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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,970
The equation for this physical model is:
Jun9-14 09:24 AM
1 201
I'm developing a classical model of a dipolar ion in an external electric field. It consists of two charges...
Jun9-14 09:21 AM
2 225
How would be the 2nd Kirchhoff's law for this circuit here: ...
Jun9-14 08:25 AM
8 266
If in a typical complete circuit (RLC) we have a resistor with resistence R, an inductor with inductance L and a...
Jun9-14 08:00 AM
Simon Bridge
18 414
A ideial voltage source has: v = v i = ? R = 0 L = ? C = ? ideal current source: v = ? i = i
Jun9-14 06:16 AM
Nick O
14 258
How equate the voltage/current of the associated sources with the voltage/current equivalent? ...
Jun9-14 05:26 AM
14 279
This is sort of statics, but this came up in my physics class before. You have a plate, supported only in the...
Jun9-14 12:40 AM
Simon Bridge
3 187
I am reading introductory physics from Serway. Where they say if a_r is radial acceleration and a_c is centripetal...
Jun9-14 12:33 AM
3 254
If invisid flow starts with no vorticity then no vorticity will be produced. This can be understood intuitively: we...
Jun8-14 11:31 PM
3 208
The concept of a problem is that if rockets continue to jettison fuel, at some point they will get a very small...
Jun8-14 08:13 PM
8 293
If we know the initial momentum of particles a and b (mass a and b, initial velocity of a and b), is it possible...
Jun8-14 06:14 PM
2 137
All the derivations of the Rayleigh-Jeans 'Law' I've seen assume that the electromagnetic radiation is enclosed in a...
Jun8-14 05:51 PM
Jano L.
8 280
If a battery has 6V of voltage, this means that P+ P = 6V or that P P+ = 6V ? Being: P+ = electric potential...
Jun8-14 04:03 PM
7 213
What's the mechanism behind things like sparks, lightning, St. Elmo's fire, etc.? I've heard two different...
Jun8-14 01:28 PM
2 212
How does friction come about using the four forces?
Jun8-14 10:49 AM
3 198
The current always prefers the path with minor resistance, but how the current reacts wrt the inductance and...
Jun8-14 02:44 AM
2 152
Hi, there Today, a friend came to me and asked the following questions and they made me confused. If the source is...
Jun7-14 09:04 PM
1 185
To be concrete, consider two parallel conducting plates, one positively charged and the other negatively charged. Why...
Jun7-14 06:17 PM
7 207
I am referring to "Newton's bucket" -- essentially a hollow cylinder filled with water inside which rotates about the...
Jun7-14 06:03 PM
3 233
I had a question that was on my mind for a while. The general question is about structures and a force on that object...
Jun7-14 04:26 PM
4 225
I'm new to physics, so I'm sure the explanation is very simple, but I cannot wrap my head around Newton's 2nd law...
Jun7-14 03:31 PM
6 591
Consider an inertial frame where an electric current is flowing in upward direction, a magnetic field is created and...
Jun7-14 02:34 PM
24 454
I've attached a graph to this post. Why is it that the periodic external frequency applied never starts at 0 on graphs...
Jun7-14 12:58 PM
3 145
Charge is the most fundamental quantity. consider a point charge Q to simplify our mental picture: Q will give...
Jun7-14 09:59 AM
11 292
I have been looking for specific heat capacities of certain materials such as steel but i can never find a solid...
Jun7-14 09:40 AM
Andrew Mason
9 237
A test question I was asked earlier in the year has been hanging around in the back of my mind: "If a radio is...
Jun7-14 08:16 AM
4 194
Which is the real interpretation for current source? Exist some device or electrical object that acts like a current...
Jun7-14 06:04 AM
16 314
I was working on a project for which I was considering letting a liquid flow out of a bottle rather than pump it out,...
Jun7-14 12:41 AM
2 136
Exist some physical quantity for the derivative of the current wrt time? Exist another too for the derivative of the...
Jun6-14 10:50 PM
3 189
I was thinking, a circuit don't need necessarily be a circuit, can be something like this: ...
Jun6-14 03:20 PM
7 172
The interpretation for charge and current through of a circuit is known... "the current is the motion of the charges,...
Jun6-14 08:30 AM
2 172
This thing has confused me for long .I have not come across any satisfactory answers on my own or while browsing...
Jun6-14 08:28 AM
Philip Wood
3 201
I know that in electric circuits charge imbalances can build up on capacitor plates, wire bends, and antennas. But is...
Jun6-14 02:59 AM
15 354
Can the same force increase both the translational and rotational kinetic energy of a rigid body? If yes then the work...
Jun6-14 01:24 AM
1 178
I have two independent variables (rotation in degrees, and distance from best focus distance in mm) and one dependent...
Jun5-14 01:52 PM
0 152
In an eletric circuit, can exist nonzero voltage and zero current? Can exist zero voltage and nonzero current? What...
Jun5-14 01:04 PM
3 204
The Kirchhoff's circuit laws are what there are of better for compute the current and voltage in anywhere of a...
Jun5-14 11:36 AM
4 203
I have to calculate the amount of thermal energy due to friction, it will be rolling friction if that makes a...
Jun5-14 09:52 AM
Simon Bridge
1 178
Hello, first time poster here! :smile: I need to find the speed of air directly coming out of a nozzle connected to...
Jun4-14 09:56 PM
9 3,180
I get the theory: Fc = Ft + Fg Uniform circular motion, in the vertical plane. Fc = net force = centripetal...
Jun4-14 02:26 PM
18 555

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