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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,752
hey pf! i was hoping one of you could help me with deriving the navier stokes equations. i know the equations state...
Mar17-14 09:06 AM
7 312
Hello, and thank you in advanced for this. I am having trouble with setting up most if not all of my integrals when I...
Mar17-14 07:41 AM
Simon Bridge
1 212
Hi, I am wondering if total momentum of the system is conserved in this case. Our system is consisted of two balls:...
Mar17-14 07:18 AM
4 228
Today I tried to show that rotational kinetic energy was equivalent to standard translational kinetic energy. So I...
Mar16-14 11:56 PM
3 254
I have a solid foundational understanding of far field electromagnetic radiation i.e., two in phase electric and...
Mar16-14 11:51 PM
9 330
Ok, umm these may sound like dumb questions, and im sorry but here goes. (I think i have a lot of misconceptions) ...
Mar16-14 08:15 PM
3 208
So, consider an average shorted capacitor connected to an alternating current power source. This capacitor has a...
Mar16-14 05:55 PM
9 268
I've have just registered here in order to post this question. I know it's a good idea to read a forum for weeks and...
Mar16-14 10:07 AM
21 471
Hi, I'm studying classical mechanics via Goldstein's book, but I don't get the chapter about velocity dependent...
Mar16-14 07:55 AM
9 320
Can diffraction be explained for tilted light arrays or only normal incident lights can have diffraction orders?
Mar15-14 10:40 PM
4 238
If a red light drops on a red object, we know that all of the red light is reflected, and none is absorbed. But what...
Mar15-14 07:29 PM
6 195
Just doing a couple circuit diagrams, and my brain seems to have shorted: If you have two batteries, but they're...
Mar15-14 07:24 PM
1 175
Why aren't we using this method? :surprised
Mar15-14 04:15 PM
2 196
In nature, all forces have a limited value, i.e, their effect is reduced if many objects are influenced by that force....
Mar15-14 03:07 PM
9 356
Is there any difference computationally between say a thin spherical insulating shell and a thin conductive shell ? ...
Mar15-14 01:11 PM
3 159
what is the physical meaning -and nature- of heat in the molecular scale? how can molecules emit heat in forms other...
Mar15-14 11:42 AM
Simon Bridge
1 163
What cause potential difference in the conductor? I mean why the changing magnetic flux induce EMF? I understand the...
Mar15-14 09:46 AM
4 229
I've heard that fire creates a vacuum due to the consumption of oxygen. Obviously, combustion results in other gases...
Mar15-14 09:05 AM
6 242
Any idea how to approach finding the self energy of an infinitely long, thin insulating cylinder. It's got linear...
Mar14-14 02:15 PM
1 154
In Hamiltonian formulation there is an expression df / dt = { f , H } + ∂f / ∂t where f is function of q, p and t....
Mar14-14 01:10 PM
2 151
My high school teacher told me that internal forces of a system do not change the Centre of Gravity of a system. I...
Mar14-14 09:01 AM
8 259
Hello everybody! First of all, I would like to say that this is my first post in this forum, even though I've...
Mar13-14 05:50 PM
5 282
I would like to know if a a inductively coupled power transfer system also emits electromagnetiv waves. The system...
Mar13-14 11:20 AM
8 230
For a droplet of radius r in a vapour phase the Gibbs thompson effect applies: Δμ = μvapour-μdroplet = 2σM/r, where...
Mar13-14 09:54 AM
0 138
I was trying to find some papers on caratheodory's formulation of thermodynamics and This paper is one of the things I...
Mar13-14 02:28 AM
5 252
Why does hot air rise? What I'm really getting at is why should the speed of kinetic motion of the individual atoms...
Mar12-14 03:56 PM
66 82,943
1) I don't completely understands Charles Law (V = T*k) - This implies that if we increase the volume of an object,...
Mar12-14 01:35 PM
Andrew Mason
5 272
Hey, I know I'm wrong, but I don't know where. I've read several textbooks and searched the web, I would appreciate if...
Mar12-14 10:42 AM
2 274
Hi This is the problem... I'm reading a paper where the author says Transformation between the laboratory and...
Mar12-14 09:46 AM
2 192
Hi, I've know that accelerated charge generates electromagnetic radiation which eventually should cause the...
Mar12-14 09:16 AM
3 224
What is the difference between a Gaussian beam profile and an Airy disk? Both seem to be pretty much the same to me....
Mar12-14 09:00 AM
2 165
Hi guys, In a scientific paper, I have found the following sentence: "...given the fact that the system is...
Mar11-14 04:48 PM
3 199
Ok, so I have a 405nm laser pointer (bluish purple/uv). Had a few miscellaneous glass objects and was shining it...
Mar11-14 02:37 PM
15 450 Look here please. Why is the first and 2nd order...
Mar11-14 01:39 PM
5 189
When deriving capacity of a parallel plate capacitor, we consider the electric field (sigma/epsilon), i.e. the field...
Mar11-14 11:19 AM
23 403
why all EM waves are sinusoidal ? or this is not true at all, i.e., EM waves of other waveforms do exist ? the...
Mar11-14 07:49 AM
Simon Bridge
6 201
Hi all I'm trying to replicate the effect of a 45 Faraday rotator using a series of waveplates instead. I've...
Mar11-14 07:04 AM
6 202
Could we use something like carpet cloaking to reduce shockwave in supersonic or mach wave in transonic flight? ...
Mar10-14 09:49 PM
3 186
What happens when a gas molecule collides with a liquid molecule at the microscopic level ?
Mar10-14 06:00 PM
10 170
Is it possible to differentiate a scalar( in this case a Lagrangian) by a vector ? If the Lagrangian is r.A ie. the...
Mar10-14 05:02 PM
9 274

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