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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,678
Assume you have a sinusoidal 500THz function generator and assume you have a compatible antenna. If you feed the...
Aug18-12 12:32 AM
17 1,406
I know there is a difference between heat and temperature as once I was told what it is. I remember it being very...
Aug17-12 11:28 PM
7 1,272
Asking in most general shape, why do signals from upper Ghz and above don't seem to travel in wires? Radio...
Aug17-12 10:43 PM
25 1,665
Hey guys and gals, this isn't actually an assignment of any sort, so I didn't want to put it in the homework section....
Aug17-12 07:10 PM
11 942
Hi, my question regards the application of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (Kubo - 1966 Rep. Prog. Phys. 29...
Aug17-12 05:47 PM
0 478
You are at the center of a sphere, and there is no net gravitational force on you. Which of the following do you most...
Aug17-12 05:44 PM
Andrew Mason
17 954
Hi, I am trying to figure out how to calculate the permeability constant of a lot of plastics by making solenoid...
Aug17-12 04:50 PM
16 1,898
Can someone explain what exactly happens when a capacitor is charged? At the positive plate, are loosely bound...
Aug17-12 10:14 AM
1 502
Suppose I have say a 40' long 3/4" garden hose stretched out linearly on a level surface. One end is attached to a...
Aug16-12 06:49 PM
7 928
Hello, I am going through Whittaker's treatise on Classical Mechanics. In chapter 3 he derives the equation of...
Aug16-12 05:28 PM
13 898
I am at the moment trying to do something different in the classical mathematical derivations of the equations for...
Aug16-12 04:29 PM
9 668
1) Does anyone have a general idea of how to experimentally validate or falsify the Third Law of Thermodynamics...
Aug16-12 03:40 PM
4 951
Is it possible to construct a portable ground using an positively charged electret? I think it would be useful to a...
Aug16-12 02:04 PM
22 1,720
So I am studying about waveguides and I am going through all this mathematics and then I realized that I do not...
Aug16-12 10:44 AM
4 772
Hello! this is my first post here,hope it's the good part of the forum. I have some questions and i would...
Aug16-12 08:03 AM
1 862
Hi Physicsforums I am re-learning classical mechanics and having a tough time dealing with a certain line from...
Aug16-12 02:17 AM
0 486
Hi all! I have been goofing around with antennas and wi fi radio equipment. Now I have a million questions about...
Aug15-12 11:11 PM
0 469
Example: A common problem in undergraduate electromagnetic classes is calculating the electric field inside a solid...
Aug15-12 07:26 PM
Only a Mirage
9 1,865
Is shown like this in my book: Consider a rotating body with an angular acceleration α. There must be a tangential...
Aug15-12 03:27 PM
16 1,668
Right, so I was going over some old (basic) electromagnetism principles (to make sure it doesn't all fall out of my...
Aug15-12 01:24 PM
31 3,684
It is said that toroidal inductors/coils (see that are...
Aug15-12 11:40 AM
1 1,069
When a car turns too fast, it skids away from the center and I don't understand how that's possible in terms of...
Aug15-12 10:24 AM
11 1,071
hello, new here and confused about newton second Law. given: vertical mass damper system, position of the mass:...
Aug15-12 10:00 AM
6 831
Determine the reactions at B and D when b = 60mm ? (Diagram is attached) Since B and D are hinged we don't know...
Aug14-12 11:23 PM
3 1,217
Anyone help with an answer? I have 90litres of Compressed air @ 3000psi. Can anyone tell me the actual temperature...
Aug14-12 08:09 PM
1 604
Hi, new to the forums, nice to meet you folks, etc. Today the English wikipedia featured a picture of Tracy...
Aug14-12 01:01 PM
sanjib ghosh
2 595
Langevin equation describes the brown motion. But I don't understand the nose term η(t) in the equation. What's the...
Aug14-12 10:49 AM
1 766
I'm looking at this picture from part of an explanation of the torque on a coil of current arranged as a solenoid:...
Aug14-12 10:40 AM
Philip Wood
2 818
Im sorry to ask such a question but Ive been trying to understand the molecular reasons for why specific heat is high...
Aug14-12 06:17 AM
Simon Bridge
5 2,581
Hey guys, I am looking for a textbook that I can cite as a source for a project, for which I am doing the math on. ...
Aug14-12 05:51 AM
Simon Bridge
5 1,102
In uniform circular motion we need velocity and centripetal acceleration. so if a object is placed in space around...
Aug14-12 02:52 AM
17 1,228
Sometimes I wonder if it actually possible to prove the action-reaction principle. I do know that Newtons laws are...
Aug13-12 07:29 PM
4 1,167
Ill start with the third law of thermodynamics which denies the existence of zero kelvin (as stated by my lecturer)....
Aug13-12 03:20 PM
26 1,815
Is there a formula for this? if object is 300m deep, 30m in diameter, 50,000kg, in a ball shape how long will it take...
Aug13-12 11:03 AM
36 1,990
I want to know if the flow of electron act like a domino effect where 1 electron enter 1 atom than 1 extra electron of...
Aug13-12 05:59 AM
4 665
Why is Heat not normally trapped when compressing Air, and reused again in the expansion process of the same air?
Aug12-12 10:39 PM
2 482
Hi all, I had a thought earlier about magnetic forces. If there's a magnet attached (at rest) to my fridge, then...
Aug12-12 08:40 PM
2 574
There is statements that pulsed microwaves could cause buzzing and clicking sensations in the head.Even words could...
Aug12-12 05:33 PM
0 587
For a charged metal sphere of charge "+q" is the following statement true ? all the excess charge is in static...
Aug12-12 04:37 PM
3 921
I don't quite grasp this statement : Open attachment to view the image of whats going on The field from a...
Aug12-12 04:12 PM
1 377

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