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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,914
Hey, currently I am a high school graduate going into college in the fall, but that isn't why I am here. There has...
Jun24-14 11:08 AM
5 549
I was thinking the other day and it looks like I need feedback if I am being stupid or crazy. My question is quite...
Jun24-14 10:05 AM
14 712
If heat flow is the momentum change from a faster moving atom or molecule to a slower moving one, and momentum is mass...
Jun24-14 04:42 AM
2 353
I am attempting to work through a paper that involves some slightly unfamiliar vector calculus, as well as many...
Jun23-14 09:32 PM
1 351
I promise this isn't homework, it's actually for my research :-P Here goes: When two bodies are in contact and...
Jun23-14 09:17 PM
4 442
Can I use Fleming's right hand rule to determine the direction of current when a magnet is moved into a coil(s) of...
Jun23-14 04:46 PM
Philip Wood
10 523
Hi everybody, I'm new at the forum. I've started learning physics on my school last year. I've a question. How...
Jun23-14 11:32 AM
6 378
Hello everyone, In order to define the eulerian rate deformation tensor, one should first express...
Jun23-14 04:29 AM
4 293
Please, tell me really simply from the viewpoint of molecular physics... Why is liquid having a smaller density on...
Jun22-14 03:09 PM
8 327
I am little experience of physics so please be patience with me, This is my first post of this great internet forum. ...
Jun22-14 02:36 PM
1 262
Hi, Attached is the equation relating the vibration of a sphere radius R, to the pressure field it generates. ρ is...
Jun22-14 11:50 AM
11 367
Turbulent fluid has more energy (mass) than laminar fluid?
Jun21-14 02:26 PM
Abel Cavaşi
2 222
Hello. I have a question... I think that you know the experiment with pepper and soap. (you put water on plate, than...
Jun21-14 01:13 PM
1 194 The image seems to be not showing here is the link : What...
Jun21-14 12:03 PM
13 333
Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but 2 Quick hopefully simple questions about Poynting vector and EM waves. ...
Jun21-14 10:17 AM
7 363
This is a very basic question. We know for a particle moving under constant acceleration we can use both the...
Jun21-14 07:44 AM
11 386
E = - grad*phi - 1/c (dA/dt). phi is the scalar potential, and is given. How do I calculate the vector potential = A...
Jun21-14 07:20 AM
2 199
If a moving point mass collides with a point mass at rest then you can find the resulting velocities by conservation...
Jun21-14 03:44 AM
6 284
Hello WARNING: Some people may find this post a little gross. I observed something today that I didn't know...
Jun20-14 08:15 PM
2 209
Hello there, I am having a discussion with a co-worker about a pressure drop test. I have two different 'boxes'...
Jun20-14 12:47 PM
3 229
Hello guys, I want to study the temperature evolution of a gas in a vessel from 200 bar to 20 bar. I made the...
Jun20-14 10:02 AM
Andrew Mason
4 335
Hi, I am trying to derive the Lorentz force law in the following form: q \frac{dw^\mu}{d\tau} = q w^\mu...
Jun20-14 02:34 AM
1 201
1. I found this diagram on book but there weren't any description.can someone tell me, what its trying to tell...
Jun19-14 01:20 PM
5 477
Hi all, I've been trying to understand how to calculate the elastic energy of a deformed object. For example, if I...
Jun19-14 02:24 AM
3 305
When a wire is placed in a magnetic field and current flows in that wire work is done on the wire and be calculated: ...
Jun18-14 01:04 PM
20 693
If work ##W = \Delta E = \int_{s} \vec{F} \cdot d\vec{s}##, so work can't be ##\frac{dW}{d\vec{s}} = \vec{F}## like is...
Jun18-14 12:54 PM
12 466
Does pV = \dfrac 1 3 N m \left(c_{rms}\right)^2 apply in containers that aren't cuboids? The derivation I have seen...
Jun18-14 12:53 PM
Philip Wood
2 270
Hey guys, I understand why the theorem describes the relationship between the lengths of the sides of a right...
Jun18-14 08:33 AM
8 435
I am going to make a power supply. I understand the smoothing capacitor and the full-wave bridge rectifier. I am...
Jun18-14 04:01 AM
12 413
Hello. I have a question. I have two glasses - one is full, one is empty. And I will take a long paper towel to them...
Jun17-14 03:14 PM
1 183
So I understand that to calculate the intensity a distance d away from a light-bulb you would treat the light-bulb as...
Jun17-14 02:37 PM
1 171
I'm studying classical mechanics and I'm stumbling in the quantity of differential identities. Being S the action,...
Jun17-14 05:39 AM
Vanadium 50
3 361
Hi all, This is Newton's universal law of gravitation: F = GMm/r2, where r is the distance between the centre of...
Jun17-14 05:32 AM
5 276
1. Static friction cannot do work (correct?). Yet that is the only external force acting on an accelerating bicycle. ...
Jun16-14 05:07 PM
71 1,524
Hi guys. Consider the problem of calculating the multiplicity (phase space volume) of N hard sphere gases each of...
Jun16-14 02:00 PM
Jano L.
5 345
If ##V_{BA} = P_B - P_A## (where V is the voltage and P the potential) so, ##V_{AB} = - V_{BA}##. The same ideia for...
Jun16-14 12:43 PM
1 176
I read that there are polarizing and non polarizing beam splitters. Are there adjustable bleam splitters between them?
Jun16-14 03:52 AM
3 198
Hello everyone! I was reading the following review: ...
Jun15-14 08:47 PM
6 469
The derivation of Planck's law in my textbook begins with the assumption that the energy of an oscillator with...
Jun15-14 07:33 PM
Andrew Mason
1 203
Hi, The focal length of the Plano-Convex lens as calculated by the lens maker equation: Does it work when light...
Jun15-14 04:18 PM
2 250

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