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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,979
I was wondering how protective a Faraday Cage actually is, can it be overcome by sending more amperage onto the...
Jan8-13 08:20 AM
17 2,305
dV/dS*v=a now at the higest point when we throw a ball. v=0 which implies a=0 but that is npot true....any...
Jan8-13 05:26 AM
8 938
I am having trouble thinking about self induction in the primary coil... My text says in standard situation the self...
Jan8-13 05:19 AM
7 1,271
Hello, Can anybody please explain me: While going through gravitation potential energy, I came across: ...
Jan7-13 10:52 PM
15 1,424
In solving linear circuit problems using complex currents, charges etc. I have stumbled upon something I never really...
Jan7-13 06:46 PM
Simon Bridge
3 625
I am quite confused about this area. First entropy does not contain any reference to volume. So if we can...
Jan7-13 11:27 AM
9 1,067
Im trying to calculate the refelction angle of 2 points in a 2d plane, but not the same distance away from the...
Jan7-13 09:03 AM
2 938
Hi, I wanted to create electromagnet around pipeline to produce 0.2 Tesla magnetic field. How can it be connected...
Jan6-13 11:51 PM
1 505
I'm trying to calculate insulation thickness for a foundry, and can't figure it out after spending a few hours...
Jan6-13 06:22 PM
2 876
Does a uniformly accelerated charged particle radiate em waves? The equivalence principle says that a particle in...
Jan6-13 12:54 PM
Andrew Mason
33 3,082
Hi everybody, first time poster here. I am working on calculating the force of magnets in a 3 dimensional space. I...
Jan6-13 10:30 AM
Jano L.
3 988
I am participating in the IYPT and i have encountered a question on elastic space which relates to gravity wells. I...
Jan6-13 10:27 AM
vishnu manoj
6 1,454
Why does frequency of a wave stay the same during transmission and reflection?
Jan6-13 09:45 AM
1 764
Hi PFers. I am interested in Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution. I have searched in Internet for the derivation but I am...
Jan6-13 08:40 AM
4 768
If I charge a van de graaff to say 10,000 V I would think of the voltage as electric pressure. There would be so many...
Jan6-13 07:49 AM
2 700
Hi there! I am working on a project that requires some idea of adiabatic processes. I know the basics of the said...
Jan6-13 01:21 AM
4 810
Hello, Can someone please explain me: F=G m1xm2/R^2 In potential energy U=mgh Generally it is also written...
Jan5-13 03:46 PM
3 826
If you heat the air inside a rigid, sealed container until its Kelvin temperature doubles, the air pressure in the...
Jan5-13 12:25 PM
1 902
hi PF, i got a question in my mind while studying electrostatics that Will a charged particle loose its charge if it...
Jan5-13 09:14 AM
11 1,021
I have been told that compressing the mixture would make the explosion "more powerful". However I cannot wrap my head...
Jan5-13 08:20 AM
6 1,411
For example in this video at 5:00: They show by turning the gear with...
Jan4-13 11:35 PM
4 1,015
Hi everyone, I don't mean to offend anyone (actually I'm looking for help), it's just that I am having a hard time...
Jan4-13 07:28 PM
6 1,081
Suppose I want to try and guess the fields of a short laser pulse. We know that fields that satisfy Maxwell's...
Jan4-13 05:20 PM
2 688
1) when a wheel turns there is a forward acting friction but the 'frictional' force that opposes it is rolling...
Jan4-13 05:00 PM
54 6,889
Hello. I'm looking for a lens that can collimate (or focus far away >500mm ) a light coming out from a LED. ...
Jan4-13 01:53 PM
3 863
This is a question I've been trying to figure out. I'll try my best to formulate it, so apologies if it's a bit ill...
Jan4-13 12:28 PM
0 513
Hello, I need to calculate/estimate the force between a solenoid electromagnet and a piece of iron on a certain...
Jan4-13 09:43 AM
2 1,291
Hello everyone! I was just reading about the working of Newton's Cradles and ended up having some confusion. ...
Jan4-13 09:16 AM
6 1,058
Could someone please show me how to calculate the deformation of a pad (ideal material with the same elasticity at all...
Jan4-13 06:50 AM
16 1,585
Enthalpy is a state function because it only depends on the initial and final state. Work is a path function because...
Jan4-13 04:37 AM
15 1,667
Hello everyone i bought a kit for my senior project on electromagnetic levitation. It uses an electromagnet to suspend...
Jan3-13 11:34 PM
4 945
We are usually told in an introduction to general relativity that when special relativity was completed, there was a...
Jan3-13 08:58 PM
2 606
I thought of this question the other day, and I was unable to solve it. A Google search has not helped, so I thought...
Jan3-13 06:11 PM
3 770
I was watching a video on the internet about charge distributions over solid conductors. The solid conductor was...
Jan3-13 03:08 PM
2 711
I have been scanning a physics book. See attachment. The diagram shows that a light bulb has a continuous spectrum...
Jan3-13 12:13 PM
8 831
Here is a picture of a situation I thought of: The circles between the magnets...
Jan3-13 06:50 AM
21 1,429
Hi,can someone explain me this picture? : I dont...
Jan3-13 05:49 AM
3 2,171
I'm confused about the single slit diffraction pattern. Why are light and dark patterns? Where is the constructive and...
Jan3-13 03:20 AM
4 625
β= (1/v)(∂v/∂T)constant pressure. What is the v represent? molar volume? If I am given the β and the change of...
Jan2-13 08:14 PM
5 975
This is not a home work, it is part of the text book on elliptical polarization. Attached is a page in Kraus Antenna...
Jan2-13 07:13 PM
0 910

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