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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,202
Are all collisions between fluid molecules perfectly elastic? I was under the impression that they were not, but now...
Feb6-13 07:29 PM
1 449
Hi Why is it that if you hit an object fast it requires less force to break it than if you hit the object slow and...
Feb6-13 02:39 PM
6 549
As we go higher up a mountain, the air pressure decreases. But why would that cause the air density to decrease? Since...
Feb6-13 12:13 PM
7 912
Hi all, I just completed my first circuits course (which I did decent in). One thing that has always been bothering me...
Feb6-13 11:50 AM
8 911
Hi all, I was wondering if one on you could answer this question. Imagine a person standing on a spinning merry...
Feb6-13 11:41 AM
2 546
Since heat is transferred from a region of high temperature to low temperature if a few molecules have more energy, it...
Feb6-13 11:10 AM
28 2,008
Hello, I have this problem. I calculated the dipole energy of a dipole moment in an external field using the equation...
Feb6-13 10:32 AM
2 464
The wind is blowing with a force of 48 N against a kite that Taylor is flying, so that the tail of the kite makes an...
Feb6-13 09:39 AM
2 788
Hello everyone...!!!! i have made different logic gates using 7402 ic (quad 2-input nor gate ic). what actually...
Feb6-13 05:16 AM
2 731
Hi, The question I have is not for a numerical answer but for clarification. Some of the questions involving...
Feb5-13 11:21 PM
4 775
Hello, I want to include kinetic friction into the harmonic oscillator. A small blocks is attached to a horiontal...
Feb5-13 04:01 PM
3 946
I was doing some homework problems, and I came across a couple I didn't know. I then realized I must have screwed up...
Feb5-13 12:07 PM
Philip Wood
1 520
Can moment of inertia be derived using just linear dynamics and calculus. Textbooks usually derive moment of inertia...
Feb5-13 11:37 AM
1 415
hello every one i have this pendulum: i need to stabilize the...
Feb5-13 11:33 AM
6 1,603
I need experiments that can be done for the research of graphite.. GOt any ideas??
Feb5-13 11:13 AM
8 1,325
When metals are polarized, one end will be positive and the other end negative. So why won't the metal stretch out in...
Feb5-13 04:37 AM
0 478
From this link: it explains why NaCl has a 6:6...
Feb4-13 11:30 PM
0 439
Can one transmit electrons to create an electrostatic charge through electrostatic induction? Can one use a gas to...
Feb4-13 09:47 PM
4 751
Dear all, how to prove that when the fuel injected per cycle decreases, the efficiency of the cycle approaches the...
Feb4-13 08:14 PM
0 665
Hello! I am trying to construct (if it is possible) a potential formulation of an electromagnetic theory which permits...
Feb4-13 04:16 PM
cosmic dust
7 950
Newtons third law states that there is a counter force to every force. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for...
Feb4-13 10:08 AM
20 2,097
I'm modelling a system that (at the most simple level) is a sum of superimposed waves with different amplitudes. ...
Feb4-13 09:00 AM
17 1,591
First time poster so I apologize any problems with location or content. By the way, you guys are awesome. Just...
Feb4-13 07:15 AM
2 416
Hi, Does anybody know a nice formula for the capacitance of two metallic wire loops with equal radius R? (The...
Feb4-13 06:46 AM
3 641
A friend of mine told me that in order for Back-EMF to be generated, The flux lines has to be parallel. Is that true?...
Feb4-13 03:11 AM
19 1,553
Hi all you physics people.... we are building a high-speed robotic camera dolly here in LA for a film, and are trying...
Feb3-13 10:51 PM
8 1,350
According the the kinetic theory of gases, molecules moving along the x direction are given by Σx= (1/2) mv^2, where m...
Feb3-13 10:45 PM
2 939
I keep coming across this term and I cannot understand what this means pertaining to a mechanical system. I'm working...
Feb3-13 10:39 PM
6 759
In the Monkey-Dart experiment (where a monkey lets go of a vine exactly the same time a dart is shot at him), the dart...
Feb3-13 08:00 PM
2 845
What is the experimental proof of Newton's law of universal gravitation? Specifically, how has it been established...
Feb3-13 05:24 PM
22 2,059
Is the magnetic field purely a mathematical abstraction or is there actually something there? In other words, if a...
Feb3-13 02:28 PM
5 637
Hi, guys. I was wondering on Newton's Gravity Law derivation, and I found this page:...
Feb3-13 11:03 AM
2 536
I'm recently studying heat transfer processes. I saw that the heat current emited by a radiating body is given by: ...
Feb3-13 07:07 AM
2 625
Say you are transmitting AM radio signals. You input an audio signal of 1khz which is used to modulate a signal of 1...
Feb3-13 06:19 AM
25 2,666
Please what this. This video will describe Len'z law from 0:00 till 1:25 You can skip till 1:25 and see the...
Feb3-13 05:57 AM
1 578
I understand many classical physics concepts but I feel like my understanding of the concepts are all scattered. I...
Feb2-13 11:31 PM
2 650
What if we wouldn't define a force as F=dp/dt but instead as a function of F=F(p,q,\dot{p},\dot{q}) How will...
Feb2-13 11:07 PM
Simon Bridge
4 477
Hello pf, Electrons are the charge carriers in metal conductor. while explaining about the fact the...
Feb2-13 07:38 PM
17 1,768
My physics sucks but does gravity affect electical charges inside devices... Does it affect magnetism in coils... I...
Feb2-13 07:29 PM
cosmic dust
1 522
I think that there is no such thing as centrifugal force . Am I right ? is this force fictitious ?
Feb2-13 07:29 PM
128 8,350

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