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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,791
Helloo, I don't understand how one arrives at the conclusion that the hamiltonian is a generating function. When...
Apr18-14 08:27 PM
4 185
Hey guys, It has been a while since I've done anything to do with magnetism and was wondering if I covered one side...
Apr18-14 06:33 PM
1 125
If you'll allow me to disregard the effects of Strong Interaction, how would I calculate the Electromagnetic Force...
Apr18-14 04:12 PM
4 175
Since Lagrangian is a function of q, q dot & time, then why in describing the Hamiltonian (H), L does not involve time...
Apr18-14 01:57 PM
7 260
Dear Friends, I carried out an experiment of sudden release of oxygen (open nozzle) from an oxygen cylinder used...
Apr18-14 11:16 AM
8 184
I'm having a hard time understanding air flow caused by pressure differentials. Given the following contextual image,...
Apr18-14 06:54 AM
13 238
I hope this is the right place to ask this. It is an experiment question. I have a 785 nm laser and a 1550 nm laser...
Apr18-14 04:38 AM
4 156
Hi, all. Here is an expression about kinetic energy from analytical dynamics of Haim Baruh which confuses me. ...
Apr17-14 04:09 PM
4 177
Hi, all there are equation in the pic but I cant understand them. I know work-energy principle which is W= F * X...
Apr17-14 04:03 PM
2 163
Hi, I have a 1m long, 10mm ID vertical tube attached to a vacuum system. I have a known flow rate of the air down...
Apr17-14 12:21 PM
1 115
Here is an excerpt from my textbook: "Ordinarily, this charge would simultaneously generate so large an electric...
Apr17-14 11:23 AM
2 140
I get that by getting a charged object near an uncharged one, charges of the opposite sign are induced on the surface,...
Apr17-14 11:09 AM
Philip Wood
3 185
Since 2 splitted beams meet at ONE spot later on, we have just one beam which flows to the detector, therefore I...
Apr17-14 10:24 AM
6 161
Hello experts! I was taking class of optical fiber and communication. My teacher was teaching the class via...
Apr17-14 09:29 AM
7 181
From my understanding, normal and anomalous dispersion are because the phase velocity is a function of k so it is...
Apr17-14 08:04 AM
2 104
From this figure we could see the axis of rotation of wheel is y axis and it's translational motion is along x axis ...
Apr17-14 07:32 AM
5 178
Hi. Btw: I haven't studied statistical physics yet, but I have studied the introductory course on thermodynamics. ...
Apr17-14 07:11 AM
0 109
Hello, I need data (articles and books) about what connection there is between the speed (or the power) of a...
Apr16-14 09:16 PM
4 224
Suppose we have a planet of mass m orbiting a larger one of mass M along an elliptical path. If we use polar...
Apr16-14 06:17 PM
0 152
So, let's say a spacecraft at a large distance from any star needs to dump a tremendous amount of stored electrical...
Apr16-14 03:08 PM
3 177
sir in the graphs of electric field due to binary charge configuration why some curves are below x axis and some...
Apr16-14 12:53 PM
3 109
Hi I am kind of Confused about an example in work done: It says that a man applies 250 N parallel to the slope to...
Apr16-14 06:30 AM
Doc Al
3 245
Is it possible to send enough light down a fibre optic cable to produce say 1000 Lumens? How would I go about...
Apr16-14 02:14 AM
6 147
Does a shock wave have a finite value that can be shared within a system? For example, if I explode a some...
Apr16-14 01:08 AM
Simon Bridge
1 120 Assume that the arbitrary-shape object shown has a...
Apr15-14 09:41 PM
6 142
After I have an expression for the stream-function in a problem, I can differentiate to get the tangential and radial...
Apr15-14 06:46 PM
4 110
I've had a doubt about the following (somewhat contradictory) statements. 1) pressure applied to an incompressible...
Apr15-14 12:22 PM
34 475
I have been toying with an idea that may break the second law of thermodynamics for a while now, but it is basically...
Apr15-14 11:06 AM
6 223
Hello, I would like to try to "model" motion of two gravitationally interacting bodies. But from some "separated"...
Apr15-14 10:32 AM
1 109
how can we understand torsion of curve is in the direction of normal unit vector en?
Apr15-14 10:30 AM
3 117
Hi, I'm studying classical mechanics via Goldstein's book. And at the beginning of the chapter on the symplectic...
Apr15-14 09:22 AM
0 105
With increased pressure tungsten has a higher melting point. (source below page 30) 45kBar increases melting point...
Apr15-14 08:25 AM
2 134
I am curious about the effects of oscillation in a heat transfer system. For example consider a simple system...
Apr14-14 11:25 PM
3 108
Relating to the synchronous nature of the moon’s rotation and orbit around the earth, what would happen if the orbital...
Apr14-14 05:51 PM
1 142
I am teaching Physics and I'm not looking for help for a particular homework problem but on a class. Sorry if this...
Apr14-14 05:03 PM
9 266
... regardless of any possible technical problems, and then, on earth: a) someone throws an object in the air and...
Apr14-14 04:21 AM
10 261
After figuring out how to calculate Cd and Crr coefficients, I'd like to continue my "vehicle physics exploration":...
Apr14-14 04:13 AM
75 1,551
I recently looked at the reference in an article I am reading, and subsequently checked "Oscillations and Waves in...
Apr14-14 01:58 AM
1 142
I'm developing a scanner that uses a laser for edge detection. It will be mounted on a hexacopter that will traverse a...
Apr14-14 01:54 AM
4 174
It is taught that the classical treatment of the diatomic atom would give a heat capacity of $7/2$ due to 7 degrees of...
Apr13-14 10:31 PM
1 132

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