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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,787
Hi all, im trying to get my head around some experiment results but im struggling a bit. According to my notes H...
Apr13-14 06:56 PM
2 173
Hello I have learned about maxwells relations and can derive them. I noticed that we had made an assumption of a...
Apr13-14 03:29 PM
1 192
Let's say that you have an open tank of water and a hose connected to the bottom of it. Water is flowing out of the...
Apr13-14 02:04 PM
14 272
Hi I need some help explaining kinetic moment and moment of the center of mass. This is an example:...
Apr13-14 01:32 PM
8 235
I've been reading a paper which models heat transfer in solids using a finite element model. Elements are connected to...
Apr13-14 01:08 PM
0 127
Hi. I thought magnetic moment arose from closed loops of charge currents. How does then the angular momentum of the...
Apr13-14 11:35 AM
5 216
Take a uniform density bar in space for example. Would the center of mass move if the bar was struck at the very tip...
Apr13-14 04:13 AM
6 209
Dear all, I am trying use Ampere's law and came across a problem which is a result of my lack of understanding. ...
Apr12-14 06:47 PM
1 146
Hi, I am posting here for the first time, hence, should I have violated any forum rules I am sorry and kindly...
Apr12-14 06:56 AM
4 187
Hello, I would like to ask why, when a surface is not polished, it reflects less. I understand that when the...
Apr12-14 06:01 AM
9 257
Hello folks! I have just come from a night at the pub with fellow students of life where over many a pint several...
Apr11-14 11:35 PM
3 281
It is commonly said (based on a quick Google search) that wrapping your beer in a wet paper towel and placing it in...
Apr11-14 02:14 PM
26 11,101
Quick question.... Can the gravitational constant only be used for earth or can it be used in questions regarding...
Apr11-14 01:03 PM
3 171
Could anyone help my with proving that the acceleration of an object that is moving with uniform circular motion is...
Apr11-14 09:55 AM
4 157
If thermodynamic temperature can be interpreted as the average kinetic energy in a system, is there a quantity defined...
Apr11-14 08:14 AM
5 145
How do I tell if a torque on a system is internal or external before conserving angular momentum? I know that if a...
Apr11-14 12:23 AM
0 152
For my senior physics research project I've developed an orbital analysis program that calculates the minimum \Delta...
Apr10-14 04:52 PM
Bobbo Snap
2 140
So as I am junior high school student just learned that when the terminals of wire are connected to a battery,an E...
Apr10-14 11:30 AM
3 208
Hi. In this page the Woods-Saxon function is mentioned as describing the charge distribution for in the atomic...
Apr10-14 10:55 AM
0 116
I'm working on a project for myself in regards to atmospheric reentry. I've come across some equations that describe...
Apr9-14 08:41 PM
11 764
I have never dealt with moment of inertia before, this is a physics lab i need to do some pre planning for which...
Apr9-14 02:17 PM
8 235
I am currently working on a robotic manipulation problem and need to form a model for how an object responds. I start...
Apr9-14 09:14 AM
1 178
Suppose that we have a body that is moving at a straight line, inertially wrt to another frame. If it starts to move...
Apr9-14 07:58 AM
Andrew Mason
9 195
Where does ohmic resistance arise from, is it from the collision of the current with the electrons of the wire or is...
Apr9-14 07:57 AM
19 392
Hi everyone--first post, thanks for any guidance if I've posted in the wrong place. I've got a simple idea and I'm...
Apr9-14 05:08 AM
7 229
This is not schoolwork. Imagine that light did not have a constant speed, but behaved in the manner expected from...
Apr8-14 11:37 PM
Simon Bridge
1 175
Hi everyone. I've been having this discussion with a pal regarding what affects the grip of a motorcycle's tires...
Apr8-14 11:17 PM
11 1,580
Hello there, If a mass, m, is placed at one end of an boat of mass M, which is located on a frictionless ocean. If...
Apr8-14 12:58 PM
1 169
Hi there, first, thank you for letting me posting here and hopefully helping me with this. I am trying to model...
Apr8-14 10:29 AM
0 156
According to this website, there is an equation obtained empirically to obtain the amount of time it takes to cook a...
Apr8-14 08:30 AM
3 186
I played around in another thread with mathematically determining where a car should be time wise on 1/4 mile run. I...
Apr8-14 04:28 AM
6 278
in a cyclotron the radius of the path of electron increases.but how if the velocity of the electron is accelerated its...
Apr8-14 03:59 AM
5 349
hey guys, can someone explain me Poiseuillie's law, because, I'm reading and reading and reading and don't understand...
Apr8-14 01:38 AM
4 178
I have pictured I model about how electrons move in a circuit, What happens first is that electrons are built up on...
Apr8-14 12:03 AM
3 219
Hello everyone, I want to have a simple example of an inductance calculation. The magnetic field normal to a...
Apr8-14 12:00 AM
2 142
So, I have been studying angular velocity and linear velocity--and I want to use this information determine if a ray...
Apr7-14 11:08 PM
Simon Bridge
7 226
This relates to the extension of a uniform cross-section, homogenous, ideal wire which extends within the proportional...
Apr7-14 10:01 PM
6 204
I am currently working on an experiment with piezoelectricity and was wondering how I would measure the force applied...
Apr7-14 05:38 PM
3 178
Hi, I was wondering what the frequency of a photon is according to maxwell's equations. Does the...
Apr7-14 05:04 PM
24 770
Dear Engineers, My name is Humza Afaf and I have recently started a new business in Pakistan. Due to energy crisis...
Apr7-14 02:39 PM
0 128

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