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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,837
Imagine an electric field created by a electricity running through a looped wire. Leaving all other variables exactly...
Nov5-12 07:44 PM
1 643
is it possible to harness the lightening to get electricity.
Nov5-12 07:41 PM
5 659
I was wondering if anyone had any insights on how to estimate or discern the potential drops across a capacitor...
Nov5-12 12:02 PM
1 492
An N45 Grade Neodymium Rare Earth magnet has a remnance (Br) of 1320 mT and Coercive force (Hcj) of 923 kA/m. I am...
Nov5-12 11:32 AM
2 843
i have read an example on electrostatics that if anyone rub a rubber comb and wool , the rubber comb acquires the...
Nov5-12 09:15 AM
Meir Achuz
1 640
1. An object of unit mass moving with unit speed applies unit force to any object when the two collide. True or False?...
Nov5-12 08:32 AM
23 1,454
Somebody slept through their lecture on resonance. I don't know how to link video. ...
Nov5-12 03:03 AM
1 606
Hi I'm trying to balance any 3d system with various fixed weights by selecting the correct lift forces for points of...
Nov4-12 06:39 PM
4 680
if see a candle light you find the flame moving up.heat moves by conduction, convection ans radiation. a teapot with...
Nov4-12 02:38 PM
4 1,092
1. Can you tell me the name of two particles having zero force of gravitation between them ?
Nov4-12 01:49 PM
2 681
Hi, I'm new to this forum. So I do not understand how, in an inelastic system, momentum is conserved. Consider...
Nov4-12 01:45 PM
18 2,122
Hi. Imagine an imaginary car with a huge windmill on top connected to its enginator. Assume windmills and enginator...
Nov4-12 01:42 PM
13 940
I am reading the book of Neuenschwander about Noether's Theorem. He explains the Euler-Lagrange equations by starting...
Nov4-12 10:44 AM
1 613
Ok,so John Taylor's Classical Mechanics has this small subtopic "energy interactions between 2 particles".And,in...
Nov4-12 09:19 AM
1 684
Hi. Can you clarify for me the equation for g-force below: F= ma + mg I got this equation...
Nov4-12 07:22 AM
AJ Bentley
2 1,128
Hi. I just wanted to know is there any limit to the amount of heat energy that a body can store in itself? For...
Nov4-12 04:43 AM
AJ Bentley
6 752
I believe this is pretty standard. Given a mass m on a spring with spring constant k, a solution to the second...
Nov3-12 11:45 PM
25 2,197
In my experience, a heavier sled rider always goes faster than a lighter one (given the same sled design). When...
Nov3-12 06:54 PM
15 1,625
Hi there. I'm trying to consider a system in which you have an electric field applied by a capacitor over two media,...
Nov3-12 05:54 PM
2 545
The title is pretty self-explanatory. I know the speed of the falling magnet is much slower in a copper pipe, but...
Nov3-12 12:52 PM
6 1,589
As i understand it, the Maxwell equations in potential form (in the Lorenz gauge) are basically 4 independent wave...
Nov3-12 11:21 AM
5 878
How could I calculate the analytical form of all the normal modes of a triangular membrane?, asuming the membrane is...
Nov3-12 10:55 AM
0 486
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong thread. So we did these experiments with van de...
Nov3-12 08:38 AM
AJ Bentley
1 441
Okay there is a particular equation in my book, which I just can't seem to understand intuitively. I've been staring...
Nov2-12 11:46 PM
1 587
I am reading Jackson's electrodynamics book. When I went through the Legendre polynomial, I have a question. In the...
Nov2-12 09:00 PM
Meir Achuz
2 1,977
Hello, does anyone know how to determine the PSF (point spread function) of an optical system? It would be ok also...
Nov2-12 02:48 PM
0 486
Two permanent magnets are on the table some distance apart and having some arbitrary orientation relative to each...
Nov2-12 11:53 AM
12 1,232
Basically I would like to know how to expand: \left\langle(N - \left\langle N \right\rangle)2\right\rangle <(N -...
Nov2-12 11:15 AM
6 772
Suppose we have a rod standing vertically and then slightly disturbed so it begins to fall. After it falls through...
Nov2-12 06:27 AM
7 1,412
Hello friends... Please answer to this question… Lowest possible temperature is -2730C. Why?
Nov1-12 07:17 PM
14 1,525
Suppose we consider a car moving on rough road in forward direction, wheels rotating clockwise. Since wheels rotate...
Nov1-12 06:38 PM
5 1,059
Hi I am doing a project on folded waveguides and I am reading some IEEE papers for literature review. I always...
Nov1-12 12:12 PM
2 569
I am trying to self learn kinematics , but i don't understand a certain concept :- If a string hold a mass...
Nov1-12 10:12 AM
1 907
Can we define specific heat capacity for an adiabatic process ?? Would it always be zero since dQ is 0 for an...
Nov1-12 12:49 AM
Andrew Mason
2 2,104
Hi, I am having some difficulty doing the integral ∫d^{3}v1d^{3}v2 | \overline{v1}-\overline{v2}|, where...
Oct31-12 11:11 PM
4 605
So I have derived a formula for the range of projectile in a vacuum fired from an arbitrary height h from above the...
Oct31-12 08:29 PM
3 693
I have an incline A that is very steep reaching a vertical height of h and another one B which is less steep with the...
Oct31-12 07:32 PM
5 1,201
I would like to calculate the energy need for move in the black volume in gas (move in from r2 to r1), when gas is...
Oct31-12 05:34 PM
15 2,690
I recently read about the communication blackout during a spacecraft re-entry.. The reason given was the high density...
Oct31-12 10:02 AM
AJ Bentley
1 706
Hi everyone. I am a programmer and I think some basic physics will help me to achieve something I wanted to do. ...
Oct31-12 07:50 AM
5 988

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