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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,744
Hello! I am wondering what supplies the energy necessary for the compression of a gas that is entrained in a flow...
Feb18-14 07:41 PM
4 190
Hello I have a few fundamental questions about evaporation 1. In Cengel's Heat and Mass Transfer, in all sample...
Feb18-14 07:37 PM
24 616
Hello, I'd like to calculate magnetic dipole-dipole interaction energy. Actually, I've tried to find models for...
Feb18-14 04:40 PM
0 141
I'm trying to evaluate floor heating systems for installation in my new studio, and I have to admit that my...
Feb18-14 02:24 PM
3 218
For instance in an elastic collision of two indivisible particles... Why does m v^{2} stay constant? Why not m...
Feb18-14 01:52 PM
34 1,158
My professor (for some weird reasons) makes us write "system " whenever we are asked to solve a physics problem for...
Feb18-14 11:12 AM
Simon Bridge
1 248
This is about a famous thought experiment, cited by Einstein at the beginning of his first 1905 paper on SR, and...
Feb18-14 05:30 AM
11 369
Hey guys, I am trying to create a 2d simulation of the earth going around the sun. However I am facing an issue. I...
Feb18-14 04:35 AM
3 229
The 2nd law of thermodynamics state that entropy increases with time and entropy is just a measure of how hard it is...
Feb17-14 05:36 PM
8 296
Say, i have two concentric shells,each carrying a different charge.If i connect an ideal, resistance less wire between...
Feb17-14 04:27 PM
10 325
I've been having a problem with the sign of potential. Electric potential as I know it is defined as V =...
Feb17-14 05:57 AM
Philip Wood
7 255
So my professor keeps bringing up that a reversible process must always be done infinitesimally slowly up. But why is...
Feb17-14 12:47 AM
7 292
What will be the degrees of freedom of a ''Connected pair of compasses''?
Feb17-14 12:45 AM
6 225
Would a particle kept in the path of an electromagnetic wave experience a force? Both magnetic and electric field are...
Feb16-14 10:47 PM
5 200
why should we use a convex lens to focus the rays at the point on the screen.why is at an angle instead of being...
Feb16-14 04:39 PM
Philip Wood
8 225
why do the atoms in excited state alone could emit line spectra?can't they emit when they are not in gaseous state? ...
Feb16-14 04:16 PM
1 166
Suppose you have a sphere (sphere A) with net positive charge 2Q. A conducting spherical shell (sphere B) of inner...
Feb16-14 02:39 PM
2 182
Hi! I just wonder what's the actual use for p=nkT≈nE_k when it comes to plasma physics? What does p help us...
Feb16-14 12:05 PM
6 289
Hello, I am a college student. Recently, theoritically, I have been working on new design of diffractive optic...
Feb16-14 11:51 AM
0 163
The total energy of the magnetic field in the matter is \frac{\mu H^2}{2} , I want to calculated the energy that is...
Feb16-14 11:33 AM
3 255
I am studying Laplace's equation in my electrodynamics course (using griffiths intro to electrodynamics). I am...
Feb16-14 10:56 AM
3 200
From what I understand, an atom generates an electromagnetic field which exerts energy on objects and this...
Feb16-14 10:42 AM
2 192
Let a = 1,2. Let Q be a 2-vector Q = (q_a) Let D be a 2*2 matrix with D_{ab} = d_{ab}(Q)\,\partial_t
Feb16-14 05:32 AM
0 148
So, I asked myself the question, "why does the earths force of gravity effect us so dramatically on the surface of the...
Feb16-14 04:05 AM
3 168
The standard equation for the damped angular frequency of a normal damped mass-spring system is ω_{d} =...
Feb16-14 04:03 AM
5 254
To preface my question, I know it is related to the Gibbs paradox, but I've read the wikipedia page on it and am still...
Feb16-14 01:08 AM
1 165
Hello, I was wondering, do the Lee/Kesler correlations apply at the saturation line for vapor/liquid equilibrium? I...
Feb15-14 10:43 PM
0 131
So Rayleigh scattering says that higher wavelengths of light are scattered more than lower ones - but why don't we...
Feb15-14 01:44 PM
2 186
In kinetic theory a liquid is viewed as an incompressible substance in which the atoms are free to move. I would like...
Feb15-14 01:12 PM
1 178
Hi, this is my first post on this forum, although ive often refered to many posts for random information, so thanks to...
Feb15-14 12:05 PM
6 247
I am currently investigating pressure test safety with my current employer. Currently we test pressure vessels inside...
Feb15-14 11:20 AM
2 161
Hi Is this formula all i need for finding the speed i need to tip the trolley?...
Feb15-14 08:55 AM
26 425
Suppose we have a infinite current sheet of surface density \sigma and apply Ampere’s law to find the magnetic field....
Feb15-14 08:03 AM
1 154
Hello - I'm having a difficult time finding this answer anywhere else on Physics Forums. I'm curious if anyone knows,...
Feb14-14 03:48 PM
6 218
One question. In the text author calculate ...
Feb14-14 11:23 AM
2 262
I read that for a rotating body the kinetic energy ##E_k = \sum \frac{1}{2}mv^2 = \frac{1}{2}{\omega}^2∑mr^2 =...
Feb14-14 07:47 AM
3 164
Searching through Wikipedia (, I found this graph about resonance. I...
Feb14-14 03:05 AM
1 136
For a damped mechanical oscillator, the energy of the system is given by $$E = \frac{1}{2}m \dot{x}^2 + \frac{1}{2}k...
Feb13-14 10:09 PM
2 225
Hi all I was just wondering if anyone could help me with estimating error caused by misalignment of an optical...
Feb13-14 08:23 PM
Andy Resnick
2 156
I am reviewing the first chapter of my classical mechanics book (Fetter & Walecka), and in the very first section he...
Feb13-14 04:09 PM
6 295

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