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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,253
Forgive me if this is in the wrong category. I have a product I am working out - I am a programmer and electronic...
Aug15-14 11:53 AM
4 182
After being through with Newton's 3rd law of action reaction pairs, there arise a doubt regarding the categorization...
Aug15-14 11:35 AM
6 190
Hi, First of all, this is not my expertise so I'm sorry for things that are noted wrong. I would like to know some...
Aug15-14 11:03 AM
5 1,405
I understand that the dynamic modulus of a material is measured by inducing a sinusoidal force and measuring the...
Aug15-14 09:20 AM
3 208
I have a system described by the hamiltonian H in the coordinates i, p_i . A transformation of the type $Q_i =...
Aug15-14 08:07 AM
4 271
If I have particle moving in the potential ##V(x)##, when I write equation of motion ## \frac{dx}{dt}=-V'(x)+q(t)##...
Aug15-14 03:23 AM
7 192
According to Fermat's Principle (modified version) a light ray takes an extremum path. Can anyone explain the physical...
Aug15-14 12:25 AM
1 160
It is possible that a fixed point to be attracting but not Liapunov stable. I can't find any example of that.
Aug14-14 08:56 PM
0 143
This is from Wikipedia: 1. What is really meant by "self-propagating", how it works? 2. How many electric...
Aug14-14 06:21 PM
44 971
Why do we use inertia in rotational motion and not the whole mass of an object ?
Aug14-14 01:24 PM
3 162
Why is the weight of the liquid displaced = buoyancy force and not the weight of the submerged volume of the object? ...
Aug14-14 01:19 PM
9 249
Consider a parallel plate capacitor with layers of dielectric between its plates somehow that the interfaces between...
Aug14-14 01:17 PM
1 140
Hello, On p.573 of Jackson 2nd Ed. (section 12.1), he says, "From the first postulate of special relativity the...
Aug14-14 11:39 AM
HJ Farnsworth
2 201
Suppose I have a sealed container of fixed volume containing 3/4 air and 1/4 of some liquid by volume at room...
Aug14-14 10:43 AM
Larry Shick
4 239
If I understand it correct during hammerthrow an athlete muscles cause Fcentripetal force on a ball and ball cause...
Aug14-14 06:31 AM
11 225
Hi to all. I'm looking for ways heat could be converted directly to electrical energy. I figured out some machinery...
Aug14-14 03:51 AM
15 1,307
I know that if density of an object is equal to density of fluid, the object will be fully submerged hovering right...
Aug13-14 07:33 AM
7 209
Entropy gave us that everything can happen, just that the chances of it happening is very slim. If time is infinite,...
Aug12-14 10:16 PM
Simon Bridge
6 402
I have been struggling with the following; (apologies if this is a simple question) After reading the Hershel...
Aug12-14 01:41 PM
3 197
Hello all, as a recent graduate and a new teacher, I am living in Honduras and teaching the sciences in a high school...
Aug12-14 01:06 PM
2 216
Quick question. If the EM field vectors are perpendicular to the direction that an EM wave is traveling, how can light...
Aug12-14 12:29 PM
58 1,453
Hi Folks, Why does a parachutist experience 0g (assuming falling in a vacuum, no drag) when falling towards the...
Aug12-14 06:11 AM
4 286
I'm trying to understand the kinematic equations well enough to explain to someone else, but the analogies I've come...
Aug12-14 02:14 AM
3 205
Hi everyone, A couple of question I was thinking about regarding sound: 1) A sound source is moving at the speed...
Aug11-14 07:34 PM
6 299
I am not sure if this question even makes any sense, it just popped in my mind while reading a book on special...
Aug11-14 02:50 PM
37 864
Hi all, I've got a quick clarification question. Generally when the production of electromagnetic waves are...
Aug11-14 02:34 PM
2 164
I don't really understand what is the need of giving feedback in the magnetostriction method to produce ultrasonic...
Aug11-14 01:27 PM
2 277
Before you go through all the trouble of reading all this back story the real information is towards the bottom...
Aug11-14 08:35 AM
17 378
TIR (total internal reflection) is the most common way of producing evanescent wave, e.g. TIR fluorescence microscopy....
Aug11-14 05:34 AM
0 222
Just wondering, in order to polarize a light beam with a wire grid you could also get some difraction in despite of...
Aug10-14 08:22 PM
2 186
I am confused with the wording for a static friction problem; this particular wording also lead me to a conceptual...
Aug10-14 09:16 AM
13 342
I'd like some help to understand how to calculate "lost work" for irreversible heat transfer across a finite...
Aug10-14 02:56 AM
12 415
I've been looking into electromagnet design and there is a certain principle/set of equations that are bothering me......
Aug9-14 10:57 PM
Simon Bridge
5 326
Folks, I am having difficulty correctly representing a mechanical system within a correct "control volume at an...
Aug9-14 03:14 PM
7 275
$$\vec{F}=q\vec{v}\times\vec{B}$$ $$\frac{d\vec{F}}{dq}=\vec{v}\times\vec{B}$$ $$\int\frac{d\vec{F}}{dq} \cdot...
Aug9-14 12:20 PM
1 234
Coming from a Chemistry background, we seem to flippantly explain away chemical phenomena using "Coulomb's Law" but...
Aug9-14 05:24 AM
7 301
I managed to confuse myself with a simple thought experiment. I have a space ship that uses mechanical springs...
Aug8-14 05:16 AM
2 229
I need to do something for a project. Basically, I need to be able to project a clear image onto a mirror while still...
Aug8-14 03:53 AM
7 251
I am working on making an aluminum truck bed cover for a customer despite my attempts to pass it up, he insists that i...
Aug7-14 06:59 PM
Metal Man
30 721
What is the minimum speed at which electrons can be emitted? Why is it I never heard of really slow moving electrons,...
Aug7-14 04:47 PM
27 701

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