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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,787
Consider the configuration below shown in the attached picture! The wedge can slide on the inclined plane and the...
Mar22-14 10:13 PM
19 379
To calculate the detected frequency from the source frequency, we use this formula: { f }_{ D }=\frac { v\pm { v...
Mar22-14 06:26 PM
8 262
Hello. I'm a writer going back and doing some fact checking to make an important scene more believable. It involves...
Mar22-14 03:08 PM
10 298
If a group of point charges as a whole, has positive potential energy, what does that mean? What will happen if the...
Mar22-14 03:03 PM
8 283
So apparently the natural frequency is zero for uniform column with axial load when P is equal to the critical...
Mar22-14 12:54 PM
2 170
Two masses m_1 and m_2 are closing each other with speeds v_1 and v_2 . The coefficient of restitution is e....
Mar22-14 08:44 AM
3 189
I am learning sound. My teachers and textbook say loudness of sound is a subjective quantity, it is different for...
Mar21-14 03:16 PM
Manraj singh
4 180
What happens in a reversed carnot cycle? I mean in refrigerators.The gas is adiabatically compressed so that it's...
Mar21-14 05:46 AM
2 208
My textbook says I'm confused by this, because isn't a standing wave caused by reflection of the waves once it...
Mar21-14 01:34 AM
Simon Bridge
1 162
I am wondering if there is any way or formula to find Heat transfer from a fix volume of gas that is release into a...
Mar20-14 07:52 PM
Simon Bridge
1 226
it was mentioned in another thread that only inertial forces are frame dependent or relative. what is an inertial...
Mar20-14 04:13 AM
7 330
Hello, I am looking for harvesting piezo elements with the greatest possible power output. Can someone give me some...
Mar19-14 08:26 PM
2 191
Hello, For convenience, we can say that a submarine at some depth in sea emits sound wave which refracts from the...
Mar19-14 06:14 PM
2 155
I have a problem reconciling something. According to Newton's shell theorem, at any point within a solid sphere, for...
Mar19-14 04:55 PM
4 222
In the book 'Macroscopic and Statistical Thermodynamics' they derived the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution by maximizing...
Mar19-14 10:46 AM
6 483
Hi, I was wondering how you can calculate the intensity of light produced by diffraction orders. If say a laser...
Mar19-14 09:17 AM
6 227
This was something I was kicking around and wanted some advice on. Let's assume you had a big spaceship -- the...
Mar19-14 07:56 AM
3 245
Consider a small, thin loop in the (x,y) plane centered in the origin and with radius a. We are interested in the...
Mar18-14 11:59 AM
5 211
I am well aware that objects of varying masses, shapes, and surface areas will fall at different speeds and...
Mar18-14 11:20 AM
3 320
Are any of you here comfortable with thermodynamic calculations for heterophase fluctuations? Then please help me...
Mar18-14 09:19 AM
4 211
On this site I found how to calculate Cd and Crr coefficient from experimantal data:...
Mar18-14 08:14 AM
56 987
Guy, i have a problem. When we use conservation energy to find the escape velocity, ie the root of potentiality is...
Mar18-14 03:11 AM
13 329
Hi, When we have total internal reflection of light at the boundary of an optically dense to an optically thinner...
Mar17-14 08:17 PM
1 212
"As it is known from classical mechanics, the momentum is the generator of translation", it is from WIKI,...
Mar17-14 06:03 PM
5 303
hey pf! i was hoping one of you could help me with deriving the navier stokes equations. i know the equations state...
Mar17-14 09:06 AM
7 316
Hello, and thank you in advanced for this. I am having trouble with setting up most if not all of my integrals when I...
Mar17-14 07:41 AM
Simon Bridge
1 214
Hi, I am wondering if total momentum of the system is conserved in this case. Our system is consisted of two balls:...
Mar17-14 07:18 AM
4 233
Today I tried to show that rotational kinetic energy was equivalent to standard translational kinetic energy. So I...
Mar16-14 11:56 PM
3 257
I have a solid foundational understanding of far field electromagnetic radiation i.e., two in phase electric and...
Mar16-14 11:51 PM
9 334
Ok, umm these may sound like dumb questions, and im sorry but here goes. (I think i have a lot of misconceptions) ...
Mar16-14 08:15 PM
3 214
So, consider an average shorted capacitor connected to an alternating current power source. This capacitor has a...
Mar16-14 05:55 PM
9 279
I've have just registered here in order to post this question. I know it's a good idea to read a forum for weeks and...
Mar16-14 10:07 AM
21 484
Hi, I'm studying classical mechanics via Goldstein's book, but I don't get the chapter about velocity dependent...
Mar16-14 07:55 AM
9 322
Can diffraction be explained for tilted light arrays or only normal incident lights can have diffraction orders?
Mar15-14 10:40 PM
4 239
If a red light drops on a red object, we know that all of the red light is reflected, and none is absorbed. But what...
Mar15-14 07:29 PM
6 196
Just doing a couple circuit diagrams, and my brain seems to have shorted: If you have two batteries, but they're...
Mar15-14 07:24 PM
1 177
Why aren't we using this method? :surprised
Mar15-14 04:15 PM
2 198
In nature, all forces have a limited value, i.e, their effect is reduced if many objects are influenced by that force....
Mar15-14 03:07 PM
9 360
Is there any difference computationally between say a thin spherical insulating shell and a thin conductive shell ? ...
Mar15-14 01:11 PM
3 164
what is the physical meaning -and nature- of heat in the molecular scale? how can molecules emit heat in forms other...
Mar15-14 11:42 AM
Simon Bridge
1 168

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