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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,870
I am going to be simulating damped driven oscillators for my project and I was wondering if someone could give me a...
Jan28-13 01:06 PM
3 665
What is the difference between Generalised co-ordinates and Degrees of freedom in classical mechanics? I know that...
Jan28-13 10:43 AM
9 911
There is a problem about precession in general that I am trying to understand, and it can be exampled by electron...
Jan28-13 09:56 AM
15 901
Period does not depend on amplitude. Correct? I deduced this from the equations for simple harmonic motion: ...
Jan28-13 07:45 AM
1 710
I've rencently been thinking about several systems related to fluid mechanics, and I've asked myself the following...
Jan28-13 06:15 AM
7 1,568
An object (a tin can for example) orbiting the Sun at about the same distance as the Earth would be what temperature?
Jan28-13 05:36 AM
2 600
So I noticed that when learning about Liouville's Theorem in class, that it was described in terms of ensemble: i.e;...
Jan27-13 09:21 PM
0 506
We know that the Young's modulus of an object is defined as the ratio between its stress and strain: Y = σ/ε ,...
Jan27-13 06:48 PM
5 7,469 Hello. I need help clearing up who's gaining potential energy and who's losing...
Jan27-13 05:55 PM
0 771
Hi, I am trying to derive a formula for the path taken of a body in a Gravitational Field using Classical...
Jan27-13 03:41 PM
10 863
I have a problem which got me thinking, but I'm unable to solve to my satisfaction. The problem involves a gyro...
Jan27-13 09:46 AM
9 1,280
Hi, I don't understand this: You got a dipole, and a resulting electric field from it like this(hyperphysics):...
Jan27-13 08:23 AM
3 857
My book says: \frac{\partial V}{\partial s}\frac{ds}{dt}=-\frac{1}{\rho}\frac{dP}{ds}-g\frac{dz}{ds} (1.28)...
Jan27-13 08:02 AM
1 586
Can anyone explain point 44 of the attached pdf document on surface tension. (Here's the link in case attachment...
Jan27-13 07:06 AM
1 542
As the title suggests, there is a practical in which we have to find mass of the spring (m*) having a block of mass M...
Jan27-13 07:01 AM
1 477
Hey! Yesterday I was on the Czech Physics Olympiad. There were many examples. To one, however, I did not invent...
Jan26-13 08:01 PM
Simon Bridge
1 407
Im having a discusion reguarding what temperature (celsius) supercooled water needs to be if it was to freeze...
Jan26-13 05:38 PM
4 560
I understand that for a fixed massflow the minimum amount of power required to generate a thrust is: P = Massflow * ∫v...
Jan26-13 05:05 PM
14 1,710
Suppose we are far from a 1000 watt source of constant radio frequency electric dipole radiation, say R/λ > 1000....
Jan26-13 03:51 PM
0 387
Do you know chemtrails? I want know more about it! Please,...
Jan26-13 01:52 PM
2 445
Hi, In the equation y(x,t) = ym * sin(kx - wt - PHI) I thought I understand why we have that phase constant...
Jan26-13 01:35 PM
Philip Wood
1 468
So I did this lab: Essentially, we have...
Jan26-13 01:29 PM
9 1,280
Their equations are identical. Is there any difference between the two?
Jan26-13 12:41 PM
4 1,717
I vaguely read about this idea about using particle accelerators as hyperdrives Does anyone know any more...
Jan26-13 09:00 AM
4 482
I came across a rather confusing topic about Work Energy Theorem and Potential Energy applied in lifting a particle.I...
Jan26-13 04:26 AM
7 1,464
I often see the EM Hamiltonian written as $$H=\frac1{2m}\left(\vec p-\frac ec\vec A\right)^2+e\phi,$$ but this...
Jan26-13 03:49 AM
4 674
Hello, just had a quick silly question about the coulomb gauge here, though I guess it applies for gauge...
Jan26-13 02:00 AM
1 661
Hi I recently purchased a small (15mmx15mm) Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater. I am using this for a prototype of...
Jan25-13 11:52 PM
1 565
i am currently reading griffith's book on electrodynamics, though he does an excellent job with the theory (along with...
Jan25-13 11:09 PM
0 390
Okay, question, do I live in a smaller world than people with normal eyes? I noticed that when you look over your...
Jan25-13 10:31 PM
9 1,051
Hi, I am wondering why microwaves don't escape through the door? The most common answer seems to be that the...
Jan25-13 07:02 PM
18 1,742
A question my friend gave me the other day: If I start humming a constant note and, once 1/2 a wavelength exits my...
Jan25-13 06:04 PM
4 478
Hi, I am designing a device which has cameras need to see through a sheet of glass at angle very low, near zero....
Jan25-13 04:01 AM
2 656
Let us denote by X^i=(1,\vec 0) the Killing vector and by u^i(s) a tangent vector of a geodesic, where s is some...
Jan24-13 11:02 PM
3 1,055
Stirling engine: the cycle is composed by two isothermals and 2 isometrica and there are just two heat reservoirs. ...
Jan24-13 12:03 PM
24 2,515
I am curious if someone can help be estimate heat sinking and dissipation in an Aluminum structure? What I am trying...
Jan24-13 08:57 AM
3 891
Hello, I was recently pulsing a coil at fairly high voltages (200-600VDC) using DC squarewave, at fairly high...
Jan24-13 06:35 AM
13 1,069
I'm just uncertain (haha), what IS newton's Second law exactly? F=ma, or F=dp/dt, aren't these defining equations for...
Jan24-13 06:21 AM
Jano L.
12 1,686
Hello all, is there a way to calculate the width of a waveguide required (slab and ribbed) made of silicon with...
Jan24-13 04:09 AM
0 576
Hello, I am currently making a video game and have run into a bit of a physics problem. I have taken two semesters...
Jan24-13 01:57 AM
11 948

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