...
Aug5-13 03:58 AM
9 522
I have these two problems on energy where I just don't totally understand the explanations given. One goes: (With a...
Aug5-13 01:52 AM
3 470
i haven't been able to obtain a simple answer
Aug4-13 10:00 PM
6 1,251
If I throw a ball vertically upwards from the surface of the earth, the upward motion slows due to gravity. At the...
Aug4-13 09:17 PM
27 1,191
Hi I'm trying to get my head round why Maxwell's equations fail for the electron going round the atom. The...
Aug4-13 03:27 PM
2 390
Is there a way to calculate angular acceleration from the change in angular velocity and the change in the angle...
Aug4-13 01:23 PM
8 547

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