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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,729
Please disregard this post
Oct17-12 12:54 AM
0 826
How fast is speed of signal between 2 atoms ? Is it speed of light in electric field and then it slows down to speed...
Oct16-12 09:50 PM
3 875
Hello! I am interested in building a cyclotron. Since I doubt that I will be compotent enough to build a cyclotron...
Oct16-12 08:59 PM
Vanadium 50
23 1,336
Question for the brilliant minds around here: I'm trying to figure the amount of torque (I*a) needed to rotate a...
Oct16-12 01:18 PM
4 1,439
So I need a motor that is able to provide \begin{equation}0.412Nm\end{equation} of continuous torque (to overcome...
Oct16-12 08:02 AM
5 1,309
I have to admit I don't really understand this theorem fully. As far as I understand it says that the work done on a...
Oct16-12 07:07 AM
3 1,088
Imagine a dielectric cylinder placed in a uniform magnetic field parallel to its axis. Then we make it rotate around...
Oct16-12 02:24 AM
13 1,485
Is there any known method to convert straight into electrical energy? without all that 'steam' part? xD
Oct15-12 08:10 PM
8 942
I'm having trouble understanding what happens to the internal energy of an ideal gas being compressed adiabatically. ...
Oct15-12 06:17 PM
2 1,445
Hey, I was just playing about with some lagrangian mechanics and tried to work out the angular momentum of the earth;...
Oct15-12 05:56 PM
2 1,010
A 200 kg canoe lies at rest in the water, near a dock but untethered. Any friction between the canoe and the water is...
Oct15-12 01:49 PM
1 1,118
Hello all. I'm a newer engineer in rotor dynamics trying to better understand some things, so perhaps someone can...
Oct15-12 11:54 AM
6 1,503
Is it because for there to be work there must be heat entering the system, which is what is really causing the...
Oct15-12 11:06 AM
4 891
Hello I wrote a simple simulation of an 2D ideal gas, with elastic collisions. I wonder how should I simulate the...
Oct15-12 06:31 AM
3 853
Title says it all, confused as to how I'm supposed to define the phase space of a system, in my lecture notes I have...
Oct15-12 12:17 AM
4 1,002
Hi, I am working on an example that demonstrates Newtons laws in 3-dimensions (this is NOT homework). In my example I...
Oct14-12 04:49 PM
Vanadium 50
1 733
Hello, if I put two plates one in front of the other and apply a voltage I read that an electric field creates, but...
Oct14-12 04:18 PM
3 680
I'm a bit confused about the effect of the size of ferromagnetic material on the magnetic field it generates so I was...
Oct14-12 04:04 PM
Per Oni
2 684
Hi all, I am brand new here and need some help - i hope it is the right category i am posting in. I am no...
Oct14-12 12:25 PM
5 1,449
So I just wanted to clarify: Because D = ε0E + P P being zero in vacuum and ∇D is constant regardless of...
Oct14-12 12:08 PM
2 547
Hi! I have attached the picture. Can someone please tell me what equation of motion will be? My guess is that it will...
Oct13-12 05:43 PM
3 585
Hi! The damped oscillator equation is as follows: x(t)= A exp(γt/2) cos(ωt) where ω= √( (w0)^2 + (γ^2)/4 ) I...
Oct13-12 12:25 PM
Philip Wood
6 628
Consider a simple two particle system with two point masses of mass m at x1 and x2 with a potential energy relative to...
Oct13-12 11:16 AM
6 881
In a heat transfer with internal heat generation what does the term "internal heat generation" mean? Is that...
Oct13-12 10:07 AM
3 1,368
Hi, I'm writing a small student-paper on heat pumps, and I'm not at the point where i explain the physics behind...
Oct13-12 09:50 AM
1 2,385
I'm investigating the phenomenon of sonoluminescence. A quick search has yielded the Rayleigh-Plesset equation as...
Oct13-12 09:46 AM
2 707
Do you know some example of an operator, other than momentum or position, that has (at least partially) continuous...
Oct13-12 09:16 AM
Jano L.
3 683
The heat equation predicts that heat spreads infinitely far over arbitrarily small time intervals. What happens in...
Oct13-12 09:04 AM
1 821
Last semester I did a project for grade 12 physics where I had to account for air resistance in projectile motion. I...
Oct13-12 06:09 AM
3 1,166
Hi there, I'm trying to create a sheet that produces a uniform magnetic field,using either rectangular or...
Oct13-12 05:17 AM
4 812
The function for simple harmonic oscillation is: Acos(ωT)+\phi Why is there an angle phi added to the function...
Oct12-12 10:09 PM
8 2,155
Not sure if this should be in quantum section, please move if necessary. We know that: 1. A stationary particle...
Oct12-12 05:17 PM
Jano L.
2 1,083
I have a small pump system for an aquarium, and have decided to build a small manifold. The total volume of the...
Oct12-12 01:23 PM
3 1,009
In a Faraday flashlight, a magnet is shaken to and fro in a solenoid to induce an EMF and thus current. Something like...
Oct12-12 12:19 PM
5 1,320
we set limits by what we can measure; therefore, it is what we have. This is my general understanding. I think it...
Oct12-12 08:09 AM
16 2,382
This is a simple enough question, but no one has been able to give me a satisfying explanation. Most people compare...
Oct12-12 05:51 AM
25 10,180
When people talk about sunspots and the solar cycle and stuff like that, they often mention magnetic field lines...
Oct12-12 05:16 AM
3 963
I was wondering, after discovering that in particular scenarios atoms can release photons, how they do it? Is some of...
Oct12-12 04:26 AM
6 1,210
I am very confused with a particular aspect of part of my physics curriculum. Let's say there is an object swinging...
Oct12-12 02:46 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,260
I was wondering that since most forms of energy can either be in wave or particle form, (example; photons and...
Oct12-12 12:26 AM
5 1,041

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