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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,695
we have the wave equation as follows with non zero phase constant: y(x,t) = ym * sin(k( x - PHI/k) - wt) or ...
Jan23-13 01:18 AM
4 740
My Friend and I were discussing standing waves and I made problem about speed, inspired off a concept taught in my...
Jan22-13 09:31 PM
1 1,807
Hi. I was asking myself the following question. What happens if I have a fluid at rest inside a container, and I...
Jan22-13 07:49 PM
8 1,373
Hello. I didn't count examples about plasma at school. Never yet. I'm trying it study on my own. I do not know what to...
Jan22-13 07:36 PM
1 728
Hi, I have an application of pressure transmitter at 410 deg C max. process temperature. Transmitter can withstand...
Jan22-13 05:54 PM
2 612
Hi if you have a galvanic cell, with Zink at the anode and Cu at the catode, which force then makes Zn electrons go to...
Jan22-13 04:55 PM
Simon Bridge
1 483
I know the radius of a circle. I'm taking pictures of the circle as I bring it closer to the camera. Obviously the...
Jan22-13 03:26 PM
1 619
Hi all, For an exam I'm required to be able to plot the PDF of a fluctuating velocity function, say u(t)=sint(wt), ...
Jan22-13 03:14 PM
5 801
So, until now I know: (DV/DS)p=(DT/Dp)s=a*T/cp*(rho) (enthalpy) (Dp/DT)v=(DS/DV)t=-a/k (helmoltz)...
Jan22-13 02:21 PM
2 1,920
I'm new to the subject of plasma (and to the forum) and would like to find some book or online information on "phase...
Jan22-13 01:13 PM
0 487
Dear all, I have a question on the derivation of the drift velocity in a conductor, and was wondering if somebody...
Jan22-13 01:04 PM
5 1,116
Here and there I come across the following formula for the Lagrangian density of a real scalar field, but not a...
Jan22-13 11:03 AM
6 890
Hi, I have an issue with the Fresnel amplitude coefficients. I know they are given in two versions, for...
Jan22-13 12:58 AM
0 645
I wanted to figure out the temperature(t2) of any object based on things such as its specific heat capacity, re-entry...
Jan21-13 11:59 PM
1 690
Hello all, This is just a question i have... I need to know the frequency (in order to meter it) from an...
Jan21-13 11:08 PM
6 1,009
Hi I can understand how once an object is falling in converts PE to KE. My question is how does it move in the first...
Jan21-13 07:04 PM
46 3,867
I am trying to understand how the Lorentz force affects bulk fluid motion when I have an applied electric field...
Jan21-13 05:26 PM
0 689
Say there is an empty bottle of coke., and you know for sure that the bottle resonates most at 320hz. when the...
Jan21-13 10:15 AM
6 1,799
As I figure , there no reason why this would not work: object orbiting a planet in one direction, then, half way...
Jan21-13 10:11 AM
52 3,993
Trust me this is not homework... My last two questions were removed cause they looked like homework... I understand...
Jan21-13 10:07 AM
10 1,255
A Capacitor stores energy when it is charging up but what is the intuition behind such a process ? I, in fact,...
Jan21-13 10:04 AM
18 2,043
According to Carnot's theorem η≥η' where η corresponds to a reversible machine and η' is not necessarily reversible,...
Jan21-13 06:22 AM
10 932 Mainly concerned with the first half of the page. You'll see...
Jan21-13 03:06 AM
13 1,418
I was thinking about meteorioids and how upon their entry into the atmosphere the large amount of disintegration they...
Jan21-13 01:28 AM
6 1,154
Hi everyone! I'm struggling to get my head around a calculation having not done any physics studies for 10 years -...
Jan20-13 11:56 PM
Sylvia Else
13 1,647
Hi there, I'm looking to find the most probable speed of atoms ejected from an oven. Temp (T) is 900C (so...
Jan20-13 04:37 PM
1 1,008
i was trying to verify the '8 years 7 months 6 days' myth/fact that states that you would have you scream for that...
Jan20-13 11:58 AM
4 920
1.assume i am riding a motorcycle at 100km/h, but i ride the motorcycle inside a very long train which is moving at...
Jan20-13 07:54 AM
11 1,472
Can a substance only evaporate at the T(sat) at that particular pressure and why not even at a higher temperature? ...
Jan20-13 05:34 AM
1 473
Due to my job and other classes, I've been studying ahead of my class by myself to not fall behind and I'm not sure if...
Jan20-13 03:58 AM
3 881
I have a question regarding Inertia. Exactly how much force, in Newtons, is required to overcome the inertia of...
Jan20-13 01:01 AM
5 773
Hey guys, I need some help calculating a volume. Ok, so say we are given a pressure vessel with an 88ci volume @...
Jan19-13 08:07 PM
1 573
Here is an extract from my Physics textbook. According to classical physics, each of these standing waves carries...
Jan19-13 05:56 PM
Philip Wood
11 1,864
I have always thought of G.P.E as how much a constrained body wants to fall in the direction of Gravitational Force...
Jan19-13 05:06 PM
4 721
The next situation is presented 2 big circles (blue ones) are rotating in different directions. The left one is...
Jan19-13 01:47 PM
9 1,157
When you write an action and then you calculate its minima, how can you be sure that they are minima and not maxima?...
Jan19-13 02:43 AM
2 473
Hi, Do you know systems that generate C-EMF? Set ups like an Electric Motor? What other system do you have in...
Jan18-13 07:19 PM
1 549
Hello, I have looked through various websites, which show single glazing heat losses (U-factor) to be 5.7 W/m^2.K....
Jan18-13 05:38 PM
3 649
Hi, I'm reproducing a measurement of vibrations and I would like your help with a certain question I have. I have a...
Jan18-13 05:08 PM
1 583
Hi, I'm trying to find a toy (i.e. analytic) example of a nonlinear system that has very different behavior for two...
Jan18-13 04:44 PM
0 499

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