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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,805
Hi all, I've been reading about biconvex lenses, drawing ray diagrams and real/virtual images. I'm now trying to...
Jul16-14 03:11 PM
2 1,087
Will a Venturi tube with the entry open to a moving fluid act the same as one that has a closed entry with a known...
Jul16-14 10:54 AM
Bob Shapiro
0 710
Suppose the particle is at distance x from mean position and moving away . The standard formula for calculating...
Jul16-14 08:24 AM
32 2,546
Hello everybody. I registered today in this forum and this is my first post. I'm Italian, therefore sorry for my...
Jul15-14 10:41 PM
Cosmic Al
13 1,451
Hello, I recently started going through some lecture notes on linear systems and Fourier optics. (By the way, I...
Jul15-14 06:35 PM
HJ Farnsworth
2 904
How does a battery creates a potential difference and what is the intuative way to look at potential difference when...
Jul15-14 02:40 PM
5 921
What would have been if the opposite and equal charge wouldnt have been induce on 2nd conductor in parallel plate...
Jul15-14 01:30 PM
4 822
I am wondering if it is possible to shield strong (1 Tesla) DC magnetic fields with high attenuation factor (10^4 or...
Jul15-14 11:00 AM
2 1,011
Dear all, I solved the Navier-Stokes equations in Eulerian description. I would like to illustrate it as follows:...
Jul15-14 10:55 AM
3 717
Imagine to have a drop of water(semisphere volume) on a flat membrane covered by a polymer so that the liquid can't...
Jul15-14 10:28 AM
0 725
Why does the potential drops when charge pass through a capacitors connected in series.
Jul15-14 09:49 AM
11 918
Hello. I think that you know an experiment called Cartesian diver. I can use some heads of matches like Castesian...
Jul15-14 08:05 AM
0 668
Let \lambda be a linear density of a rope which is moving into a scale at velocity v. The additional force on the...
Jul15-14 02:57 AM
2 858
I just wanted to clear one thing... in metals what type of potential the electrons are subjected to..?? Is it...
Jul14-14 10:51 PM
2 1,189
Why do the capacitance increase with increase in dielectric constant(K) of the medium between the capacitor?
Jul14-14 10:38 PM
2 1,141
(Heads-up: these might be QM questions) Two questions: 1.) What is it that gives rise to the fact that...
Jul14-14 09:16 PM
5 921
Consider the following problem: A spring with spring constant ##k## is suspended vertically from a fixed support and...
Jul14-14 07:42 PM
5 930
I was wondering if someone could show me the derivation of Faraday's Law of induction from the more fundamental...
Jul14-14 07:11 PM
3 817
I learned that momentum conservation is vectorial, and now, when i read about perfect elastic collisions, I can't...
Jul14-14 10:52 AM
1 784
I can do circuit problems, but conceptually I cannot figure out what is going on from a basic physics perspective,...
Jul14-14 10:31 AM
9 1,102
Please find the attachment and comment about equation (2).
Jul14-14 08:58 AM
75 6,189
I can see the purpose of J for currents taking place in a volume like, say.. plasma physics but for current in a...
Jul14-14 06:06 AM
1 706
I have seen in a number of thermodynamics lectures that the entropy change of a system as it falls approximately...
Jul14-14 02:39 AM
16 1,393
Hi all, Can someone clarify whether the following is right? Assume a Cylindrical tank with a base area of 2000...
Jul13-14 11:24 PM
5 932
For twice differentiable path x:\to\mathbb{R}^N the action is defined as S(x) = \int\limits_{t_A}^{t_B}...
Jul13-14 08:35 PM
2 669
Figured it out thanks, next post:
Jul13-14 08:02 PM
2 786
Hey guys I'm looking for. Some more info on eddies current. I understand how it works but all the examples I see use...
Jul13-14 11:06 AM
2 679
I want to calculate the field distortion caused by placing a conducting spheroid in a uniform electric field. The...
Jul13-14 04:42 AM
2 650
I am working with a single mode fiber at 830 nm with a NA of 0.12...
Jul13-14 12:10 AM
1 794
How is electromagnetism different from gravity in that accelerated objects radiate EM waves when accelerated in an...
Jul12-14 05:39 PM
8 1,033
this is a homework problem i realized after posting it. so could a moderator please move this question to the hw...
Jul12-14 04:54 PM
1 627
This is related to classical Hamiltonian mechanics. There is something wrong in the following argument but I cannot...
Jul12-14 05:46 AM
1 711
What are your opinions about these two experiments described at: Can they be used to...
Jul11-14 01:45 PM
5 740
I am trying to understand why I can specify the specific volume v of a fluid element as a function of the equilibrium...
Jul11-14 12:34 PM
3 763
This is a problem I thought up. If I'm correct as far as I've gone, the answer is rather surprising. A thin but...
Jul11-14 12:26 PM
16 1,642
I understand that when an electron is excited it goes to a higher energy level and then relaxes to ground state...
Jul11-14 11:57 AM
1 583
Hello, Been a while since I posted on here, nice to be back :) . I just want some pointers as to the methodology...
Jul11-14 08:45 AM
Mech King
3 855
I have come to learn that the Doppler shift equation is asymmetric. That is, the Doppler shift is not the same when...
Jul11-14 07:47 AM
7 713
We know that the main use of capacitor is to store charge in the form of electric field,and we want it to store as...
Jul11-14 01:44 AM
1 601
I feel I understand what happens, and how to solve the equation of motion x(t) for a mass attached to a spring and...
Jul10-14 06:19 PM
Edge Of Pain
7 857

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