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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,243
Hey, I'm doing a research on artificial satellites, and I'm really confused about the escape velocity required for an...
Sep13-14 12:04 AM
Murtuza Tipu
12 355 I have been using this skill for a few months now and I feel like it is...
Sep12-14 08:59 PM
10 444
So I understand that a black body is a diffuse emitter, and that it radiates energy at a rate of σT^4. I also...
Sep12-14 07:44 PM
1 220
Hi PF community! I'm currently doing a research paper on artificial satellites, and I've made a list of things that...
Sep12-14 06:48 PM
6 217
During summer my swimming pool is 23° C and my loft air is 53° C. (73° F / 127° F) The sun shines on the metal...
Sep12-14 06:02 PM
Sten Larsen
24 674
Case 1. You have a sphere with Radius R and middle point X with the charge Q. The charge is equally distributed over...
Sep12-14 09:48 AM
1 158
I'm taking E & M II... Would anyone agree that the following statements are true? An electric field changing in...
Sep12-14 06:47 AM
5 209
Okay guys, I still feel like I don't quite understand these concepts well enough. Do you guys have any websites or...
Sep12-14 02:33 AM
1 186
Hi! I try to get some intuitive understanding on the equipartition theorem stating that in thermal equilibrium,...
Sep12-14 01:55 AM
center o bass
2 205
If fan blades move in a circular way how is the air moving towards you (in front of fan) ? Also propeller and fan...
Sep12-14 01:52 AM
5 211
In the attached figure, a de-energizing RL circuit is drawn (left switch is opened while right switch is closed). In...
Sep11-14 07:44 PM
1 183
Hello everyone. I've been struggling with how to deal or solve questions that include variable masses. Considering...
Sep11-14 04:59 PM
6 216
I'm wondering if someone is observing a situation from a frame moving in a uniform circular motion, would that frame...
Sep11-14 09:09 AM
8 366
Hi, The permanent gases like Nitrogen, Helium etc. have more specific heat capacity as liquid than their gases....
Sep11-14 05:44 AM
0 153
I'm looking for a "simple" calculator, most likely a matrix based thing, to allow me to work out the size of an image...
Sep10-14 06:47 PM
Andy Resnick
1 137
I do not really understand the big picture of gauss law. For what I know a conductor is a material where electrons can...
Sep10-14 05:38 PM
2 251
Trying to get my head around some ideas about "rechargeable" batteries and getting in a muddle! So I get the idea...
Sep10-14 02:50 PM
4 189
There is a conducting circular loop with resistance R falling in the magnetic field ...
Sep10-14 10:43 AM
4 310
Imagine an electromagnet with two pole faces, one flat (N) and one pointed (S). If you put a diamagnet in between...
Sep9-14 09:33 PM
Meir Achuz
7 251
Is it possible to generate energy from the earth's rotation? Imagine a Foucault Pendulum attached to a dynamo shaft? ...
Sep9-14 06:23 PM
46 1,284
I am trying to derive part of the navier-stokes equations. Consider the following link: ...
Sep9-14 06:16 PM
4 213
Hello Is there any way that RH over water in a closed container coud not be 100%? Assuming that the walls of the...
Sep9-14 04:08 PM
7 229
Say I drop a ball of mass 5kg from a height of 2 meters, assuming no air resistance, it will hit the ground with a...
Sep9-14 10:58 AM
5 193
Imagine a beam of light diverging from a source and being incident on a detector. Now imagine a similar set up but...
Sep9-14 07:35 AM
7 278
The classical approximated formula describing frictional force is f = N\mu, directed oppositely to the motion...
Sep9-14 04:54 AM
4 187
Derivation of Helmholtz's energy is $$dF=-pdv-SdT$$ Derivative of Gibbs's energy is $$dG=Vdp-SdT$$ In the...
Sep9-14 02:00 AM
sweet springs
0 185
Suppose we refine some of terms in thermodynamics based on the follow statements: 1. All energy has two components:...
Sep8-14 02:46 PM
2 204
Hello all. I have been searching for information on wave beats in light but haven't been very succesful. I have found...
Sep8-14 12:41 PM
8 322
Frictional force opposes relative motion and not just motion. Can you please give an example to further explain this...
Sep8-14 07:02 AM
Philip Wood
5 243 I don't follow the integration in it. I'm assuming Fx(x,0) and Fy(1,y) are the...
Sep8-14 12:13 AM
1 184
According to my book, and wiki...
Sep7-14 04:00 PM
6 286
the question is that there is a particle in 3 spatial Euclidean dimensions in cylindrical coordinates. I want to...
Sep7-14 12:59 PM
2 144
I am trying to calculate heat transfer from an inclined flat plate under free convection conditions. I am referring to...
Sep7-14 12:49 PM
7 303
Suppose we apply a uniform field to an infinite conducting slab (i.e. like an infinite parallel plate capacitor, but...
Sep6-14 07:58 PM
2 231
Hi, I'm new here, I was just wondering if anyone could help clarify a subject I'm having difficulties teaching...
Sep6-14 07:23 PM
Simon Bridge
1 178
Hello, I have a conducting copper ring of inner radius a and outer radius b. point charges Q pass through the centre...
Sep6-14 04:23 PM
Philip Wood
3 320
Hi All, This is from a classical mechanics problem, and I already 'solved' the problem, but I'm interested in why a...
Sep6-14 04:18 PM
3 163
The circular loop carrying current experience a tension in external magnetic can this tension be calculated...
Sep6-14 04:00 PM
Meir Achuz
1 140
Suppose I have a cubic lattice of N^3 masses, M, each connected to six nearest neighbors with springs of constant k...
Sep6-14 02:22 PM
1 175
I have learnt in 1st year that the under-damped simple harmonic motion can be described by the differential equation ...
Sep6-14 09:34 AM
Philip Wood
5 303

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