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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,896
Hello everyone, I was wondering how one would calculate the three-dimensional charge density (per volume) in a...
Jul25-14 09:32 PM
3 441
Let's suppose i want to send a message over really big (interplanetary, maybe out of the solar system) distances. I...
Jul25-14 01:08 PM
26 1,601
Hello. I'm having trouble with determining the dynamics of a rod, when one of the ends has a torque applied to it....
Jul25-14 09:31 AM
13 526
Today I was taking the train to a nearby city, where we passed through some rainy region. As the raindrops fell on...
Jul25-14 08:55 AM
Andy Resnick
3 814
Why is it that the width of a wire grid polarizer has to be less than the wavelength of the wave which I want to...
Jul25-14 08:42 AM
Andy Resnick
3 686
Hi, Just wanted to know the difference between permittivity and permeability. As far as I researched, permittivity...
Jul25-14 04:10 AM
1 343
If photons are oscillating electric and magnetic fields, then we should be able to deflect photons trajectories by...
Jul25-14 02:19 AM
4 618
When studying about semiconductos what are the valence band and conductivity band .what are its properties,where is it...
Jul25-14 12:06 AM
1 399
I have just completed reading an English translation (The Great Books version) of Newton's Principia and found it...
Jul24-14 12:18 PM
2 410
Hello. I saw this experiment: The light from laser is bending in small...
Jul24-14 09:24 AM
3 476
Good morning PF, I am having some difficulty finding info on calculating a composite moment of inertia. The...
Jul24-14 07:20 AM
7 1,173
Hi, I was wondering about the interpretation of the Hamilton Jaccobi equation. Naively we have H +...
Jul24-14 03:51 AM
1 564
What happens when charge enters the resistor?
Jul24-14 12:04 AM
6 636
I'm stuck on some highschool physics, Gauss law... 1. It says this: The electric field outside the sphere is equal...
Jul23-14 10:57 AM
Satvik Pandey
6 806
This is a question we were asked quite some time ago: Consider a circuit shaped as a rectangle, with two very long...
Jul23-14 09:26 AM
2 553
There is a silly detail about the interpretation of the Van der Waals (VDW) equation that I cannot fully understand....
Jul23-14 07:51 AM
3 599
I want to describe the motion of a ball that rolls without slipping in a plane where acts a force field not in the...
Jul22-14 03:54 PM
4 771
Hello, It is my understanding that a moving magnetic can induce an electrical current, and that conversely, and...
Jul22-14 01:19 PM
3 1,691
Consider a circular loop of radius R that carrys a uniform current I. We know(by Biot-Savart law) that the magnetic...
Jul22-14 09:01 AM
6 728
I was wondering why is there a minus sign in the equation: EMF= -d(flux)/dt If this equations is derived from a...
Jul22-14 08:59 AM
6 771
Let me set the stage for a thought experiment. 1. A physicist in an elevator at some arbitrary height above Earth...
Jul22-14 05:05 AM
7 872
Hi, can someone please help me on this problem. I'm not sure what to do with the equation given. I tried taking the...
Jul21-14 09:20 PM
1 581
Why the torque is called moment of force and angular momentum is called moment of linear momentum ? Please explain.
Jul21-14 09:12 PM
1 562
What is meant by moment of particles ? Why the algebraic sum of moments of all particles about centre of mass must be...
Jul21-14 09:10 PM
2 572
When I fire a gun there is an explosion inside a barrel that causes bullet to fly and gun to recoil but when a barrel...
Jul21-14 05:32 PM
17 1,526
Hello, Someone could explain me why in the derivation below the mass m is divided by 2 in the last step?: ...
Jul21-14 03:01 PM
1 572
Hello, I know that the latent heat of a first-order isothermal and isobaric phase transition is in general given by...
Jul21-14 10:24 AM
3 747
Does anyone have a link to an experiment (preferably fairly modern) which either supports or falsifies Prevost's...
Jul21-14 07:10 AM
1 710
What are the physical interpretations of ##\mu_0## and ##\varepsilon_0##, the magnetic permeability and electric...
Jul21-14 04:52 AM
7 770
For a glider to sustain flight at a constant speed, the aircraft must be placed in a dive so that the forward motion...
Jul21-14 02:39 AM
6 790
I'm having a brain fart so this is just another silly question but... when deriving the I-V relation for the...
Jul21-14 01:59 AM
4 678
Hi experts! Im new in this forum. Im studying a cylinder of radius (A) very small compared to its length (L)....
Jul20-14 02:30 PM
0 542
Of course I am sure this is not a paradox but rather a problem in my understanding of the situation. But this...
Jul20-14 02:29 PM
23 1,523
hi guys I am attempting to solve a problem that has me scratching my head. I have a small connector PCB with one...
Jul20-14 03:33 AM
1 660
Hello. I have two simple questions. 1) I don't understand atmospheric force. I read that it occurs by heaviness of...
Jul20-14 01:39 AM
2 1,190
I am trying to understand the Coriolis effect from some time but i am unable to conceive the idea why the air parcel...
Jul19-14 12:05 PM
Arfur Bryant
16 1,445
I have a doubt that can we increase the intensity of light without changing its amplitude and by increasing its...
Jul19-14 08:48 AM
Claude Bile
4 1,079
Hello again, My handy optics engineer has left the country leaving me with a problem that's over my head. I need...
Jul19-14 08:42 AM
Claude Bile
5 1,326
This question has been asked probably many times, and is inspired by area that appears in denominator of energy flux...
Jul19-14 07:40 AM
35 5,373
If I have 10m lever with a center of the mass 2m from the right side it must mean the shorter arm have greater mass to...
Jul19-14 12:13 AM
Simon Bridge
1 856

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