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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,790
Is the phase diagram for an oscilliator (all sorts of oscilliations) always clockwise? If it is so, why?
Mar4-12 06:04 PM
2 1,076
Is there a formula/equation that proves the Zeroth law, that can be confirmed by experiments? And another quick...
Mar5-12 12:11 AM
20 3,952
If a mass was hanging vertically from a spring under its own weight. In the static equilibrium position, using up...
Mar5-12 03:42 AM
1 1,151
the radii of the curvature of the spherical surfaces which is a lens of required focal length are not same. it forms...
Mar5-12 06:25 AM
komal bisht
2 1,058
Often a time varying E-field is represented in complex format. I have a simple E-field (uniform in space) given by ...
Mar5-12 09:28 AM
2 815
If a small tube (capillary tube) is dipped into the water, the water level rises. Which means someone is doing work on...
Mar5-12 09:41 AM
3 792
Confused.. please help! Often when an electric field varies sinusoidally with time, it is represented as a complex...
Mar5-12 11:07 AM
6 2,343
I'm kind of struggling with the concept of energy. A particle in a conservative field has kinetic and potential energy...
Mar5-12 11:08 AM
3 1,428
Hello forum, I have a question about photonic crystals. From Wikipedia: "photons (behaving as waves) propagate...
Mar5-12 11:40 AM
2 1,042
Hi Consider the case of a charge placed inside the cavity in a metal. Let the charge be at A. Assume that the...
Mar5-12 11:55 AM
5 1,023
Hi, An object is falling near the surface of the Earth. We assume there is a drag force acting on it due to the air...
Mar5-12 02:15 PM
3 1,154
If I have a fuse with a rating if 5A and when I connect 10 bulbs in parallel, the current flowing will be 5A. When...
Mar5-12 05:44 PM
7 1,498
I have come across books titled "engineering electromagnetics" and "electromagnetics with applications" but I could...
Mar5-12 06:56 PM
6 2,246
Hello, My question is simple, please look at the attached images and explain why the geometrical interpretation for...
Mar5-12 07:12 PM
0 1,072
I know those nice pictures showing light polarization, but the light wave should be three dimensional, so no up and...
Mar5-12 08:41 PM
12 1,652
This is probably a trivial problem, but I can't get it straight. It's well known and easy enough to show...
Mar5-12 10:25 PM
6 1,306
This is probably a stupid question with a simple answer, but please bear with me. Suppose we have a bucket of water...
Mar5-12 11:12 PM
2 614
I'm aware of the equation ΔU = Q + W ΔU is the change in internal energy which equals 3/2 nRΔT Q is heat transfer...
Mar6-12 12:10 AM
2 1,274
Is impulse only really used in real life because of the instruments you might have? I'm having trouble understanding...
Mar6-12 02:39 AM
Philip Wood
4 1,249
This is not a HW question!!! THIS IS A DISCOVERY that I want to explore. I will explain it as follows: Suppose I...
Mar6-12 06:47 AM
5 869
I'm getting confused with the problems that ask you to find potential and when to use the rule that the sum of all the...
Mar6-12 06:48 AM
1 1,252
I'm not sure where to post this question. In classical mechanics many problems are simplified in the approximation of...
Mar6-12 11:22 AM
4 1,262
Eisberg and Resnick says that the condition for stability of the atom is: k Ze2/r2=mv2/r What I fail to...
Mar6-12 03:34 PM
Philip Wood
1 950
I am teaching mechanical energy, that is, gravitational potential and kinetic energy, to middle schoolers. Of...
Mar6-12 04:32 PM
12 1,554
When deriving the work-potential energy theorem, my book states that dV (derivative of the potential energy) is equal...
Mar6-12 09:06 PM
1 842
I have discovered something that will change the way we heat our homes and water. Gas and Oil Furnaces / Hot Water...
Mar6-12 09:23 PM
7 1,660
My text was able to show that for an ideal (incompressible and inviscid) and steady fluid in a gravitational field,...
Mar7-12 04:16 AM
Jano L.
7 858
I have a pedagogical question, and a philosophical question, both involving energy: 1) All the derivations...
Mar7-12 07:16 AM
59 7,647
I am asked by my student this seemingly easy question. I searched on the net on got two answers. 1) tension is the...
Mar7-12 08:51 AM
Andrew Mason
4 1,498
I'm currently taking Calculus-based Physics II, an introductory to electromagnetism. While I'm working hard to...
Mar7-12 09:45 AM
6 1,491
In my book it says: The bigger entropy of a system, the more heat from the surroundings can enter it. Now, I don't...
Mar7-12 02:22 PM
2 779
I'm not asking why the electron doesn't fall into the nucleus. I know this is explained by quantum mechanics. But...
Mar7-12 05:52 PM
2 962
Hi all, Here is what I am trying to understand qualitatively. It is NOT a homework problem: A long,...
Mar7-12 10:14 PM
1 677
Itís very well know that Maxwell equations bring the solution for plane waves but as far as I know I cannot use them...
Mar7-12 11:29 PM
4 908
I've noticed in several of my problems involving conservation of momentum, that the rotational kinetic energy of a...
Mar8-12 01:31 AM
1 1,129
A voltmeter must always be connected in parallel right? But when I have a transformer's secondary coil which is...
Mar8-12 02:01 AM
0 898
My textbook (Halliday & Walker) explains that a charged conductor (a solid, of an arbitrary shape) in electrostatic...
Mar8-12 04:53 AM
17 2,687
Suppose we have a spring placed vertically on a table. We put a body with mass "m" on it. The spring compresses by...
Mar8-12 08:39 AM
6 1,667
Does anyone know when is the Potential explicitly time-dependent? Can you give me an example?
Mar8-12 10:37 AM
1 888
In my book it says: The bigger entropy of a system, the more heat from the surroundings can enter it. Now, I don't...
Mar8-12 10:48 AM
0 640

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